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Per’s concert in Gent a real doorbuster

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on May 3, 2009 to , and .

GENT, BELGIUM - Per Gessle had a doorbuster of a concert here in Gent last night.  And we mean that literally.

Leaving the venue at the end of the concert, this reporter asked one of the staff members who work at Handelsbeurs, a young man named Andreas whom we had met two days before, what he thought of the concert.

“It was good,” he said somewhat hesitantly.  

“Only good?”

“Well, the concert was good, but his fans are CRAZY!  They broke our door!!”  Apparently, that had never happened before.

For several hours, fans from around the world had waited patiently outside Handlesburs, waiting for the doors to open at 7 pm.  It was a festive atmosphere, with a mix of fans from countries including Spain, Russia, Holland, Germany, Romania – Belgium of course – and even small groups from as far away as Argentina and Mexico.   Many had taken advantage of the three-day holiday weekend to attend this particular concert.  

At one point, the house manager came outside to tell the waiting fans that there would be plenty of room inside, and that everyone would have a good view (the venue can hold up to 800, and only around 280 tickets had been sold). But, of course, many in the assembled crowd had hopes of being in the “front row.”  So when the big, strong, wooden outside doors opened inward, there was a mad rush to get inside.

The actual concert hall was still closed, however. The idea of course was to give the venue a chance to sell drinks in the lounge area.  Not interested in “lounging,” the small mob outside quickly became a small mob inside, and when they finally were ready to open these much more fragile wooden frame doors, they needed to be opened outwards.  It was difficult for the staff to get people intent on proceeding forward to move backwards, so when they did manage to get one door open, there was enough pressure placed on the other door as it was opening to cause the unmistakable sound of cracking wood to be heard throughout the lounge.

Seriously, it was an accident. Per's "crazy" fans had a lot of fun during the concert*, and were by all accounts very well-behaved afterwards, waiting this time in an orderly line as Bo Johansson, the tour manager, ushered everyone waiting past Per, who was willing signing autographs and posing for quick photos. 

* In a surprise addition to the set list, "Hey, Mr. DJ" was added just after Per had introduced the band.  Helena, with a huge smile on her face, looked out at the audience, then over at Per, and began the song's now-familiar introduction. The crowd of "crazy fans" cheered wildly!


It was a great night, forgetting the moments at the door the rest of the show was great.
The crazy spanish fans had a really great night. Ballons, Banners, rabbit ears and some other great moments will last for ever in our memories.

A little funny story that I didn’t really think fit into the article: As I was doing a site visit two days in advance of the concert, it was the fact that Andreas was whistling “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music that got me to talk to him in the first place. He obviously didn’t know anything about Per using the theme from that movie as his intro/outro... so I couldn’t resist telling him I’d try arrange to have them play something special just for him. Well... after the show... suffice to say he was impressed with my clout! After a few minutes, I told him the truth. Seriously, I did! – LEO

LOL Lars!!!!!
Andreas: did he really tell you the truth? :D
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Great gig indeed! There were also some dutch folks you know! : ) The atmosphere was really great! And it was good to see those people from the other side of the ocean. Though I think it’s not really clever to wait outside the venue’s door all day, knowing you will be in front anyway because of the 280 tickets. Gent is too beautiful to waist your time like that!

See you on wednesday! Per told me he will be there! : )

Well first of all i have an endless thanx to Lars for your kindess and support. The show was really great and the band was very warm with all the fans. Specially Magnus that remembered me jumping the whole show.
The spanish fans were great too and i am with them about the “door affair”, but peace & love guys.

Emilio from ARGENTINA

So were there only 280 people? And maybe 50% non-Belgians...Didn’t they advertise it at all?

As Belgian, living near Ghent: I didn’t see any advertisement. I heard from someone else that there was a very very small newspaper article at thursday (30/04), but I didn’t even notice that one.

I don’t mind: I never dare to dream to view Per in my home town in a small venue. But it happened! I must say I’m amazed that Per did perform for “only” 300 people, and still could bring up the energy for a (in my opinion) “great” concert.

Hats of Mr. Gessle! You have been extremely kind for your limited number of fans here in Belgium!

Wow, 280 - that´s almost private party! :-P Should have been there, dammit!!!!! :-))

P.S. I haven´t seen any advertisements /whatsoever/ for Prague gig either (it´s said there were some posters in the city and few newspaper articles day before the show but who actually knows...). I think it´s nice the concerts aren´t sooooooo huge... you can actually even SEE the performer on stage! :-)) Not ending up far away..

I have no words to express that I felt...the concert was really fantastic....GREAT!!!!!

Who get’s the bill for the door!

Two days after the concert and we are [still] amazed, we couldn’t sleep (me & me wife) reviewing the moments of the concert. We will never forget that night.

Send the bill to the rabbits LOL

I was wondering...

What was written on the banner held by some of those “crazy” fans at the front rows? Per reacted to it with “whoaw” during the concert.

The first banner was:

“If Per won’t come to Spain, Spain must go to Per”

Per’s answer during the concert: “you are right!!!!”
Per’s reaction at the M&G: he signed the banner with “VIVA ESPAŇA”

Second banner:

“Clarence, you are our queen of rain”

Per’s and band’s reaction during the concert: “hahahaha”
Clarence’s reaction at the M&G: he signed the banner

Responsible for the bill: people that arrived late, didn’t respect the queue and pushed to be the first ones in. Otherwise everything would have been calm, nice and perfect.

Thank for your report, Lars. Apart from the door, it was such a nice historical building. Did you upload your pics to a certain website?

Well, please, don’t say that the manager of the venue was happy that there were only 280 fans. Otherwise, how would they handle Gessle freaks? LOL

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

good that they added hej mr. dj!

Lars, I did not know you were in Gent ? You should have told me :) Anyway, I was there too, after 5 years of Rox absence, and it was great to see the rox fans again !

I see Spanish fans in the picture!! :)

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Gent concert was super great!!... i really enjoyed each of the songs... i sang at loud as i could, as a i’ve never done before in any concert.
Hope to see Per and Roxette soon on stage again!!
Also, I’d like to thank Lars-Erik for his kidness with us... and thanks for taking the pictures of all the argentinians fans!...


It’s all in your head!


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