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EMI confirms Roxette’s Prom tour dates

Written by roxeteer on September 17, 2009 to and .

(Updated) - As you know, Roxette is taking part in the Nokia Night of the Proms 2009 tour along with many other top artists. EMI Germany has released the full list of the NOTP concerts where Roxette will perform:


  • October 23, 2009: Antwerp, Sportpaleis
  • October 24, 2009: Antwerp, Sportpaleis
  • October 25, 2009: Antwerp, Sportpaleis
  • October 28, 2009: Antwerp, Sportpaleis
  • October 29, 2009: Antwerp, Sportpaleis
  • October 30, 2009: Antwerp, Sportpaleis
  • October 31, 2009: Antwerp, Sportpaleis
  • November 4, 2009: Antwerp, Sportpaleis
  • November 6, 2009: Antwerp, Sportpaleis
  • November 7, 2009: Antwerp, Sportpaleis
  • November 10, 2009: Antwerp, Sportpaleis
  • November 11, 2009: Antwerp, Sportpaleis

The Netherlands:

  • November 13, 2009: Arnhem, Gelredome
  • November 14, 2009: Arnhem, Gelredome
  • November 18, 2009: Rotterdam, Ahoy
  • November 19, 2009: Rotterdam, Ahoy
  • November 20, 2009: Rotterdam, Ahoy
  • November 21, 2009: Rotterdam, Ahoy
  • November 22, 2009: Rotterdam, Ahoy 


  • November 27, 2009: Hamburg, Color Line Arena
  • November 28, 2009: Hamburg, Color Line Arena
  • November 29, 2009: Berlin, O2 World
  • December 1, 2009: Oberhausen, Arena
  • December 2, 2009: Mannheim, SAP Arena
  • December 3, 2009: Stuttgart, Schleyerhalle
  • December 4, 2009: Frankfurt, Festhalle
  • December 5, 2009: Frankfurt, Festhalle
  • December 6, 2009: Frankfurt, Festhalle
  • December 8, 2009: Erfurt, Messehalle
  • December 10, 2009: Munich, Olympiahalle
  • December 11, 2009: Munich, Olympiahalle
  • December 12, 2009: Munich, Olympiahalle
  • December 13, 2009: Munich, Olympiahalle
  • December 15, 2009: Bremen, AWD Dome
  • December 16, 2009: Hannover, TUI Arena
  • December 17, 2009: Hannover, TUI Arena
  • December 18, 2009: Cologne, Lanxessarena
  • December 19, 2009: Cologne, Lanxessarena
  • December 20, 2009: Dortmund, Westfalenhalle


Check also these videos posted to YouTube:


i’m sorry but I realy don’t believe marie is ready to handly that heavy a concert roster, she looked lost at their last live performance and per handled most of the lead vocals...i have a bad feeling about this

so say we all

I hope for Roxette’s sake you’re wrong. I really don’t think that Marie would agree to do something like this if she didn’t think she’d be able to cope with it.

Keep the faith! :-)

Looks grueling! I too hope Marie is up to it.

yeah to the O2 on 29 Nov!!!! Flights book, apartment booked, shiny tiara...yet to be booked :o(

Marie is a strong woman, and before going on stage again, she waited a long time, probably now feels ready to do this tour .... and will be a success!

38 gigs?! Thats a lot. And most of them every night.

I trust Marie feels well enough to do this, otherwise they would never have done it.

that’s nothing new, as we all know since May.

Rox will play 5 songs, maybe not even consecutively, I’m positive she will handle it.

ooooo Bet it will sound great :-D, Shame there not gonna do CBB or Anyone with the orchestra. But look forward to hearing WICF. She will total handle it. Most are ballads so im sure she wont be jumping around and running. Hope they will be some great vid footage. : D x

- First I thought it was April 1st
- Then I realised that these were just the NOTP dates
- Then my heart started beating again...

I share your worries if Marie is up to it, but on the other hand I trust they are old and wise enough not to give in to any pressure to perform again. For sure they have thought long about this, and made a sensible decision. Looking forward to November 20.
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

Rather tight schedule, but it’s only 30 – 40 min. on stage and often a couple of dates in the same city. So they have time to relax. This is not a Michael Jackson “Sign 10, do 50” deal”. Marie knows what’s she’s up to – and she’s looking forward!

Even less than that....Probably only 20-25 mins on stage in total. Also not really as much travelling as a conventional roxette european tour, as there are a lot of cities where they spend several nights in the same place, and even when they do travel it is only between a few countries. I’m sure it may be a little tiring for marie at times, as she is kind of out of practice but I think this is the ideal platform for her to perform around europe again as she doesnt have to perform for a long time, travelling is minimal and probably also there is less pressure being one of many acts (albeit as the headliner) rather than being the only performer of the night

hm? but we knew about these concerts for a long time? Why does EMI confirm it now?? :S
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

EMI efficiency has always been top-notch :p

This looks frightening. To be honest, I share coyboys doubts. In spite of what has been written about Marie’s last performances I think she did not make the impression to feel at home at stage - far from it. I wonder why they did not embark on something rather smaller than that.

I hope she is able to handle it.

Yes, many shows. But Roxette won´t sing 30 songs. I hope Marie will look a bit happier than in July!

Sportsfan: Yes. Look at her face when she starts singing: I miss her smile!

Not really a fair comparison. I wouldnt be surprised if she didnt particularly enjoy New wave, but she was basically miming on a TV show....a world away from singing live in concert. She certainly seemed to love being back on stage on Pers tour. It is Marie who wanted to do NOTP, she’s not being pushed into it. She will be absolutely fine!

I don’t really like those negative prophecies about the upcoming tour, cause sometimes those prophecies are self-fullfilling, when they are repeated often enough!

Maybe all of us should notice that people change while time passes by. And people change much more when they have to go through traumatic episodes in their lifes. I do not know what happened to Marie during her illness, but I think that she might have changed not only mental but also physically.

So maybe we should not compare her to the “old” Marie, we should try to “reset” our ideas about how a Roxette-Performance should look like and just see what will happen. I’m sure that Roxette are very well prepared, but I believe that those shows might be different from those in the past.

However, as the “audience” we should support her as an artist and not share and amplify our negative prospects in those discussions. Let’s just see what happens and write our reviews after the show, not before!

Download our songs:

First of all, I’d like to point out that Marie has been losing her voice progressively since the middle 90’s. Nothing to do with traumatic episodes or her illness. I ignore the exact reasons, but it might have been due to age, stress, no training and so on. In other words, it’s a natural process that many other international artists have been through. It’s not being negative, but just being realistic. We have to face reality sooner or later, and get used to it.

The illness has affected her movements, but her voice issues started years earlier. Just take a listen to the Spanish versions of “It Must Have Been Love” or “Spending My Time” (recorded in 1996) and you’ll realise she’s not able to reach the same high notes as she did before. The same happened in 2001 during the RS tour, if compared with the previous CBB or even the Joyride tour. So, don’t expect these NOTP shows will be like Norrköping ’88 or something like that. I’m am sure they have prepared new arrangements that suit her voice better.

This is AWESOME! To be able to read this is basically a miracle. Woohoo! Go Roxette Go! xoxoxo

When I attended Marie’s performance at the Stjarnklart show, and then saw her coming up on stage together with Per in Stockholm and Jurmala this year, I had a real magic feeling I had had back in 1995 & 2001 during Roxette’s live gigs in Moscow and St. Petersburg. I’m glad that Marie decided to go back to her music creative life! And I’m looking forward to meeting Marie and Per in Antwerp. :-)

]i also worry that it is too much for marie.
But she probably know what she is doing..
I don’t think she would do this if she wasn’t up to it.
But on the other hand, she always said that she would take things easy, well i don’t think that so many concerts, is the meaning of taking it easy.
Let’s just hope for the best anyway.

She knows what she is doing, so I wouldn’t worry, she’ll make it :)
Can’t wait to listen to her great voice live again. It was great in Stockholm.. *goosebumps* :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

@Ivanych: I fully agree. ;-)

To all of you who worry about Marie, especially after watching the Jurmala thing: It’s obvious that she doesn’t like doing these tv shows. When she came on stage in Amsterdam and Stockholm, it felt different. She at least seemed to be relaxed, happy and strong. In Jumala she really looks a bit nervous. I guess we will see a different Marie during the NOTP. She wouldn’t have said YES to it if she hadn’t felt ready for it. Can’t we just be glad that she’s back?


@Judith: It may be wrong to say that EMI would’ve “confirmed” them now, but since they released the German dates as a news article a couple of days ago and the NOTP website is so difficult to browse, I thought it would be appropriate to combine all the dates as one list.

Lennon, of course a concert with Marie will look different nowadays. It’s very much obvious which is why I wonder ehy they do these TV performances in the first place. It does not make any sense to me as it seems to be a very stressful experience for Marie - apart from the very trivial fact that it is ’easy’ money (well, not so easy for Marie, to be sure!).

I very much hope that ’real’ live performances suit Marie better and that she is able to enjoy her live performances. I also hope that they made proper preparations and took into account what Marie can do and what she cannot do any more.

Sorry for being so outspoken.

The problem is, that people cannot stop concentrating on the bad things all the time, searching for mistakes, inadequacies and playing them up!
They follow every movement of Marie, instead of just watching and enjoying their performance! These things maybe wouldn’t have been even noticed...How could ANYBODY feel comfortable, knowing that the whole world is analysing your every smallest movement and-the worst-expecting a mistake-!!!! This is a big challenge for every artist, no matter if the criticism is justified or not...but I’m sure that Marie and Per can make it very good, concentrating only on the positive thoughts and nothing else!

Anna, I suppose I did not put it as clearly as I should. I am NOT concentrating on any inadequalities, and I am certainly NOT complaining about anything. I am just worrying.

Don’t forget that Per reads TDR and some of these comments may get back to Marie. Imagine how she is feeling with people doubting her and saying that she isn’t as good as previously.

Someone mentioned that Marie’s voice on the Room Service tour wasn’t as strong as previous tours. That may be, but I think Hotblooded (esp. the ending), Crush On You and a few others all sounded amazing. Hotblooded was a 10 year old song at the time, but you wouldn’t have thought it listening to Marie. She was amazing!

Come on guys, lay off a little bit. 2 years ago no one thought that Roxette would ever do anything again. Here we are in 2009, they will be doing close to 40 shows in a months time. It’s amazing! I just wish I could afford to go!!

Roxette is back, for how long - who knows? But, for the time being, enjoy it!


Well said mate! Post of the year!

I am not one of those who complain about the technical performance. Okay, Marie’s voice has changed, but that is a rather trivial point, isn’t it? Certainly for me, it has not declined in quality. Actually, I like her voice of since 1996 much more than in earlier times.

Idea >>>> we just wait and see :)

Im willing to put money on the following:

The Best of NOTP 2009 dvd will be the best selling one they’ve ever had! (And probably for years to come)

@carbon_boy Only if Roxette feature in it! :-)

In regards to Marie, definitely, there’s no need to worry. Yes, it’s natural because she means so much to so many and were just being ’human’.. Were acting like the overly protective parents yet, we all know deep down, she’ll be fine. At least, they are only performing 3-5 songs per night. It’s not like this is a full-blown concert going on for 2hrs. And, she doesn’t have to move around the stage like she once did. She’ll be fine. She’s a pro for gods sake! Let’s not dampen this great moment. We have all been waiting years for this and so has she. There gonna SHINE no doubt. ’If’ Marie does read some of these comments, she’s going to appreciate the heart felt thoughts/concerns.

Roxette are back this is the best thing!! Marie and Per are and will always be on stage at the top, with their changes taking place for all artists .. Roxette your comeback, however, happen, it is the best gift that you could do to us fans around the world. thanks! from Italy

yeahhhh!!!!!!! roxette are back on stage again, and soon make a new song, this is fantastic!!!!! thank’s Per and Marie, we love you.
.....and for me the new album, contains 5 or 6 new songs, and track’s live from NOTP2009 and room service tour 2001...
i’m so happy!!!!!!!

What a surprise!!!
No shows in Brazil?
I will request to our president to send Brazil to Europe... We need to feel “human”.


Another Joyride/Must Have Been Love/Listen to your heart tour! Come on! that’s not serious, no body gives a damn about this show.

What about the new album or EP? Roxette are supposed to be working on it now. What’s going on tevensso?

I agree with pwbbounce.

I am quite sure this is the last chance to see Roxette live on something like a “tour”.


@venom - You forgot Wish I Could Fly....

I hope there will be a least a few more chances...
but if not, no matter what happens, they will remain in my heart.

@venomthefat: But this time it will be with symphonic orchestra. I’m curious about this mixture, especially about Wish I Could Fly. But yes, some news from the studio would be great (studio pics included). And some plans for the future release, if there are any.

always the same.. and from the same ******.. er I mean people. My suggestion: put the ignore mode on.
The rest I keep to myself and my tweetfriends, since it would be banned here ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Marie has been my idol since 1993 and I have believe in her 100% since day 1.
She has NEVER disappointed me (or anyone else for that matter). She is strong - this is nothing to her. She has been on stage a lot lately and she is ready for this.
She will surprise each and every one of you who are doubting her.

Have faith - Marie has!!

hi to abysmol? i asked per on twitter afew days ago about how recordings going etc, all he confirmed at that point was he is still writing some new songs with marie, recording some demo’s and getting ready for NOTP... there is no other news til when he says i suppose, i did also ask about hearing some demo’s and he said at the moment they are not ready for our ears but he promises soon.

thats all for time been colby xx

when i met marie in 2006 (for the first and last time so far) she told me “man måste vänta på tiden”. something i think about in different situations of my life. I think she knows “att det är dags”, it’s her time for stage again. I hope she will feel comfortable and really hope she will cancel a show or even the whole tour if she does not!!! Marie has given so much to me (and many others) so we should give something to her...something from our heart that show how deep we thank her my case for all the things that make me strong and sensitive, something to help to handle life. I know it sounds strange, but without Marie I would not write this tonight. She’s a magic person and I am glad that I’ll have a chance to fell her magic again.

***Have tears in my eyes writing these words...****

carbon_boy said: “The Best of NOTP 2009 dvd...”

I didn’t know they released a DVD? Definitely have to pick that up.

Can’t wait to hear the songs in their NOTP versions, should sound spectacular.

Instead of constant doubting, I really think that both Marie and Per need our support. That’s why we should give them all our positive hopes and feelings towards these performances. ;-)

We ALL wanted Marie back - now we got her back. And we should support her (and Per) each step of the way and see the marvellous girl she is.

PS: I hope there will be a cd/dvd release of this NOTP tour.....

As far as I know there won’t be a DVD this year... but I’ve heard rumours about TV-broadcast. That is what we should talk about :)

To everyone making negative comments regarding Marie I have nothing to say that is polite enough to go on here.

She nearly died for heavens sake and you should be thankful that she is here at all and able to sing still. Yes here voice isnt as powerful as it was when she was younger, thats a natural process that happens to everyone - But her voice is still powerful, more powerful than alot of other younger vocalists out there.

I am confident that Roxette will be “Roxette” at Night Of The Proms. Just with a twist.

Wish I could go! Enjoy anyone that is going :)

well said pwbbounce and davidc4 - those who are having a go at marie should either keep their opinions to themselves or get a reality check.

it seems to me that some idiots are never satisfied - they scream that they want marie to come back to roxette (for their own selfish needs) and when marie decides that she is ready, they criticise her for taking on too much and telling her that she will not cope with the workload. i‘m sure marie (and per) would not have agreed to the concerts if marie didn‘t feel confident enough in her health. i personally think it‘s an incredibly brave thing for her to do and she deserves our thoughts, prayers and understanding - not the criticism from idiots who should learn to keep their traps shut.

don‘t forget that roxette were due to take part in this type of tour when marie was taken ill - so it‘s bound to be quite emotional for all concerned.

well done marie and i hope it all goes well and you feel the love and support that is coming to you from your true fans.

amen frankie

here is hoping that those of you who are able to go to the shows will remember to charge your cel phones ;-) I’d love to go but unfortunately cannot afford the trip from canada

I think the ballads will be gorgeous with an orchestra and am also very curious to see how “joyride” and “the look” will turn out

I remember a review in a newspaper from way back in 92 during the joyride tour here. the writer said that Marie didn’t so much sing the songs as “emote them.” I couldn’t agree more - the level of emotion that comes through when she is performing is incredible regardless of how her voice is. This is why I have always loved her. Seeing her now (since recovering from her illness) she is even more inspiring. I get quite misty whenever I watch any videos of her singing since returning to the stage and am certain the upcoming shows will be no exception.

and why is nobody talking about what they’re gonna wear? ;-)

peace xo

BTW how big are these venues?

frankie: thumbs up

I think I got it: envy! Since they can’t join the shows, let’s talk crap about them. It’s not about saying yes to everything they do, but I can’t understand how someone who never has positive words about a band can still hang around this website, unless his only aim is to bug and start discussions like this here. Therefore my advice: IGNORE ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

These two people have given us (fans) so much joy ;) through all the years providing us with such extraordinary, excellent, brilliant music...although they had a break of 8 years in their activity, nevertheless they have recorded a great amount of songs, which we go back to, even after so many years and still enjoy them..!
They both; Marie and Per are professional misicians and they know what they do...better than anyone here... :)
I’m looking forward to everything that’s coming up; live performances or new songs, albums, etc... I’m sure they will exceed all the expectations of all those who doubt!
...And I also send my warmest support and energy to them to strenghten their success :)

I am not being negative at all. I think it is wonderful that Marie is back, but we’ve been waiting for so long for them, why do this stupid show? it is really exhausting, and it does not serve the fans right. We don’t want to hear Joyride again... Why sing these american no. 1 hits each time? there are so many european hits that can be performed... Geee.... thanks for including “Wish I could fly”.... that’s really satisfying!

I know whats going to happen, Marie will be exhausted from this tour, and it really is justified, look at the insane schedule... and then we wont hear from them for 10 years, until the next compilation and “Join the Joyride Anniversary”.....

What I am trying to say is.... Roxette should devote their time to the fans, not to some stupid show no body gives a damn about...

And it seems there isn’t any new EP.... tevensso ignores us because he does not know anything....

Judith, just in case you were referring to me: I am NOT complaining, I am just concerned. And to put the record straight: I am full of admiration how Marie has managed to put up with all the gigantic problems she was confronted with over the last couple of years, and I will not accept that *anyone* makes any insinuation whatsoever that I may feel different. This is a point I feel very strongly about. And true, I will not be able to join NNP - but I really and genuinely hope that those of you have the chance to go there will be able to enjoy great concerts and that Marie and Per will also be able to enjoy the tour.

So PLEASE - do not assume that someone is envy or cannot appreciate what Marie and Per are doing only because he may occasionally be of a different opinion. Thank you very much.

They had to cancel the NOTP show 7 years ago, so they want to use the same occasion for their comeback, there’s nothing stupid about it! on the contrary!
And if you mean, that nobody is interesting in the shows; notice that your are only speaking for yourself, so it’s not true at all!!
Concerning new music: why don’t you give them the time they need and are patient if you want a good album? Don’t make pressure, you know they are working on it anyway!

Marie is a grown woman, and I am sure that if she wasnt 100% sure she’d manage the schedule, she wouldnt have agreed to do it, or rather she wouldnt have SUGGESTED they do it, as it seems it was her idea. Marie’s priorities changed as soon as her daughter was born and she would always put her family life before her career, even more so after her cancer diagnosis, so I think we can be sure that she does feel fit and healthy and able to go on this tour. She is declared cancer free, she is perfectly healthy. Of course her body is not capable of the things it once was, but when you have a chunk of your brain sliced out, thats pretty doesnt mean that you can’t sing a few songs on stage and travel around a few countries over a couple of months. I really dont think the schedule is very gruelling....yes there are a lot of shows, but there are not that many cities and she will have a lot of time to relax between the 20-30 mins on stage every night.

One may like the NOTP concept or not, but the musical standards are very high for certain. I joined a concert in 2002. The venues hold 10.000 to 20.000 visitors, roughly 600.000 people are expected to visit the tour. Since Roxette will play 5 songs and most likely return to perform the last song of the show together will all artists, I expect them to be on stage 30 or 40 minutes.

A perfect fit for Marie’s return to the big stage! Get ready to celebrate!

venomthefat said: .And it seems there isn’t any new EP.... tevensso ignores us because he does not know anything....

Just because there isn’t information being given everyday doesn’t mean there is nothing going.

Tevensso doesn’t have any obligation to give any information which he may or may not know. If there is something to know then PG has his twitter page and the official websites.

As others have said, Per & Marie would not have signed on if they were not happy with the arrangements and schedule.

Can someone confirm that NOTP will be televised?

” I couldn’t agree more - the level of emotion that comes through when she is performing is incredible regardless of how her voice is.”

This is so true what fridapeeples wrote!
Many singers’ voice change with time, what’s wrong with that? Her voice is not worse at all.
Her voice became deeper after her daughter was born, she said it in an interview in ’93, and she did the CBB tour after that! I think her voice was worse on that tour than on the RS tour or nowadays! And as someone has written, just listen to Hotblooded from 2001. She sang it better than on the Joyride album.
To all the discontetns: if you don’t like her present voice, don’t listen to it, and keep your negative opinions to yourselves. Marie is still one of the best singers in the world! We all should be happy that she is back and we can hear her sing live again!

Btw I wouldn’t be surprised, if she said : ok if you think my voice is not good enough to you I won’t sing to you anymore...

Marie is a phantastic and brillant singer, there is absolutely no question about that. I for one did certainly not question that she is a great musician and singer. And I certainly like her voice of 1994+ better than her voice of, say, 1987-1990.

To my mind, Marie and Per are great to see on the big stage again and especially on the tour to come. It was my five years’ dream to watch them on Russian TV apart from all russian stars. And it came true! Marie and Per were so great to see! Despite everything that has changed! I am so glad for them!
It’s important that Roxette are on stage again and nothing else might matter.
Go on, Marie and Per!

Sadly (for me) I can’t go :( :( :(

But I hope anyone who does go has an amazing time!

I was happy for the people who got to see Marie in Amsterdam and was able to share in the excitement via Youtube. The same will do for Night Of The Proms

Marie & Per AKA Roxette will give the best live performances for years I reckon.

Judith mentioned people putting Marie down as being envious of the people who can and are going. I have to agree that it is probably the case for most of them.

Personally I don’t suffer from envy or jealousy and i’m happy enough that Roxette are back and pleased for the fans that will get to see it.

I saw Per in London. That’s good enough for me now. Can’t have too many dreams fulfiiled in the same year - Otherwise there would be nothing left for me to do. ;)


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