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Written by Jud on April 22, 2009 to and . Source: @PartyPleaser .

TWITTER - Per Gessle has announced in one of his tweets at Twitter that Roxette's albums will be re-released this fall. The albums will be remastered and will come with additional bonus tracks such as B-sides and demos.  The booklets will also be re-designed. Release dates are not known yet.


why not, my Look Sharp and Joyride CDs may need to be replaced. I actually looked the other day in Amazon to see how much they would cost to buy them again, sooo I’ll wait until Autumn for the new releases then :))

But I still hope for some more stuff.. new stuff :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Please no more Best OFF. I will not buy anymore.

It has always been your choice to buy them or not.
Being a collector, I’ll get all of the items.

Looking forward to the new versions! Don’t know if I’ll buy them all or only the extra tracks (digitally) but it’s nice to have more attractive versions available. And this may lay the ground for Roxette’s return a few months later..!

Hmm, nowhere in the article I can find info about new “Best Of”...

And what about 7 studio albums (POP, LS, J, T, CBB, HAND, RS) Luxury Super Box Set with one 100 pages book-let consist of all booklets in every album current design, but with new look, bonus talking about album making and about songs, more pics, including pics from studio, tour, video making... And all albums in 5.1 DD or DTS surround. The Complete Roxette Album Collection. And with price not more than 100€.


I just hope they don’t compress the hell out of them that’s all.

And hopefully there will be some bonuses that we haven’t come across before. But i’ve got this strange feeling it might be the demo’s/b-sides we all know and love.

@abysmo, we can only dream :-)

I was hoping for this for several years. Nice to hear at least!!! I will buy all of them!!! Look Sharp with Sharp Sound!! Cool!!

Videos of TV appearances would make a great bonus! And karaoke versions. ;-p

I think this is great - ’paving the way’ for possible new material next year. Put all their old albums back out there, and then release something new next year.

Great!! I esp. need updated versions of Look Sharp- Crash Boom Bang. I have been waiting for these re-releases. And yea.... These are not “Greatest Hits” and no one is forced to buy them...

About bloody time. My Look sharp album sounds Horrid ! ! Quality of sound not the songs lol

This is great news, lets hope there will be alot of nice demos and song that did not ended up on the albums, and as said above lets hops that this is a sign for new material next year.

Cool ! Will take !

Like RobS says, let’s hope they don’t remove all the dynamic...

Great news....... I LOVE demos...

Entertainment or death...

I’m glad for this, I see I am not the only one with “used” CDs. I just hope it is worth the money and the sound is GOOD and the bonuses too.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

hi!. It is nice !!. My CBB CD was damage so I took the chance , to buy it again , while I was in Sweden in 2007, I got it at a supermarket with discount :P.

I hope they would have done this remastering thing instead of the roxbox, in fact I was expecting for this at that moment.

Sadly , we don´t know anything yet, but the expectations to get them at a fair price are less than positive when you live in Argentina.

I hope they will be realised here in my country , but fully ...

Not as when the did the pop / ballads hits. We only got regular CD´s not the double CD edition.

I will buy them all but I am 100% sure they will not sound as good as the LP versions :)

Certainly the older albums could do with some remastering, so if it is done well they will be worth buying. Not too bothered about the extras really in this case, as I’m not that interested in per’s demos (unless of course they are completely unheard songs), and we will have heard all of the b-sides. Not really a release to get excited about, but probably worth buying

Well im excited because I want esp the songs in look sharp and joyride with better sound. The non-singles. And it will be haeven if the re-released albums are somthing like the re-release of TWATG: with ALL demos and stuff.

As Neil said, I doubt that these re-releases will contain material unheard to fans. But nontheless, I’m looking forward to it :)

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

Please God - let them re-release Dance Passion on CD for a change!! That would be great - or they could at least include the remixes on the POP cd?? Nice idea?

Well, I’m in heaven about these releases. Wonder if it will be in a box-set like Marie’s album collection? And I hope it will reach South Africa too.

This is GREAT news!! Thanx Roxette!!
(I hope the booklets will have some pictures we haven’t seen before!!)

F a n t a s t i c !

Re-releasing any artist’s back catalogue gets them back onto the shelves in the music stores, and I’m quite hopeful that Look Sharp! and Joyride might sell a few copies.

Eventually, it might be worth EMI’s efforts to release a Deluxe Edition of Look Sharp!, featuring a DVD and an extended booklet.

Pimp my Rox *laugh*

Will this pimping include all Rox cds or only the oldest ones? Any infos about that yet?

Uhm, wasn’t DP released on CD? I have it on CD, bought in a totally normal recordstore in Sweden, several years ago...

This is really good news. Hopefully we’ll get a lot of never released demos as we did with TWATG.

The Dance Passion CD is a German bootleg.

BTW: Are they still with EMI? Or did they renew the contract? Thought it lasted until 2006! Hmmm...


About time! Finally! I’ve been waiting for Roxette remasters for years now. I was hoping that they would have started rolling out at the end of 2006 or early 2007 with their 20th anniversary. Then when ’The World According To Gessle’ got reissued, remastered, and expanded last year I had a feeling that the Roxette catalogue could be next!

Hopefully these reissues/remasters will be available as 2-CD sets, featuring demo versions of the songs and single b-sides like ’The World According To Gessle’ reissue. It will be interesting to see what and what is not included. Now is the perfect chance to include the rare radio and single mixes that have never been available on CD commercially.

’Pearls Of Passion’ could be released as a double CD set with ’Dance Passion’ (which would make it’s CD debut after all these years!) And what about the 7” version of ’Soul Deep’ on CD at last? Of course the original bonus tracks on the ’97 remaster could be nice as well.

’Look Sharp!’ is an album that could really benefit from an expanded, remastered treatment. The sound could use a major upgrade. I’m curious if Roxette and company will bother to include remixes on this release. If so, which ones? I think that the U.S. remixes and single mixes should be included at the very least. For example: “The Look [Power Radio Mix]”, “Dressed For Success [U.S. Look Sharp! Mix]”, “Dangerous [7” Version]”, and “Listen To Your Heart [U.S. Remix]”. The latter track was even used in the ’89 promo video! Let’s not forget the “Listen To Your Heart [U.S. Remix - AC Version]” either! What about the long, lost “Listen To Your Heart [Orchestral Version]”? Now that’s something that I would flip over to have on CD. So much good material out there that has yet to make a commercial CD release. Hopefully, these versions are kept in mind when putting this release together.

’Joyride’ could see an interesting reissue. Again, it has to be 2 discs! Will we get remixes? “Joyride [Magicfriend Remix]”? “Joyride [U.S. Remix]”? “Joyride [U.S. Remix - AC Version]”? Spending My Time [U.S. AC Mix]”? “The Big L. [The Bigger, The Better Mix]”, “The Big L. [U.S. Remix]”? “Church Of Your Heart [U.S. AC Mix]”? Where do we draw the line? Or, will we not see any of these mixes? I’m hope that we do!

As for ’Tourism’, I would love to see how this could play out. “Fingertips ’93” is a must! It would fit perfectly at the end of the disc. As for a second disc, demo versions of the studio songs would work just fine here. Then there’s tracks like ’2 Cinnamon Street’ and perhaps additional recordings (hotel rooms, studio, and live) that were never released from this era? Could be fun!

’Crash! Boom! Bang!’ would benefit from a disc of demos hugely. I love some of the demo versions like “Sleeping In My Car [Stockholm Demo]” and “Run To You [Demo]”, the latter demo with vocals by Per! Will we see “Fireworks [Jesus Jones Remix]” on there? Maybe a couple of live tracks? Unreleased cuts?

Then there’s ’Have A Nice Day’, my personal favorite. Lots of goodies from this era that already made the ’RoxBox’. I imagine that we’ll get a full bonus disc of demos in addition to the studio outtakes and b-sides. Now can we finally get “I Was So Lucky [The Golden Blow]” (originally slated as a ’Real Sugar’ single b-side) if it really exists?! Please?! :) Maybe “Crush On You” remixes, too? :p

’Room Service’ could really benefit from a new mix, in my opinion. I’ve always thought that the album sounded a bit flat and dull (at least on some tracks), especially after the lush production on ’Have A Nice Day’. Maybe it’s just me? Anyhow, the Shooting Star Treaments of “Real Sugar” and “Milk And Toast And Honey” would be nice treats! I would love to hear demo versions of the songs as well. Let’s not forget the rare “Entering Your Heart [Extended Version]” either!

Anyhow, those are just a few ideas off the top of my head. I think that the only way that this reissue campaign is going to work is if each album is reissued and remastered as 2-CD deluxe editions. I will not hold out for 5.1 mixes of the albums (although that would be brilliant) because it’s probably too costly for them to revisit the multi-tracks and create new surround sound mixes. It would be great for Roxette and company to get ideas from the fans on these reissues as to see what they want included. Also, now would be an idea time to expand the Roxette video collection to a 2-DVD set (and not try to squeeze and compress them on 1 disc!), this time including remastered video promos from the original masters re-synced with digitally remastered audio. But, I suppose that’s asking for a bit too much now.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to the remastered sound, demos, and b-sides! I can’t wait! :)

Robs & TheRain1981: Here, here !!!! =D

There really is no point in compressing the songs as they’re not likely to be used on the radios over older versions of albums if radio stations still have them.

I would love it if fans were asked for suggestions, not that we should dictate, mind. Maybe even some of those stlen demos could be released - I know we’re not supposed to have those - but I love FLAF demo and SMT demo, and Marie’s Beautiful Things demo. They would be fab to have officially so those cheap stolen ones can be deleted forever !! Ha ha...

Tevensso; Thanx. I had no idea! I thought bootlegs were only sold in more “suspect” stores. ;-)

Re-releases... Mmm, we have bought the old hits countless times before, now it’s not only the hits but the whole albums. I’d start saving money, but it won’t go to EMI’s treasury this time. It’s better to buy something else instead of feeding this greedy organization! A bunch of dusty demos and a couple of old pics will turn into a juicy X-mas bonus for the EMI’s executives. I pass...

Yes, as tough as it sounds, I have no intention to purchase the same music/songs again! I wonder if we’re gonna get the re-remaster of “Pearls of Passion”...

Roxette compilations in 1995, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2006. Marie’s remasters in 2000, Gyllene Tider remasters (with bonus tracks) in 2004, GT again (no bonus tracks) in 2007, the Roxette remasters in 2009... are they gonna ever stop? Maybe we can expects the re-release of “Per Gessle” and “Scener” in 2010. I think it’s time to draw a line somewhere.

Draw your personal line, I’m looking forward!

Me too. Don’t want them, fair enough, but there is plenty of us who will buy them and will buy them all. Hopefully 2-CD sets, album/b sides and a demo/unreleased disc per release. All this and a Per live DVD to look forward too!

2009 is shaping up to be a good year, Roxw-ise. So many good things coming!

Does anyone know will this new re-releases include the album Rarities? that’s the only one I don’t have yet and sadly it’s not available in stores anymore.

So re-mastered and re-released?

Well... the Roxbox is now divided into all the 7 albuns LOL Litterally ... including all bonus and demos and b-sides ... LOL

But it’s nice for a change to have some Rox action back on track ...:)

Great news. :-) I was wondering if this would ever happen, as quite a few bands from way back seem to be doing this lately.

It would be nice if they could include a bonus DVD or something similar (maybe CD-ROM stuff with videos), with a (recently made) short documentary on the making of the album it appears on. A good example of this would be the remasters of Depeche Mode’s albums.

For example, the “Look Sharp!” album could have Per & Marie (and whoever else that was involved) talking about their parts in the making of the album, where they went to do it, etc, and talk about how it turned into a worldwide release, etc.

Would be a nice way to possibly learn something new about each album...who knows. Perhaps those responsible for remastering/re-releasing them could take this idea into consideration... ;-)

At least there is some effort the Re-design anyway for the complainers all it will downloable somehow & somewhere , i guess i will buy it , hoping the quality of Marie’s Kärlekens Guld sound & Pictures.

If Per Gessle reads this: Per, could you PLEASE put “I Want You” somewhere on a re-release, please!!!!! I think that’s one of the most beautiful songs ever written. I have the 7” single, but the sound is very bad.

I can’t wait to spend all my money on these re-releases. I don’t care much for the Xtra songs - as long as they re-master those old songs. Would be nice to have a nice clear sound of “Hotblooded” - that song needs more bass!!! LOL And some different pics from the cd booklets would be great - You know, pics from the same photosessions, but just ones we haven’t seen before. Can’t wait!!!

Roxette is back, baby!!!

How did we guess we’d see negative comments from Raëlian - no one is asking you to buy them...

I can’t wait to get my hands on a remastered version of Joyride!

How would you guys make Roxette’s albums on the re-releases, if you were CEO of EMI/Capitol??

1. Pearls OF Passion - 12 remastered album trax
- Neverending Love demo & remixes
- I Call Your Name demo & remixes
- I Want You
- IMHBL demo
- Turn To Me
- Soul Deep demo & remixes

2. Look Sharp! - 13 remastered album trax
- Silver Blue demo
- Sleeping Single demo
- Listen To Your Heart US remix
- The Look remixes
- Dangerous demo &remixes
- Chances Dance Hall Version
- Dressed For Success demo & remixes
- Let’s Party
- Don’t Believe In Accidents

and so on... this is just an idea of what I have in mind.... LOL

Well if they are going to re-release the albums with extra stuff, I want never released, unheard material and a couple of lost remixes/demos/alt. versions that were only released on vynil.

Why some of you want the demo for “Sleeping in my car” or the US Remix for “Joyride”, I just can’t understand. They are available in CD!

This is what I’d love to get:

-The 80’s version of “Knocking on Every Door”
-The “Dangerous” version that Per sent to Don Johnson and was rejected.
-“Half a woman, half a shadow” demo.
-“(I could never) Give you up” demo.
-“View from a hill” demo.
-“Chances” demo.
-“It must have been love” demo.
-The movie version of “It must have been love” that sounds like if it had less instruments.
-The long lost “Listen to your Heart” orchestal version.
-Plus any other unheard demo they might have from that time.

-Marie’s “Hotblooded” demo.
-“The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye” demo.
-“The big L” demo with alt. lyrics from “The Making of Joyride”.
-“Joyrider” demo with alt. lyrics.
-“Watercolours in the rain” demo.
-“(Do you get) Excited” demo.
-“Church of your heart” demo.
-“Small talk” demo.
-“Physical Fascination” demo.
-“Things will never be the same” demo.
-The “Queen of Rain” version that was to be included in Joyride.
-The “Vulnerable” version that was to be included in Joyride.

-“How can I take a chance on you?” - Oh yesss! The lost song from Tourism! Although as far as I know, this is the “How do you do!” demo which had a different name when they were still working on it.
-“How do you do!” live version from the Summer Joyride Tour.
-The lost reggae version of “Here comes the weekend”.
-The alternate version of “The Rain” that appears in the cassette tape in the album cover.
-“The Heart Shaped Sea” demo.
-“Keep me Waiting” demo.
-“Cinnamon Street” demo.
-“Queen of Rain” demo.
-Plus additional recordings from the hotel rooms that were never released.

-The C!B!B! version of “She doesn’t live here anymore”.
-“Hanging on the Telephone” live, from the CBB tour.
-The Movie version of “Almost Unreal” that starts with loud electric guitars.
-The “Love is All” version that was included in the Christmas CD that was sent to EMI and Radio executives.
-“Fireworks” demo.
-“Go To Sleep” demo.
-“You Don’t Understand me” demo.
-“I don’t want to get hurt” demo.
-“You don’t Understand me” spanish version that was not included in Baladas en Espanol.

As for Have a Nice Day and Room Service, I don’t really care except for the almighty remixes of “Crush on You” that were never released.

great news about the remasters, i need new copies of Joyride and Have A Nice Day and it would be nice to have a crisper sounding Look Sharp as it does sound “low” compared to todays recordings.

with all thats going on in the Roxette world at the minute wouldnt it be nice to have the forums back in action....maybe a trial period? see how it goes?

Any news on whether the new releases will feature 5.1 DTS mixes? Joyride and HAND in 5.1 ... drooooools. Pretty please? :D

As posted above: “Why some of you want the demo for “Sleeping in my car” or the US Remix for “Joyride”, I just can’t understand. They are available in CD!”

Because they are not available in digitally remastered sound. The sound could really use an upgrade. That’s the whole point. Plenty of these recordings are already available on out of print CD singles and rare radio CD promos. Try hunting them down. Some of them are available in lossless MP3 files on the Internet as well. It would be nice to have these rare and out of print recordings back in print again in remastered audio on CD.

And I think that ’Have A Nice Day’ would sound incredible in 5.1 with it’s lush arrangements and production.

And yes, “I Want You” needs to be included with ’Pearls Of Passion’.

Someone talked about an 80’s version of Knockin’ On Every Door?? What is that one? - never heard of that version.

Oh YES!! Another one who wants “I Want You” - I LOVE that song!!

Ah, I would love all those old remixes.... Roxette did some awesome remixes - One my favourite remixes are the ones made of “Knockin’ On Every Door”.

Well I´d rather have “How can I take a chance on you?”, the 80s version of “Knocking on every door” and “Hotblooded (demo)” than the same remixes that were released before in CD, remastered or not.

Besides, chances are most people will rip the CDs and listen to the tracks on their iPod or cell phone... not on a Hi-Tech, Hi-Fi, mutichannel home theater to truly appreciate the remasters. This whole remaster thing is more a marketing strategy.

What’s more, some time ago a study performed by a fan showed that the old albums (Look Sharp and Pearls of Passions) have a better sound than CBB or Tourism, simply because the source is distorted due to high volume in the mixing board.

So no matter how much you try to remaster the tracks, they will sound more or less the same because the source material is corrupted and the only way to fix that is to re-record the album entirely.

“a study performed by a fan showed that the old albums (Look Sharp and Pearls of Passions) have a better sound than CBB or Tourism, simply because the source is distorted”

I doubt the fan had the mastertapes available. ;-) May have been a failor in the CD mastering.

here is my desired track listing

Pearls of Passion (Disc 1)
Dance Passion (Disc 2) + lost tracks demos, etc... (total 20 tracks) :-)

Look Sharp (Disc 1) - remastering of song
Look Sharp Live (all the songs from the european tour) + demos etc..

Joyride (Disc 1) - remastering of song
Joyride Live (all the songs from the tour) + demos etc..

Tourism (Disc 1) - remastering of song
Disc 2 - Joyride (summer tour Live (all the songs from the tour) + demos etc..

Baladas (Disc 1) - remastering + demos and bonus tracks + interview

CBB (Disc 1) - remastering
CBB (Disc 2) Live - concerts from all over the world (all tracks) + demo
CBB (disc 3) Live DVD

HAND (Disc 1) - all inclusive of the spanish tracks
HAND Disc 2) - (remixed plus demos)

Room Service (Disc 1) - (remixed plus demos)

Room Service (Disc 2) - Live -
Room Service (DVD) Live

here is my desired track listing

Pearls of Passion (Disc 1)
Dance Passion (Disc 2) + lost tracks demos, etc... (total 20 tracks) :-)

Look Sharp (Disc 1) - remastering of song
Look Sharp Live (all the songs from the european tour) + demos etc..

Joyride (Disc 1) - remastering of song
Joyride Live (all the songs from the tour) + demos etc..

Tourism (Disc 1) - remastering of song
Disc 2 - Joyride (summer tour Live (all the songs from the tour) + demos etc..

Baladas (Disc 1) - remastering + demos and bonus tracks + interview

CBB (Disc 1) - remastering
CBB (Disc 2) Live - concerts from all over the world (all tracks) + demo
CBB (disc 3) Live DVD

HAND (Disc 1) - all inclusive of the spanish tracks
HAND Disc 2) - (remixed plus demos)

Room Service (Disc 1) - (remixed plus demos)

Room Service (Disc 2) - Live -
Room Service (DVD) Live

I just re-discovered the demo of Roxette’s “From Head To Toe” - it’s the CUTEST song!!! Would be nice to have that demo on the POP re-release with “I Want You”

I wish Roxette recorded that song - it’s really a cool song!!


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