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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Party Crasher tour kicks off today

Written by roxeteer on April 16, 2009 to and .

HELSINKI - Per Gessle starts his first-ever European solo tour in Helsinki tonight. Per is performing at Tavastia Klubi where he also performed during his "Mazarin" tour in 2003. Per's gig will start at 10pm EET.

Gessle will be supported by Martinique, aka Martin Josefsson. Martin is also the husband of Helena Josefsson who sings in Per's band. Martinique will start playing at 9pm EET.


Yei !!!

Soon I’ll be there witnessing that historical moment. Does anyone want a setlist or something or should it just stay a secret? Don’t wanna spoil the surprise or anything that’s why I’m asking... But I guess someone else probably will send it here to without asking at some point. Or could TDR make a news-headline with “Setlists from the tour-don’ read if you don’t wanna know” ?!



Neeee, I would like to know the set list before watching the show....)))))

The Look
Dressed for Success
Spending My Time
It Must Have Been Love
Fading Like a Flower
The Big L
Soul Deep
Listen to Your Heart

I can’t imagine Per doing It must have been love live, just can’t.

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

to tell the truth, your sense of humour pisses me off.... Sorry, Thomas, no offence...

this is for sure NOT the setlist!

@ thomas - lol at the setlist!

Ha ha! I thought it was enormously funny!

From Swedish “Expressen”

Entertainment or death...

and “perfect day” too

I liked the joke

Could someone from TDR be serious and give us reliable info?

There is only one of us there so we’ll have to continue waiting won’t we....

Jesus, the concert hasn’t even started yet!!

What does Visa say? Why?
You should have the real track-list, don’t you? ))

Visa is at the show!

The only people who should know the set-list already would be the band! Just wait

No, tis a closely guarded secret. Even to the magic goblins.

serious? I´m very serious person. I forgot this song, perhaps Per will sing too, like bonus track “Watercoluor in the rain” by Per, no no no, better “Alguien” hahahahaha Alguieeennn alguiennn!! . It will be a fantastic version!!!

Wellcome to Party Crisis Tour!

Expressen and Anders Nunstedt writes in the middle of the show:

what the hell is up with you guys? you will surely survive without knowing the set list for a couple of hours?
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

I think no. hahahaha I´m going to my Prozac!

Wo-hoo! I don’t remember the setlist, but here are some of the songs. Only two songs from PC. And Helena doesen’t sing as mush as on EHM tour. Concert was about 1 hour 50 minutes.

Opening Theme: Sound of Music
Dressed For Success
Party Pleaser
Listen to Your Heart (the Best)
Wish I Could Fly
Do You Wanna be My Baby
I Like it Like That
She Doesen’t Live Here Anymore
Hey I Died and Went to Heaven
Are you an Old Hippie Sir?
It Must Have Been Love (wow!)
The Look
Steppin’ Stone
Queen of Rain

Thank you!

And “I have party in my head”? And no Late, later on?


Amazing amazing!

Never would’ve guessed Wish I Could Fly was going to be part of the tour.

What NO KIX!?!?!?!?!?!? I want my money back!!! Even i’m not attending to any concert (so far)

Well it’s only the first performance let’s see what the future brings.

Either way he’s playing and that’s what matters.
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

How could he play just 2 songs from PC??????

Where’s “Doesn’t make sense”? “Silly Really”? “Sing along”? “Late, later on”? “Hey Mr. DJ”?

what’s going on?

Don’t start the moaning, wait for full setlist!

Tell us more about the show! YAY!

And whats going on? So many songs from Roxette?

Hello there !

This is the exact setlist in the exact order !

1. Dressed for success
2. Drowning in wonderful toughts about her
3. Stupid
4. Party Pleaser
5. I wish I could fly
6. She doesn’t live here anymore
7. 7 Twenty 7
8. Party in my head
9. Late, Later on
10. Listen to your heart
11. Do you wanna be my baby
12. Opportunity Nox
(13. Band presentation)
14. Doesn’t make sense
15. Church of your heart
16. Dangerous
17. Joyride
18. C’mon
19.Are you an old hippie, Sir?
20. The Look
21. It must have been love
22. Unknown cover by 60s band :)
23. Queen of rain

Excellent show !

And I think I should add that I wrote it all down under the show and did know every song except the cover one.

PK, thank you. Yeah, I mean Late, Later on, not I like it Like that :) My mistake.

Thanks so much!

Cool!!!! But they told they will play 26 songs, it means 3 more songs will be played extra on the further concerts?

Was the concert filmed?

Hey, I died and went to heaven was not played either.
The cover version might have been “Steppin’ Stone” as someone mentioned. Unknown for me.

The concert was not filmed.

How does he sounded? Some signing after the show?

Overall the setlist looks quite good, though it has too much SOAP and not enough Party Crasher for my liking. Quite bizarre that he doesnt even play the lead single of the album he is promoting!

Well, I can´t imagine that Per sings It must have been love or Queen of rain

Where is Silly Really?

Agree that there are a little to much SOAP and to few PC, but good choises of songs from Roxette I think. Dressed for success should be a great opener. Really looking forward to the cirkus gig.

Good set overall I think. The chosen Roxette songs are interesting, I think Queen of Rain might be Per’s best song ever. Fab ending track!

Although I get the point of it, and that it might have to be this way, my opinion is that he’s beeing abit too “safe”, choosing too many hits.

Silly Really has to be in the set! Ridicolous that it has been left out. I also feel sad for Helena that all her songs with solo parts was cut off, where is Hey Mr DJ och Perfect Excuse? I also miss Kix, which I think is fab.

But these songs are good choices I think:

3. Stupid
5. I wish I could fly
6. She doesn’t live here anymore
7. 7 Twenty 7
11. Do you wanna be my baby
12. Opportunity Nox
15. Church of your heart
16. Dangerous
19.Are you an old hippie, Sir?
18. C’mon
23. Queen of rain

the unknown song is steppin stone from the monkees :)

I think that PC have too many electronic arragement to playing with a rock formation, Clarence should need 4 hands!!! (except gut feeling and Thai wiht a twist) Party Pleaser and Doesn´t make sense is a good choosen for this show, the sound can be similar to TWATG songs or Roxette songs. In my opinion too many hits. Now Wait to Saturday!!! This is our Party Crisis Tourrr .... join with us or get to the chorus!!! (Ooooops!... I did it again.... my Prozac!)

In my opinion the gig was ABSOLUTELY fantastic!
Much, much better than Roxette’s Room Service performances.

Listen To Your Heart was haunting, brilliant with Helena’s background vocals.
Wish I Could Fly was a weird song choise, imo, but worked just fine! Great arrangement.

She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore & Opportunity Nox were nice to hear live for the first time.
It Must Have Been Love & Queen Of Rain were some of the highlights, the club was pretty much filled with feeling during these two.

Are You and Old Hippie was least expected from my point of view, as was the fact that he only played TWO songs from PC and left Silly Really out. However, it didn’t really matter, he picked so many great songs instead.

Personally, I’d like to thank him for I Have a Party in My Head. THAT was a FINE number. I nearly cried.

I wish I could attend more concerts!!

Completely surpriced that Kix and I like it like that were missing. If this isn’t the tour for those songs i don’t know when then. It’s the first show hope they add them later like with Real Sugar back then.
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Wow, great set list. There’s a few songs missing that I was sure we’d hear (’Kix,’ ’Hey Mr DJ’) and that I will miss, but then again, he was never going to be able to fit in all of everyone’s favorite songs – he’s written so many!

Of course he had to play the biggest Roxette hits – that’s what he’s best known for, after all. How could he do a concert without playing The Look? But if you don’t count the famous late ’80s / early ’90s songs, he’s still playing 12 songs that only the real fans will know. That’s a brave decision, and a great gift for the fans. I’m looking forward to hearing 7Twenty7 and the great SDLHA live, and it’s a wonderful surprise to have Party In My Head there.

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Awww man I wish i could be there.

Interesting setlist, a little too much Rox for my liking considering he has so much solo stuff to choose from. There really should’ve been at least 1 or 2 more from PartyCrasher in place of some of the Rox/SOAP songs.

SDLHA & OppNox, woohoo :-)

Can’t wait for the DVD!!

No need for more PC songs
Lets be honest.
Roxette fans are paying to hear Roxette or Per old solo songs.
PC is away from this great roxxing sound.

The only need is Marie cos i guess some songs sound strange without strong female voice.

So, is there a big chance for a summertour in Sweden?!

I would be so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))


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