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Artist of the Month: Roxette

Written by tevensso on March 9, 2009 to .

LOS ANGELES - Roxette is the Artist of the Month on Retro Rewind, a radio station based in Los Angeles. Dave Harris, Retro Rewind's host, says "Due to popular worldwide demand we’re pleased to announce that Roxette is once again artist of the month on Retro Rewind." Retro Rewind will play numerous songs from Roxette's vast library. The radio station will also broadcast a Roxette interview recorded September 2000.

The shows will be rebroadcast online of course.



Roxette forever!!!

Lets hope after few months–the artist of the month on New-albums-radio!!

How random!! But great for Roxette! :-)

I see the “but Silly Really is No. 1 at xxx radio station in Romania”-people show up again...


seeing as how that show was one of the last they performed together in the states it woulda been nice if per had granted them a new interview or even maybe a unreleased demo in celebration. Maybe I’m just in bad rox withdrawl

so say we all

Wasn’t Per in the States during some previous weeks to discuss posibility of releasing Party Crasher album in the States? Are there any news from New World?

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That’s very, very good. Roxette forever.
And I’m very glad, since Party Crasher will be released in Brazil in march 31!

“Due to popular worldwide demand...”

Per are you reading this!?

Maybe a good time for a DVD release of some sort?

Good to see though.

That’s Great News!
Have Fun!!!


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