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The Look for Roxette – the book online now!

Written by pwbbounce on December 16, 2008 to and .

Robert Thorselius’ excellent The Look For Roxette book is now available to view online. Previously only available as a book, the new online version also features an interactive section where you can create your Rox Collection and view items available to buy and swap from other fans.  Having the book online means that it is now possible to update the information as soon as new releases are available. While Marie’s "Där du andas" is there, Per’s "Party Crasher" is not as of yet.  There are lots of interesting, new and rare items on there when compared with the book edition so check out the online version.


i like this site!

I’m really fond of this idea. You guys, make an excellent job. Thanks :)

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

Cool!!! I wonder if I will have enough patience to add my full collection there...I started...but I can’t find any listed CDs from Austria? My Joyride and Tourism CDs are printed in Austria......

Anyway..good work! Very interesting!!

Really a great addition to the virtual rox world! Wonder where the site has hidden for 2 years...

It surely was not our intention to hide anything for 2 years - but as you can see we are not finished yet (another question is, whenever you can be when so many stuff is released each time :-) )

Thanks for the nice compliments and of course you are free by helping us complete missing pictures, release, whatever you like
I will do my best to fill out the missing gaps as good as I can

kindest regards and have fun

?? This site has been available online for quite a long time already.

*Edit* : Although be warned, there are a few errors in the listings, wrt track listings, artwork, catalogue #s etc.

@ Jules-SouthAfrica
please do your best for the site.
Let us know about errors you know:

——————————— Worldwide Discography and Price Guide

Great job with the online discography site!
I like the site.
I’ll be happy to contribute with the items not listed on the site that I have in my collection.

How cool, well done to all involved in this project! :)


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