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Written by tevensso on September 23, 2009 to , and .

STOCKHOLM - Per has kindly delayed his trip to New York to meet with The Daily Roxette… Well, not really, it's actually his wife's stomach flu that keeps him from going, which is great (for us, not her!), since we can interview him instead! And this time around we've gotten the questions from the fans.

So Per, let's fire away: what can we expect from Roxette at the Proms? Did you find any new dimensions in the songs?
- First of all this is a great opportunity for Marie and myself to get back together again without trying to do a full-scale Roxette concert. At this point we'd like to take everything concerning Roxette step by step. Also, of course, it will be thrilling to perform some of our biggest songs (especially "Wish I Could Fly," "It Must Have Been Love" and "Listen to Your Heart") with a big orchestra & choir. Clarence's & Christoffer's arrangements are truly stunning. And the idea of having strings on "The Look" sounds very South Park to me. I love it.

Sounds nice. And how will you meet Marie's nowadays more limited mobility on stage?
- Well, like I said, we take everything step by step. Time will tell how much she wants to work the stage. I don't know yet. But I don't consider this to be a problem. Her voice and presence are still magical.

Any advice regarding fans' (un)realistic expectations?
- No. Enjoy the shows. We certainly will.

Is there a possibility to see all the Prom versions get released after the tour? - How about a full orchestral album, like Metallica's "S & M"?
- Hmpff… I'm sure there will be DVD:s released with our Prom-performances. Full orchestral album? Not on the agenda at the moment, no.

How will you spend your spare time on the road? Songwriting, business or simply relaxing?
- We're actually bringing a serious amount of equipment to Belgium & Holland to make some groundbreaking recordings in the hotel corridors… How about that?

Aha, I know that concept, the last time that happened the nice "Tourism" album surfaced! In that regard, what Roxette songs do you regret to not have released as a single?
- You know me; I'm born, raised and bred on 7"-singles. Every thing I create starts off as a "single" in my head. That's the way I am, that's how I work. But the decision what should/shouldn't become a radio-single or the lead teaser for an album is basically made by the various record companies. You have to trust that they know their own markets. At least, that's what you would expect in the olden days when we were having tea with the Queen.

And on the other hand, what Roxette singles should have never made it?
- Same answer there.

Continuing that thought, what's the reason for ignoring "Fireworks" in all the hits compilations, even the Rox Box?
- I guess it wasn't big enough. There are so many other Rox tracks that kick its ass. And on the RoxBox we decided to use demos and other uplifting stuff instead. If you desperately want "Fireworks," I recommend a purchase of the magnificent "Crash! Boom! Bang!" album. No serious collection is complete without it. I hear it's out soon…

What are the plans for Roxette after the Proms?
- We'll see what happens and check our pulses. But yes, we'd love to make some more recordings.

So you are longing for a new Roxette studio album after all those compilations and solo releases?
- Well, I'm a writer. I love to write songs. Then I love to record them. So yes, I always find myself halfway into a recording situation and it would be lovely to make some new splendid landmarks with the divine Ms. F.

What about those Roxette demos you mentioned on The ones not included on the re-masters.
- They're still in the vaults. They will be released eventually, I'm sure.

Speaking of releases, how about finally releasing some of Roxette's live material on DVD? Also, will there be some Roxette DVD remasters? The ones released are quite bad, quality-wise.
- Yea, I know. Most of the stuff that you're interested in is owned by jolly EMI and at the moment it's really hard to get any answers or directions out of them. They're in a complicated state of business. I guess big things will happen in due time. However, we try to be on the case as we'd love to have everything available just as much as you do. Trust me.

How about including some behind-the-scenes material? Åsa films a lot, right?
- We all shoot film all the time. We'll use the best parts down the road, like we've always done.

Is there still some dream you'd like to fullfill with Roxette?
- Yes, I'd love us to do another great album and a world tour. I won't promise it will happen though. But it certainly would be great fun.

How does it feel to work with Roxette again?
- Halleluja!!

On a totally different matter, have you seen Jonas Åkerlund's latest video: Rammstein's "Pussy," if so, how did you like it?
- I know Jonas very very well. I know how all this happened. And he did a great job as always. It's nothing I would've participated in but it's OK by me.

Will you ever work with Max Martin?
- I don't know. I don't know him. What should we do? And why?

Ha ha, OK, we'll find a reason. Before you used to make demos with drum machines and loops, but also with Micke Syd. How do you handle demo rhythm tracks these days?
- I only make acoustic demos these days. No arrangements, no intros, no solos, no double choruses. I leave all that to the real studio sessions. It's more fun like that. Much more creative. I love the input I'm getting from C&C.

Are you going back to the US with Roxette, or Plumber too for that matter?
- Hope so, yes. We're still trying to grab a decent record deal for these two up and coming youngsters, Marie & Per.

And finally, over to Gyllene Tider. Both you and Mighty Mike Syd have mentioned you are interested in a continuation…?
- I'm sure that will happen one of these years. It's a great little band.

With that our date with Per is over for this time. We thank him and leave him packing for The Big Apple. Meanwhile, enjoy a clip from the new DVD.


Nice interview! thanks a lot! sounds very promising regarding roxette! yeehaa!

Thanks Tev!! :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

An interesting read... (and kudos Thomas for pulling it all together so nicely).

Great Interview!!!

great!!!!!!! thank’s Tev, and thank’s Per.
Roxette come back soon, this is fantastic!

Wow, you used virtually all of my question catalogue!!! I’m over the moon, thanks very much! :-D

And the answers sound really promising this time! I’m happy. :-)

And... best wishes to Åsa!

Grrreeat interview!! Thanks a lot!!!!

And all the best to Åsa!!!

Really positive interview! Hope it will shut up some of those worried about Marie not being fit enough to sing 5 songs on stage! The very fact that Per mentions a Roxette world tour suggests that Marie must feel a whole lot better than a lot of us realise....and yes I know that he said it may not happen, but the mere fact that he thinks it is possible says a lot! Despite him not committing to it, I am pretty sure we will at least be getting an album at some point over the next 6-18 months!

Now all we need is a Marie interview, to see how she is feeling regarding NOTP, a new album, solo projects, etc! I know that’s probably a lot more difficult to organise, but it would be nice!

Neil - Ive already asked about a Marie interview. :-)

The worried fans made me dare to ask about Marie’s limited mobility and fans’ (un)realistic expectations. Hope it got clear now! :-)

Ahhh, all those record/future/dream answers are so nice! :-D

Yeah I just noticed on twitter after i had written this post. It certainly would be good, though I would understand if she didn’t feel like it as she is psyching herself up for the tour!

Thanx for the Interview and for including my question :) It sounds so promising and reading it made me really happy!

ncurran: Now all we need is a Marie interview, to see how she is feeling regarding NOTP, a new album, solo projects, etc! I know that’s probably a lot more difficult to organise, but it would be nice!

Would be really great!

“jolly EMI”? Jajaja

Nice to hear this....

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

Great to hear that Gyllene Tider will do something in the future. I hope it will sound like 1996 again!!! And I hope for a tour!!!

Great interview. Open, full of positive thoughts and Per’s funny answers. Thanks Tev !


How will you spend your spare time on the road? Songwriting, business or simply relaxing?
- We’re actually bringing a serious amount of equipment to Belgium & Holland to make some groundbreaking recordings in the hotel corridors… How about that?

Is it me or is this the most exciting answer from Per for a while? Do I sense another Tourism in the works here.... That would be fantastic!! Love Tourism

It’s a pity that Per makes only acoustic demos these days, because they’re not so interesting as “advanced” demos... on the other hand, One Wish demo is far better than the studio version.
Great interview, I really hope they record a new album!!!

Great interview! Thanks Tevensso & Per.

Seems like P&M are very excited about the NOTP and you just have to love Per’s answers.

Nice to see that Per is doing something about the live dvd’s that we’ve been asking about for so long.

Looks to be a nice time to be a Rox Fan over the next year or so!!

Wow, this is making me excited. I love the response about bringing along recording equipment. I would love nothing more than a new ’Tourism’-style album. Acoustic Rox all the way!

The timing of this is great. I’ve just been spending a week converting my entire record collection to MP3, and finally combining all the Roxette demos, remixes etc. I have on my hard disk into proper virtual albums. It’s really made me get back into the Roxette mood. And now I’ll be seeing them live in concert in a few months and might even get to hear a new record! What more is there to wish for?

“Is it me or is this the most exciting answer from Per for a while? Do I sense another Tourism in the works here.... That would be fantastic!! Love Tourism”

Yeah, yeah, yeah! :-D

We should all get dressed for success, because Roxette will rock soon again like fireworks in the sky.

THANKS for this interview. I realy liked you have asked the questions about fireworks and live roxette DVD (although I am not realy convinced with the answers).

It´s great to hear news about Roxette!.

Nice job Tev! Not bad for a stormtrooper! You asked all the exact questions I would’ve asked!

How I adore reading interviews with Per! Thanks Mr. Gessle for sharing your thoughts with us.

Stormtroopers are only bad at shooting. ;)

Great interveiw! I love Per’s enthusiasm to continue writing & recording songs for his “different branches of the same tree”.

Still waiting for my Proms-tickets, but see you on stage with the orchestra!!!!

Great interview! Thanx MrG and ofcourse to our Earthbound Stormtrooper ;o)

Great interview! Thanks to all involved, def excited about all the upcoming stuff spesh NOTP. And those strings...omg the look with strings, can’t wait to see/hear what happens there as well as the others with a real orchestra!! Just hope there’s some kind of DVD release seeing as I wont be able to attend in person :(

Another tourism is always welcome. :)

Per appears genuinely excited at the prospect of working with Marie again.

You can almost hear a sigh of relief coming from the page.

Cracking interview.

Haha, you actually asked him about the Rammstein video, I’ll think of a slightly more Rox related Q next time !

thanks so much Tev... fantastic interview.

Great interview!! Per sure is comfortable talking to Thomas.

But you can tell he’s only answering your questions. To me pasts interviews felt more like a chat that goes building along and not just pure Q’s and A’s.

But hey! We were the one that wanted to ask the questions for once so no complaints at all just feel different.

Per never been that straight forward before it’s nice. But his sense of humor and to just give a hint at things it’s amazing so smooth still.

Thanx everyone involved for this to happen once again Great Job!
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Thank you, well, past interviews have been talks, more than q & a:s, that’s why. Surely we’ll get a “real” talk with Per before long.

I agree about the real buzz of positivity that runs through this interview! Good to see some FAQ getting answered ! Good interview! =)

Edit: BTW, hope Mrs Gessle is feeling better... there have been some horrible germs going around during this change of season! =S

Finally! My neverending puzzle over Fireworks is finally at least partly cleared up, well sort of. At least he didn’t deny it’s existence :)

I still think there are singles that Roxette released that were smaller hits internationally than Fireworks though. I just don’t think he likes it personally, though I like the reference to te new release, almost like product placement in an interview :)


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