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“The Look” #1 in the US - 20 years ago

Written by Ivanych on March 28, 2009 to .

On the evening of March 28, 1989, the telephone rang at Per Gessle's home in Halmstad. When Per answered, Roxette's manager Thomas Erdtman screamed down the other end that "The Look" was #1 on the U.S. Billboard chart!

Swedish radio P4 Retro celebrated the occasion with an hour of Roxette Special with a few rare demos!


Happy Birthday ’The Look’. :-D

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Oh that’s why p4 braodcasted Roxette-special! I thought it was because Joyride was released 18 years ago haha

Wow!! in that case today is “The Look day!!!”

ettexor said: Wow!! in that case today is “The Look day!!!”

Woohoo!! Public holiday! :-)

Might go listen to this right now to celebrate! :-D

...and still so fresh! :-)

I listen to pop music extensively lately and the fact is, that NO other song compares to “The Look” - it still sounds like it was written only an hour ago.
So fresh and unique... It’s a song most bands dream about, I can tell you that. Then I’m not even mentioning “Joyride” - but that’s a whole other story.... Ha ha ha

Was in this Roxette special something ineresting?

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Roxette Forever!

abysmo said: Was in this Roxette special something ineresting?

In swedish, so i had no idea what was being said. But there was an interview with Rox. Would be nice to know when that was done, and maybe a transcript?

There are two interviews: one comes from 1995 and they talk about their visit in China and the second one was done while Have a nice day promotion.


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