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Marie Fredriksson shines at Stjärnklart

Written by Jud on December 1, 2008 to and .

STOCKHOLM/BILBAO - Marie Fredriksson is currently touring with the show "Stjärnklart". Fans coming from Spain, Germany, Romania and Russia attended the show on Saturday, November 29 in Stockholm and this is their story about the show.

Marie and Mikael Bolyos 29-11-2008The night started with a meet & greet. Meeting point was the ticket office, a sign requested fans from the above mentioned countries to follow "this way," they were welcomed by the show organizers in a big room, where they waited for Marie while standing around some tables. Marie and Mikael Bolyos appeared a couple of minutes later, and spent a great amount of time talking with the more than the 30 fans present. "Marie was smiling all the time, she took her time to speak to everybody, one could see she was very glad to meet her fans again," says one of the fans. Photos were taken, albums were signed, until it was time for Marie to go backstage and get ready for the show.

Fans then headed to the concert hall, and got seated. The show was about to start. 

After some performances by the other acts participating in "Stjärnklart", somebody brought a stool to the middle of the stage; it was Marie's turn. Marie walked to the stool, got some help to sit on it, and performed her first song, "Ännu doftar kärlek." Marie sung a very strong and warm version of this song from her first album "Het vind" and received loud ovations. After singing the song she made a victory gesture with her fist and thanked her fans with a big smile, "I thank all my fans who are here tonight."

More acts followed, and then it was Marie's turn again, with a surprise performance of Aretha Franklin's "I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Loved You)." "The unplugged version is nothing compared to what she sang on Saturday," says one Spanish fan.

After the break Marie opened up the second act with Evert Taube's "Så skimrande var aldrig havet". Just like on the 2000 "Äntligen" tour, she sang the first part a-capella and after the bridge the whole band joined to sing the second part. Everybody was in silence, enjoying the voice, the feeling, Marie. Some people couldn't help crying. 

The show went on with a magician and other artists such as Lisa Nilsson and Måns Zelmerlöw. Towards the end everybody except Marie sung Christmas songs, and then they were joined by Marie to sing the last song of the show; "Tro". Marie was wearing white this time, and was again sitting in the middle of the stage, with all the artists, who sung backing vocals, sitting on the stairs in the background. When the song was getting close to an end, all artists joined Marie at the front, and she stood up to sing the last notes of the song.

The applause was immense, everybody was standing for Marie, who returned to the stage twice to the ovations.

 Thanks  to Txiqui and all fans who shared their stories.

Photos by Evgeny Perekopsky | Photos on Roxspain


Marie at Stjärnklart 29-11-2008


You forgot to mention an Argentinean fan and there were Romanians too ;)
Yes, the M&G was hilarious! And how Marie listened to everyone with her eyes looking at us! The touching moments were when she gave a hug to every single fan :) Mikael and Oscar were also so nice and freindly. We talked about Sugarcane and Oscar’s skills and talent.
As for the show it was as fabulous and bright as you can imagine! Marie’s voice was strong and tender. I enjoyed her performance from the beginning up to the very last refrain :)
And Lisa Nilsson gave a bouquet of flowers with peacock feathers in it to a friend of mine :)
An incredible evening and a magical event!
10 out of 10!

Did anybody asked her about Roxette ???

She herself said that she wanted to something with Roxette, but she needed to take it easy.
So everything is possible :)
But of course it could be another Unplugged or something like this.

thanks for the tip. I didn’t know there were Romanian fans too, Argentinian didn’t mention because I wrote “coming from ...” like traveling from, and as far as I know, she lives in Barcelona?

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Bravo, Marie!

The argentinan girl is living in Barcelona, at least thats what she told us.
It was a great show, and marie’s voice singing live was better than ever.

Very cool to read that Marie is on stage again and healthy. Does someone know more about the show in Malmö? Price? Where is Marie staying?

It was unforgettable and really touching. It was even good enough to forget about the lousy food. ;-)
Find some more pictures here: –> multimedia


Price is always the same - it’s over 200 euro for each show.

Judith, I live in both places, and I was in Barcelona these days waiting for the show. But im Argentinian and I always travel fom there!

The price is 140 euros...

We paid 190 Euro (including the tax!).


Really? I didnt know it. I paid just 140 euros...thanks!

The price was 178 € or something like that including taxes. At least thats what we paid.
Marie was incredible!!. I wouldn’t mind paying again to be able to see marie singing the way she did last saturday again.
Laura i have a few pics with marie where you appear, that you might like to have.
Send me an e-mail

Its great to see Marie looking so well again, and to have her performing live is great. Its bodes well for the future :-)

Txiqui: I have same pics also, we can share!

I’m Feeling here will be the new roxette album.
Marie looks perfectly and fresh...
2009 will be roxette year!!!

Roxette? When I heard her sing on saturday I never cared less about Roxette! ;-)


I hope she releases something in Swedish soon, and goes on tour, a small tour in theaters, a piano, a guitar, drums, and Marie, her voice, her feeling. Would be terrific!
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Laura send me your address on a personal message and I will write you.

Jud: I agree with you.

And about roxette, I wouldn’t mind if someday they decide to do a new unplugged.
Although a new small tour from marie just as jud said would be great to!

Judith - exactly my thoughts. Nothing to add there. That would be hilarious!


Judith: A VERY nicely written article. Great job!

I didn’t care either about roxette that day .I want that Marie releases something on her own PLEASE ! And a tour on her own as well ...It was a very long time I hadn’t had my feelings so strong in a concert .I hadn’t cried so much in a concert as I did when Marie was on the stage and sang “Så skimrande ...” ,and when she sang “I never loved...” (I have no words) .

Btw, Jud, thank you for to name me about “Strul” .YES ! It was really fun and a very very special moment for me .Jud and many people that know me know that it’s a very long time I have got that single but I waited for the right moment to ask Marie to sign it ,and I think last saturday was that very special moment to do it ,because it was like a “comeback” of Marie on stage after what we all know about .

Oh my, this is just too wonderful!! So great that Marie took so much time for her fans. We were also planning to go, I wanted to see her live again so badly!! But when we informed about the tickets they were already sold out and Stockholm was the only show we could attend. My heart is aching, I wish she will do a small tour like this performance. It’s a big great step in the right direction. Thank you all for sharing this great story, it’s a little like being there and feeling the same emotions. I thought about you this weekend. Marie you go girl, take care.

x Nienke

@ rosa_73 : I am really happy for you. Merry X-mas

Thanks Judith for sharing this !
The best article in years!

Marie is Goddess !!!!!

Such a strong woman!
What a show!
Noone can compare with her on stage ,even now!!

Let’s take it easy step by step with her own shows and work ,we will wait patiently for something like Unplugged show ,or at least 1 Roxette single.
Cos noone can give such life and feelings to every song .
That’s why Per and Marie are magic duo!

I thought the same - she’s the best on stage! :-)
I don’t care about Roxette when they do songs like “One Wish”. Too crappy for that strong girl with this tremendous voice!


I’m so amazed about everything what happend the last days!!!

Marie, you rock! Do what you want - i love will love it!

I’m so touched by stories of all fans who were there.

Thanks Marie for finding time and strength for such long meeting.
Special Thanks to Mikael Bolyos and Oscar for being so kind with fans.

Are there any videos from the event that we can see?
You guys really made me curious :) I haven’t wished so much to see a performance of Marie (or Per) for a long time..

I put a video online of Marie and the other artists saying goodbye to the audience. But there’s no sound, forgot to put it on, sorry..

try: -> Multimedia


Thank you so much alexandru .Merry X-mas to you and everybody here as well .

It was breathtaking and worth it, but it left us all longing for a full solo concert of Marie, she is great on her own! of course I would like to see here with Per, but a solo performance comes for me also first! (as many of the fans already pointed out)

The magician, the leader of the show, asked me where I came from and if there where more people from Spain, and asked if everyone spoke Swedish, I told him no, so he translated some part of the show into English :) that was funny. Then he went on asking if there were fans from other country, so we, the Marie fans, where also part of the show hahaha

Great news! Marie looks fantastic. I’m very happy to see her coming back to the stages. After all, she has made her life there.

the show was fantastic and I have never heard marie sining better than on sat. it was a magical evening and I agree with ktoto for me a solo tour comes before Roxette

@ATLTK: I thought the same about her voice. I think she NEVER was better than on saturday. I still can’t believe that I could be there and listen to her on this really magical evening. I never heard anything better than this. You can’t even compare it to Roxette. It’s a HUGE difference that’s why I really don’t care about Roxette anymore. ;-) Stick to your own stuff, Marie!


Marie has always been better solo than in Roxette, the Äntligen shows were terrific, I remember when she sung Så skimrande at the end, everybody was silent, the 3-4 concerts I attended, looking at the stage, or closing the eyes, and enjoying, some crying, some with the mouth wide open, some travelling somewhere else in their minds.
Or the song at this Aids show

She simply can use her voice best and show what she can do solo.

So I agree with you, Kiwein, she should stick to her solo stuff ;)

I would love something in direction Never loved a man like she sung on Saturday (was not there but heard it afterwards ;-)) *I think I died and went to heaven*
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true
Ännu doftar kärlek
Her voice sounds so strong !! any recording of änligen sommmarturné or Room Service tour Sucks comparing to this.
please please i want to hear something more of that show.-.-
.–.- Thanx to all for sharing feelings & files.-.-.-

I second that. Really amazing!
Hopefully there will be more available.

I agree! This was the best vocal performance I ever heard of Marie! Simply stunning.

Indeed, just marvellous... and yeah, would easily prefer solo stuff from Marie above Roxette


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