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Per: “I’m sure Roxette will be back”

Written by abysmo on March 23, 2009 to .

Per talks quite a bit about Roxette in this telephone interview conducted by Petr Vizina, audio editor for the newspaper HN in the Czech Republic.  Among many other things, he talks about Marie and how her life changed after her illness, but that she likes to sing on stage again and that he's sure — not now, but next winter or next year — that Roxette will be ready to come back.

Vizina, who comes across as being very knowledgable and seems obviously be a Roxette fan himself, speaks — in English — with Per for about 24 minutes. He eventually gets around to asking about the upcoming "Party Crasher" tour and Per readily admits that "people don't know who I am."

"This is my 50th birthday present to myself," he says. "I'm not going to plug 'Party Crasher' to death, I'm going to play a compilation of what I've been doing for the past 30 years." The interview appears on the newspaper's online edition (




The countdown has just began.........................
I’m happy happy happy, gimme gimme shock treatment!!!!
But...............¿EMI?.................. :o( ...... EMI=Party Crashed

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

This is just great! Good news! I love you Per!!!!!

So, that means Listen to your heart and Dressed for success are included in the setlist? Eh?

great news yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Per sounds very down to earth and he is aware of the situation with the forthcoming tour

More questions about the tour will be fantastic, setlists etc, I ve got some many questions I would like to ask him:)

can anyone else out there can get another interview for the fans, some snippets what is going to come up? rehearsals? something....

Super awesome info from Per. HORRIBLE interviewer. Whoever that was needs to learn to not fill the silence with “mhmm uh huh mhmm uh huh” and awful fake laughs that overpowered Per. Could almost read Per’s mind there... “How unprofessional.”

Hope Marie gets into doing Rox with Per! Would be hot!!

Nice interview!! Full of hope!!

He sounds really relaxed and open to talk about whatever.

Per does the mhmm too when talking about White Stripes, haha.

Seems promo just started as he said he’s been talking and talking and talking this might be one of many interviews.

Great way to end a hot and regular monday down the south of the globe.

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

i cant listen to it its just a link to a page with writing in a different language. how can i get to hear it?

its great news for everyone. i hope it happens, made my day alot brighter!

I´ve got to see it to believe it.

@David and whoever else is interested: a direct link:

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Well, we’ve heard most of the things already even the comments about the possible Roxette comeback. I don’t find anything new except for the comments about SOAP and the tour. I’m quite shocked tho with Per’s comments about what was Marie’s recovery probability. Gosh, she is a real fighter !


nice interview :)

Can’t listen yet but the headline is great! :D

Even if he talked about a possible comeback before this is an updated confirmation and a bit more specific.

That was a really nice interview, apart from some of the umm-ing and ahhh-ing. There were some really good questions and both seemed very comfortable.

Let’s hope Per is right about the future.

LMAO! The interviewer admitted to being retarded! O M G!

“Stupid question... sorry!”

Great news!!!!!!! :)))))))))))

It’s true Roxette are back!!!

this is the best news from 2002!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

claudia soul deep
this is just the best I‘ve heard ever
please come back soon!!!!
i want to see you on stage together again
please come to spain in the tour!
great news!!!
claudia from madrid spain .

Seeing is believing, Per ;)

I’m not sure ...

Anyway Per and Marie could come back together but ... Roxette is over since 2002, in my humble opinion.

Nice interview. Though Per seemed to be hectic and the interviewer seemed to be not very well informed. Thanks also for this lovely smash in our german faces.ROFL.
I know.....we still don’t speak english very well. Guess how I got motivated to learn english.... - one of my friends once said to me that my english has a swedish accent...lalalalala... ;)

Well well well!! I told you guys all along that Roxette WILL be back. I just can’t wait.

Thank you Per!! Thank you Marie!! but most of all - Thank you, God!!!!!

Sorry but I still don’t get it. Why everybody is so happy with this interview ? Most of the questions were the same old and boring questions Per used to get - how come someone can still ask where Roxette got their name from ! :-P And regarding the future of Roxette, it is the same optimism Per has shared in every single interview since Marie got back on stage. Nothing new , nothing concrete.


I have to agree with Ros here. Every rox follower has known that Roxette will be back, as well as the fact that both Per and Marie will be making music for the rest of their lives. Is it May already? ’Cos then we will here sometin’ that really matters, Mr. G. live. See you there people! : )

PS: Ros, how’s your holidays? Sunburn gone yet? ; )

I totally disagree with “realsugar” and “CRIZ.” I think the interviewer was well-prepared and did an absolutely fantastic job – especially when compared to other such interviews we’ve heard in the past. I suspect he already knew the answer to several of the questions (the origin of the Roxette name, for example), but asked them because he thought his readers/listeners would find the answer interesting. – LEO

I also think the interview is OK. And I would understand people wondering why ask where Roxette’s name comes from if TDR had done the interview... but the guy interviewed Per for everybody in CZ who reads that website.. not everybody has followed Roxette since day 1 and not all interviews are done exclusively for us to read/listen to ;)
And the guy speaks better English than any Spanish reporter will ever do ;)
AND the interview is not translated to any language and spoiled.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Its a shame there is no one from the UK willing to do an interview with Per over the phone!! Oh hang on....:-)

it´s not sure that Roxette come back!!!!

It´s Per like the Day 1! “Hi! my name in Per Gessle, not Pier, Pere or something like this. I´m a swedish artist and this is my job. I hope you like it” I think is nice

It will be!!!!! :)__________________________________________
I wanna live, I wanna give, I’ve been a miner for a heart of gold...

That’s right, Per has always said the same things: that it’s up to Marie, that maybe... The only thing that’s changed now is that we almost have a date for the comeback. Now we can say it’s true, they are really planning it. I always knew they would be back. I started saving money a few months ago and I’ll just keep doing it. THANKS FOR THE GREAT NEWS, PER!!! :)
I wanna live, I wanna give, I’ve been a miner for a heart of gold...

Good interview. It’s great to hear Per mentioning Roxette, although there aren’t really anything new that we didn’t know about regards Roxette future. It’s fine, though. Whatever happens, happens.

Great news!
I hope comes true!

I’m surprised no one else has noticed. Per sais that the tour is going to be a compliation of the last 30 years. That right back to 1979. Is he going to give us some very early treats like After School, something from Heartland Cafe? WOW! That would be pretty cool to hear some of those songs live

I thought he loathes Heartland Cafe now?

He hated Sommertider for a time but still played it?

The interviewer is just plain irritating!

But really nice to hear Per :)

April 16th i will see him in Helsinki, Finland :)

I like!

What great news!
Let‘s hope that they release really a new album. I personally hope that Marie and Per work together as a team, because i like Pers and Maries solo material. But it’s miles away from the magic and special sound of roxette.

I would get mad if he plays after school!!! Hurray!

great news! excellent interview...thanks to Petr Vizina,we know more,even something about roxette...I suppose Per really wants Roxette’s back,lets wait:)

THANK YOU VERY MUCH PER FOR THE AWESOME INTERVIEW! You are great and optimistic, as always! It’s so wonderful and inspiring to wait for the SUPER EVENT of seeing you LIVE on STAGE!!! Just thinking and dreaming about it makes me so happy and alive! But I’m afraid what will be afterwards with me ... total depression........ who knows: is it allowed to take a photocamera to the concert?

there are 2 articles in HN, unbelievable:

We will be back, swear Roxette

PG: Roxette will go on

Can someone do a decent english translation?

Roxette forever!!!

Good news!!

It’s the same interview, only more extended, almost transcript of audio record.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Absolutally over the moon hearing the interview but something tells me it aint going to happen (don’t get me wrong theres nothing in this whole world that i’d like more than a Roxette comeback) but does Marie really want this?i’ve not heard anything concrete from Marie.

And little more here

“We basically avoided the subject for years. But now we’re talking about maybe we should do something. I actually met with her yesterday to talk about it.

“I’m sure something will happen. I don’t know when. We were actually having fun playing the old songs acoustically, just to see how it felt, and she was perfectly on pitch and still knows all the lyrics by heart. But it’s up to her. I don’t want to push.”

Not sure how “true” that is but if it is it’s sounding more and more promising !!!


One thought tho, Per keeps telling that he does not want to push Marie, but ain’t telling in all interviews that it’s upto Marie for Roxette to be back an indirect way of pushing ? ;)


Rosina: “One thought tho, Per keeps telling that he does not want to push Marie, but ain’t telling in all interviews that it’s upto Marie for Roxette to be back an indirect way of pushing?”

That was my thought too. I think it is...
But I guess (or hope) he says only what they agreed on.

That new interview sounds very promising, and Per mentioned Pay The Price :-) That made me really happy!

Rosina: I think it’s a way of saying he wants that. It only depends on Marie wanting to get back too. I don’t think it’s a way of pushing, he just means he is willing to do it.

I wanna live, I wanna give, I’ve been a miner for a heart of gold...

Chartattack! That’s the Canadian alternative music magazine... we’ve finally hit that weird place where Per’s perfect pop is so out of line with what’s on radio these days, it’s alternative... it had to happen...

Anyway, I sure wish I’d been there for that acoustic P & M jam session!!!!!!!

So Per said he doesn’t want to push Marie... He should push Marie.
Sometimes we all need a little push to help us along. Let Per push her, seemingly she needs it. She will be thankful to him. She’s ready.

I’m just a little concerned about what Per said about Marie’s balance. She’ll have to sit on a bar stool most of the time.... that’s ok. As long as she sings!!!


As I wrote somewhere else, Per is still able to write fresh and interesting songs, Marie is still fantastic singer and performer, so Roxette comeback still have meaning.
But there is one condition. Both of them must be interesting in it and must enjoy it. I have no doubt about Per. And if you’re looking on Marie’s last activities and how she enjoys those shows, you have to be more and more sure too. That’s my point of view.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Roxette comeback is that I long for!
If Roxette members preserve their best features and disover something new in performing all the Europe (or the whole world) could sing their songs.
As for Marie’s health, no matter if she doesn’t move on the stage that much.
All is needed is Per’s voice and charisma and Marie’s charm.


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