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Written by tevensso on October 30, 2009 to . Source: d&d management.

There has opened a new official Roxette merchandise store in England. The online store carries the same things as the Proms tour sells; tee-shirts, coffee mugs and some other nice things. The store is run by EMI.


Quite random that its in the UK, but good for people who can’t get to the shows (i.e ME!!)

Seriously guys, this is just cheap merchandise! Nothing special about this whatsoever.. big thumbs down

LOL i cant even buy the new roxette cd’s in uk ! :-S Whats a lithograph. ?

It´s quite nice indeed. Specially the mug. And what about the little train inviting you to join the joyride? Hehehe.

While the current merchandise may not be the greatest of all time, it’s really good to finally have an official store for Roxette stuff! Weired that located in the UK, who runs it?

I’ll get the coffee mug without a doubt! The black shirt’s nice too, and the train is cute! :-)

In Antwert you could only buy the t-shirts (25 € each), and the “poster” (of a poor quality in my opinion). I would have bought a mug :( but I think it was not available

in UK?!
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

£13.50 for a mug! (£10.00, plus 3.50 postage).

Hahaha, back to the Loch with you Nessie!

It’s run by EMI? Let’s see how long it lasts before they close it down then...

it’s simple but nice. I think I will buy the stuff. :-) Can I only order it on this side or can I buy it at the concerts?

£10 fora mug, what a bargain, I’ll take 10 for my mug rack.

And come to think of it now, ackshly, why isn’t Gessle Over Europe on there...?

what about a fancy new xbox 360 game that uses a Roxette tune for its trailer?

had to get my jaw from the ground, it was amazing!

It’s in the UK, the UK, it will never take off... ;)

(Peter Kay...)

P.S You have to be British or from Bolton to get the joke!)

P.P.S I’ll take a couple of mugs, and bags and that cool t-shirt or two!

even here in Italy is spot on TV on the main network, whith Roxette song!

a friendly warning - there is an ongoing postal strike in britain so plenty of things are being either delayed or ‘go missing‘.

Shush... Per won’t make profit... it took 8 days for GOE to come from Sweden, it finally showed today, it’s probably been stuck in some Royal Mail office after coming off a plane from Gothenburg last Tuesday (Bengans!) but it finally arrived, shame I can’t watch it tonight, I’m going to the theatre!

sorry for being stupid... what is a lithograph???

wow, thanx Tev!
sounds interesting!!

:O eh? wtf? who? what? where? when? eh?

I want it all!

First thing will have to be a Mug then a t-shirt and might even get a bag (for the small shopping items)

Is it ran by EMI? It only says a company called Seraph Solutions Ltd and can’t find a reference to EMI anywhere.

anyone knows if the merchandise is on sale in a stand in the NOTP tour?

It is, not the mug though, I’ve heard.

you can buy also the mug in antwerp

yep, I saw all the items in Antwerp, except for the bag.
There was also a cd (which was sold out) for 20 Eur. I asked the girl at the shop if this was something related with the notp show (as it was sold altogether with the best of the notp and John Miles’ cd) but she told me it was just a “best of”
I bought my black t-shirt (the first I have of them!!)


More, more more!

Where can I buy the mug? I can´t find it anymore on the page? Are they tamporary out of stock?

Can’t find a mug either. And there were no T-Shirts at the NOTP Berlin show. Pity really...

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This sounds great, but I have not known that Roxette broke up? Did I 70-540 miss something? ehemalige ROXETTE-Sänger - the former singer of Roxette. Hihhi... in Germany there is a phrase “Wenn Du keine 70-529hnung hast, Schnauze halten” Ok, maybe I should shut up now, you’ll never know.This sounds great, but I have not known that Roxette 70-526 broke up? Did I miss something? ehemalige ROXETTE-Sänger - the former singer of Roxette. Hihhi... in Germany there is a phrase “Wenn 70-510Du keine Ahnung hast, Schnauze halten” Ok, maybe I should shut up now, you’ll never know.


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