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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Sirius adds YouTube videos

Written by tevensso on June 11, 2009 to , and . Source: Sirius XM.

NEW YORK - Sirius XM has put up two videos with Per Gessle being interviewed on Nordic Rox on YouTube. One where he talks about the Roxette reunion and one where he talks about the concert with Marie Fredriksson in Amsterdam.

And on June 13 the Roxette special with Per's gig in London and the performance of Marie Fredriksson in Stockholm will be rebroadcast at 9 PM ET.

For Dish Network subscribers in the US:  If your package is of 200 channels or more, chances you will find Sirius stations.  Spectrum - located on channel 6018 will turn into Nordic Rox on Sundays at 8pm EST and Wednesdays at 11pm EST although the station may not show up on the channel guide.

Jackie contributed to this article.


5 songs at each show might be a good warm-up for a Roxette headliner show! Let´s hope, that will make them hungry for more!

hope im not being selfish but ever since pers tour and the fantastic news of the reunion i am just praying for a new album and a tour by ROXETTE the greatest band ever any one got any ideas for a london venue ?

i’m gonna get yelled at for this but I wonder..what’s left to prove? They’ve had a longer careeer run than abba or ace of base, have been more successful in the states barring reissues of their work, so is there a necessity at their age to keep pushing. We almost lost marie once, she has a husband and children that even at this point I am sure would rather have her home than trysting across the globe to the scruitinized by story hungry press. Yes I want new material, so give us a new unplugged, or bundly new tracks with the remastered albums, I just think at this point I’d rather remember them at their pinnacle during room service than 8 yrs later making tracks that might get ridiculed like one wish which overall fans hated.

so say we all

There are people who became fans again after that they heard One wish!!!

I love that song too. Different from their big hits from the ’80s, ’90s but better than any other song from the year 200x. A happy pop song, not more and not less. And I love its lyrics, too after that my One wish came true on 10 May. ;-)

And they don’t wanna prove anything, they just enjoy life what for them means: to be on stage and make music and be loved by their audience! They love being back as much as we love it! And that’s the best in the whole thing :-))

please please please can someone record the london show?

@rossyrox: A bit of looking around doesn’t hurt ;-)

PC Tour - London Show

There are two recordings - one by me & one by sweepi. The link has already been posted here (scroll to the bottom)

Awesome, thanks so much!!


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