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Concerts moved (Copenhagen & London)

Written by pwbbounce on March 15, 2009 to and .

(Updated) - The Party Crasher concert in Copenhagen has been moved from Vega to Pumpehuset. March 17 - London show has been moved to O2 Islington Academy (formally the Carling Academy). Per comments:

these venues were changed because i prefer to play smaller venues (500-800 ppl) on this tour of mine. that has been my intention since day 1. shepherd's bush holds 2300 (way too big for someone like me!) and "large" vega takes about 1300 incl the balconies. "small" vega wasn't available so we set our eyes on pumpehuset.

now i'm happy!




And is it bigger or smaller venue? ;-)

I think smaller!?

Smaller, but just as popular and more comfortable to play, Per says.

I’m really lost. I don’t know which city to choose to see Gessle live. Copenhagen would be super!!! *I guess, there are no tix left for Stockholm gigs*

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

There are still tickets off and on for the Stockholm gigs. And then Halmstad on Wednesday.

Only one month for the tour to start ! :)


Well, then I would like to ask if anyone has the ticket for Pumphuset show? I’m collecting pictures or scans of all the tickets for Party crasher tour and still haven’t got for Helsinki, Oslo, Gent and Halmstad. If anyone is willing to help me, so just write me pm or e-mail.

I still have a spare seat for the Stockholm concert on the 10th... a good seat, offering this E-TICKET for £30. If your intrested email me [email protected]

Here in Prague, I´ve heard rumours, that too few tickets are sold up to date... :-( Hope, there won´t be any move or even cancel....Of course, promo is almost none.....As well as promo for PC....damn EMI.... :-(

Would be interesting to know how all the tickets are selling!
I also think that it’s time for some promotion....I haven’t seen any posters around in Hamburg yet. Or any information at all. Nothing in the papers.....
Well..I also would love to go on a gig with only 20 people...but I don’t know if Per would come then :)

Yes, there’s nothing here in Tyskland!

I don’t think that there are many Danes who know that Gessle is playing in Copenhagen. I asked my chef today and he didn’t know. *Still can’t decide: Stockholm or Copenhagen*

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

And on the other hand, there’s a lot of promotion for Warsaw gig and it became the 9th most popular gig on (only website that sells tix for this show) :-)

thank goodness I managed to book a hotel room near Shepherd’s Bush Empire Per, and now you go and move the concert across town to Islington, north London.

This makes me really, really, really happy!



well the venue is MUCH smaller than the original one in London, so at least it will be intimate. Not so good for Per’s bank account, but good for us

if he wanted, he could just come round to mine and perform a few songs. still at least it is quite near the club Egg. Not been there in ages, so may pop round there for a bit of fun after.

anyone know the capacity of o2 islington?

800 apparently. The previous venue had a capacity of around 3000 I think

The previous venue, Shepherds Bush Empire, has a capacity of 2000 according to Wikipedia.

Call me naive, but I would never have thought that Per had to struggle to get a 2,000 (or 800) people venue sold out. But never mind, as some of you have already pointed out - it’s gonna be much more intimate that way, and definitely an unforgettable evening for all of us.

It doesn’t bother me so much, I’ll just take a taxi back to the hotel I booked near the Shepherd’s Bush venue... if anyone is staying in the Hilton we could always share a cab back!

mmmm, I guess only few ppl go to see Per in London.
Well, well, well, to bad for Per.

Dear Per, UK is not for you.

Old venue:
New venue:

To be honest, I am not that surprised. Even though the promo posters we saw when the concert was announced did mention “The Man from Roxette” on all of the ticket websites it was just listed as “Per Gessle and Band”. I suppose the problem is that in this country people have no idea who Per Gessle is, so he basically has to play as a completely new artist.There are still quite a lot of people who you talk to about Roxette who were under the impression that “Roxette” is Marie’s name and she is a solo artist. I also get regular emails from all of the ticket agencies listing new events on sale, and didnt see him mentioned in any of them.
I think it could have been marketed a lot better....perhaps if people knew that he indeed was “The Man from Roxette” and also that he would be playing a lot of Roxette songs sales would have been better, because despite them not being successful for years here, there are still a lot of people who loved their songs from the 90s. If Roxette were touring the UK these days they probably would have to tour in 2000 - 3000 seat theatres rather than arenas, so it was very ambitious to think that Per could sell out such venues on his own, when people have no idea who he is.

It is a pity that there is not much promotion, otherwise it is worthy seeing him

however it will be a proper fan club meetup, and the venue is 20 mins away from islington:)

That’s a real shame. Islington is a great venue in a cool area, plenty of bars and restaurants etc, but SBE is the better venue all in all.

It’s no surprise when the album doesn’t even yet have a UK release. Silly Really.

Well said, ncurran!
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

Per! Southamerica is waiting for you...

I know, i´m dreaming...

No promotion, no sales - that’s how it always was and always will be.


just on a practical note, does one have to do anything with tickets that the Shepherd’s Bush Empire has sent them, in order to get in to the Islington Academy?

If I turned up with my Bush tickets would they let me in?

Silly Q I know, but I am a silly person.

@onlywhen - the email i got from the tour promoter says that all valid tickets issued for the concert will be accepted at Islington, so no need to worry :-)

this is typical!
like others I have booked hotels etc in order to be safe and within walking distance to the venue. great :(

Ally- we are staying at the Hylton but thats not the point is it! ok i will calm down now :)

Why am I not surprised this has happened? Oh, because you only get out what you put in - zero promo = few sales. How was anyone to buy a tciket in London if they didn’t know about it? And the moral to be learned is that pre-booking is really not worth bothering with in this case!

Seeing as O2 own both the Empire and the Academy, I wonder if they forcibly moved the gig to save face of both parties? Though the fact they’ve not updated the respective sites makes me a bit worried that this is even going to go ahead at all.

thanks for the info Paul. I can’t believe I sent you that email on facebook about the concert being cancelled due to lack of attendence, and we are only one step away from that! Fingers crossed it won’t happen.

No worries, the email that I had also said that they are just about to start press ad’s etc, but EMI will not be releasing the CD in the UK at all.

What about posting links on major music forums? Anything we can do to help would be a way of making sure the concert doesn’t get cancelled?

There’s a lot of things to do if fans want to support their idol. You can publish or send the press release to every music / event site from London which would be interested in publishing it. You can start writing topics on each forum that you’re on. You can can even try to contact radio or tv stations in order to do some promotion, reportages and so on. Have you contacted with Live Nation UK? Maybe they’ll be interested in doing some contests and give some free tix to medias. Just try, we can do more than you think :)

Poor Per! I hope it won’t discourage him so much.
Maybe it’ll be his last european tour.:-(((

Btw. What does Dimberg do for her money??? It seems that Nothing! :((
Per should have sacked her long ago.
How did they think that tickets will sell themselves without any promotion?

Right: No promotion, no success. The people doesn´t know that Per is out with a new cd. Only the fans and that´s sad. I LOVE you Per. But please go on promotion tour first!

Stormen: Excellent post!!!!

It’s a huge letdown, the London gig. There are tens of thousands of Swedes who´re living, studying and working in London. They could have filled the original venue easily. But, I guess they didn’t know about it.

Same thing with Copenhagen, all the times GT/PG have played in Helsingborg and Malmö the last couple of tours there have been lot’s of danish people there.

Not even the Stockholm gigs are sold out, the promotion has hit rock bottom.

I´m afraid we have not seen the last moved/canceled gig yet.

See you in Copenhagen and Halmstad!

maybe its a sign we all need to accept that both per and roxettes international appeal are over? And please don’t flame me. Per’s european concert sales have gotten smaller every time he goes out at some point it doesn’t become financially lucrative to tour, and since he sold his and roxettes soul to emi the cance of him booking with someone like live nation isn’t going to happen. Maybe he should do what alot of international artist do and just stick with the territories he sells best in.....germany and sweden?

so say we all

I’d like to remind people that there are tickets left for the Stockholm gigs. Today there are about 20 tix for May 9 and about 150 tix for May 10 available.

and about 500 tickets for the UK show! Tell EVERYONE and spread the word!

Is the dates tour closed? Is this the final tour? People who live out of these countries need to organize, hotel, flight, tickets, etc etc. Please! It´s time to confirm the whole tour as soon as possible!

Per’s tour is getting smaller everytime as my dream that Per comes to Argentina :(
I’m NOT surprise but a little sad.
That’s not good for Per but really great for the few fans!! Few fans on the show bigger the possibility to be in touch with Per!!
I talked to Clarence and he told me that the tour won’t hit Argentina,(he told me that’s why it’s really expensive come here with a tour like this) it’s a terrible pity!! Many fans here are waiting for Per (actually we’re waiting for Roxette)
I’m sure a show in Argentina would be full with 2000 ppl.
Per if u read this,i hope u can change yer mind,think about it,you know the argentinean audience,we love u guy!!

My main question about the changed venues is first off, if you knew you couldn’t fill them, then why did you approve being booked into them in the first place? It’s not like information about venue capacities isn’t freely available. It just looks like bad planning if you agree to venues you can’t fill, then hastily rearrange them.

whateveriam: I completely agree with you!

whateveriam, I think they probably did expect to fill them, and sorry but I don’t believe changing the London venue is down to the fact that Per prefers smaller venues. He’s only sold about 300 tickets, so of course it makes no sense to play in a 2000 seat theatre. Thats the only reason it’s been changed.

As long as the show in London doesn’t get cancelled, I’ll be fine! That’s quite selfish, I know, but I’d love to see a great Per Gessle concert with only a bunch of very enthusiastic people there. And because there are still some weeks to go, I think that the jury’s still out as to how many tickets will be sold in the end. Keep thinking positive!

“I don’t believe changing the London venue is down to the fact that Per prefers smaller venues.”

Of course not! Who should believe that? Per just prefers to play full venues and not empty halls. Understandable.

The Point about “Per Gessle” being rather unknown outside Sweden is true. Though I think even a good portion of informed Roxette fans can’t be bothered to show up. Me included.

As much as I love Per as a musician and songwriter, let’s face it: Per never was the center point of Roxette’s gigs, it was Marie. A concert full of Roxette songs without her is almost like watching a cover band for me. I’m simply not attracted. Sorry Per, good luck!

@Sascha, nice point. Right

The special rates at the Hilton were not refundable I think they should put on a taxi/bus service of some kind back to the Hilton.

Dear Mr Gessle, you should have sell tickets in other countries, like Romania, or Spain, or Argentina, where you should find people that like your music. And what kind of promotion you’ve got for this tour?
Even in these countries where you go there is no promotion for the concert or album. What is your management doing? I mean, they should have contact reviews and tv shows or interviews with you everywhere. If somebody want to see you they don’t know if you are coming in their countries. Is so silly really. I don’t understand how things goes in your own yard...

Ah, and yes i think this is your LAST international tour, and it’s sad that you choose three gigs in Germany and not one in Romania, or Hungary, or Bulgaria. Too sad...

And i just don’t know now if i would buy a ticket for Prague if there is only 100 tickets sold! I mean the ticket for airplane is 350 euros...what if you cancel this?
How can i be sure?


a little perspective people! the show has moved across town, not the other side of the country!
i agree, it sucks that they’ve had to move to a smaller venue, but at least he hasn’t cancelled the show (yet!). i mean, if only 300 tickets have been sold, is he actually gonna make any money at all from this show in london? i’m guessing not.
lets just be happy that he’s bothered to come here anyway. there are plenty of fans in other countries who would love the opportunity to see him.

Its cost me over £400 for four nights in the Hilton... still it’s Per!

Paul, I was spreading the word, happily giving out those promo posters you sent then when happened, happened and I got a tad side tracked with everything... still I let mum have a promo poster ;) (if you get my drift, still I am sure she will be partying along in sprit with us all on the day!) The fact I am getting to see Per in May is keeping me sane right now (I think!)

The tickets should be fine for the new venue it happened once before for a Gessle gig I think it was back in 2007 or was it before then, my memory is not what it is...

My tickets for the London gig (4 of’em - see, Per, I’m doing MY bit instead of moaning about it) haven’t been delivered yet - the ticket agency (read: legalised tout) I used emailed me this morning to say “our allocation with this venue is collection only, so you will now need to collect your tickets from Islington Academy on the night of the event, with the card you paid on and your reference number.”

Which pisses me off, as I requested Special Delivery on the feckers.

I am also staying at the Hilton i’ts a good idea to share a taxi back after the gig. :)

The venue is actually more convenient for me, as my train comes into Liverpool St station, which is only a couple of stops away from Angel on the tube (albeit with a change in the middle), whereas shepherds bush would have been about 12 stops away (roughly). I also think the gig will be more enjoyable in the smaller venue, and even if the crowd is smaller it will most likely be fans who want to be too many gigs these days are attended by people who actually have no interest in the music. Still it must be disappointing for per, despite what he says.....and also not very good professionally. Not sure how the sales are doing in other countries, but if the london gig is a complete flop, I doubt he would find a promoter to arrange another date here if he ever wanted to tour again for any future project....this could be said for any other country if there is a similar situation with tickets.

Obviously, the tour promo and place arrangement is question of LIVE NATION....They obviously over-estimated demand for Per outside Sweden, maybe except Germany.... Here in Prague, LIVE NATION (obviously with Per´s agreement) chose Lucerna, that is pretty big venue, it used to be most traditional concert hall few years ago...but capacity is officially 2500, but I´ve seen much more in days of not so strict safety regulations...These days, there are some posters around Prague, some articles on webs and local newspapers, but I haven´t noticed anything in radio or TV. There is one more possible venue in Prague, it´s called Retro, but from my point of view, in Prague, it´s too late to find suitable venue with capacity of 500-1000 ppl, so I doubt, there will be chance to move....We can only guess, how many ticket have been sold, but my tip is around 300-500, of course czech rox fanclub is doing promo and I know about many friends, who already have tickets and Prague is suitable for fans from Eastern Europe, but, I doubt, that there is a chance to find smaller venue and from point of musician, who plays quite often here, Prague isn´t best place for music in these days....Many former stars came here and many empty halls were the result... I hope, that concert will be held in Lucerna, it is a legendary place, I´m so happy to see Per coming to my town, but I´m really worried about lacking promo...... :-(

No problem for me at all - actually easier for me to get there as is on the same line as mine. Just hope Per don’t decide to cancel, if there aren’t enough sales. Maybe I should put a poster up in the Swedish Embassy in London when I pop down on Friday - we have lots of Swedes here in London ;) Nah... I don’t mind where the show is held - just great to see PG here again after all these years :)

You’re right!! I agreed with u
Per Come to Argentina PLEASE!!
Argentina & Brazil always are one of the best audiences!!
You know here you got the venues fill for sure!!
Here in Argentina the fans are collecting signs to ask to EMI argentina for yer tour!!
I think u must to concider it,think about it plz!!

The move across London is a blessing in disguise - gives something to moan about and we see PG in a smaller venue. Clearly the Daily Mail ads haven’t worked!

We are in the Hilton for 3 nights to make a weekend of it - shame it wasn’t longer as A Camp (Nina Persson) and Taylor Swift are coming to Town.

Overall though I think it’s great that he’s coming over especially as the album isn’t being released - would have thought that a download release at least would be just pushing a few buttons.

Oh my ! lol... This change of venue means that it is being held only 20-minutes away from my house !! Wonderful news !!! Practically just round the corner !! And only 800 people at most !! I was starting to wonder if getting level 1 tickets rather than crowd ones was a mistake !! I guess that doesn’t matter now ! =)

Just thinking though, is there going to be an official announcement of the venue change from ticketmaster or livenation ?? Not that I don’t trust TDR and Gessle himself (lol) but what of those 1 or 2 people who have bought tickets that *don’t* visit here ??

Fliss, it sounds like a good idea!

OMG - please say you are joking about Daily Mail adverts. Having worked in PR for the best part of 12 years now, I would never touch the Daily Mail to promote Per’s concert.

Seriously, he may have an older fan-base than, say, Girls Aloud (tongue in cheek peeps), but the Daily Mail is seriously NOT the right target media. Goodness knows how much it would have cost, and the OTS is a lot smaller nowadays than say, 10 or even 5 years ago.

Again, with any kind of promotion, there seems to be mistake after mistake. A la McDonalds in USA.

Per should really get some country-specific advice when sorting out promotions etc.

Goodness, I would do it for free Per! For example do you know that Alex off BBC Radio 1 is a fan - why on earth didn’t Per get Alex a special VIP ticket which would mean that they would talk about it on Radio 1.

Neil Fox is a great fan of Roxette too - he always used to go on about how dedicated Roxette fans are...opportunity

There is a trade writer (who writes for Q, NME etc) has gone public on how he thinks that Per is one of the greatest song writers...

Seriously, this (from my professional point of view) drives me crazy!

Added: Oh, and by the way, nice to hear that Per is happy about the change! Cheers Mr G! :o(

All I read is complaining, complaining, complaining!
There is much more to do then complaining: WE can also do something to get the venues a bit more full! But some positivity has to be present then...
Get a smile on your face, send mails, take your phone! Call or mail LiveNation, the radiostations, other media. Explain who is coming to town, and tell them they can maybe say something about it when playing ’the Look’ (which happens every now and then), or when writing something for the musicpages of a magazine/paper .

And if you don’t have the energy to do something positive/active: Try to be happy there even IS a tour! Being negative won’t do good for 100% sure.

Rox on :-)

at Japeke - you are right of course. But, after so many years of the same mistakes and dismal let-downs, it becomes very hard to do that.

I do understand what you are saying, and you are right. *Smile*

Japake is right.
I just don’t understand why his management do nothing in this case!?
They should post up lots of posters (with bigger letters that the man from roxette who will play the look and other hits from roxette) on every corner! Even Madonna does this, so it must be working.
What about the UK fans would try to get in touch with Per’s management and ask them to send posters and they stick them on crowded places?

It would be a lot easier to fill the venues if the price of tickets wasn’t so high for the London show. I’m not complaining, I am more than happy to pay £40 to see Per in my country, but friends of mine who may have come along (even though they aren’t really Gessle fans) just won’t pay that kind of money to see someone they don’t care much for. Its that simple :-)
Perhaps we could get in touch with Dimberg and see what kind of promotion is planned (if any!) and see if there is any way we could help. I’d be more than happy to do that.

I actually Emailed Marie Dimberg yesterday - waiting for a reply....

That’s quite disappointing that he has to downsize venues, but if it was me, i’d rather a smaller venue with people that actually want to be there, rather than a whole bunch of people that went just because they could. Although obviously the more people through the door the better it is for PG.

As others have mentioned it seems it’s another case of no promo.

But it is still 2.5 months away. If they really push it in the weeks beforehand there is no reason why they can’t fillout the venues. PG is no U2 or Pink or whoever else, so his tix aren’t going to be soldout in the first 10 mins.

pwbbounce I am so curious if she replays and what is she saying. Please let us know as well....

and for tevensso, you should talk to Per about his tour, how he sees it, and what was he expected? A nice interview would do us very good for the moral. It’s so disappointing to not know what is going on.


If/when Marie replys I’ll let reply here with what she says.

@pwbbounce - i e-mailed her this morning too haha. *if* she replies, i’ll post it here, though from past experience i’m not really holding out much hope *sigh*

Well, as I saw number of sold ticket in Sweden...Is there any info about sales in Prague? It´s one of biggest halls during show and what I´ve heard is, that only few percents of capacity are sold....What is truth? Tavensso?! Can you tell us?

Every time I read such posts it reminds me ABBA manager - Stikkan’s old saying: “People are not as dumb as you think, they’re dumber”. No, I do not try to offend anyone.

We got the tour - it was bad, cos Per forgot some countries; tickets sell poorly (though we have almost no information on that, because it’s confidential) - then let’s fire Dimberg. Have you ever thought over what you’ve written? Why can’t people just sit, wait and enjoy the event. When have we started to be concerned about Per’s economy. It’s his own business if the tour goes good or not. We can take part in this joyful event. After all “a splendid time is guaranteed for all”.

P.S. Have I told you that Live Nation Poland does their job and promotes this gig and sale goes accordance to plans? :)

Of course we are going to complain, it is the number 1 hobby of the English. We’d complain if Per came and did a show in our living rooms.


by the way..small club gigs are cool! I ’m really looking forward to it. I’m curious how much people we will be. Less people means a much more intimitate athmosphere. Let’s shake hands Per! And you might guess our names before you start. ;)

He already knows how it is to play in front of thousands of people.

For tomos85:
It’s not about Per’s economic state and not about complaining. It’s about his career and Feelings.
Do you think he will be happy if he has to play in almost an empty hall in front of 300 people in a venue of which capacity is for 2300 ppl? It would be good for the fans but not for him, I suppose.
Do you think he has expected a flop in his career, that sells will go so badly?
He likes being successful as every artist on earth. That makes their world go round.

Do not you still know that RoxetteFans are suffering from a kind of inferiority complex and we love comparing with other fans?:) It is in our culture and we love moaning, because it is the best band in the world :))
Btw I do not know many musicians who are able to do what Per does, club tour even if there is not any economical benefit

I wish I was in the Cologne Fan Club meetup back to 1997:)

I hope it will be similar

does anybody have any memories of this event?

@pym2ik Oh yes..the Cologne FC Meeting was special. I’m afraid Per is somehow still a bit deaf since that day. :)
I also had the pleasure to be in the audience of two little gigs in “Leif’s Lounge” in Tylösand/Halmstad for Mazarin and En händig man and I will never ever forget it. It’s much better than a BIG concert where the scene is about 5 - 7 metres away from you (when you’re lucky enough to end up in the first row). That’s why I really look forward for this little club gigs.

Well, I never expected that the tickets would sell good, but I hope they won’t cancel the concert in Prag, because I’m definitely going there (I must buy the ticket first, why haven’t I done it yet?) Per Gessle as a solo artist has never been really popular outside Sweden, so I’m not really surprised that he had to move some concerts in smaller halls...
But I still don’t understand why some people think that Roxette is a woman. Why am I wondering? Because Roxette’s 3 biggets MEGAHITS are It Must Have Been Love, Joyride and The Look... so two of them have Per as a lead vocalist. But maybe these days it’s Roxette’s ballads what people mostly hear...

Why should it be the job of fans to promote these gigs? I certainly have no intention of putting up posters around london, or mass e-mailing friends. It’s not Per or Marie Dimberg’s responsibility either, or EMIs. Live Nation will have signed the contract with Per, they have probably already agreed a set amount that he will be paid, and it is up to them to make sure the venues are as full as possible. With now only an 800 capacity venue in London and a ticket face value of £32, the maximum revenue from that date is £25000. Take off the the expenses of bringing the gig to London, and there is very little potential profit as it is. Of course they are going to have a very limited marketing budget. I wonder how much these ads in the Daily Mail cost? Whatever it was was a complete waste of money. Do they have any idea who actually buys the daily mail? Certainly not their target audience! I thought Live Nation would be good at this kind of thing, but it doesnt look like it from where I am standing.

Anyway, at the end of the day I just hope the gig goes ahead, and I think the fact that it will be more intimate will just make it more enjoyable, despite the whole thing being a bit of a joke business-wise.

The only news from Per’s management in last months was that Roxette subforum on his site must be close.
Really silly.
Not a good move when you hope Roxette fans to support Per once again and fill big venues.

Per’s management must start working and promote Per the way he deserve.
For that conection with Roxette must be underline,more Roxette songs must be add to playlist,the radiostation must be inform.
Is hard to hear swedish song ,but most of radiostations in Europe play roxette songs few time everyday.
The news for concert won’t be hard to mention before song.
Hurry cos most of us already bought flight and concert tickets ,and i guess noone will return us the money for flights if concert is cancel.

PS.–so the info for sold-out concert in Stockholm wasn’t true??

it was true, but some of the ppl who ordered tickets didn’t pay for them so the tickets are available again...

or they added few more chairs :D

I doubt that they add more chars having in mind second concert

I guess it was some kind of “promotion” trick to force people to buy in a hurry tickets for other concerts.

Too many fans i know bought after this “news” tickets for first concert and it’s hard to believe it was sold-out.
Lest hope the hall will be full.
It will be for sure if Marie comes to one of the concerts.

The whole “sold out” inj 2 mins, an hour, a day myths are always a farce. That is not unique to happens for every big artist. There are only a certain allocation of tickets released when concerts first go on sale, and only a certain percentage of them need to be sold to declare it as sold out. More blocks of tickets are released later. If there is a big demand for a gig, and especially if it is all-seated I never buy tickets when they go on sale. Even when they are declared sold out, I’ve had great seats (including front row) which I’ve managed to buy a week or a few days before the concert.....I even got a front row seat on the day of a concert before.

i hope London goes as planned and we are all happy! if it does go down the toilet then it just means im snapping my party crasher cd into bits! haha only joking, but i would be gutted as its probably the closest ill ever get to seeing roxette. i can teeven go to europe to see it as i dont have a passport(or the money)

Well, as we all know, Per was always interested in music business, so I´m suspicious when I see, that he, either D&D don´t mind weak sales of tickets. We all here would be happy if all the concerts would be sold-out and it will be evidence, that his music is still in top shape. The problem, what we are discussing is, that we all miss promotion and we are sorry, that this tour, except SWE seems to became flop :-( We all love Per and Marie and we all are afraid of cancels....That´s all. I don´t think, this is stupid...This is age of modern technologies, where everyone has opportunity to say his attitude, and as we remember from RoxBox discussion, it has purpose...Shutting voices of most devoted fans, that left by closing forums or tutoring them not to make any critisism is the way to the end of this....For myself, I´m Per´s devoted fan for 18 years and during my own music carreer I did play Per´s songs (as something special) for tens of thousands people, because I want to do a tribute to HIM! But of course, there are things, I don´t agree with...and almost NO promo for this tour is one of them.....sorry...didn´t want to offend anyone.....

I was at Koln, it was great. Very special!
Im keeping everything crossed the concert goes ahead because i do think for the ’hardcore’ it will be fantastic. I just hope that Per or his management decide that 1 last show for the UK fans is worth the lost revenue.

I hope the tv show on saturday will be a HIT. We need a powerfull performance, Per!

Love ya!!

The only way to call that the tour is a flop is knowing the original expectatives of Per and Live Nation about the sales. Leaving economics behind im really happy Per is touring and even happier couse i´ll see him playing live for the first time! time to celebrate for me, is like a dream becoming true. I think that we must be happy he is still making the music he makes and even that touring in small pubs, just for fun.

“The only way to call that the tour is a flop is knowing the original expectatives of Per and Live Nation about the sales.”
I can’t say that the whole tour is a flop as i don’t know what the sales are like, but as far as the London gig goes, I’m sure live nation expected to sell more than 275 tickets out of the 2300 available for shepherd’s bush! That is probably their fault more than Per’s though, as they should have organised the gig for a smaller venue in the first place. Either that, or done better promotion and then they might have sold a lot more.

Who the hell cares if there is a flop or not? I don’t. “A splendid time is quaranteed for all”...that’s all about it and nothing more. Or do YOU have to pay the bills?? I even don’t care anymore if Per or Marie are selling much records as long as I can buy them and I can enjoy what they are doing. *sigh*

I just hope they don’t decide to cancel London, last minute flights anywhere else will be like £250 when they would have been £50 at the time of tickets going on sale.

Apart from that I won’t be allowed to go anywhere else :(

I doubt it will get cancelled...

Per’s desision is a reasonable one as the big crowd of fans would be even louder than music. But this makes fuss about getting tickets- they can be hardly bought. As regards the coming performances, I think, the game is worth the candle!
Per, good luck!!!

Has there been any official notification for existing ticket holders yet?


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