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SingStar gets another Roxette song pack

Written by tevensso on August 23, 2009 to , and .

(Updated) - Sony's incredibly popular singing game SingStar for PS3 got a Roxette Ballads song pack June 11. Now The Daily Roxette has received news that another song pack will be released in the near future - Roxette Rocks. Rocks will include the following tracks:

    * Joyride
    * The Look
    * Dressed For Success
    * Sleeping In My Car
    * Wish I Could Fly

Sony has announced that the new song pack is already available.

Update: The song pack is now available and The Daily Roxette can tell you that "The Look" is the '95 version.


Cool, uptempo SingStar rox! But WICF in this pack?

Wish I could fly? Rock? Ok, it’s a wonderful song, anyway...

WICF was already available on PS2 so I guess they just stuck it in there.

They should have included DANGEROUS instead of WICF in this pack.

No Rocks available yesterday at least.

well i looked for it yesturday and the ballads 1 was there but not the rox edition

Got the pack, the na na na na na part is impossible to sing. :)

Have I missed something through the years? What is the 95 Version? Got all the records...what is different to Look-Sharp-87

In 1995 Roxette released a single called “The Look ’95,” it’s remixed (several times) and quite nice. The single was only released in the UK, while one version of the song was on the b-side of “She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” released in Sweden.

it said on the singstar site the reason they released the rocks pack was that the ballads 1 moved so many units, it was right up the singstar charts so if we all buy it, they will release even more. like say, dangerous, how do you do!, the big L, Church of ur heart, fingertips 93. oh and they should release a GT singstar game in sweden that would sell, or even a gessle 1 with say 15 solo, 15 GT, and his rox singles he sings lead on, i dunno i have seen a svenska singstar game kickin rould and there is an abba 1, we will see

The Look ’95 is great modern version. I really love the song ending.

Playstation3 is now cheaper, who knows who knows what xmas will bring :D
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Hi all
Wish I could fly? Rock? Ok, it’s a wonderful 70-686 song, anyway.


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