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Per surprises with tour set list

Written by roxeteer on April 17, 2009 to and .

HELSINKI - Per started his Party Crasher tour last night in Helsinki, Finland. And oh, what a night it was! Per absolutely rocked the place and the audience liked what they heard. The song choices were a bit surprising, especially since there were only two songs from the "Party Crasher" album. There were no less than five songs from the "Son Of A Plumber" album and the rather unknown song, "I Have A Party In My Head," seemed to get the biggest applause from the audience. Per didn't play any of his Swedish songs, but that was quite predictable since the tour extends outside the Nordic countries.

After the uninspiring supporting act Martinique and the carefully picked mix tape of Per's favorite songs, the gig started a little after 10pm. Then it went on like a train, in good and bad, and lasted about 1 hour and 50 minutes. Here's the set list:

  1. Intro: Sound Of Music
  2. Dressed For Success
  3. Drowning In Wonderful Thoughts About Her
  4. Stupid
  5. The Party Pleaser
  6. Wish I Could Fly
  7. She Doesn't Live Here Anymore
  8. 7twenty7
  9. I Have A Party In My Head (I Hope It Never Ends)
  10. Late, Later On
  11. Listen To Your Heart
  12. Do You Wanna Be My Baby
  13. Opportunity Nox
  14. Doesn't Make Sense
  15. Church Of Your Heart
  16. Dangerous
  17. Joyride

    Encore 1:

  18. C'mon
  19. Are You An Old Hippie, Sir?
  20. The Look
  21. It Must Have Been Love

    Encore 2:

  22. (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
  23. Queen Of Rain
  24. Outro: Sound Of Music

Per thanks everyone after the show.


So no June Afternoon then? :( Bugger :(

The track that really surprised me was Dressed For Success? And he chose it as the opener? Very very odd? How did it sound? Was it boppy, poppy or rocky?

Anyone care to provide a proper review of the show, ala when the TDR reviews new albums?

While I love DFS (always great live song) and QOR (one of my all time rox favourites) I think it’s quite boring to use them again for start/stop (after RS tour #2, last song). As I imagine mostly fans attending, it should be interesting to hear more solo instead of rox. But maybe he did the rox songs VERY different?

I really wonder how he coped with the big ballads (IMHBL, LTYH) and what he did with the duet songs (DFS, Dangerous)! Two-Voice-Per? Helena?

SDLHA - thanks Per!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!

GREAT SET !!!! Can’t wait to hear so many songs !

@roxeteer, You’re missing Listen to Your Heart from the set.

He coped with the ballads just fine, his demos aren’t that bad, you know! They were played quite acoustically, anyway.
All Roxette songs sounded rather different this time (which was nice).

@animalkingdom: Whoops! Thanks, I added it to the list now. I did have it written down, but skipped it for some reason.

Joyride sounded very much like the Tourism version, I must say.

Listen to your heart was played after Late, later on.

Wouldn’t it be wise to mark this news as a SPOILER and not to present the whole set list on the front page? Some fans still wants to be suprised... :)

I think I should just sleep till Wednesday to contain my excitment!


boring choice for me, unfortunately. too sad that he doesnt play “keep me waiting” or “place ur love”... :-( why always these roxette standards..heard them so much before live.

But you haven’t heard the songs like this before. Have you heard Per singing IMHBL or Dressed... many times live in the past?

i think the setlist could change slightly. I’d like to Silly Really added, but apart from that, I think it’s great. Surprised that he sung Opp Nox! I love that song, and can’t wait to hear it live!!

What a gig! I loved it!!

7Twenty7 really rocked and so did The Look, Nox and She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

Definitely the best gig ever!

But... Where was Silly Really?

Many Many of my favourite songs!!
Per, Thanks for Church of your heart, Doesn’t make sense, Opp.Nox, Are you an old hippie, sir, I have a party in my head, Queen of rain (I’ve never heard it from Per)
I like the demos of those Roxette songs, the way Per sings LTYH.

But I would love to hear more, a ballad from TWATG and Fading like a flower, Spending my time or Anyone would be better instead of Wish I could fly.....:-(((

I cant wait til may 9 and 10 haha. This setlist is PERFECT:P All my 3 songschoises were there ( opp. Nox, WICF and DYWBMB?). Thaaaaaaanx Per!!

By the way...
About earlier discussions on how succesful the tour will be ...

According to Aftonbladet and Expressen there were 625 in the audience and the capacity for Tavastia is 700. So seems good to me !

I was a bit surprised how many came to see Mr G. The feeling was awesome!

Do we know anything about merchandising? How much t-shirts and so on cost? What’s more there? Any photos of this stand?

T-shirt 25€
Bag 15€
Party Crasher vinyl 20€
I bought those :)

Does anyone know if the setlist is going to be the same on the next concerts, or are there going to be any changes?

GT25 & EHM tours the set lits were the same in all cities, Room Service Tour added 1 or 2 songs more. Probably that the show will be the same. The show has a script for synchronize lights, sound, FX, musicans, etc etc

The merchandise is also available on Per’s web store:

Click the little “2009” link on the top of the page.

I have to mention that is strange that the lead single of party crasher was not in the set list. The same goes for Sing Along. Maybe Per is not sure how the peolple would recieve Party Crasher he did always the same, They only play a few songs of room service in the 2001 tour... it´s sad for me becouse i just wanna hear more about PC, anyway SDLHA is maybe the only song i care for! i can’t wait for to see them live!!


So there’s only 4 items in shop? Or is it like that on this website and in reality there’s a lot more? :)

emilio, it is indeed very strange. I go to a lot of concerts, and I have to say that it is the very first time I have seen an artist only play 2 songs from the album the tour is named after , and not even play the first 2 singles. From the way Per was talking, one of the main reasons per wanted to make PC was to work and tour outside of sweden again, but he could have actually done a tour without the album anyway if he is going to completely ignore it. I do understand that they have gone back to the basics with the band, and the sound doesnt fit the electronic sound of PC completely, but I think that just shows that the shows are quite badly conceived....why have a rock set up for the band when the album you have just released is more electronic?....and even if he was determined to tour with a rock band, the songs could have been easily adapted. Sing-along is pretty accoustic anyway, and Silly really’s synths could have quite easily been backed up with some guitar to give it a more rocky sound. There are also a lot of slower songs that could have easily been played more accoustically.
I don’t want to sound too negative....the setlist overall is quite good. I think it was necessary to play a lot of roxette songs when he is touring outside of sweden, and it will be great to hear the Rox songs again. I don’t think he should have favoured SOAP songs over PC songs though for the Party Crasher tour....2 or 3 songs from SOAP would have been more than enough, and then at least 4 or 5 from PC. I was actually looking forward to hearing the interpretation of PC songs on the tour as it is the best album he has made in many years, so while I am still really looking forward to seeing it in London, I am a little disappointed.....though really happy he is playing “Doesn’t make sense” as that is one of my favourites from the album!

And now we know the reason why Gessle played just 2 songs out of 12 from “Party crasher” album:

I’m not good at translation, but it seems that they didn’t want use any electronic equipment on stage and that is why there’s so little of PC.

Well, there are some Roxette songs that I’d prefer they would change and play more of his solo stuff... anyway i’m curious how they sound, maybe i’ll have a nice surprise once there :-) if someone does not upload some video in youtube before that jeje.

This is f*cking great!! Opportunity Nox, SdLhA, 7twenty7!! I’m satisfied...totally..
It will be a big big party in Amsterdam....can”t wait anymore...;-))))

ncurran i agree with u, and i don´t wanna be negative too. I really love Gessle music, i’m making en extraordinary effort to see this tour and i just thought he was going to play more Party Crasher songs.

I’m happy he tours again, but i am really sad becouse Party Crasher is a damn good album and I think that if he could play doesn´t make sense he could perfectly play hey I died and went to heaven, sing along, Roberta right, Gut Felling, breathe life....anyway

Maybe Marie´s recovery changed his mind and perspective for Party Crasher and he decided to make a Roxette training for the future ....

This setlist leaves a couple of conslusions. The album is not going to be promoted anywhere and seems hard to think in a secong leg of the tour.

Besides that, i really wish this tour becomes a hit and the fact is the first time i’m gonna see him live makes me the happiest guy on earth,

My god, this is a stupidest track list i‘ve ever seen !!!
Where is Joanna, Mr.DJ, Substitute, KIX, Saturday, Silly really (!!!), Sing along, Hey i died, THAI (!!!!!!!!!) ????????
I‘m very disappointed ! If this will repeat at Stock, i will not buy a dvd...
Though i want it SO much !
But with another tracklist.
IMHO, there must be minimum Roxette. 3-4 songs, not more !

True. I wish to listen to more PC songs live, even if they are electronic on the CD, I would like to listen to them in a light pop-rock syrup..)))

YES ! That would be much better !

Wasn’t it supposed to be the Party Crasher tour??? Just picked 2 songs from the album?

It’s not possible to play TPC songs without certain equipment on stage - just as Per states. And I can only speak for myself, but I prefer good old pure music with real guitars over synthesizers. Get over it people and enjoy what you get! This is not a “Per plays what you want to hear”-tour. It’s strange indeed that he doesn’t play the only single (which actually gets airplay in Germany!) but if he can’t he can’t and if he doesn’t want to it’s his decision.’s hard to please everyone but we should be happy that he’s touring Europe at all. I am looking forward to Cologne and Stockholm. :-)


First show is gone, we can talk. So...
I am really happy with neverheard live show ’newcomers’ as 7Twenty7, Opportunity Nox, Stupid, Do You Wanna... Party Pleaser. She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore is fantastic rockclub song so I am excited to hear it how it sounds.
Also I Have A Party In My Head, Doesn’t Make Sense, Drowning... and Hippie... could be interesting experience, those songs are very special.
I am happy that hymns Wish I Could Fly and Joyride are included in the list.
But there’s too much old Roxette songs in my opinion. There are some not so old never played pearls such as Jefferson, Staring At The Ground, Little Miss Sorrow etc. They are waiting for to be made live.
And another but. My all time favs Something In The System and Little Miss Sorrow isn’t included in the list. And where are fantastical ’all that we want, all that we need’ Kix! and ’main Party Crasher Hit’ Silly Really? :’-(
Nevertheless. I am really excited about coming Prague show. And I am looking forvard to new DVD. First club DVD and first english tour DVD.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I understand he plays few PC, that’s not a live album, but I wish he would have taken the chance to play some solo stuff, he has some great pearls in TWATG which were never played live and probably won’t in the future either, if he doesn’t play them now... when not now.. when? :( So I wish he would have shown more of Gessle solo and less of Roxette.

But on the other hand, he asked what songs people want to listen to, and for what I remember from reading people’s answers, most of the songs were Roxette.. so you actually get what you asked for :)

It feels more like he’s paving the way for Roxette’s come back. And it will rock when Marie joins him on stage :))
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

did he come out again after the show to sign stuff? im wondering why he didnt post a comment on twitter today..guess he’s still drunk from last night “after-premiere-party” ;-)
aaahhh, just saw his black fingernails! per, is that really necessary?

I would prefer more PC songs but I understand Per why he plays only 2 songs, also more Roxette songs which never been played before for example June Afternoon, I Was So Lucky, A Thing About You or One Wish etc.
But I am very happy for “She Doesn´t Live Here Anymore, The Party Pleaser, Church Of Your Heart and many others.:-)

Hmmm... must say the main this article/setlist has done for me is make me wonder/hope it’s gonna change at least a bit... looks to me as if mr. gee falls back on more old roxette hits than unplayed stuff or solo songs... damn pity... either way, looking fw to see if it might get bit more twatg/soap/pc-feeling as the tour goes on

I think the setlist will / can be changed, remember this is the first outing and there is room for improvement although from what I see and hear from people I like the sound of what’s to come! Although I understand the reason for no Silly Really but would have liked to have seen that performed... still if I get to see “I Have A Party In My Head (I Hope It Never Ends)” & “Church of Your Heart” I’ll be smiling all the way home! :)

For me the tracklist is perfect. Lots of Roxette and some of the best solo songs:P. It would be fun to hear Silly really LIVE but is doesent matter- theres to much to be happy about riight now for me to complain. Cant wait to hear WICF Per version Live=)

i think no one has the right to say that this set isn’t good enough. Per said in an interview that “this tour is a present to myself”. He’s playing what he wants to play on HIS tour. Why should he play songs that he doesn’t want to play or that won’t fit the band !?

i’m looking so forward to munich. If anyone would have asked me if i want a gessle concert with that setlist, i would have payed a lot !!!

Per isn’t that famous in countries outside of sweden, he hasn’t the urge to make that tour, there’s even no promotion. this is a tour for himself and for his fans that long for PER GESSLE singing PER GESSLE songs.

Think about it, PER GESSLE sings live LISTEN TO YOUR HEART, DRESSED FOR SUCCESS, WISH I COULD FLY, QUEEN OF RAIN .... That’s absolutely amazing ....

BTW these are the perfect musicians he has ever been on stage in my opinion ...

my 2cents

I´m kinda surprised by IMHBL and WICF, but, do you remember, not so long ago Per spoke about Queen of rain, I expected that one, but from his point of view.....he put an accent on stuff, that everyone knows, and, as he knows, that song, which have beaten charts aren´t the new ones, he must have respect to the hits from 80´s and 90´s and he didn´t have chance to play them for so long....He has special relationship to his masterpieces, that´s the reason.....I would personally also enjoy hearing Hey, Mr.Dj or Sing Along, but I understand this selection...if he did bet on Roxette, he must do it like this...and of course, there are some songs, that are really hard to perform....and this band is mainly based on fun ;-)

Of course flo, Per can play what he wants, and I dont think anyone has been over-critical of the setlist. I do find it a shame that certain fans don’t seem to think we have the right to express an opinion if it has a negative tinge to it :(

The setlist is just wonderful!

Better like this? ;)

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Positive things: 7twenty7 (best Rox uptempo), I Have A Party In My Head, Opportunity Nox, Wish I Could Fly, Party Pleaser (a reviewer from some swedish press said that he didn’t like this track, I hope I won’t have the same opinion, since it’s my favourite from PC!!!)...
Negative things: I hoped he’d play more Rox track which never became singles, but the only one is 7t7... he could’ve played more songs from TWATG (Saturday, Lay Down Your Arms) and PC (Silly Really, Sing Along)... Doesn’t matter that SR is a dance electronic song, I think a rock version wouldn’t be that difficult to perform... I’m looking forward to the show! PRAGUE!

totally agree :-)

Before I will say something about the set list, I see that Per and his band this time used more rockin’ style on the stage: Per and his black nails, a rocker behave.... more wild hmm? Nice and interesting ;)

So so...what about the set list?...When I saw it at the first time I was a little bit sad because I was expecting less Roxette hits. As many of you I had a hope to hear more Gessle solo and if something from Roxette project; I though it could be some songs which he’ve never been played on live...but I know why the set list looks like this and I understand it. There are songs which I like very much, some which I like and some which doesn’t move me. But it’s still a very special for me to see and to hear Per and his band live, and to listen and enjoy of all these songs and to be at concerts for a good fun. It’s my B-day gift too! :)

And I still have a small wish, maybe some of my favourite songs will be played way or another...

from twitter: SR sounded insane without the trix from the computer etc. We might try it again later on. We love the song!

Silly Really?

Wow what an amazing set of songs, I would’ve expected “Hey Mr DJ” (I just read the list once maybe i missed it) but I am specially impressed by songs that require a lot of special effects like Opportunity Nox and 7twenty7 (well the demo was rock enough) not to mention The Look, Dangerous and Joyride. I hope the DVD comes out soon cos those are versions I’d love to listen to. Good for Per! I guess he’s trying to make up for all the time that Marie sort of “hogged” the spotlight, unintentionally of course.

Well I’m very happy with 7 twenty 7, SDLHA, Church Of Your Heart, and the “plumber” songs.

Only 2 TWATG songs is a pitty, no Silly Really is also. I would have loved to see June Afternoon and at least one CBB song on the list.

I didn’t need the big Roxette hits either, but since they’re in a different version, I might like those a lot.

I’ll see him in Belgium and I’m sure it’s going te be great.

first video
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Oh Per, what a Gessle-fever you gave me! I’ve just driven today back home from Helsinki (about 600km) and listened Son Of A Plumber and Party Crasher whole time, switching between them over and over again. And can’t get enough!

It was so great to be there in Helsinki, see Per so close again and get to hear so many great songs live :) Though I must say, I was quite disappointed to hear so many Rox-songs, especially those so powerfully “Marie-songs”, it made me feel a little like being in a Rox-party where Marie wasn’t invited, which is not a nice feeling.
But it was nice that those songs were performed quite differently than as Roxette, and even better was that Per sang them alone, no duets with Helena (as in not trying to replace Marie in any way). Of course it’s great to hear those songs, but without Marie it’s just not the same and it feels weird - nice to hear and sing along but just not totally right in my opinion.

So I would’ve liked and expected more solo-songs and especially more from PC, but it was also great to hear the ones that actually were played (the TWATG songs especially). And just to get to experience another Gessle-gig was sooo great, and the highlight of the evening was definitely to get a couple of autographs and to get to be in a same picture with Per ;) And Per even told us very convincingly about Marie that “She will be back” so I’m actually starting to think there really might be something Rox in the future!

Oh, I so wish I could travel back in time (or maybe just go to another gig)! Even with all the complaining above ( ;) ) what a great evening!

I have just watched a video on youtube from the helsinki concert, where Per sings It must have been love and i love it!

I guess ultimately Per has to pick the songs that sound the best live and some songs just don’t translate all that well live that’s just the way it is.

My only BIG complaint is that I wish some how Australia was much closer to Europe ;)

copenhagen-i´m going to the concert in copenhagen tomorow and i am really looking forward to it i have heard some roomers that M. Fredriksson maybe will show up...that would be fantistic.........

do rumours come from this magazine?
let us know if true ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Great concert here in Oslo. No changes in the set list. Highlights for me was Joyride, Late later on and Queen of Rain.

Just home from the Copenhagen show and it was a BLINDER! OMG, I was so happy with She Doesn’t LIve Here, Party Pleaser, Queen Of was all amazing

This was my first even Rox encounter - being from Ireland, there are few opportunities

This was a night never to forget for me, and I feel even more proud than ever to be a Per and Marie fan!

Copey crowd was in good form, and Per seemed to enjoy himself. He managed some of the Marie classics very well on his own too. I was well taken back by It Must Have Been & Listen To Your Heart

I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO want to see this again

Kick ass tshirts for sale too!

@realsuga: Changes in the setlist?

Surely someone has the setlist of Copenhagen?

They didn’t change it after all.

Yeah, just read that on Per’s Tweet!

Me still wants to have “Silly really” on this tour! :>

Sound of Music??
From that movie? I wonder if he can play it in Germany, or if anyone would notice, cos hardly anyone here has ever heard about the existance of the movie or the musical, maybe only those who were in contact with people from abroad. I know it’s one of the most watched movies ever. But in Germany, maybe only 1% have heard about it, probably way less have watched it.

It was a total flop here, got very bad critics and is sometimes received as anti-german.

I can’t judge, never seen it.

I have been to the Prague‘s concert yesterday - it was my fourth time to see Roxette/or solo - and it was great although I have expected more audience. The Rox songs really rocks, a lot songs sounded not as poppy, more rock guitar sound. From my point of view was fine that Per had the real most part and Helena was more just a support. We stayed there after the show where Per finally (sitting also with his son) signed for the fans and let them to take some photos with him, really appreciate this fan orientated approach. I can really recommend this show, it is not about Roxette, Marie is missing, but it is the real pleasure to see Per on stage and sing all those hits.

The set list works a treat! The opening with Sound of Music is just amazing!

I really liked the former set list especially Poison, but i was in Prague in concert and that was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Per you are still great!
Anita “Sassa” Saska

Also Silly Really is really missed meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(, but i got autographs so i can forgive that:)
Anita “Sassa” Saska

I attended the concert in Copenhagen on April 20th, so I’ll share some of my thoughts with you here. The setlist was the same in Copenhagen as in Helsinki.

Several people have expressed surprise at the Roxette songs chosen for the setlist, and asked about Dressed For Success as opener. I think DFS worked very well for opener, it was a bit rockier than the classic version, but I think the song went pretty well with Per’s voice - which was not the case with some of the other Roxette songs, I must say.

I had myself taken a sneak peak at the setlist before the show, and had assumed that he would share vocal duties on songs like Queen Of Rain and Wish I Could Fly with Helena (Joseffson) - that was not the case. Helena *only* did backing vocal during the entire concert, and I’m not sure I applaud that decision, to be honest. Some of the Roxette songs worked quite well - DFS as mention above, Joyride and Look also, It Must Have Been Love sounded nice, Dangerous perhaps less so, but still acceptable, and Listen To Your Heart had been rearranged to better suite Per’s voice, which was clever.

However, some songs deffinitely fell short - Queen Of Rain and Wish I Could Fly being the worst. These songs were simply not suited for Per’s voice at all, and although there was nothing technically wrong with his delivering, it simply didn’t sound very good. Also Dangerous, as mentioned above, didn’t come accross very well, as the chorus (Marie’s part) had been put down in key, which sounded somewhat odd.

The strongest parts of the concert was deffinitely when he did his own material and the Rox songs that was written for his voice. I particularly loved Stupid, Do You Wanna Be My Baby, The Party Pleaser, 7Twenty7, I Have A Song In My Head, Joyride and what for me was the three highlights of the concert: She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (yay, Per rocked big time!), Opportunity Nox (spot on!) and Doesn’t Make Sense (absolutely breathtaking, great guitar solo at the end!).

I didn’t know the Party Crasher album before the concert (it was sort of last minute decision that I bought a ticket), but having heard it afterwards (and loving it!) I must admit I don’t understand why he only plays two songs (albeit good ones) from the album and brings some songs from previous albums that frankly are throw-away. Particularly C’mon and Are You An Old Hippie, Sir? should leave the setlist (neither seemed very popular or widely recognized with the crowd) and be replaced by Party Crasher tracks like Silly Really (love it) and Sing Along - the two singles from the album, and neither were played, wtf? Also, I think Queen Of Rain works poorly as final track, personally I would have moved It Must Have Been Love to this position (if he wanted a Roxette balad, and it would fill the slot nicely) and take in another Rox song instead (I could think of many I would personally love, like Crush On You or Cooper, I could even hear him do Stars, or something more conventional like The Big L) or something from his own albums (Breathe Life Into Me, Hey I Died And Went To Heaven or Lay Down Your Arms being my personal picks).

EDIT: Just realised I might have come across a bit negative here - let me emphasize concert was a blast (8/10 for me, which is great). Copenhagen crowd was a bit divided, but fortunately half of us were REALLY into it and gave Per all our love, and he and the band deffinitely felt that (there are some cute clips on YouTube from after the show). I don’t think major tuning should be done to the setlist, but like I suggested above, a couple of songs could be switched, and I understand why some people are sceptical about bringing Helena to the front (making it look like a Marie replacement), but he could do it on one or two tracks.

Yeah, in Cologne they added “Sleeping in my car” right after “Steppin´stone” to the setlist!

@ alcibiades: Are you sure the chorus of Dangerous has been put down a key? It’s the very same as on Look Sharp when I play to the video from Hamburg that is on, verse in C#m and chorus in E. Helena sings the melody (perhaps some harmony?) an octave up, just as Marie, so to me it sounds like the old Roxette arrangement.


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