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Per: Marie may join me on stage; Stockholm concerts to be filmed for DVD

Written by roxeteer on April 12, 2009 to , and .

Per has started his tweeting career enthusiastically. He has already answered dozens of fans' questions using his @PartyPleaser Twitter account and revealed some nice tidbits about the forthcoming tour.

The most interesting piece of information so far has been that Per has discussed with Marie about performing with him on the tour. "[S]he might pop up somewhere, we've talked about it," Per wrote in his tweet.

Another revealed fact is that the Stockholm concerts on May 9 and 10 will be filmed, and "most likely" there will be a live DVD available after the tour.


Jesus! It would be GREAT if Marie would join the Sthlm concerts!!! Please, please, please!!!
I’ll be on both concerts...:)

loving it! thanks Mr G!

Sounds still more and more promising. Per and Marie again together on one stage, real stage, not only for TV shot. Fantastic.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

THAT would be sooooooo awesome!!!

Can’t wait to get to Stockholm to watch the show and enjoy the city.

That’s what I call breathtaking news!!!

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

Just knew it this might happen, so please Per answered it with good possible news! ;)

Really amazing! Can´t wait to see the dvd.

I love you PER!


Super for all the Swedish Fans!!



We can’t imaging ANY Roxette’s song without Marie.Roxette is MARIE + PER!!!
We’re totally sure it would be a Rox HIGHLIGHT!!!

as I posted somewhere else, it would be weird if she wouldn’t :)
He tours in English, plays Rox songs and has 2 shows in Sthlm.. ;)

Great to hear it from him :D
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

great news!!
Roxette are in the air !!!!!!!!!!

Those are real good news! most likely if she appears somewhere will be in any of those concerts in Sweden, that’s for sure. I could have gone to one concert in Sweden but, i finally decided to go to Germany. But i really don’t mind, after all i’ve been always more a Per fan than Marie’s :-p . Anyway i hope to see her someday again as well. How great if they record those concerts too!.

Per, pleaseeeee, bring Marie with you to Prague or to Munich! It´s only 2 hours by plane.:-)
Happy Easter to everyone!

Yea, Prague is very nice in a springtime. ;-)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

what also would be great is.. London or somewhere in Germany.. or everywhere ;D

Not going to any show but I’ll be glad for all of you who’ll be present *yay* I hope for videos, pictures, stories!!!! :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

I bet that Marie joins Per in London. And that they will play two songs together...Listen to your heart and Spending my time... I had a dream...!

Why it’s always Sweden’s concerts to be filmed????? Isn’t it interesting to film some small but nice show in Europe? Warszawa seems to be nice. I’m not going to Poland, but I’m getting tired of this, because all the DVD, all in a row, look like the first one.....(((( Sad..

Since Helena won’t sing Marie’s parts on the tour, I don’t want to listen Marie singing Her parts in SOAP or Party Crasher songs, which would be the major part of the set-list.....

God knows what happens....((((((((((((((((

What will happen? Helena will sing her parts from SOAP and PC and Marie (if will attend) one or two Roxette songs. No surprise.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Where? I´m sure that Marie will appear in my living room singing acoustic versions while Per and Clarence dink beer and Swedish Vodka with me. No tickets this time Sorry!

Yes, I can agree on that “it’s always Swedish concerts that get filmed”, well, I might add - Per’s solo concerts :) But I can understand the decision. The Swedish concerts are more or less sold-out. As we already have known, it’s been tricky to sell out venues in other countries... And you want to have the big crowd of fans going mad on the video :)

@Svarta666: So you mean that we can join for free??? I’m in!!!

And I have the ticket for the 10th of May!!! See you in Stockholm, Mr. Gessle :P

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

Talking about big venues, they filmed Göteborg in 2007 and then told us that something went wrong with the recording (and no one knows if it really did) and filmed Stockholm’s concert instead.
Gessle sang out of tune in Stockholm toooooo damn much and the crowd was not as much supportive and crazy than in Göteborg. It’s not only me telling this - it’s dozens of people, who’ve been to Göteborg and seen the DVD.... They always make some strange and unexplainable decisions... Well, at least they make DVDs for themselves, not for us - so it’s their right to choose. Who are we? Just one more crazy fan........

so.. if something went wrong with the Göteborg recording, how should they have put it on a DVD? Repeating the concert? Make a computer animated version of it?
Why would they lie about it, if it’s so obvious to everyone that that show was better than Sthlm? :)

So.. either film Stockholm and make a DVD or make no DVD at all... strange decisions... :)

none of the shows in between Göteborg and Stockholm would have been better - audience-wise ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Parkliv - only toured Sweden
Återtåget - only toured Sweden
Marie - only toured Sweden
Mazarin - only toured Sweden
GT25 - only toured Sweden
En händig man - only toured Sweden

so I think it would be quite hard to make a DVD NOT played in Sweden, what do you say??

I tell you, Per should contact the guys from Pixar Animation Studios and have them make an animated Live DVD, TPC Live in Barcelona 20 May 2009 ;D
Could we have a cameo appearance of Dory in it as well?
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

I’LL BE ALRIGHT would be the perfect song for a ’Per-and-Marie-together-but-not-Roxette’-stage comeback ;-)

Now the question would be to which on of the Sthlm concerts :)

Marie may join. We know she is good but without the rehearsing it might be quite difficult. Or shuld I say interestingly challenging.

Imagine the reaction of the crowd when after the intro of the song, Marie’s voice appear. It may become a great part for the live DVD.

Also, she may steal Per’s thunder :).

-= tridy =-

Mazarin was in Oslo and Helsinki also
Room Service tour 2001 - all around Europe and all we have from Room Service 2001 is SWEDEN’s Stockholm’s concert. Don’t you know it? Or you’re faking for not understanding what am I talking about?
No need to talk about Barcelona. Quality of the recording is not that good and the set list is too short

Why they filmed Stockholm in 2001? Why do they want to film Stockholm now?

The concerts aren’t filmed on VHS anymore. What do you think could went wrong? USB was broken? HDD was not capable enough for 2,5 hours show? Everything went wrong on FIVE cameras AT ONCE????? =)))

@ Junkie: So would you have choosen the small indoorshows in Oslo and Helsinki for the Mazarin DVD when the show in Gothenbourg was so much bigger, and more representive for the tour (an outdoor tour in Sweden)?

The Sweden show at RS tour was filmed because it was broadcasted live in a swedish digital television net. Would have been strange for them to broadcast another concert then the swedish? They had adds in the newspapers that said something like “Want to se Roxette in the Globe tonight? Do it in your couch”. I also want to remind you that this concert has not been released on DVD.

And I really don’t see the reason why they should have lied in 2007, wasn’t GbG concet bigger then the one in Stockholm? And they filmed the one in GbG during mazarin so they can not have anything against GbG.

Why they film the Swedish one this year might be because it’s the ones that are most likely to be sold out and have the biggest crowds? Maybe because it’s two shows so they can get more material to cut in. Or maybe because they feel like it. Or maybe because the filming crew is situated here in Sweden and it would not make sense to fly them to another country to film a small concert.

I’m telling that after dozen of out-door DVDs with big crowd and so on, it would have been nice to release DVD with a concert in a club. Don’t think about prestige. Think about the show for 200 people is too private and you watch it on DVD and see (feel) yourself on this private show.

I think it’s cool. Nobody seems to support me here. I don’t care. Go, get one more STANDART dvd in a row.... Who cares? After any promotions with word “Gessle” on it, it will sold quite well after the tour, just like as all the Roxette’s greatest hits.

Every time and everything is the same. The problem is that no one wants to think wider. No one wants to experience something new. There are standards and everyone follows them, as if they are written in a note book. Sadly indeed

@daniel_alv – BTW, you’re opinion about filming crew in Sweden might be right. I can agree. Thus the production of DVD would be cheaper?.... yup

@junkie: This DVD will probably be different from the other DVD’s. It’s indoors and Cirkus is not that big. What I like the most is that it will be different songs! Mazarin, GT25 and EHM dvd’s are a little to similar since it’s a lot of songs that are on all three (or two) of them. This time we will get a lot of new songs on DVD. I’m looking forward to the DVD.

What I am wondering about is at the Cirkus show’s, will Per speak in English or in Swedish. My guess it’ll be Swedish (look at Roxette in the past). As the tour is European, it will be strange to have a DVD with only Swedish speaking? There are also going to be a few non-Swede’s at the show I would imagine as well.

I’m happy that they release a DVD, don’t matter where they shoot it. It’s probably the same show anyway.... :)

@pwbbounce : Good question. At RS tour they spoke Swedish in Sweden. Maybe he’ll speak english just because of the DVD, or maybe he’ll speak both. Per doesn’t talk that much in his shows anyway.

@tridy: Per recently told us that he played some Roxette songs with Marie just a week or two ago to see “if the feeling is still there”. Obviously it still is - I guess it counts as a rehearsal. They played their songs hundred or even a thousand times..I guess you could wake them up in the middle of the night and they could play and sing LTYH together. ;-) And Per said that Marie still knows the lyrics by heart. Sooo...I am really curious about what will happen...


What a greaaaattttt news!!!!!

Now i may visited some of shows and even go to Sweden once again.

There no point to film Mazarin ,GT or EHM show outside the Sweden.
I visited all Pers’ tours and was filmed few times ,so don’t lose faith Junkie–keep on touring.

It would be great to hear SOAP ,Mazarin or EHM song from Marie.
Strong,rock version will be nice change.

But the must is Per and Marie singing ROXETTE song again!
That’s what million people wait.
Lets have this joyride once again!

Maybe the reason for filming the Sthlm shows is that Marie will join there.
So it is obvious that if she appears there, the DVD must be made from that show. More people will buy it, lots of them maybe only because of Marie! And this way those ppl can also be part of this miracle who can’t attend the Sthlm gigs!

True. If Marie will really join Gessle on stage, that should get on DVD. That would be indeed interesting....

In this case.... he-he-he..... I’m sorry to say that, because I love Her tooo much, Helena will look like Viki Benkert in glorious 90s...)))

Good point Paul. The fact that it is being recorded, and I assume Per knows that there would be a relatively large (by comparison) worldwide following, it would make sense to speak in english.

Either way, so long as it sounds good!

claudia soul deep


I am guessing if Stockholm is being filmed for a DVD Per wiill speak in Engish, with maybe some Swedish comments!

My 2cents worth:

Circus in Sthlm is the PERfect choice for a dvd recording imho. If youve seen Mika’s first dvd filmed in Paris, you’ll understand why im saying this. Just hope that there’l be lotsa bells and whistles as well to make it a visual treat... But then again, does it really matter? MrG’s stage prezence is visually exciting by itself!

If HRH MF does join MrG on stage it probably will be for one of these 2 shows. And yes, “I’ll be alright” would be the perfect song. Although its such a “goodbye/this is the last thing we do together” song.

Anyhoos, im so jealous of all you peeps who’ll get to see MrG live on this tour. Feel blessed, lucky and fortunate. This will be a once in a lifetime experience, so enjoy it!!!

Cheers cheers :o)


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