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BBC interviews Per

Written by pwbbounce on April 18, 2009 to .

(Updated) - Ahead of Per’s UK Concert, the BBC has given a little interview with the man himself. There is nothing new for fans in this interview, but it is nice to see Per mentioned in UK media!

Another little article has also appeared on the BBC today as well. Quite similar in content to the other one, but worth a mention here as well. The very popular site Digital Spy has a little spot as well.

The story of a possible Roxette reunion is also being spread by World Entertainment News Network (in this example, by the American Broadcasting Company network affliate in Tampa, Florida) and by the Toronto, Canada based Chart Attack.

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Nothing new for fans? Why is in the front?

Will you please stop whining about dumb things?

Yes, it doesnt give us new info, but I think its fantastic that the BBC agreed to do the interview, as there has been zero media interest in Roxette for years in this country. Great stuff! But of course the usual complainers will find something to moan about. The news here isnt really so much that there is a new interview for us to read, but rather that the most important media organisation in the UK agreed to interview Per in the first place, albeit only for an online article

Why is in the front?

Because it’s BBC. It’s prestigious for an artist to have two articles there.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We don’t have to justify why we put articles on the front page, BUT I can’t remember the last time ANY media from the UK interviews Per, so this is why it’s posted. You don’t have to comment any every single news item posted here if you don’t like it.

Thanks Neil & Thomas! :-)

I agree with ncurran and Thomas....rather than focussing on the fact its old news, be pleased that the UK’s biggest and most influential media organisation, as well as being a World wide name, have done 2 articles on Per and Roxette!

See you at the concert!

“If she calls me up and tells me I’m ready, I’d say let’s go for it.” Beautifull words!!! I´m very proud of Gessle

@ tevensso -Please stop it. It was only a question, nothing more.

It wasn’t the best question to ask.

Can we add another article that has been found on Digital Spy... that’s quite a popular webpage here in the UK! Nice to see a Roxette mention here!

P.S It appears on the front because it’s news to people in the UK, its been years since Per or Roxette saw or got a mention here on the news so it’s big to us! :)

This is FAN - (can’t swear so) EFFING - TASTIC alot of the time the news on the BBC online can be put into the Radio 1s entertainment news or even on the other BBC Radio channels, wonder if they have mentoned it?

its good that the BBC have done it. it’s about time that the gig in London was publicised in some way

Well, this flew under the radar...

Per at the airport!!! Party Crisis Tour has started!!!

Wow, three articles in a matter of days. That’s probably the most promo Per/Rox has received in the UK since... well, ever.

Hopefully it helps sellout the shows.

Im seeing stuff like this on news sites on web all day! ! I didnt know they split LMAO !

They always pic boring pics lol. The RS shots were all so much better.

Great, yet another UK article! I never thought I’d see the press show so much interest again to be honest......though it wouldnt surprise me if the new release was ignored by the same media when the project is ready to be released, if it indeed happens at all

These articles may appear on other news sites after I been spending the last hour forwarding them round to lots of sites and forums. Got to spread the word!! :-)

Of course I mention in all of them that Per is in London in 18 days!!

What is interesting to note when you click on the first link is that the BBC always give you related articles. From that list we can see that the last time an article was written about Roxette was over 6 years ago, and that was about when Marie sued Expressen, so this really is a big deal

I’ve put a piece up on as well

Mmmmm TCOTH is my fave song ! !

@rox-kuryliw: Mine too! I love it.

But what I *really* love is that all of these music and news sites I already visit all the time FINALLY have something on my favourite band! I’ve gotten so used to seeing absolutely everyone but Roxette in the entertainment news it actually looks kind of weird to see them there now. The headlines are getting bolder - today a headline that popped up on Google news proclaimed, “Roxette to reform” or something equally unsubstantiated... but who cares? It’s nice to read even if it’s only one wish! (-:


“Fredriksson reunited briefly with bandmate Per Gessle in 2004 to celebrate the group’s 25th anniversary...”

Anyone else see the mistakes in that? Apparently Rox formed in 1979.

A quick google shows the correct info. Very sloppy work.

I was just told by my cousin that a radio station in Melbourne, Australia talked about a possible new album and world tour from Roxette.

I told her that they might have embelished some of the info out there currently.

But interesting that even here in Australia people are talking about it.

These days a lot on internet sites talk about a possible return of roxette, even here in Italy .... the world of music waiting for this event, and at this point are many hopes!

...please Marie call Per and tell: I’M READY!!!

Check Official site mentiones rumours about Roxette comeback in US and UK newspaper articles. I think it’s another positive sign that official site are also wites about comeback possibility. Nothing specific, nothing concrete, but still now it’s on official site. More and more promising.
And another artcle in Danish newspaper Urban. Per talkes about possibility that Marie will join him on Monday gig in Copenhagen.

Go roxette go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Roxette the best band ever!!!!!

here is other articol about Roxette came back

Just out of interest, has there been any official confirmation that the London gig moved? There will be people with tickets who don’t read forums!!

Good question! I’ll check....

The response from LiveNation -

“Yes all previous ticket purchases will have been alerted”

What, Marie might show up in Copenhagen and I’m here stuck in Vilnius!!! So unfair!

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

Mine must have gone missing in the post then.

The response from LiveNation -

“Yes all previous ticket purchases will have been alerted”

That’s a lie......I never got any information about it...only from on here!

I thought it was a bit suspect as well! I copied and pasted from her email....

Another news about Roxette. According to an article in, where’s an interview with Per, there will be re-released all old Roxette albums during this autumn. In luxury remastered edition, with extended booklets and previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Re-releases, ok... I’d better start saving money now!

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

Re-releases... Mmm, we have bought the old hits countless times before, now it’s not only the hits but the whole albums. I’d start saving money, but it won’t go to EMI’s treasury this time. It’s better to buy something else instead of feeding this greedy organization!

Yes, as tough as it sounds, I have no intention to purchase the same music/songs again! I wonder if we’re gonna get the re-remaster of “Pearls of Passion”...

Roxette compilations in 1995, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2006. Marie’s remasters in 2000, Gyllene Tider remasters (with bonus tracks) in 2004, GT again (no bonus tracks) in 2007... are they gonna ever stop? I think it’s time to draw a line somewhere.

Live Nation are speaking through there arse... I have never have any confirmation either in the post or via email about a change of venue...

I think something needs to be done about that... MANGEMENT!

Actually thought thinking of it if everyone goes to SB, we’ll have a smaller gig with Per! lol ;)

There will only be 10 of us there! LOL


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