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Written by ditroia on February 12, 2010 to .

Based on viewings in 200,000 hotel rooms across Europe, technology solutions provider Quadriga has compiled a list of the top movies and audio albums requested by hotel guests via its Genesis internet and entertainment platform in 2009.

The top 10 listened to albums through their system in 2009 were:

1. Beyoncé, I Am Sasha Fierce
2. Kings of Leon, Only By The Night
3. Mariah Carey, The Ballads
4. Radio 1’s Live Lounge
5. Pink, Funhouse
6. Michael Jackson, Dangerous
7. Roxette, 20 Greatest Songs
8. Coldplay, Parachutes
9. R&B Love Songs 2008
10. 100 Piano Classics


Good songs to make out, it seems.


Roxette - №1 :-)))

If the hotel guests had a wide choice of music and not only 20 albums available within “Genesis” this is a really great result!! Does anybody know what the system looks like?

Guests can also listen to up to 2,500 top music tracks from world-leading artists.

Wow! This are great new. But, as I took a short glimps on the first six Bands/Singers, I wonder wether Roxette and MJ are the only long-established ones. So I see Roxette on the second place after Michael Jackson! ;-)

All the best,

Thanks ditroia! Cool.


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