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Additional NOTP concert in Antwerp on November 11

Written by roxeteer on October 7, 2009 to and .

To meet the demand for tickets, there will be an additional Night of the Proms concert in Antwerp, Belgium on November 11. This brings the number of concerts in Antwerp up to 13. See the full list of Proms concerts.

It may also interest you that Night of the Proms is on Twitter: @nightoftheproms.


wow!!! will be shows in Aparecida de Goiânia? I’m so anxious... Which date? SBT will broadcast it? My video cassette is ON waiting for you, my european friends...

A lot of much many very Indians are waiting for you here in Brazil... They loved “Party crasher” too... they ate the cds...


Indians in brazil eating Party crasher CDs?! Anyone care to explain?

To be frank, I don’t get a single word of what he’s saying.

it translates about as well as the average TDR article :P

it makes as much sense as the politicians in england are making right now

hahahahaha! :-D


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