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Per tours Europe in April-May?

Written by roxeteer on December 8, 2008 to and . Source:

STOCKHOLM - In a live chat on, Per reveals that there may be a European club tour planned for April-May 2009. The tour will in that case include concerts in Sweden and "a concert in London in April if everything goes fine."

TDR doesn't have any further details at this point.


hey Mr pwbounce, now you are an editor, we need to make plans seriously for UK FAN MEETING for next April/May gig of Per:)

good news if it is true, europe still tour why not Per?

any preferences for some swedish songs to be included? lately I am more keen on listening to his swedish songs than his english, let’s see

FANtastic. It would be great to see Per in the UK again - and I’m sure he will be made very welcome!

Hey, yep, sounds good! Obviously when more news comes in we’d be able to discuss something. i think we’d be able to get a few people together. UK fans (or any fans for that matter) that would be interested in this and seeing Per live in London for the first time in years and years, send me a message and we can get something organised!!

I think only English songs would work, especially if he was attract the ’casual’ listener.

I´m sure that if Per comes to Madrid next year, it will be a totally success. I think he would fill a 7000-10.000 people venue. COME ON PER!!! SPAIN WANTS U!!!

I think that small club tour could be very personal, something like Leif’s Lounge sneak previews before Mazarin and En handig man tours. Great idea. Let’s wait to see how many countries he’ll visit.
BTW If Silly Really will be released as a first single in Europe during January as was planned, will Sweden also have to wait for a second single till April or March? I don’t understand this separate release dates for other countries. Strange and silly.

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Holy sh1t a London gig, I can’t believe it!!!

Paul, you know you can count me in! :)

is anyone willing to translate the article plz?

The chat has been translated in the discussions area. Nothing else is mentioned in the chat, in fact the whole chat is rather pointless.

Per come here in Italy, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pigs might fly! But yes it would be very cool if he came.

I am very curious to see what will be the venue? indigo??? I guess we do not expect more than 1000 people, swedish expats in UK, I can bring some...

Come on!!?!?

After releasing an album in english, and with such a sticky single, how can it be announced a tour just including Sweden and *maybe* London???

I’m sure that a european tour in small-medium clubs could be performed and would be profitable from the record company point of view. I think that the fans deserve it...

It should be revisited the possibility to include at least some european cities (for instance, Madrid ;-))

The same applies for other parts of the world...a visit to Argentina for example.

Oh C’mon a few more hours on the plane and he’s right here in Argentina!!

It doesn’t take that much to do a club concert right!?

Just daydreaming.... But if you’re reading it give it a thought....

like magic and love lots of forgotten words


These are great news! It will be great if he definetly go to London but as some other people said.. Madrid is waiting for you Per!! :)

But where is Europe? Sweden and London is not all Europe!

I think Germany, Spain and Argentina can’t be left out. According to the Roxbox, Argentina is the country where Roxette was most succesful, so it would be a good decision to play in Buenos Aires, for instance :P

@evaroxer: wise words ;-)

Oh my actual *BEEP*
Well, if London is included...I hope to flip I can go! :(

Argentina is for sure not Europe.

this is no announcement, no press release, this is just an article based on a sentence in a chat. Don’t miss the ?
It doesn’t mean London and Sweden are the only planned cities / possibilities so don’t panic, calm down, take a Mojito and just wait until the there is an article on TDR without ? announcing the dates.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Roxette was very popular in Argentina, but it was 13 years ago. Even that with a smart but small promotion he could sell out a theatre in Buenos Aires easily (2500/3000 pax) Kt tunstall almost sold out the gran rex without promotion... And yes the show was amazing but she is not kinda popular here

kt tunstall is great. she should be more popular across the world...

per come here in belguim !

I think Per, at present, has announced as likely to stage a tour London and sweden, but this does not mean to not have plans to play in other European cities, perhaps for the time being will have to wait to see where his new album will be published, and after that,and after the sales, will add other dates to tour ...
... then I wanted to say that the roxette in Argentina are very famous, but here we talk about Per, not of roxette ...

Bunio, yeap KT is great. Her show was one of the best show i´ve ever seen. her voice, her attitude (she went to the theatre´s doors after the show to meet fans), and her band is overtalented and most of her songs are impressive alive but no one in Argentina seems to know her. When i told my friends i was going to a KT show most of them did´t even recognise “the other side of the world” that was the music of a commercial spot for a Ford´s car some years ago and her most popular song over here.

What i´m trying to mean is that Per could easily fill up a theatre here, we just need the album to be released.

Why not barcelona instead madrid :P

Well, I understand that nothing is planned yet, but I still want to expresss my opinion. I think, Per should include Spain and maybe Germany and Russia in this tour and definetely Argentina!

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

When in April, may be able to go, haven’t seen Per since a concert in Houston in 92!


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