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She’s got The Look

Written by mjliberatore on May 22, 2008 to and . Source: TV

In the footsteps of Tyra Banks and her show "America's Next Top Model," we now have "She's Got the Look" which basically is the same type of show but features women over 35 competing for the title. The show is hosted by Kim Alexis and premieres in the U.S. on June 4. What's The Daily Roxette's interest in this, you ask? Well, the theme song of the show is, of course, Roxette's "The Look"!


Cool haha

roxette MUST re-release it in the US!!!

maybe this show, relaunches the look in the top of the charts USA!
.... or perhaps gives new popularity to rox.

I just checked the link, but no trace of any Roxette referrence in the trailer...

That’s great :-)

Heidi Klum in germany should choose that song too...

yes.. instead of seal.. (don’t like his voice..)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

but when you’re married to him... ;o)

shouldn’t mix personal life with business ;D ;D
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

cool! Maybe it’s a no 1 again? hahahaha

they should re-release this song! don’t you agree? ;-)

Wow!! I think this is excellent for Roxette.

of course because they have great songs and the look is one of best songs ever for me...

The TVLand show is being heavily advertised on the Bravo channel in US with The Look playing in the background :)

I wonder what they’re paying in royalties. You can’t copyright the title of a song, so I suppose they were free to steal/use that... and they only have to pay standard royalties on using the song (music) itself.

That’s awasome news! I’ve just checked the website and heard The Look while there was shown a scene from the show.

Maybe Roxette really should re-release The Look in the US?..

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

I’ve downloaded the first episode and yes The Look is the theme tune. At the start you hear the look playing in the background and then you here “And I go, La La La La, She’s got the look, [as the title comes up], it goes to background again then finishes.



Never Left The Joyride..

I’ll try and have some video up soon


Never Left The Joyride..

That would be great, Dave :)

I wish you the best there is before you go to sleep

Hey everyone!
i live in Houston and i heard it on the radio!! Its the most listen radio station of houston (top 40 hits) and they played the show trailer and i was like!! WHAT WHAT WHAT!
So, i tuned in the channel once i got home, and the song IS the theme song of the show, so they play it in the opening, when they are showing all the models and ages.. But they only play the ” the look intro” (guitar part) and they keep repeating ” shes got the look, shes got the look, shes got the look” No other lyrics .. :( no walkin like a man... no when everything ill ever do ill do for you...

just ” shes gotg the look shes got the look, shes got the look” for 2 mins!
But i get all excited when they play the commercial for the show on the radio!



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