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Next single “Sing Along”

Written by tevensso on December 16, 2008 to and . Source:

STOCKHOLM - According to Per at, the next single off "Party Crasher" will be "Sing Along" with tracklist as follows:

1. Sing Along (radio edit)
2. Theme from "Roberta Right"
3. Sing Along (album version)
The single will be released in January 2009 and with two different sleeves, one red and one green.
Per also mentions that "Silly Really" (Right Into Your Bed Remix), remixed by Dick Mixon, will be available digitally soon.

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Great News! Really looking forward to it.

Good choice. Again no “new” b-side...mmh. :(


i like this song!....will be a #1 hit’s!
my favourite song from PC is doesn’t make sense and kissing is the key....and all the tracks of album;-)

Nice Choice! I´d be hard to make that choice with so many great songs, Stuck here... Kissing is the.. The party pleaser, Perfect excuse and i died and went to... could be succesfull too.

why not perfect excuse, for a 2nd single? i like more then sing alone....

So the new tradition is introduced - singles with different covers :)

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

Damn, you should’ve told Per sooner then.

i just love this song, wonderful choise. Bravo Per, with this album you won my heart!
Hope you relese each year an album :), and concerts. Maybe i can meet you one day.

two different covers??
So that we collectors don’t fall asleep ?

Really the same and the same, Per please don’t do it again!
”Sing Along (Album Version)” C’mon! We have it in PC album... The same mistake with ”I didn’t mean to turn you on” is in the ’SR’ CDS and in PC too.
No rare songs Gessle? Some Instrumental Version for ”Sing Along” maybe or demo versions for PC?

;) see ya!

Party Crasher is a great Gessle Album.

There are no demos.

Hihi, yes, that’s how the album sounds like. A bit TOO pure IMHO. ;-)


I bet there are of some sort, maybe like Plumber in Progress. Surely he hasn’t walked into the studio with just scribbled down lyrics. I’ve noticed over many albums what Per has said isn’t always right, like how many tracks were recorded for the album, how many were left out. It nearly always never adds up and we end up getting extra stuff some time down the track.
The tracklist on the singles are a disappointment but I totally understand it is for people who aren’t obsessed fans and for people who do not have the album already and the extra album track may sway them to purchase the album.

didnt he mention there have been 14 tracks recorded for PC? That leaves space for two unknown tracks to be put as siongle Bsides.

Personally, I dont like the single choice but we saw it coming the song being played at Nyhetsmorgon. Too much Helena and radio or album edit wont give much difference to an ordinary ear, lol.

Sleeve-wise, Gessle goes U2, I suppose.

Criz mouse - collectors never sleep, do we?
Gessle: Det spelar ingen roll vad som skrivs, bara bilden är bra :D

A great song and a great choice... Actually there is a new song as B-side, for all of us that cannot buy from Swedish iTunes and Telia!!!

Great that Roberta Right is getting a *CD* release !! Very much deserving of more than some cheap low-encoded mp3 file. Maybe Per was listening to all the “Legal please” people. But now some people are complaining :s

As for the Radio Edit, Tev, do you know whether there is any significant change - or just a ten second cut ? Seems a bit strange to include both of them if it’s just a slight cut.

People will ALWAYS find something to complain about!

Of course, cuz we pay for this music.

I agree with pwbbounce, i mean, it´s not a democracy over per´s music, i think that if the single is sing along we just put our energies to make it better if you want, mailing radios, asking for the song or buying the single if you want or just nothing.

We have to feel happy about it, per is making music (and good one) and for me is the best damn thing, he is almost fifty and he still wants to make music and play it, what is better that this?

So, don´t complain because he is not going to play until year 2040.

GREAT CHOICE AS SECOND SINGLE! I fell in love with this song the moment I listened to the clip from “De kallar oss artister” and couldn’t stop playing it when I got the album.

Why didn’t he choose thai with a twist? it’s the best song of the album and it’s very tired to get more ballads as a single again.

I love every single song of this album (...suddenly!!) so..I don’t care which single comes next!! ...seems I will have to buy another “Benno” from Ikea soon...;)

I’m gonna carry on complaining until Per is back with a numer one in the USA :-)

A good choice!

Sing Along hmm rating 3 of 10

Sing- Along: its a great song don’t get me wrong but a little unimaginative and uninspiring.
Surely Party Pleaser is a much better choice, especially to keep this party going.

There are some better songs on the album... Why Sing Along? Not so worth, but... ...

They is no reason or insentive for fans who have the album already to buy the single really. Unless u need the cd of course for the diehard people hehe

as boomkrash kix said, i feel that promoting this album should be much more about keeping the party going

Why don’t they choose “Hey I Died and Went To Heaven”??? I Like this song better that Sing Along.

Hmm, don´t know if it is such a good choice. “Sing Along” is nice, but in my eyes to “normal”. It doesn´t sound really special, sry. I would prefer “PartyPleaser” or “Thai with a twist” as second single. As 3rd and last single i would release “Doesn´t make sense”. Really great song, fresh sounds, super melody and epic ending, and very important: something different!
“Sing Along” is nothing different than the old songs from Per, also a ballad. Thats boring. I think this single is a mistake.

Nice song, but something more upbeat would have been better. Party Pleaser or maybe KITK.

Either way, can’t wait to hear the remix.

i wanted this to be the second single. Really nice. This is the song that goes up to the Roxette standards more or less.

It’s a pity though that the remix will be digital and not on the single as a B-Side.

2 different sleeves??? With what kind of thought would you do that, I wonder.

-= tridy =-

Poor choice for the 2nd single. It wont chart well and will hurt album sales. There are better single choices on the album.

I love “Sing along”: I think it is the closest song to “Son of a Plumber”’s sound included in “Party Crasher”. Anyway, I think this ballad is not a very commercial option.


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