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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Tour rehearsal videos from The Proms

Written by tevensso on October 20, 2009 to and . Source:

Following his pattern from the last tours, Per is shooting video galore. And like last time he is putting it up on YouTube. Head over to and see new footage from the rehearsals for The Proms.


To be honest, I’m kinda disappointed when hearing IMHBL and WICF. The orchestra’s playing doesn’t really give a warm, smooth, fluent feeling and it’s quite difficult to relate the music/arrangements to the real songs. Very strange.

No way?!? A disappointed Roxette fan? Get out :-p

Relax Pascal, hear it in full, hear it with the band, then make a call. Those snippets tell us nothing.

Thanks to Per for providing us with a cool insight. The MAJORITY appreciate the effort :)

more video’s to come...

Yeah, I know :-) But IMHBL really sounds like a complete other song, strange. Anyway, I’m looking forward to attending the Proms, don’t get me wrong! :-)

Yeah... you could hear some of the rehersals on as well.... :))

It seems to me like Marie is going to get a lot of background singers... just in case her voice breaks or something like that. That was my first thought seeing this video. At least we are going to see them on stage again.

With regards to IMHBL and the background singers: don’t forget that this has been recorded with a handycam and its microphone. Things will be balanced out much better when amplified and mixed, I guess...
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En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

WOW! Hope they’ll release these orchestral versions someway...

Sounds exciting. I think the songs are going to sound stunning live. Like others have pointed out, I don’t think you can get an accurate feel for it until the whole thing is mixed together. During the IMHBL rehearsal for example....Marie’s vocal is kind of overshadowed by the backing singers. This wouldnt be the same live as her vocals would be louder in the mix. Its also quite hard to imagine how it will sound with the orchestra playing along with the full band and how they will balance each of them from behind the sound desk!

Check out the new videos with Marie + orchestra + band. Amazing! :D

About the background singer coaching: I think that Marie’s singing quite low/quiet on purpose, because it’s about training the others. The background is not meant to sing in sync with her, it’s a second voice like on the record. ;)

omg omg! *excited*
this is so great, can’t wait to experience this live!!!!
They should maybe think of an S&M like Metallica! One of my favourite albums. And Rox songs DO have the potential.

*thumbs up*
Marie Fredriksson Online
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When I read the title of the news article, I was amazed, astonished, out of words. When I read the comments, well... I still have no words LOL Welcome to The Daily Roxette :)

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

sounds even better with the band. Unfortunately I’ll be on holiday from friday for a week so probably wont be able to check out videos from the first night until I get back!! This is a nice taster though in the meantime. I’ll still have to wait a couple of months to see the whole thing though, as I wont be going until the last 2 german shows!

Auryte: of course, what did you expect? ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
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wow!!!!!! i like wish i could fly!

the night of the proms will’be on tv???

was that bono at the end of the look rehersal? Kinda disappointing i woulda swapped the look out for anyone. I am hoping marie is holding back vocall otherwise she doesn’t sound up to par. And I was wondering, has she developed photosensitivity, you see her alot more often wearing sunglasses

so say we all

Holy Moses!

I love how majestic the orchestral arrangements are! I didn’t expect them to sound so epic.

In regards to the usual comments/worries about Marie’s voice...

of the three clips where she is actually singing, LTYH sounds fine and The Look & IMHBL appeared to be a brief rehearsal for the Backing Singers to make sure that they had their parts down - I would say she was intentionally holding back (does anyone remember the clip of her and Per rehearsing Big L. on guitar from “Making of Joyride?” Same deal.

OMG, FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seeing the 4 videos... wasn’t the initial plan to play 5 songs, with Joyride being the 5th? Since we only got to see the other 4 songs, did I miss the news that Joyride has been dropped?
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En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

funny you mention it, when I saw the videos this Big L rehearsing came to my mind :) it brought a smile on my face because I love that documentary :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
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@Remco: yes, they will also play Joyride!

I think you hear the end of Joyride at the beginning of WICF (video #6 from yesterday) :D

Can’t wait to hear these versions!!!

WICF sounds great - and it’s not even in decent quality! I couldn’t quite make out IMHBL, but i’m sure it’s gonna sound great.
Expressen article about Roxette’s comeback...

@Paul: thank you for the link :)
I like the comment to Expressen’s article: Roxette to Ullevi 2010. Oh yeah, that’s my dream as well :)

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

Check out the Belgian TV report/interview: :D

The Belgian TV interview is amazing. Joyride and IMHBL sound awesome!!! So do the others too I guess ;) Sooo wish I could be there. Anyone konw what the live archive footage of The Look is from?

More videos added.

The videos added can pretty much put to rest the comments about Marie’s voice!! She’s sounding pretty good! :-)

Agreed! LTYH is fantastic!! The band sounds awesome, the visuals are great...

I am getting so excited watching these vids...I suppose if I robbed a bank and hoofed it over the ocean I could probably pick up a decent scalped ticket at the venue huh? ;-)

...and I made this above comment before seeing the videos for “The Look” :-o

Marie also looks like she is enjoying herself and her physical movements seem looser and relaxed!

I think tomorrow night is going to blow everyone away

It all sounds COLOSSAL to me...8yrs later we are getting what we’ve all prayed for....ROXETTE IS BACK!!!! To the people throwing their ’2 cents’ negative comments about Maries vocals...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Stop comparing and/or living in the past for pete’s sake...We almost lost one of our beloved singers and you’re complaining about Marie’s vocals? We’re fortunate to be able to either witness this special event in person or at least view this at some point in time... This is a moment to remember...All those years we’ve played Roxette cassettes, cd’s in our bedrooms, cars, basements, parties, introduced/ forced (LOL) them onto other people–like a line, hook and sinker–and they got hooked or sucked in in a positive way....C’mon...Enjoy this moment. Don’t worry about IMHBL not sounding like what you’ve heard over the years..and, if you can’t here it (IMHBL) in the short snippet on youtube then there’s something wrong...but not with the clip or music itself...maybe it’s because your mind isn’t open enough to realize. P.S. Some people are forgetting...and this is a comparison...when the crowd goes wild at a basketball game for the home team what usually happens?–Let me enlighten you. The home team sets on fire and builds momentum off the crowd...Doesn’t this positive energy also exist when bands play live in front of their fans? You wait and see and mark my words...Marie is going to SHINE along w/ Per and the band. This is truly her moment. xoxo


@SouthernBeatBox wow! :) great comment. Couldn’t have written it better (I’d have added some bad words to it I think ;)).

Some people started to think of banners or something to show them our support:

Your ideas are welcome! :)

Just go there and enjoy and scream and shout, specially for Marie. She deserves it
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

LOL...I wanted to throw in a few naughty words, but that’s not going to truly express how I feel or for that matter the REALITY to get a point across. This band means the world to me and what they’ve done for me as an individual...Maybe one day I can share this with you Judith–in private. I can take someones critiques and read a few bad reviews from critics on Roxette yet, this is different...this is different because the negatives are coming from ’fans’ who tend to forget that Marie and Per are still very much human like you and I. And to throw pathetic words about Marie after all she’s gone through?...C’mon...where are these peoples heads/minds or should I say, where are their manners? Cheers and Peace....



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