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“Marie is the star!”

Written by tevensso on October 24, 2009 to and . Source: Aftonbladet.


Yesterday Roxette played together as "Roxette" for the first time in over eight years (The "Room Service" tour, 2001) at Night of the Proms in Antwerp, Belgium. Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reports that Marie was certainly the star of this bizarre evening. Roxette gets 3/5 for the concert, and probably would have gotten more hadn't they been so rusty the first song. "There's no doubt she's enjoying being part of Roxette again" Håkan Steen writes. It's very clear to Håkan that both Per and Marie want this more than anything, and more is to come. "Per twangs his guitar like he never took a break [he didn't! ed.] and it's very touching seeing Marie's smile in 'It Must Have Been Love' when she realizes they still have an audience and it wants to sing along!" Håkan continues mentioning that she doesn't move on stage like she used to and her voice is nervous, but warms up by all the love flowing from the numerous fans there.

Håkan's play by play comments:

Wish I Could Fly 2/5
The symphony orchestra opens with Hugo Alfvéns "Midsommarvaka." Then Per and Marie enters through the floor accompanied by huge cheers. This is however not Roxette's strongest song and the performance is rather shaky.

The Look 4/5
Ingenious, cool and almost gospel-like when the symphony orchestra jabs it up in the end.

It Must Have Been Love 3/5
"Let's slow it down a little, with a song that reminds us of Hollywood" says Per and starts the old classic acoustically. Confetti and sing along.

Joyride 3/5
This rocker actually gets a nice botox injection by the orchestra. The nerves have relaxed here and Per enjoys his rock poses and Marie plays air guitar.

Listen to Your Heart 4/5
The night's obvious climax. The.Best.Swedish.Powerballad.Ever is of course even better with tons of strings in the background. Marie lets her voice crack in all the right places and I even feel some goosebumps sneaking up on me.


They look sooooo great!!! Oh my God!! I hope they record a dvd!!!!!

It was very cool to watch the videos and I also hope that we get a DVD of it.
BERLIN at 2009-11-29 i come!

Over 105 pictures from yesterday’s concert;

great Marie, you are always fantastic!!!
and congratulations Per!

Marie and Per looks fabulous up there on stage together and for a first show out of so many I think they did wonderful, the photos I see look so fabulous!

WoW! Congratulations from Brasil!
Marie is the best ever!

Congratulations on the first performance!! :)

WICF is not Roxette’s strongest song? What a bullshit... Why??? It’s one of the best songs...

The end of Listen To Your Heart is excellent. That last night is superb, gave me goosebumps!! :-)

Here I found a video of WICF enjoy!

of course she is the star :D She rocks big time!

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true


I think he means only that it was not the strongest performance of their 5 songs at this concert. I don’t think he was saying anything about the song itself :-)

I was at the 2nd prom concert tonight, and I must say I’m quite sad. I read all the positive stuf about the first one but I dindn’t expect this.

P&M came on stage and the audience went crazy, they both looked very great. But when marie started the 1st verse of WICF, she completely lost her lines. Here voice was very shaky and she kept on singing the wrong words and finaly she started mumbling. I noticed a lot of people went like “oh no”, I think I even saw Per thinking somethings went wrong.

My hopes were still high for part 2 were they performed the other 4 songs, but Marie was still very unsure. Her voice dropped out a couple of times.

In LTYH, all the modulations in the end are left away, so the song stays low, and still she couldn’t sing it. Also during The Look and Joyride, here lines sounded very thin and scared. Lots of people in my block that came especially for Roxette were very astonished. Nobody expected her to jump around, neither did I, but I dindn’t see this coming.

I hope she gets stronger more asure during the rest of the concerts.

Per and the band were in a good shape.

I really wanted to put a coowl review here, but as a super roxfan, I left antwerp with a sad feeling inside tonight. Anyone blowing me off for being honest, I also could have written, the performence was great, but it just wasn’t.

Well, finaly someone honest! My god, the performance of Wish I Could Fly was horrible!!! Marie is in a really bad shape, and its a shame indeed. Maybe it was a good idea to go on tour, to practice before performing in front of true fans...

But stop praising when there really isn’t any reason. Marie was awful...
Per was vibrant as always...

Interesting feedback RoxReporter.

Per mentioned something on his Twitter about Marie is suffering from a bad throat.

”...Marie’s very happy despite bad throat (penicillin)...”

To recieve penicillin suggests it must be pretty bad.

Hmmm.. anyway, thanks for the update.

She really seems to have big problems with her voice. Per told us yesterday the she’s still on pencillin and it didn’t sound like it’s only a few pills....!

I felt very sorry for her...! WICF was scary but it wasn’t much better on friday, too. The song is - again - played at the wrong place and time on the show IMHO. There were moments when I thought somebody forced Marie to come on stage. She tried to sing parts of the songs with a deep voice but it didn’t work at all either. She clearly needs our support, it was so obvious. So we should start supporting her. ;-) There’s nothing else we can do! It’s good that there’s a 5-days-break now. I really hope she can recover and rock the Antwerp stage again!


Hi there!
The performance was great! I just have looked at WICF in YouTube after have read some disappointing comments... Wow, I am an old-old Rox fan and would have enjoyed ANY performance. This one was A GREAT ONE indeed, I didn’t noted anything was wrong, nervous or shaky, really not, A live performance is never 100% the same as a record, and this is the prettiest thing when the song gets a new sound and wording through this. I have really enjoyed to see and to listen to Marie&Per again on the stage. LIVE with the orchestra! Super! I don’t care what everyone can say but I liked it very much. M&P are both in a very good shape again, simply amazing, and the most important - they enjoy themselves what they do.
P.S. I also like Marie very much wearing glasses in some pictures, I find she is even prettier than before, a real Rox Lady. About Per - I have never expected a man could look so great in this age. Thank you, Roxette! You still keep on enjoying us!

Nice to hear something positive. I know some ppl who think like you. Well - it wasn’t “perfect” on friday either, but it was much better than yesterday. If they could perform like they did on friday I think that would pretty much be “enough” to make both themselves and everyone else happy. But still: yesterday’s performance word for this. Since MF obviously couldn’t reach the high peaks she tried the deep ones - with the same (non)success. I just felt so sorry for her...! Let’s pray she gets better soon! I know she will.


Even though I am very saddened by the news of the 2nd show that I have heard so far, I also appreciate honesty. Having said that, I don’t feel that anybody reviewing opening night was being dishonest based on the videos I have seen so far.

I am sad firstly for Marie because there are a lot of expectations and the pressure must be huge -watching her struggle is not enjoyable, especially when she is TRYING SO HARD. I am also sad because i get the sense that some people are waiting for (and perhaps wanting) her to fail so that they can have the satisfaction of saying “I told you so.” I hope I am wrong. I realise that many Roxette fans have a natural preference for either Marie or Per. Personally speaking I have always related more to Marie. But over the years I have developed such a respect and love for Per because: 1) his obvious contribution to the band and his incredible songs that will remain here forever, and 2) his absolute devotion and loyalty to and his obvious love and respect for Marie. He has never given up hope and I admire him greatly today for it. And the fact is, Roxette IS (and ALWAYS will be) Marie Fredriksson AND Per Gessle.

This is not just about sounding perfect or being perfect or whatever. Roxette has never been PERFECT live. But they carry on doing what they love doing because they could not live if they didn’t. This is about overcoming human adversity and moving through it because life is precious. Sorry to rant, I just get a little upset when I hear unhelpful words describing Marie as “horrible” and “awful” while saying Per was “vibrant as always” as if he had never made mistakes.

God, I can even hear Marie poking fun at him in the credits for Live-Ism...”Per is very tall....he is...never singing in tune in Knockin On Every Door!”

***I realised writing this that there have been two more comments since I started! :-)
I am glad to hear positive felings too***

Peace xox

@venomthefat: Luckily not everybody lacks as much tact as you do. Weren’t you one of the many to demand Marie to step back in public finally? And now you wonder?

Every brave move contains the possibility of failing.

If Marie is ill then the performance won’t be as good as normal. There is no reason to comment like some of the above. You want to support her, but then you continue to say she was, basically, rubbish. I don’t get it.

You moan when there is no Roxette. You now moan because Marie is ill. What will it take to please you guys??!! Roxette are back!!! And live on stage. Surely we can be positive about that?

I’m sure the 5 days break will do Marie good.

@Krischan - the word fail is VERY harsh...

I haven’t finished yet!

If I had just returned to the live stage from recovery from a serious illness, and read the words ’awful’, ’scared’, ’shaky’ and whatever else is above, I’d call it a day.

Luckily Marie doesn’t come here, so she might not get to hear about these comments from ’fans’

I strongly agree with you! :)
What made it hard was the thought that 50 people know she’s ill, but 15000 don’t know and wonder. That’s what made me feel so damn sad for her. I actually don’t even care how and what she sings. But I am quite sure she herself isn’t happy about it. You couldn’t even hear her in some parts. It can only get better, I am sure! She still rocks, that’s for sure.


“If I had just returned to the live stage from recovery from a serious illness, and read the words ’awful’, ’scared’, ’shaky’ and whatever else is above, I’d call it a day.”

I really agree with you regarding insults and people moaning all the time but you haven’t been there so you actually don’t know how the performance was. You know that I love this woman and deeply respect her for what she’s doing but it really wasn’t a blast - to use other words. I so hope she gets better soon!!
So people - get your tickets and support Roxette. They need us!


If I could afford it, I’d go. Unfortunately, the £500 for the 2 flights i’d need are a little to steep for me at the moment...

Like I said, the 5 days off will hopefully give Marie chance to recover from her throat illness.

I am honest saying that I enjoyed it.
Maybe it was not the best performance ever but it was ok. Who knows what it is to stay in front of a big audience and to speak will understand the complicity of the moment. I do because it is a part of my job too. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes not. Once the simplest words disappear from my mind suddenly, once the bad throat,... how come? Friends, it’s never easy and everytime like the first time, believe me. For M&P is was the first time since many years and many things have happened still... To be honest is a very good thing but... Some of the comments are too sharp and out of place, sorry. Let’s support them and enjoy that they are back to us on the stage, it’s not an easy way back. Don’t you see how they are both happy about it??? I am too.

Good morning everyone,

I hesitated posting my review last night, but I wanted to share how I felt about the show. I dindn’t know Marie was on medication right now though.
I tried to put it as it was, without writing down disrespectful phrases. So let’s keep on talking without calling it “awful” and stuff like that.

Marie not reaching high notes anymore is something she already dealded with for a long time. In 2001 they changed the tones for some songs already (like LTYH). When you’re past 40, it’s normal your voice drops down, many people deal with it (just listen to Jhon Bon Jovi’s latest records).

What ’scared’ me the most last night was Marie had lots of problems remembering the lyricks. The first verse in WYCF, she completely lost it, exept for the very first line. Also in LTYH she got in trouble in the 2nd or 3rd chorus. On the big screens, everyone saw she was in some trouble. She even left out a few lines, stopped singing, and picked it up a few lines after. She didn’t look happy too.

I also saw the youtube parts from friday, but it’s a very different reflection of the show, believe me.

And if it was just me... but last night, I saw lots of people shaking their head and feeling kinda sorry for her.

Form the bottom of heart, i hope most of the problems she had yesterday, were caused by her cold, so she’ll be better next week.

As you said, it must be bad if she takes peniciline. A colleague of mine took this for 1 week and she explained she was the whole time TIRED, couldn’t get off the bed, and that her body was very week even a week after she stopped taking it. So if you put it all together, not the best conditions to be on a stage! Other artists cancel concerts when they have a little cold and affected voice..

Hope she can relax and get well soon. Marie you have all our support!

Venom, you want honesty? Here you have it: people like you, Venom, just make me wanna puke. Just the kind of .. person.. fridapeeples described in her post.

Marie Fredriksson Online
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By “fail” I wasn’t referring to Marie’s performance in particular.

And - the heck, even Gessle sometimes screws up the lyrics without some guys having poked around in his brain with sharp sticks.

Marie’s problem is she may not be able to read the lyrics from the screen. Everybody who followed her condition over the last years attentively must be aware of how deeply all that affected her (lost vision, motorics, ability to read and calculate, memory flaws).

Per and Marie have need all our support during these concerts, because I think that for them, will be a test to see what still can be loved by the public, and if the fans seems to like this, will be reason for returning to roxette making new music and new projects.
Is just be honest in your comments, but do not forget to support Per and Marie and all who continue to demonstrate their pleasure and emotion now as yesterday! sorry for my horrible english....

PLEASE click on this link and scroll through to 2:25 when Marie hits a high note.

It should bring a SMILE to every Roxette fan’s face :)


Wow, all these posts just because of me?

Don’t exaggerate, my post was really concise and could easily be skipped on, but many of you still decided to respond, and while doing that you actually placed my comment under the spotlight... and thats not what I wanted to happen. If Marie does visit this site, she might get a feeling that many fans think that way, and I am sure it’s not true... so Marie, be sure that 90% of your fans are behind you.

I do not think it was tactless to write my comment. We are fans and we’re here to discuss both good and bad. Marie was terrible! I’ve been under penicilin, and it did not affect anything (including my sex life), so it’s particularly strange to say she forgot words because of penicilin. Perhaps she got sick and because of that got too much worried, thats why she screw up. Which is legitimate, but still, that was indeed a crappy performance. I would not want to pay money for a Roxette tribute, if thats the way things are going to be.

Naturally, you ignored the positive side of my comment. I think it was a wise choice to go on NOTP, since Marie is in a really bad shape. Performing every day may strengthen her, and prepare her for the real deal. That’s why I am happy.

Why do you guys afraid to tell the truth? Marie is not that “connected” to her fans, she doesn’t read this site anyway. If Per would suck ass, I would watch my language, because he reads here once in a while. By the way, Per was absolutely wonderful, never getting old, he is a wild horse waiting to be set free from the chains of the underdog. Well, actually, he likes being an underdog. :)

Judith - Do I make you sick? Do you even know me? As staff member of the website, I would be ashamed even to write something like that. Have some manners!

Oh, and If Marie keeps performing like that, she should step back... I can survive with studio recordings alone. That’s the best anyway.

Best regards, all.

Yeah Judith - it’s ok to slag Marie cause she doesn’t even read this stuff anyways. But in case you forgot, Per does so we should make sure not to say anything bad about him (though he won’t care if we slag Marie off either cause, you know, she’s only been his friend for the last 30 years or so)

Oh,and since we’re mentioning our sex lives I should probably clarify that I am a he not a she (Dominick on either sites.) fridapeeples is an old screen name I don’t generally use anymore but I couldn’t change it here :-)

Roxwriter - thanks for posting that link, I hadn’t seen that video yet with the end of the warms my heart.

Manners “Venom”...? What a joke! (and what an appropriate name you’ve give yourself!) Since when it is manners to call someone “out of shape”, say someone’s performance was “awful” and demand that she practice to the point of perfect for the benefit of “true fans”?

People on here don’t need to “know you” in the physical sense. On a forum you get to know people based upon their words - and you have chosen to represent yourself in a way that puts you in a bad light to many. Stop with this “you don’t really know me” nonsense and take responsibility for your harshness and your tactlessness.

As for “concise”... I’m just not going to go there.

i wish people woud stop focusing on the negitive and slaging eachother off b4 the close the comments off on the news articals aswell. and every singer has some songs that sound shit live why u think they recorded hundreds of tracks for tourism and gessle over europe and used a handfull???, i think WICF was a shitty song choice from the begining i dont care bout the strings in the middle eight bla bla bla whatever... just show marie a bit of respect! cmon, surley per, gt and son of a plumber cant get u through???

konstpaus said: “WICF was a shitty song choice from the begining “

I think that is probably the best song they could have chosen for NOTP. One of their biggest recent hits and fits in beautifully with the live orchestra.

Roxreport, thanks for your report! Reads honest just like other positive reviews. I haven’t seen videos from Saturday yet, but I imagine standing on stage being sick really tough! Always wonder how artists handle the flu and other illnesses through a tour in general.

When you’re sick you have to stay in bed for a week sometimes, Marie couldn’t do this. Let’s hope shes’s better soon! The performance from Friday sounds fine though!

Marie had the bad luck of getting a sore throat especially at the beginning of their tour. Somebody said here, that many artiscts cancel their performances in such cases: but what should they had done??? They are in a very difficult situation now-they cancelled their shows 7 years ago and should celebrate their comeback instead of doing the same again..! So they just have to fight the difficulties and go through them.
Everybody reacts different to penicillin and you are not a doctor to judge over it- if this was the reason why she failed or not...
and besiedes this; The way she sang in the rehearsals-that Per put on YT-was wonderful!!!!!!!! She sounded the same as befor or even better. So she still has the same ability to sing.
I think that it is the whole situation that is hard to handle: the first performance after many years, some handicaps she got from her illness, the fact that people compare everything to how it’s been in the past and last but not least...the sore throat... Wouldn’t she had got it, everything would go a better way-you only need to think about the first day!! The performance was really quite good, and so‘s good, that it didn’t happen in the very beginning!
I still believe in a happy continuation !!!!

One of the most important thing is to realize that Marie will never be like before. No one of us is like he was 7 years ago even if he had no troubles. She had enough of it and what I can see now is incredible what one can do despite of all she had gone through. She is really one of the strongest person I’ve ever known. Certainly she also realize the difference between then and now. Nothing is that easy like it was before but how she does! Bravo! To give all she can for us, their fans! And even it was not 100% perfect this weekend, we want them on the stage, we want their new records, their news, new music from them! Isn’t it right??? IT IS!

It’s really just awsome to see them back on stage, and as far as I could see on the youtube-videos they make a pretty good job.

I was a huge fan of them for years, nowadays not anymore, but still think that there is some magic about them. And they pretty much know that ist difficult to have someone in the front like marie who just can’t act anymore how she used to. But they definitely want to find a way how things can work out in this situation and that’s a very good try for that!!!

And after all they really sing live... that’s maybe the biggest miracle in musicmarket nowadays ;-)

While driving home I had another thought:

The regular visitor goes home and says: Hmm...she didn’t have her best day.
But we are the ones who write on fansites, we are the ones who - most often - visit more shows than one. And it’s us fans who have to support her! If we don’t do it, who does it then?

I am really a huge fan of MF but she had a bad day yesterday. And honestly: If you haven’t been there, don’t try to judge on it. Everyone is free to post their opinion - for sure - but when you haven’t been there you don’t know how it was. I am torn between the hope videos might pop up or not. Would be better just to forget about this evening and look forward to the next shows. And now - after I stopped being shocked and sad - I wait for the next show I join and will help and support her as much as I can - again.

And venom, to say that she should step back if her “bad shape” doesn’t improve - that makes me speechless. She isn’t doing this for the people who come to these shows (except of us maybe :D), she is doing this tour for herself. As long as she is happy with it and feels fine - let her perform and sing whenever and wherever she wants to!


For a women who’s had cancer or NOT, she did well.

Having watched the performances on youtube I have nothing but praise for the first performances of Wish I Could Fly and The Look.

The second night Listen To Your Heart was a bit squeaky here and there, but it’s hardly surprising if she has a throat infection - how many times do you hear that a singer has cancelled a gig due to this? answer - quite often. But cancelling on the second night would have been a bad move as the press would have jumped up and down on Roxette’s grave. She went out and did her best and good on her. It wasn’t the worst thing i’ve ever heard by a long chalk, like I said bit squeaky in parts and she struggled slightly.

At least she went out and tried.

The remaining dates will give them a chance to show that they are still up there.

I don’t know if this phrase is known worldwide or if it’s just a UK thing, but to everyone who has had a go at Marie or put her down I have just two words


They looked like old Roxette again, Marie could have farted and burped on stage in time to the guitar and I still would be happy.

Kick ass on the rest of the tour Roxette!

if she’s getting throat infections this early on I have to ask it worth it. The world almost lost her once, and frankly the proms isn’t kids stuff. I can’t blame her for being very nervous, let be honest outside of sweden this is the first time huge foreign crowds have seen her..all those eyes gawking. And if i rebember right the whole reason she did almost no press for the change and rox20 was not wanting to be scrutinized by press ..etc. I hope for her sake she’s not overreaching....I reall think rs tour should have been their retirement now...and this is coming from a fan of 20 yrs

so say we all

• Marie NEEDS ALL our support.
I respect every single opinion,but for me is just a personal opinion.
I’ve seen the videos from the first show and were INCREDIBLES!!AMAZING!!! Have no words to explain what i feel to see Roxette on stage again.
I see a Marie really enjoying what she want to do.A totally happy Roxette.
I think many fans go to shows waiting to see the Marie from Room Service era.But THINGS has changed!
She was very ill,she had a brain tummor.Now she’s recovered and still alive!! And that’s is a celebration of life!!!
Don’t pay atention if she missed some phrases or can’t move.Nobody force her.She DOES what she wants.She’s a real star.She’s been longing for do that.So….we,as fans,give her ALL OUR SUPPORT.
Me and 12 argentinean fans are traveling to the shows in Next December in Germany!
We DONT expect nothing,‘JUST to see Marie & Per.Just have the chance to see Marie and say her how much we love her and what a stronger woman she is! She is an example of life!
Doesn’t care if she can move or dance or foget the lyric.Personally i just want to thank her and say how much i love her.
We go to the concerts,if they want to make playback: DO IT!! If they want just to stand up in silence for 30 min on stage: DO IT!! If they want to make an apparence via satelite: DO IT! We just want to say: THANK YOU Roxette for all these years.And specially THANK YOU Marie for beeing the woman you are.
remember: nobody force to nobody,both of them are clever persons.They do what they want.They are enjoying and they needs our support.No negatives opinions.
btw it’s my opinion too.take it or leave it.
have a great day for all of you,get a life,enjoy the life!

Well in all honesty, they are getting paid to do this so I don’t think the arrangers would be happy with them just standing there for 30 min.

:D I don’t think those who bought a ticket for one of the shows would be happy either to just see them stand there :D but they don’t anyways.
Marie Fredriksson Online
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I had to teach for an hour with laryngitis on Friday, and it was awful. But I would hope that my students would cut me some slack and not be calling for my retirement!

So Marie had a bad night; thanks Roxreporter for telling about this - it’s not often we get to see our idols as the humans they are. She’s a pro; she’ll limp through best she can until her voice recovers, and then blow everyone away in a few nights like she does 95% of the time... not the people who have already written her off long ago, of course, but who cares about them anyway?

this video looks like it was taken last night and it’s good - the audience is into it and there is something a bit magical about the camera work when the confetti is falling

“It Must Have Been Love”

also “The Look”

Mmmm... usually tend to stay out of awful discussions like these but this time gotta fully agree with Judith... comments such as those from venom itself makes one want to puke ...not once but over and over and over again. Well slipping some lyrics can happen to anyone, Mr. has done it, other have done it... and re. Marie’s throat infection, am pretty convinced she’ll knock out everything soundwise once recovered. By the way, anyone else going to NOTP in Berlin?

thanks for the videos!! :))
Honestly, after seeing these videos, I don’t understand what the fuzz is about. So, her throat is bad, she will just get well and that’s all about it :)

Could just add more examples, like roxtexanet.
A friend of mine plays bass in a band, they had a concert a couple of weeks ago, he had the flu and he was just standing there, normally he moves around and sings backing vocals, he didn’t really sing in that show, and afterwards he said he missed half of the notes.
A colleague of mine also had a presentation / workshop in front of like 100 people some months ago, he almost didn’t have any voice, had feber as well, you could see he was struggling and he was slow thinking, coming up for words, afterwards he said it was hell, his throat was hurting, he was however trying for all to understand what he was saying. Afterwards people just went to him and thanked him for his presentation, and wishing him to get well soon. That’s what normal people do ;) He himself said he had had better days, but what the heck, this is part of the job. One can’t be 100% all the time.

Others faint in the middle of the stage even though they are full of muscles ;)

As Kirsten said, most people might have left the show thinking “poor her, she was ill, good the show wasn’t cancelled” ;)

Wish the negativity would depart from TDR. There’s enough crap in this world.

Looking forward to Germany!! :))
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

I think all of us fans as the first thing we have to prove to Marie and Roxette to our joy that are returned.
This is the first thing that must come out of our comments.
Marie on stage probably will not be like the old days, but is there again for us and for his music and we must refer to this.
Per said that he is working on new material and is intended to both produce something new: this is fantastic!
after all the health problems that had marie, do what he does is always greater than anything we can expect.
if the fans and the press is concerned only to write that Merie’s not like before, she always demoralize more ... This is the support that we give something new to expect in the future by roxette?

this night of proms by roxette for me is great

Roxette thanks !!!!!!!

Well, as per what I could see on Friday videos there is a huge improvement on stage ... she looks much more confident and I just loved how she was encouraging people to sing along during LTYH. No need to jump around to show Marie’s powerful presence on stage! She engages the audience and delivers with both insight and warmth. She is the star, definitely. Coming to her voice, yes it might have not been her best performance ever, in particular during WICF. She was doing great in all other performances - both during her solo shows and with PG - so the sore throat might be the reason. I’m sure she will get better and better after each show .. must be hard for anyone to be back on stage knowing everyone is paying attention to every single thing you say/do, right ?

After so many years, Roxette/Per/Marie don’t need to prove anything to me .. I just really enjoy their music and I am thrilled to be able to see them on stage again. 41 shows left, enjoy everyone !


2 more from 10/24

The Look

you can see a third which does not show up in search if you go to the poster’s youtube channel and look under “uploads”

I’m glad these videos have surfaced. Like Judith, it’s hard to see what the big deal is - obviously her voice is shot by the time “Listen To Your Heart” begins (and we haven’t yet seen “WICF”, the one that caused so much concern to the people who were there), but it’s equally obvious that she’s just got a garden-variety cold. I mean, we’ve all seen Marie nervous on stage but this is something quite different. I’m sure this show couldn’t end soon enough for her, poor girl! :-D

By the way, there’s no trace of her misery in “It Must Have Been Love” or “The Look” - she looks like she’s having a ball, a nice distraction from the aching throat I’m sure!

I’ve just listened to “LTYH” from the last performance-ok, it sounds like a throat infection, that’s clear, but this is the only reason why Marie couldn’t sing...during the rehearsals and the first show she was great.....Sometimes it happens that people don’t even can speak because of sthg. like this, when it gets bad....and it doesn’t have anything to do with- if and how she usually sings..... nobody could sing under this circumstances...!

“Others faint in the middle of the stage even though they are full of muscles ;) ” LOL!

So people, please relax! Marie’s ill these days – like many people in this time of year – and will get better soon. She’s proven her great abilities just recently.So no need to retire yet. ;-)

Marcus, what about RoxetteService? The Roxette part isn’t available anymore..?

Marie end Per you are the best
i wishe you good luck

stop talking stupid things.

Marie sang more than a brilliant on the first concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
beliave me - i was there.
She finished Listen to your heart such a blowmind way that even Per looked suprice!!!

so STOP STOP STOP talking.

She was ill even before fist show ,but things got worst on the next day
Such things happens sometime
But anyway she even in that condition did the great job on the second concert.
On the 3 concert there no standing tickets , it started early and was more like a family concert.
She sang on the chair.
Maybe illness get worst ,but she was good .

Lets hope that 2 days rest will be enough and she will sing as on the first show.

Some of the comments on here, I am almost ashamed to say I’m human, please people have a little respect for Per and Marie and the fact they and their family and friends could be reading these comments!

I agree with rosina and understand some of the point from desapointed people.

I think she must be a bit nervous, she is not the same and maybe she put herself under pressure, I don´t know... Although to be honest I don´t like her missing lines (not even when she was ok, eg, Anyone at Oberhousen 2001).

Disappointed people as “V” expresses his fellings not in the best respectfull way...however I think moderators in this forum should keep things in peace and slow or cool down some sayings, and don´t take it so seriusly.

I thank you guys for posting links and commenting I won´t be able to attend the shows.

Is nice to have roxette back!!!! and I hope they delivere good shows to people who pay they tickets to see them.

Hi Emil! I was the one who bought one of your tickets yesterday. :-)
Tell me - did she sound better than yesterday? And what about the lyrics? Did it work this time? I don’t know why this is bothering me so much but I am really worried, that’s why I am asking..


I uploaded my videos from last night at youtube!

I got a wonderful look of recognition during the Look: showing at 1.28 min.
The Look:

And a Per moment at 2.09 min. during Joyride when I gave him a thumbs-up.

Listen to your heart: at 1.58 you see how Per tries to help Marie with her text by doing some backing vocals. At 3.00 her wonderful smile at our group…
Listen to your heart

It must have been love:

Some more photo’s on my website:

It was wonderful to see them together on stage again. I think it’s very brave. I hope they enjoy it so much that they will do it again after NOTP. And it was great meeting Rox fans from the old gang!! More shows to come, I’ll visit the ones in Rotterdam as well. Hope to see you there!

x Nienke

thanks Nienke!! :)

Amazed how she can sing, with this bad throat. Hats off!
Now she has 2 days to rest, hope she stays in bed ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Thanks Nienke! Glad you’re coming to more shows after you weren’t THAT thrilled at first yesterday :-)
Watching LTYH - wow, she REALLY has a bad throat, it sounds even worse than I remembered it “live”. Get well soon, Marie!



◦Marie is taking penicillin for her throat. It sounds really terrible but slightly better today than y-day... 2 days off now. She needs that. 2 hours ago

Will any of this be filmed professionally for those of us who can’t afford the trip?

Some shows get filmed for DVD by NOTP. But they only release best-of DVDs, next scheduled for 2010. Maybe Roxette can use that on their own..?

Where is my comment to Nienke gone?
I just said: Thanks for posting and good that you decided to come to Rotterdam after you weren’t THAT thrilled of the show yesterday. :D


Kiwein: It’s right there, I can see your post to Nienke 3 or 4 posts above this one.

Nienke: How are you girl? Glad to hear you had a good time!

I wasn’t there, but am watching the videos and can’t see the big deal. Maybe she sounded worse live but she sounds quite fine here. She had a throat infection on the Room Service tour so maybe I am just used to hearing her with a scratchy voice, no big deal. I thought she was actually sounding a bit sexy!

I sympathise with Marie, I’m an aerobics instructor and also have to get up in front of people and perform. If you have a bad day, the “audience” can be very cruel, even writing complaints to your boss! So I know what Marie would feel if she read these (though honestly I doubt it - she has said many times she does not go on the internet, never looks at fansites, and from what I understand she still has trouble reading. I don’t think she will ever know the name “Venomthefat” or that she was called awful.) That said, Marie is a veteran with more than 30 years experience so she is used to this. I think most people will understand that she is brain damaged and will allow for the way she moves. As for her voice, as I said she had throat problems on other tours and she has sounded quite fine in her other performances so she should be fine, but it is very scary though considering that throat problems and forgetting lyrics was something she did on the RS tour and was diagnosed not long after that (she would have almost certainly already had the tumour during the tour)

I agree with the person who said some of you have been demanding Marie to come back, but criticise her for not being 100%!

Hi all,

Personally, I was glad to be able to finally see a performance of Roxette. I was very excited 7 years ago when Roxette was supposed to be at NOTP, and very disappointed (at first) when they couldn’t come.

And then yesterday the big moment! When they entered the stage, I think my hart was exploding. When they started singing it was all I ever imagined it to be when I finally had the chance to see them perform. But then, I admit, I was also feeling a bit sorry for Marie. She really looked ill and week and ... At that point my hart was dying a little.
But during the second part of the concert Marie seemed to have found more strength and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!

I sure hope Marie keeps up the strength to do all the NOTP concerts. And hope, somehow they will manage to do a full concert...

But in short : Thumbs up for Marie to be back on stage after all she has been through! To give us all the chance to see her perform again!

@Sparvogamarie: I swear it wasn’t there last night ;D Haha...or I was just too tired..


I am slightly surprised by the critical comments. Okay, I haven’t been there, but judging from the videos (thanks for uploading btw) I think over all Marie actually did okay. I suppose all of us have seen and heard worse performances.

I really hope Marie enjoys the tour and that it isn’t too much of a strain for her.

I am very disappointed with the “so called fans.” This is all the people who moans if they lip-sink songs (Latvia festifal), and people who had negative thoughts before the Nigth of the proms started, and people who are disappointed who went to the concerts. I think the problem lies with you and not Marie. If I read the interviews from them al I see is that they want to enjoy themselves and have fun. Why do all of you want to spoil it for them? What kind of a “fan” do you call youselfs? You are like someone who kicks someone who is lying down, instead of helping that person up. I do not live in Europe and would probably never have the opportunity to see them perform, except if they tour SA again. I wish I had the chance to see them perform on Night of the proms. I do not care if they make mistakes, stand still the whole time, forget the words etc. I think Marie is one of the bravest people that exist, and I do not like it when people insult my hero. If you expect a flawless performance, then maybe you should put on a vhs recording or buy the dvd. I think most of you are so spoilt because you had the opportunity to see Marie perform last year, you saw Per’s concert this year. You have no idea how it feels to only be able to read about it, and then you read such negative things like the stuff you write. And for those who think Marie will not know what you write, how stupid and narrow minded can you be! I would think that people close to her would not share it, but you only need one idiot reporter who would like to get a article published and write about all your negativity. Maybe you should start to think of the consequences before you post your comments for the whole world to read. I saw the videos and I am proud to call myself a Roxette fan, you Rock!!!!

Good post YouRock! Welcome to TDR btw :-)

You are absolutely right, YouRock! I live in Argentina, so I know what you are talking about. I never had the chance to see them, even when they came here. Seeing them live would be my biggest dream come true.

I think the problem is not what they say because, after all, it’s their opinion and no one can expect everyone to like the concert. The problem here is THE WORD CHOICE. I would never call Marie “awful, “horrible” like they did. Come on, this is the first time they perform together as Roxette in years after Marie defeated cancer, and you really expect her not to feel the pressure? Did you REALLY expect her not to forget the lines? If you are not perfect, why should she?

The “true fans” DON’T CARE about mistakes. Someone mentioned the Live-ism DVD. Did you hear Per talking about fans knowing the lyrics of It Must Have Been Love? He says “they know them better than we do actually”. So yes, Per forgets the lyrics too. So what?

I think the two most important things we wanted came true. First of all, Marie is fine. That’s the most important thing because, if things hadn’t been this way, we would not be here talking about this. And now, the comeback. Now tell me, isn’t THAT what matters?

I was YEsterday in Antwerpen and Marie sounden better than the other days. She still has problems with her throat but you could hardly notice it this time.
She was sitting wehile singing WICF and it soundedn great.
The best show from the 3 i have been.

Very nice to hear it’s getting better! :-)

the negativity coming from certain people is mindboggling - it makes you wonder if they‘re only happy when they‘ve got something to complain about. as the saying goes: ‘if you‘ve nothing nice to say about somebody - say nothing at all.‘

regarding the concert and Marie‘s throat/voice problems - give the woman a bloody break will you!!! we can‘t even begin to imagine how much courage it has taken for her to step back into the public eye and perform - put yourself in her shoes and ask yourself if you would be willing to do that. Marie has been through hell and back and she needs our love and support - not negative and sometimes hurtful comments.

as it‘s been pointed out, other singers would have cancelled their appearance - Marie chose not to and i salute her for doing that. the performance wasn‘t perfect - i honestly couldn‘t care less. we never thought roxette would return - now they are making tentative steps, let‘s get behind them and show our support.

Marie has always been singing different lyrics here and there - it’s understandable - she didn’t write the songs. Lol...

On the Room Service tour Marie did start to sound tired.

The sound quality of these YouTube links aren’t too great, but she sound good enough.

I am not here to critisize the devine Miss F., I’m just glad she’s up there giving it her best.

What is shocking to me, is how different she looks. When I show friends of mine pictures of Marie when she was younger, and how she looks now, they swear it’s 2 different persons. Hahaha - One of my friends actually thought Marie has a double.
The cancer changed Marie’s looks totally. It’s really like another person. I only recognise her by her voice.
Praise God for Marie!!!

I think Marie looks great, but she’s very thin, startlingly thin!

SHE WAS AMAZING ON FRIDAY, HER VOICE WAS THE SAME LIKE 20 YEARS AGO! THE END OF LTYH WAS MIND-BLOWING. I even cried. She still has a VOICE!!! I didn’t expect such a Great performance! She was better that I could imagine.

I’m a big fan, but I also often lose the line in the lyrics, so I really don’t care if she doesn’t sing the right words. Who cares what she sings, the most important thing is that we can see her SINGING again on stage! She can sing double duch, I don’t care, I am very proud of her!

I would see those people who critisize her singing with aching throat in front of thousands of people. Could they do a better performance? I don’t think so...

I think most ppl who started writing negative things about the show on saturday did so, because they were shocked. So was I. It was not only the lost lyrics (I don’t care much what she sings actually), but that she looked really unhappy and was glad when it was over. The flu must have been worst on saturday! Her voice was technically not there and she looked very lost on stage. I was just sooo sorry for her that I couldn’t stand it. I was happy when it was over. I really hope she can recover now. She’s still the best for me. Some things in life won’t ever change and my unconditional teenage love for her is one of those things. :D


I was worried about Marie on Saturday when I saw and heard that something is not OK with her, I didn’t understand because she was so great a day before, but when Per said that it’s “only ” a flu kind of thing I got reassured. She will be over it for next week I hope, and she will show everyone that there’s noone who is better than she is!!!

I wont be able to attend this tour =(. but based on what I have seen & heard on youtube, Marie sounds GREAT. She still has the amazing voice and still got the look ;).The songs sounds great, Including Wish I Could Fly. Sure she missed some lines and sings the wrong words in the first verse, but that I think is normal when playing live. remember Waiting for the Rain in 2001 hehe:P. despite of that: welcome back SOOO looking foward for you new album ;)

She seems more confident here than on friday at least on IMHBL. I couldn’t tell she had sore throat :)

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

WOW - thanks for the link. IMHBL is INCREDIBLE! Best I’ve seen so far and it’s nice to see her doing some of the old poses during the instrumental section too. :-)
I get a lot of memories of the old days watching Joyride and Listen To Your Heart, especially when Per goes up beside Maries and watches her. All of those moments that made people think that they were a couple! It’s so sweet. the magic is definately back and better than ever.

It’s disappointing to see Rox fans attack other Rox fans for their opinion, particularly the moderators.

I’d hoped TDR had grown and moved away from that.

Per and Marie are professional artists, as such their performances will be open to interpretation and criticism from music lovers.

Some people will enjoy performances, some people will not. It’s absolutely not a valid reason to attack another fan because their opinion differs from yours.

We’re all different and will judge performances differently. It’s life. It’s what makes us interesting.

And it’s wholly irrelevant whether an artist is ill whilst performing. Although regrettable and sad that an artist is sick, you have to base your opinion on what you saw and heard at the time.

It’s clear that some fans *really* adore Per and Marie and perhaps elevate them to a status beyond artists. That’s fine. Whatever floats your boat. I’m certainly not going to judge you.

But don’t expect everyone to share the belief that Roxette are above criticism regardless of their current circumstances.

Personally, I’m thrilled to see Per and Marie on stage after such a long time. And I look forward to hopefully many more years and albums of Rox magic.

But, I’m certainly not going to switch off the part of me that judges whether I actually enjoyed a performance.

What’s the point of a discussion board if you can’t openly and freely present your opinion without fear of reprisal or attack.

Similarly, what’s the point of moderators if they ’fuel the flames’ rather than at least attempt to extinguish them?

Rant over.

(free thinking, not a robot)

Well, I saw the LTYH video from friday, and I must say it’s better than what I saw on saturday.
So it could be the medication.

And me writing a not positive rewiew, doesn’t mean i don’t support them anymore. I was just sad seeing her that way, full of doubts and struggles.
I didn’t had a clue sharing those feelings would release a bunch of negative and sometimes even rude reactions.

Let’s hope she feels better on wednsday so she can kick ass again!

After watching the videos from Sunday I’m quite optimisting she’s getting better soon. Marie’s clever to pause when possible during the up-tempos to deliver quite magical ballad vocals (even without going high). Just compared the WICF performance with a TV singback from 1999. 2009 is much much better! Hats off, Marie! :-D

why don’t you guys stop trying to deal between so many explanations about marie and her voice and so on, and start enjoying this thing as much as you can? support marie, roxette have always appreciated support from their fans. period!

Finaly, a sane person. Thank you Steven for your support. I am especially amazed with the administrator’s response

Everybody has his own opinion, no one can judge me as a fan. My private room is like an altar for Roxette, with Marie and Per’s Roxette Hits picture. I also own all CDs and many special editions. Do not try to make me feel unwelcome in a Roxette community, because this kind of attitude will only drive me away.

Marie was really bad in her first performance, people were shocked, depressed and so on. This is legitimate... stop making Per and Marie your gods.

I disagree - her first performance was fine. What we’re talking about is saturday, right? Because friday was fine. And she did better yesterday. So I think when she’s off penicilline and recovered things will improve even more.
I really hope nobody expected her to run the catwalk and dance and jump - if so you really are what I’d call “no fan” because if you were you would know that she can’t do that anymore. ;-)

“people were shocked, depressed and so on”

I do understand that people who came to visit the whole show were shocked because they maybe know a different Marie, especially when it comes to dancing and moving and take over everybody. It’s more difficult when it comes to her voice and her condition on saturday. I was surprised myself and shocked, of course. But life goes on. And so does our support for her.


Of course life goes on, it doesn’t change that fact that she sucked big time. It happens.

I only expected her to sing, nothing more. I’ve seen earlier that she doesn’t move.

@ venomthefat: “stop making Per and Marie your gods”
You wrote that everybody can have an own opinion, I think I have the right to make them my Gods!

Yes, it was obvious on Saturday that she didn’t sing as good as a day before, but I enjoyed Roxettes performance on both days.

There’s nothing bad about that you have a different point of view, some of us had problem with the words and style you used talking about Maries performance. She sang very well if we count that she was/is ill.
If she was not welll and cancelled some shows because of it I would understand that too. But she didn’t do that, she went on the stage and did her best, but it seems to me you don’t appreciate it.

What’s your point with she sucked big time? What do you want to prove? Will you be happy then?

She doesn’t move, she doesn’t see and she doesn’t think like the rest of us - that can happen if a part of your brain is removed.

Add to this a sore throat and BINGO! For a fan that could be SUCKED BIG TIME for an adult fan is great to see her again on the stage doing the best she can with better and worse days. As long as she’s enjoying most of us in here would find a way to see the bright side and be a bit happier. The joyride days are long gone.

Too bad days of pure joy like these we’re living are ruined by the same people over and over again..

Hope she doesn’t need to cancel the tour then the discussion would be wether she’s a QUITTER.

Life goes on.. so get one!

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

I never think Roxette is perfect and I disagree that, as fans, we should only praise them no matter what they do. But there are more positive and constructive ways to say our opinions or critics THAN just bashing them harshly.

Especially we know now that the reason behind Marie’s performance was because she has sore throat. Who knew, It could also cause by the effects of her treatment in the past. So, what’s the point of saying those awful things? it’s not like she was drunk on a stage.

There were times I wished that Marie is love to be online, and even has Twitter account like Per. Now, I AM so glad that she has decided to stay away from it.

I agree with RoxRyder that if she decided to cancel the tour, the discussion would be about her being a QUITTER.

You are wrong, venomthefat. This kind of things happen to them just because THEY ARE NOT GODS. We should allow them to forget the lyrics, to have a sore throat... You know why? Because that can happen to any of us! And considering what Marie has been through, we should be a little more patient, don’t you think?

It wasn’t what you expected... OK, we got that. It’s your opinion. But at the time you express your opinion using those words in a forum everyone can read, you have to face the consequences. Most people won’t like what you say and, no matter if they have the right or not, THEY WILL judge you because they can. Live with it!

I think there’s 2 kinds of bad responses to Marie’s performance: One were those who thought it sucked and were disappointed, the other were fans who were frightened by Marie’s poor physical health.

Fans who thought it sucked: Yeah, they have a right to say so, but as Nati80 said you will take the consequences of the other fans if you choose to word it as “awful.” Perhaps there was a more diplomatic way to say it venom?

Fans who were worried: I don’t think it’s fair to criticize them. Marie’s fans have a very real reason to be afraid!! Of course they will get a fright when they see her not doing well.

Of course, Sparvogamarie! It’s OK to be afraid. Who wasn’t afraid when Marie was diagnosed? I spent months not being able to listen to Roxette because Marie’s voice sounded sad to me. We don’t want anything bad to happen to her, so we have a reason to be afraid.

I wouldn’t criticize people who are afraid. And I wouldn’t criticize those who say it’s not what they expected. Say it with respect and it’s OK. But when you choose that kind of words, don’t expect people not to react!

Venomthefat isn’t the least bit interested in diplomacy, he (she?) is only interested in seeing how many people he can anger (which is why he keeps checking back on this thread and reaffirming that Marie’s performance sucked, his right to say so, and to order the rest of us to stop contradicting him - you know, in defense of free speech and all). It tells us much less about his opinion of Marie’s performance than it does about the depths to which he is willing to sink to get a little attention from strangers on a message board.

Glad to see that Marie’s voice was almost back to normal on Saturday, looking forward to the next show!

I think it doesn’t make sense to discuss the same over and over again. Everybody said what he/she wanted to say. Sure I could answer to this and that, but I think it would be a waste of time. I won’t change my opinion though.

Ignore the posts you don’t like, concentrate on the positive, there are many people who posted negative (shocked?) but yet positive posts, thanks Kirsten :) and people who posted positive posts. And thanks for sharing the videos! :)

Let’s move on to the next show, which is tomorrow!

Have a nice day all,
the hotblooded rebel J

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

You know, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Wow. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am.

I’ve watched the videos on YouTube that have been posted here. I’m happy to know that Marie’s out there still performing. Good for her.

Tattooed White Trash

I believe that the performance was “bad” and people were dissapointed and so and. But the most didn’t even know about her throat and that she was taking medicine, which must have weakened her additionally....and it#s really stupid to judge over her VOICE knowing all this.Ok, she was bad on this day but only BECAUSE OF THE THROAT and why the this so hard to understand and not possible to stop playing up all this the whole time???
Only one performance, nothing else and some people have already given her up...!
If it is to hard for somebody to copy with the whole situation and he isn’t able to show some understanding, support and appreciation for what they are doing (starting a comeback under not-so-easy circumstances), he is at the wrong place here. i think that Nb is forced to stay a Roxette fan for the rest of his life, isn’t he??It’s up to him. If you ask me, i still believe in them and despite so many problems they have (and despite the negative energy coming from many unsupportive “fans”), they will still be able to please us with great music and also life performances...there’s absolutely no toubt for me abouit it.

Marie and Per-Roxette forever!!!!! :’)

Ans sorry if there are some repetitions in my posting-I have read Judith’s post afterwards..

a lot of things are being said at the moment that maybe shouldn‘t have been said - i think it‘s time to maybe calm down.

the only people who really matter is this case are marie and per - they are both doing what they love doing. by arguing amongst ourselves, we are taking away some of the joy of seeing marie being able to appear as roxette again

those of you who like me are enjoying the concerts - give opinions but please be aware of other peoples feelings (not to mention per and marie‘s)

I don’t see whats wrong with “terrible” or “awful”. I did not use the F word or S word.
The reasons for the failure are not relevant for that particular show. Fans went there and did not enjoy... we cant blame her, but that happened. Its a review, much like if I would have gone to see Madonna when she caught a virus. I would say she was horrible.

@LittleSpooky Long time no see... :)

I do not idolize Marie or Per, but I am amazed at how strong Marie’s voice is. Even if we do not consider the effects of recovering from cancer, most artists who hadn’t sung regularly for about 7 years would sound very different, especially if they were now into their 50s.

Part of me feels a little down hearing Marie forget the lyrics here and there, and also being unable to move as freely on the stage as she once did. But watching the youtube videos, I am just in awe of Marie’s emotional strength and dignity. She’s bloody amazing, I am completely inspired by her.

@Kirsten: I don’t know you (so far..), but I really do think you are having the best point of view! Thank you for all here and there! Please keep on doing this job this way! ;-)
Nice that there are still some fans who really know what is going on!
I really can not understand why people writes so much holly shi...! Why can’t you just be happy the way it is? Marie is there, she is singing, she is giving her best because she really wants to do what she is doing! She is with us and she also do it for us - the truely fans! We ( the truely fans ) really missed her and most of us did not expect what she is doing now: be alive, be on stage again, be with Per as Roxette!!! What do you want more? It’s what we wanted and never expected again! It is NOT aweful that she lost words by singing or that she is not jumping and dancing around the stage, it IS aweful that people (self-named fans) writes such a fu...shit!

I still have to wait 1 month until I can see her on stage, but I am giving her my deepest strenght and love from here for the next shows! You will make it Marie!!! I am with you! I will always love and support you!!!

yours fan forever

I saw the Sunday afternoon show in Antwerp and I think that Roxette performed very well, I felt that the whole audience enjoyed them too. Marie performed much better than I had expected and especially WICF was very well sung. Of course she cannot sing those high notes like years ago, but still she was great, I was so excited I almost cried. I replayed several times the movies I took with my camera and all my friends who saw them share my opinion that Roxette sounded great. So whatever the problem was during the first 2 shows, it was already solved. I look very much forward to the next NOTP concert I will attend in Berlin.

@bunny2: Thanks. ;-) And I agree with you of course. You visit the German shows? When and where? Maybe we really meet each other..who knows..

@Nicoleta: Thanks for your review! Any chance to get to see your videos? YouTube maybe?


hi everyone. i just wanted to say that today is my birthday and the best present i can have is to see marie singing roxette songs again. that´s all there is : )

I saw many recordings from the shows on YT and except the ones from Sat. they were really good-and I’m not writing it only just to polite but because I really feel this way.

Marie sang with the same voice that I know since I am a Roxette fan (that is since nearly 18 years) and that I have always loved. If there have never been Roxette, music wouldn’t have existed for me in this beautiful manner...Roxette has formed my music taste since I was 8 years old and I will keep my preference till the end of my life!
i was happy to see Marie singing life again (even when it was only on the vids on YT, because i won’t attend any of the shows). I hope for the next year, because Per mentioned a tour in 2010....but it’s certainly not sure, only a wish...
No one of us can imagine what hell she has gone through and even if she has recovered (thank god!) how it is to fight the way back to the stage and i don’t understand how some ppl. can lack so much in humanity and respeckt and throwing around with such hurting words.
I think that it’s the majority of Roxette fans who feels a similar way and who are touched just by the fact that she is back. But unfortunately there needs to be only one who’s spreading with his negativity and thus destroying so much... So I hope Marie will only get aware of her real fans who will always be with her and that it will help her to gain back her energy and shining again!

hello kirsten, yes I think we will meet in Germany to the shows. I am in Hamburg, Hannover, Berlin, Erfurt and Dortmund.
Great work by the way and very very nice videos! Thank you again! ;-)

Hi everybody!
We already had bought tickets for Night of The Proms in Arnhem. But I was so excited that I had to, HAD TO ;-), try to get tickets for the first show in Antwerp (Belgium). Luckily I was able to grab some last-minute tickets. It was awesome to see Roxette again after so many years......

We can all see that this is a big step for Marie. This is not easy, but she does her best, she is strong and she is WONDERFUL !!! I am so eternally grateful Marie has the courage and strength to do this tour. Roxette on stage together - this is their biggest gift to their fans. Let’s enjoy and support!
Besides, I love the way Per takes care of her -> This is truly Roxette!

I totally agree with you, bunny2! A few years ago, we just hoped this would happen. Some people were positive abour it, others said it was impossible. Now it’s true! This is what we have. I prefer Marie forgetting the lyrics, having a sore throat... As long as she is alive, healthy and happy, EVERYTHING else can be solved. Of course I would love to see her jumping and dancing on the stage. Who wouldn’t? But that’s irrelevant now. As long as she is alive and doing what she loves... what else can we ask for? :)

Congratulations! It was great! I love you forever ♥
Best wishes from Buenos Aires! =)

I gotta admit that this one is much better -

So things are improving, very good.

and that being from Saturday, when Marie’s sore throat/voice was the worst ;)

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

anyone nati80 your read
we most be happy that MARIE back on stage is she is wonderful ,strong .....
PER and MARIE are a great team the are the best

I was at the show on OCT23 and I personally felt very happy. I was furthest from the scene and yet I screamed (rather than sang) the Rox songs.
OK, maybe it was perfect, but it was magical and I really hope they continue making shows and recording a new album.
Of course, Marie has all our support!!!!

Go on guys, you’re the best:)))

“Listen to your heart” from Oct.25 sounds really divine-and this all although she wa so ill :( poor Marie..
I know that some modulations are left out-but the lines she sings-she does it very touching..
I love it!

i’m sorry know this will probably inflame someone on here but the 3 previous links to the oct 25th show seem to point out what someone I was discussing roxette with pointed out. One wish and reveal were culminated from demo recordings, marie has not actually recorded anything new with per since 2001. What most bothersome about the night of the proms is I know alot of us have told younger people that we’ve raved about roxette to that maries vocal are superb and unfiltertes, raw and emotional and her obvious weakness due to her illness and subsequent treatment has in fact mitigated that to the occasional bright spot. It’s like trying to say the whitney houston pre crack si the same whitney houston as today and that’s just being facetious. I get more heartbroken every time I watch a clip from night of the proms, if this had been circa HAND like it was supposed to be this would have serriously been the best thing ever.

and just an observation on the side...the mods did away with the forums here to stop having to play mediator in name slinging contests, but now the mods indulge in it? I’m confused....when did the personal opinions of people who were atucally there in person become rhetoric?

so say we all

I like to call myself Marie’s BIGGEST fan, but I guess everybody things that of him/herself... LOL. So, I totally LOVE the fact that Marie is up there doing her best.

I have too noticed a change in her voice. Ever since she stopped smoking when she had Josie, her voice changed. I think the CBB tour was Marie’s voice at its best.
The Room Service tour didn’t feature great vocals from Marie.

When you listen closely to “Reveal” and even ’Dar Du Andas” you hear a very fragile and “weak” voice coming from Marie. Her voice has totally changed. But you know... It’s almost as if Marie is too afraid to really throw her voice like she did in the older days. Some parts of Listen To Your Heart from NOTP she really throws her voice and that’s amazing. She’s holding herself back for some reason, I think.

By the way - I think Marie’s outfit she has here on the front of this article (the pic from NOTP) is HOT!!! I LOVE that outfit. It’s so......ROCK or heavy metal outfit. She would have looked even better in it 20 years back. Rock Chick!!

If I can give Marie only ONE piece of advice - Girl, make your hair a LITTLE longer, especially on the sides - gonna make you look younger and more feminine.... Mwah!

You go, girl!!!!!!!!!!!

@CoyRoy - You mentioning Marie’s outfit above - I agree. Marie wouldn’t be Roxette Marie without leather trousers! ha ha

I´m loving the way Marie is dressed up at the Proms. Sophisticated and very Roxettish. This is the true and genuine Marie Fredriksson of Roxette. Loving it.

Marie may look a bit old, but her body is stil HOT and she does that outfit justice!!!
Not even Britney Spears would look that good in it. Eat your heart out, you bitch!
Marie is HOT!!!!!!!!!!

I went to the night of the proms and they were great!!!!!!!!!!! I’m verry happy that i’ve seen them. I would like to go again if it’s possible (sorry my english i’snt great)

i went to the night of the proms and I’ve seen ROXETTE
they were great. i’m happy that i’ve seen them and if i can
i would like to go again.


sorry that my english isn’t great

I love her outfit too. One silly question; Does she has two outfit on that concert? because I’ve seen in some videos she wore Blue, but in this pictures and many others, she seemed to wear black. Or I need to get eye exam?

On “Wish I Could Fly” she did have a blue-ish outfit. Does anyone have a picture of Marie with that outfit??

Yes. But I was a bit too far away.. :(


It’s close enough. Thanks ;)

Is it true that Marie’s vocals for One Wish & Reveal were recorded back in 2001?
I have never heard that before.

@frida No, that isn’t true. They were recorded at GAM Studio in 2006

LOL @ Coyroy! I think her hair looks great but if I was her hairdresser I would recommend going a little darker. Simply because now at her age, her hair looks white which makes her look like she’s older than she is. She would look lovely with some darker streaks!

(She didn’t quit smoking when she had Josefin btw. Some of us saw her smoking with Josefin aged about 7 or so beside her trying to pull the cigarette packet out of her hands and telling her to stop)

Heard that Per and everyone else have been struck with this flu now! Boy do I sympathise, try getting up and teaching aerobics when you’re sick. I know just how they feel!!

@Sparvogamarie - Yea... on Room Service her hair looked “natural blonde” - you’re right - she should make it more “natural”. Some of my friends think Marie is 60 and not 51... She does not look good with this short white white hair. lol...

I just heard a rumour that she quit smoking before or during her pregnancy with Josie.

I was watching some of the clips you guys put on here of the NOTP show... I was SO shocked to see Marie completely forgetting the lyrics to Listen To Your Heart and even stopping singing at some places.

Now.... this brings me to my next question.... Is this because of the flu Marie has or does she have more memory problems than we thought?? I love Marie, but she has sung that song millions of times - can she really forget the lyrics after all these years? I wouldn’t mind if Roxette stick to the studio and just make studio albums and not tour live... but I was totally shocked. I support Marie 100%, but to make such big mistakes on such a big event is going to get some bad publicity.

But I don’t want to criticise Marie. At least she’s trying. After all she’s been thru, she’s a walking miracle, giving her all to her fans.

MARIE FREDRIKSSON is a living miracle and an example to every living human being!! God bless her!!

@CoyRoy: I don’t think she forgets lyrics, I think she has some “blackouts” here and then. And I can assure you that she hadn’t “forgotten” the whole text it was just a line here and there - nothing to worry about and nothing that has not happened before her illness. I am not a doctor but I think that her brain works maybe a bit “slower” than it used to and she needs more time to get into “stuff”. When she was on tour last year she did not have problems with the lyrics at all - must be because she picked her absolute favorite songs for this tour. Give her some time, let the first 5-10 shows be over - I am quite sure we will be talking about other things then. :-) And personally I don’t care if she misses some lines. She always did that and she always will. I don’t care when she doesn’t.


Ja...maybe she was just overwhelmed by the fans screaming for her.... Lol.
She needs to build her confidence from start again. Great!!!

Marie rocks!!!!

No lyrics issue in Sthlm or Amsterdam that I can think of. Maybe too much pressure for being the first shows and worried about her throat? :)
Nothing I haven’t seen happen to other artists, incl Per ;)

Anyone about yesterday?

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Don’t care about what I’ve written here first..nothing worth mentioning..

She was fantastic in Stockholm, her voice was more than fabulous!!!

And yes - anyone about yesterday?


I’ll say this in support of Marie, her loss of lyrics could be for various of reasons...

(1) Her voice, we all know she was sick and taking penicillin and how the whole band was struck down with the same thing!

(2) She could have simply been overwhelmed by the amount of people welcoming her back I mean NOTP is massive, so much bigger than Amsterdam and Stockholm ever was, it’s possible that it will take her time to find her feet for such a big event!

(3) Medication could cause problems with slowed thinking, didn’t I once read after the cancer Marie was left with slight epilepsy, if she’s taking medication for that it could cause side effects, I take an anti-epileptic drug (Topiramate) as a mood stabiliser and have done since March and I’ve noticed how my own thinking has slowed down a little, it’s a common side effect of all these medications.

Whichever is the cause, it’s fantastic to see Marie back on stage, she’s an amazing strong powerful women and I am sure a lot of us would agree we’ve waited so long to see her looking this good again! :)

Well said Alison! I agree fully. :-)

I am also quite worried about why Marie often sings the wrong lyrics, but it’s maybe like some have already mentioned here, because of the medication (for epilepsy) which affects the memory (or causes some black outs ?) but mainly because of the pressure and the nervosity which she must felt knowing that she additionally had a throat problem...
During the rehearsals I don’t think that she had forgotten all the lyrics as badly, as it unfortunately happened during the shows...but if you are nervous all the problems you have anyway, get worse..and it’s a vicious circle..(so I think it’s a mix of all the factors together).
But all I have noticed until now, listening to the YT recordings-and which ist really the most important and amazing thing-regardless the lyrics and some left-out parts- is that her voice really sounds divine at many places and it really better than in some live performances from 20 years ago!!!!! ( I Don’t want to post the links here). That’s my humble but very honest opinion. If someone is interested, he cann search some live songs from the past and make a comparison himself. So looking at all the things that have changed as a consequence of her illnes some people should relally pay more attention and listen more carefully to the quality of her voice, which is amazing..

Marie wouldn’t be Marie if she wouldn’t forget the lyrics, she always changes them, and i don’t know the rest of you but i love it!! it makes every single concert unique, as you never know what she is going to sing :)
She still has that thing that makes her different from the rest of singers, she still can make a whole venue clap their hands together with her or sing along the songs while she sings, shes amazing.
I hope that the whole band are feeling better now, its a shame that they start the tour with flu.....

I think you are right, Kiwein1. I also think last tour she did wasn’t a Roxette comeback. There must be much more pressure for her now. This is a massive event, people expect something from her. Plus, she had this sore throat that made things even worse. I think it’s all nerves. Let’s give her time to get used to it again. I’m sure she will! :)

for me this was a fantastic look for Marie from 2006.
The image is from roxmaniac italian forum!
ps. Marie is Fantastic always!!!

When you-re singing under the flu, the only thing that comes to your mind is the troubles of your throat and makes you lost all your concentration + doing some lyrics mistakes @ LTYH or WICF its understable They often played The look and IMHBL so Maybe the last time they performing those were during RS tour 7 years ago but from i-ve watched on youtube the things arent that bad , just the second night , but well there are lots of bad Roxette moments back in 92 or 95

Well, thinks are looking good: “Hooray! Everyone’s healthy again. Marie was out-of-this-world-good last nite and I’m feeling much better, thankyouverymuch.” (Per on twitter) :-D

so this should stop the over and over the same discussion here ;)

Thanks Sascha!
Marie Fredriksson Online
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@Roxerally: Heylo
Tattooed White Trash

Wow, people can really be rude...

Tried to read this with altavista babelfish.. a bit thick.


what are they saying??

I had a quick read and several people are criticising Marie’s performance, but they are referring to the show on 24 Oct. They didn’t know about her throat infection and someone has now posted a message in Dutch explaining that and referring to Per’s twitter messages.

Your discussion is useless.

The throat problems are over! I was at the NOTP yesterday (29-10-2009) and I think they were absolutely stunning!!!

I’ve seen Rox playing live in 1992 and 1994. So did not know what to expect, especially after all the criticism here. So was was quite sceptic.

But I must say that vocaly they were better than ever!!!
Marie sung like a godess! WICF was really well done, very powerful, voice in full control! Best live version I have ever heard. And the other songs absolutely blew the roof off! Wowsers! They rocked!!!

Favorite moment: Marie singing LTYH with 15000 people. It was magic! Goosebumps allover!

I knew that Marie would be back in great shape.
the great return for Roxette!
I wish you the best.

I’ve always knew, she has the same great voice...! Hope, that all those who doubt her will also finally realize that!!!!

one only needs to listen to

and be amazed :)

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

That can put to end the ’concerns’ over Marie’s voice, thank you very much!! :-)

marie performance is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who wanted her to retire..? ;-p Such a great performance! Rox rox! :-D

Wow, watching the new clips about yesterday’s performances I’m happy to see Marie has recovered from her throat infection. And according to a review she sang all lyrics correctly. Very nice and interesting arrangements in the music, and the chair solution is quite good I think. I will attend the Proms next wednesday. Looking forward to it! It’s good to live in Belgium haha!

who didn’t believe me that she is queen of stage again!!!!!

On the first show shw was even better
So just wait for tommorow videoclips and she will blow your minds!!!

I’m so proud of Marie. She was fantastic and so full of dignity. God!! I never thought Roxette performance would make me cry!!!
She so deserves our love and respect and even lyrics problems sort of make it even more powerful as we know the reason behind it and we love her even more. She will always sing her heart out and make us feel special.

I think she feels much better when she can sit! I actually don’t care what she’s doing while singing - sit, stand, dance, walk, take a bath, read the newspaper, drink beer - as long as she feels comfortable.


Well that bad week is over for BOTH Per and Marie.

Marie’s back in fine form belting out the vocals and they both look great.

By everyone’s admission, that first week was a shaky start, but here we are; all good :) Who was ever worried in the first place? ;-p

Agree with Kiwein, she looks a lot more comfortable sitting! And voice sounds fine, though I never thought it sounded that bad. Maybe it was worse live?

Roxette fans are always going to freak if Marie seems in less than 100% health. I know a lot of people were running around saying “Oh she’s FINE” but you know what? There was once a time when she wasn’t fine. So yeah, when we see things like forgotten lyrics, poor balance, shaking and her voice is off, it’s natural to worry that it’s something more serious. Back in 2001 when she had all those symptoms, we thought nothing of it. Nowadays, we worry.

Thankfully it turned out to be a minor illness and everything seems to be back on track. Enjoy the shows if you are going!

Quick question: in the first video of WICF I saw, P&M entered the stage on a raising platform but now it seems they are on stage already with only the spotlights coming on. Can anyone tell me the latest update and the “why” of this change? I liked the platform better, something more”magical...

(Maybe this has been mentioned before, but I skipped reading the whole yes-no-yes-no discussion above.... sorry)
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

Well, sometimes it really helps to read the last this case it would. ;-)

The WHY of this change is most probably Marie’s condition. At the first two shows they were standing on the platform and when they finally were on stage Marie had to find her way to the middle of the stage - which is obviously dark. On saturday you could tell that she had problems to see where she had to walk and furthermore it looked like she used all her concentration on her walk and therefore lost the first lines of WICF. From sunday on she sat - the lyrics were back, no walks to the middle of the stage again - performance much better. ;-) She still is on the raising platform as you can see on the latest videos - but she sits and doesn’t have to walk. You can tell that it she is much more comfortable with it.


@Kirsten - Thanks and yes - you are right: I should have done a bit more effort...

I noticed the remarks of the sitting - but did not realise that sitting and entering the stage could be combined...

_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

Marie is just FANTASTIC!

F*** all the others who call themselves queens!!! MARIE FREDRIKSSON is the only living queen (sent from God).

Her voice sounds young and fresh!!!! God bless her!!

I’m glad that they are both doing well. Now the only thing I want form them is a new album (but very different from Room Service).
btw I’ve read that according to someone Marie’s vocals for OW and R were recorded in 2001. Well, that’s very likely, since the demo of OW is from 2006 :-)

@Remco: there is an elevator within the stage. Cool thing.

@WICF - If you have followed Marie’s career and REALLY listened to her voice, you might have noticed that Marie sang totally different on “Reveal” and “One Wish”. It’s quite obvious that her voice sound “weaker” on these two songs. When you listen closely to “Breathe” and “A Thing About You” you hear her voice sound different there too. Her voice, and especially her vibrata, changed after the cancer.

I think Marie will sound GREAT on a new Roxette album - she had lots of rest and this NOTP will give her the warm-up she needs. Can’t wait.

I hope a new Roxette album might sound a bit more like “Opportunity Nox”, but I’m afraid it’s gonna sound like “Party Crasher”. Lol... And what happend to a nice POWER BALLAD. I hope Per knows it’s not a sin to make a nice, heavy power ballad - Roxette are famous for those. More guitars please, mr. G!!! Enough with those shitty ballads from Room Service!!

Maybe Marie’s voice has changed, but they haven’t recorded enough songs since she has recovered from her illness (OW, Reveal), and while recording OW and Reveal she maybe was out of practice comparing to now (?), so it’s hard to make a judgement how it really has changed.
Further; Live performances, that we can watch at the present, also sound different from studio version songs. But referring to the last vids from the NOTP, in my opinion she really sounds better than in those from the past.

Sounds really good. Good luck Marie and Per!

@CoyRoy: Somehow I don’t understand you... you think that I think Marie’s vocals for OW and R were recorded in 2001? Because I don’t

Of course they weren’t. And ATAY & Breathe were obviously recorded before Marie got ill. The releases were already on the way in September.

The Look, yesterday:

EDIT: it’s not from yesterday!

I think it IS, until proven wrong. Added the three vids to RXB.

New clip The Look, nice view of the stage. Don’t know the date.

My videos from October, 28 :)

Marie was so touching, vulnerable, still a little bit nervous but she was gorgeous. She will always be gorgeous for me. She and Per are now a part of my family. I just happy they exist. And once again I realized I miss them like crazy. I do miss Roxette in my life. Solo stuff... yeah it’s great! But nothing can be compared for me with Marie and Per together!!

True words. I’ve been a Roxette fan from the beginning and I see things a little different. Instead of ranting and moaning and being honest... Why not get Marie through it? If she loses her text, sing along even harder, help her out! I know we as fans can do it, during the Joyride days concerts in Holland were recorded and I know this for a fact. We sang along so hard, and even the venue had less people for the purpose of recording it, we ruined the recordings. They could not filter out us singing along to every song.
So why not do it again, Marie forgets the words we make her take a brake for a few seconds and let her piggy-back ride on us singing to get her back on track.. True fans know all songs by heart anyway.
Geez, this woman makes a comeback not just to Roxette but to life itself!
How can anyone, especially ’the fans’, expect her to perform at peak level again, when we know it’s nothing short of a miracle that she can even stand on that stage again!!! People have a heart, if we bum her out now Roxette maybe history before we know it.
So don’t moan and groan, help out when Marie gets a little lost again. If she hears us doing that it will mean the world to her, show her what kind of fans Roxette has. And if you can’t sing mimic the words...

(This is a reply on earlier comments)

@misty - No one has ever spoken more true words than you.

Let’s all support our girl up on the stage. I hear the last few nights she sang all the words right. Maybe it was the bad flue she had.

Sing along LOUD!!!!!!!!!!

True words!

Though - I always find it hard to sing the right words when she sings the wrong words. I get confused and eventually stop singing because I can’t concentrate. ;-)


gorgive me for being suspicious but it’s rather perplexing how she goes from stumbling badly through lyrics to suddenly being so amazingly coherent...i wonder exactly what her treatment regiment is.

so say we all

Flu mediscine can really mess with one’s mind. I’m sure it was her case. Makes you hard to concentrate - let alone the fact that it’s hard to stay awake. Shame. Poor girl!!!

Just glad she’s well again.

misty i cant say it better
good sproken

Have you ever had a really bad strep throat? I had it too many times and I can tell you that you can get real bad dizzy spells, drowsyness, incoherent speech, fatigue, you name it! (and her body already suffered a big blow)
If she was on the last leg of the treatment it’s not surprising that from one day to the next all the side effects are gone.
She’s obviously got her velvet cords back and must be feeling a whole lot better so the treatment worked.
All I want to do with strep throat is lay in bed all day drinking lots of fluids and try clearing my head from the meds.
She did what other singers do not, still perform! You shouldn’t judge her on that, it’s amazing what stamina this woman has.
She wants this so bad she even risks her voice to come on stage and party with us crazy lot. She could have easily damaged her cords singing like that... I have an amazng amount of respect for Marie, so what that it isn’t like it used to be, enjoy the moment it won’t last forever. Have fun.....

@ misty
I absolutely agree with your every word!!! I don’t understand “the fans ” either when they compare Marie with the one from 90th and discuss her voice and coordination... We could lose her forever!! But she is still with us and it’s more important than anything else. And she needs our support more than before.
And I don’t agree that she can’t sing as good as she did before. Now she just has another way of singing. Not so unequivocal, playful, sexy as before but full of wisdom, full of sorrow and joy at the same time. You should listen deeper with your heart and not ears.

Can we just draw a line under Marie’s bad throat now please. It’s been going on far too long. Nothing new is being added to the conversation now, just the same comments over and over again.

Thank you :-)

yes about the fact that they-re doing some playback in the latest shows././ check this

Ah ok, then it was playback on the 28th and 29th. Must have been because of MF’s bad cough..


you-re right it seems ,this is LIVE from 30/10

Excuse me.... 28.10 was live! I was there. And you could hear Marie sang wrong words at the beginning of Listen to your heart :) C’mon.... If she sings well it doesn’t mean it’s a playback....

I’m gonna see them nov. 22nd in Rotterdam. As if the venue isn’t nostalgic enough,saw Roxette there for the very first time...
Whatever comes or happens I’m gonna sing along as loud and proud as I can! I’m gonna enjoy myself 200% and soak up all the energy from both Per and Marie, they just glow so much happines it almost oozes out of them.... lol I’ve never seen Per smile so much since they hit the airwaves back in the 80’s. And even though Marie isn’t running all over the place she’s all smiles and you can see she is touched by the fact that Roxette still lives in the hearts of every fan. That alone makes it memorable to see them back again. It’s just a shame I have to wait untill all the rest of the artists have done their thing before it’s Roxette’s turn. Although I also love Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation, so i’t won’t be a complete punishment to wait for Roxette.
This Proms concert will be in the afternoon so I hope the energy of playing during midday will show. This will be something special for me ’cause I almost chose not to go, I have health issues aswell and an evening concert would have been grueling for me disabling me from work for at least 2 days.
It’s a blessing that there is an early concert. I can’t wait to see them again after so long, it’s truly something special.
(oh... I’m going all teary eyed now... haha)

Well, the last link was NOT playback. it seems. I just think Marie sings great now.

palyback? uhm hmm

so say we all

@Misty: the other artists are great too, believe me! (Sharon was very strong here in Antwerp) I just found the classical music pieces a bit boring.

As for me other artists were not great at all except John Miles and Roxette of course. It’s not because I was only waiting for Roxette. I do love different music. But for me other artists were nothing special and sometimes boring.

Hi everybody!!
i posted my own experience. it was my reaction in the second show in NOTP.
Wish i could fly.

My screams are dedicated to all of fans. I‘m from Argentina so specially to Argentinian fans!!!!

I just can say : Marie has an increible voice and she sing really good, she needs to us as we need her music...... enjoy the clip. I will return in Rotterdam Nov. 21.

I-m almost sure that the playback thing is 10/29 even the orquestra, but this is ROXETTE LIVE 04/11/09


In this ons- IMHBL-Marie was about to sing unncorrectly the first verse again, but then she caught the right one by listening to the fans :)
So for all those who will attend the shows-sing along with Marie and have fun together! :)

I would say it’s impossible to have an entire symphony orchestra doing playback in a concert hall.

no, but you can play a pre-recorded vocal track and have an entire symphony orchestra playing along to it.

having said that, I think the rumours about playback are ridiculous and I also agree the discussions about the singing should come to end (videos and reviews are proving that the shows are getting better and better...and better...and...)

I think misty’s comments about singing along are great - though a part of me is not too happy at the idea that you destroyed potential live recordings by singing louder and louder..LOL. but that’s just me being selfish ;-)

I just can’t get over how HOT Marie looks in that outfit.
Does anybody have an official photo of Marie wearing that outfit apart from the live pics??

I my opinion I think Marie sounds just PERFECT and her movements are improving!!
she looks much more relaxed.

I swear Marie would still fit in that Joyride - catsuit she wore in 1991/92. She still has the hottest body any girl would dream of!!

She makes me feel like a teenager again - Thank you MARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have Fun!!!

Sorry Frida, that was never the intention. We all just got carried away at the concerts back in the 90’s.
I don’t think it can be done at NOTP, not all attending are fans of Roxette and they don’t sing along like we did back in the day.
My voice is also a bit lower these days and my vocal range is more like Per’s (that darn thyroid’s the cause), so singing along in tune with Marie will be difficult to do anyway.... lol
But I’ll sing along no matter what...!

Hi everybody!
I attended the show on the 7th of nov., and must say I was positevely impressed by the show organization.
And what to say of Roxette...I almost cry of happiness when I saw them on stage.
Marie was fantastic (no playback at all, only if you were there and saw-listen to her fades and ups could be certainly true) Even my wife, who is not a fan, told me she was glad to see how a woman who had gone through all of what Marie had, could manage the way she did. She looked really happy (so looked Per) and I got the impression that there’s still a lot of Roxette in the future for all of us.


We should finally stop this playback discussion. We were talking about TWO days and now it looks like people are discussing they’re doing playback all the time. They’re NOT. It’s LIVE. It’s just about two days last week. No less but certainly no more, too.


Ooops! It was not my intention to return to the tiring topic of the playback once more. I think it’s clearly enough.
Just want to point out that LTYH (specially the end) was superb!!!

A question to the moderators (you seem to know quite a lot more than the rest of us): any news on how the new recordings are going? Or is still a top secret?


Just watched the full video of It Must Have Been Love (from 7 Nov) – it’s absolutely amazing! It’s the first version of the song I’ve heard in many years that has the correct lyrics throughout (even Per changed the first verse during the Party Crasher tour) with none of the choruses changed round or repeated. Marie sings this song as well as she has ever done – she looks natural and there is little or no hint of the difficult journey that has brought her to this point. Well done!

LOL - anymore doubts about Marie’s voice?

This video should end that discussion hehe - Marie ROX hard!

The video of “The Look” from the 6th is FANTASTIC! It’s (unfortunately) the only vid to turn up so far from that particular show. Here’s hoping for some more...

jag vill känna tro

I really enjoyed that! Marie was in top form that day. Almost reminds me of the mid 90s.

I would love to see/hear some official recordings. Any idea if/when something might be coming out?

The live album for/of NOTP Germany will be released on Nov 27. The new acts (for Germany) have been recorded at the rehearsals in Antwerp. No tracklist yet but expect two Roxette songs!

Today (14-11-2009) I saaw Roxetten in Arnhem, and it was a wonderfull show!!!

Roxette fan 4-ever!!!

I’m shocked: only 1 Roxette song (The look) on the NOTP CD for Germany!!! Why does Alan Parsons have more... and John Miles... Yes, I know I shouldn’t compare but I’m only human. Unfair:(

It’s TWO songs: The Look and LTYH.


OK, it’s my mistake... there are actually two songs - I suppose I did not scroll down to the end of the songlist. Why aren’t there CDs from Belgium and The Netherlands - just because of the smaller market? I would have loved to have a CD with Toots & Sharon den Adel!

Since 2008 there are no NotP-albums anymore for Belgium and the Netherlands, due to (very) low sales... because the albums were released 1-2 months after the shows... In Germany the album is available at the shows, so people can buy them when they are going home...


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