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Per communicates via video

Written by tevensso on April 1, 2009 to .

(Updated) - Head over to to see new photos and yet another video message from Per and his Heavy Metal Kids.

Late, Later On


Gessle rehearsed today

“Hey, I Died and Went to Heaven”

How do you know?

WARSZAWA seems to be the most awaited gig on the tour. We’re also looking forward to it. We’re more than pleased to hear the name of our capital. Thanks!!!

I’ve got a very good E Y E S :-)

Did Per name Pelle ’Micke Syd’ or did I mishear something?


agree, warsaw will be great!

What´s with other countries?

But Sweet video(s) :)

Yes he called Pelle “Syd”.

What, no April Fool’s Day joke? :-P

“Où sont mes pantalons?”

Dear Mr. Gee,
I hope you won’t forget Pelle’s name while introducing the band members ;-)
And I am so thrilled you and the guys rehearsed ’Hey I died and went to heaven’ - one of my favs on the album :-)
See ya in Helsingfors (or Helsinki) :-) !!!

Praaaaaaaaaaaaaague! See ya there:)

Per, we want more !!! Please !!!!!!!!!!!
And would be great to see another record when you and heavy metal kids playing the song. What song - doesn‘t matter ;)
Thank you !!!

So now Per also started to sell his guitar picks? Good idea but I hope he will also throw a lot of them again. :)

What a good version of The look! Different, fresh, fantastic... 32 days for seeing you in London Mr.Gee... you will play She doesn´t live here anymore, won´t you? ;)

helena’s husband is cute :)

Ooooh ! That version of “The Look” is sounding cool ! Different enough but recognisable at the same time, cannot wait !!! Thanx for the previews... post more if you will =D

Thank you Mr.Gee ! It‘s so nice to see you performing in English !
The band looks GREAT ! Pelle looks cool, and of course Clarence.
Waiting for DVD from the tour so much !!!!!!!!!!!

The Look does sound good!! One month tomorrow until the London show!! :-) WOO HOO!!!!

A new clip - the band listens to “Satuday”. Finally one good information after “Hey I died and went to heaven” and “Later, later on” news :-)

Saturday is a great song! Looking forward to hearing these live versions of songs I never thought we’d hear live!

Selling the picks - good marketing idea. Still better to get one that bent from hard playing thou.

Can’t wait for the concert! I thoroughly adore the way Per and his band stay in touch with their fans. You can see they’re enjoying themselves - and I’m very sure Per will keep his promise: A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

I’ve never seen either Roxette or Per live and I’m thrilled to bits about the upcoming show. Thanks, Per & the Heavy Metal Kids! See you in London.

geez, lots of London people seem to be popping up that I didn’t know... I thought there were about 5 of us ! Ha ha... =D

same here!! Isn’t it great!! :-)

Two new potentials in the lastest video:

Always the Last (To Know???? - not sure if this is that song or not)

Always Breaking My Heart - Per seemed in a hurry to gloss over this page =)

I’m really looking forward to seeing what makes the cut. I wonder if maybe one or two songs that he decides not to do on the tour may be featured in the “home videos” as rehersals or something ?? Could be good !

I like Pers accent....”Pårty pleasssser”.... LOL svengelska sounds sweet

**me waving to the guys** hej forget the have enough of your own great songs.... or choose something we might know at least ... ;)

Yeah Bb ist the best key, I thought D# ;-)

The Gessle Posters in Hamburg have already got replaced! I hope that is not a bad sign.

I enjoy Gessle’s accent, especially when he says “Fantastic”. It’s svengelska at its best LOL

@CRIZ what do you mean by “replaced”?

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

@AURYTE: I meant that the posters have been taken off by the people who are responsible for the commercial “decoration” around the subways and central station. They have but something else on the wall instead.

God created a few perfect people, the rest are righthanded

Put back Gessle posters, you bloody people!!! LOL

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep


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