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And the best Roxette song EVER is...

Written by pwbbounce on March 16, 2008 to .

A vote has been taking place on The Daily Roxette's forum the last weeks. All the votes have now been counted and checked and the winner of The Quest to find the best Roxette song EVER is:


It was a closely run final, with many songs ending up very close. Ultimately though, DANGEROUS finished in second place.

Over 500 votes have been received, over the last 2-3 weeks, so a BIG thank you to everyone who has voted.

As promised here are the results of the 3 favorite songs from each album:

Pearls of Passion:
1 – Surrender
2 – So Far Away
3 – Like Lovers Do

Look Sharp!
1 – Listen To Your Heart
2 – Dangerous
3 – The Look

1 – Joyride
2 – Spending My Time
3 – Fading Like A Flower

1 – How Do You Do!
2 – The Rain
3 – Queen of Rain

1 – Sleeping In My Car
2 – Run To You
3 – What's She Like?/Lies

Have A Nice Day
1 – Wish I Could Fly
2 – Crush On You
3 – Beautiful Things

Room Service
1 – Real Sugar
2 – The Centre Of The Heart
3 – Milk and Toast and Honey

Greatest Hits/B Sides
1 – She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
2 – It Must Have Been Love
3 – I Don’t Want To Get Hurt/A Thing About You



The count is totally wrong. Dangerous cannot be Nr. 2 !!! 1 week wasn’t enough to get the counts right?

Here are the details for the best Roxette song ever category:

Listen To Your Heart: 10 votes as Nr 1, 2 Votes as Nr. 2
Spending My Time: 8 votes as Nr. 1, 1 Vote as Nr. 2
Sleeping In My Car: 6 Votes as Nr. 1, 8 Votes as Nr. 2
Wish I Could Fly: 5 Votes as Nr. 1, 4 Votes as Nr. 2
Joyride: 3 Votes as Nr. 1, 4 Votes as Nr. 2
Crush On You: 3 Votes as Nr. 1, 4 Voters as Nr. 2
Dangerous: 2 Votes as Nr. 1, 7 Votes as Nr. 2
It Must Have Been Love: 2 Votes as Nr. 1, 5 Votes as Nr. 2

and so on.

noooo!! wish i could fly ,is the best roxette song ever!
.... for me ;-)

i used to get down on my knees like Marie did in the video :))
and the neighborhood knew that i liked Roxette :)) because my voice was shouting Listen to your heaaaaaarrrrttt! And i put my hand on the back of my neck also like in the video...
that was the good times:)) i was like 16-17 years old:))

Yey! LTYH is my fave =)

Robbie, I think that’s the problem. I didn’t vote as Nr. 1, Nr. 2 or Nr. 3. I just voted for the 3 favourite songs from each album, in no particular order. The rules didn’t say anything about it, so I suppose everybody voted randomly (exactly like me).

The votes should be counted in total, the order the people mentioned the songs don’t count at all.

It seems that the voting has a few people confused. I thought it was obvious that you’d be voting with songs in order ie number 1 was your first choice, 2 was second etc. Clearly this wasn’t the case. I don’t have the votes here with me at the moment, but if you ask Robbie, I’m sure he has them already. He can give you the ’correct’ results I’m sure.

Well,there are dozens of great songs to choose from.Like myself,there are many fans who like some of the ones that didn’t chart,the best.First girl on the moon and June Afternoon(demo) are up there,for me. Songs like The Rain, Heart Shaped Sea and Make My Head Go Pop are great too...There are just so many! Best song shouldn’t neccessarily mean-the biggest seller.Would love Per and Marie to release a live Album,I’m sure they would have enough material in the archives,i know there are a few bootleggish types floating around,from time to time but a PROPER one would be the Duck’s Guts!!!

As I understood there have been more categories to vote for.

In details: first we voted for the best song from each Rox album and then the Nr.1, 2, 3 songs out of each album qualified for the Best Roxette Song Ever Category. And in this category you can see the correct results above.

Simple as it is!

No way is that the best song. I could personally name ten of their b-sides, which, in my opinion, are fare more superior.

It’s commercial success shouldn’t really count, should it? It’s too obvious...


Interesting results. I counted too, couldn’t resist, LTYH is indeed a winner, though I hoped so much for WICF or SIMC to win. Btw I voted for top3 songs from each album, that is Nr.1, Nr. 2 ,Nr. 3

Listen to your heart is a very very VERY good song :D I love it.


Alright... but what’s this doing on the front page?

Listen To Your Heart used to be my favourite Roxette song. Now, I think, I’d say that it is Dressed For Success, Dangerous or Sleeping In My Car. It seems I’m getting more crazy with the years LOL

@pwbbounce: thank you very much for organizing this voting :)

@ChrisWilliams: it was said from the begining that the winner will be published on the frontpage!

The night is so pretty and so young

No surprise!

What it is doing on the front page? Hmmm...with all these hot news about Roxette happening, one could certainly wonder!

My favourite Rox song is Cooper or maybe Cinnamon Street
none of them are in thew list XD

Jesica Calixto
Bs.As.- Argentina

@Jesica: Of course everyone has their favourite songs, but that’s how the majority of fans voted :)

I’m gonna get dressed for success

But i think all Roxette Songs are cool and are the best i think it gives not the best song of Roxette ROXETTE IS ALWAYS THE BEST BAND OF WORLD.

You’re bringing me down to my knees, oh oh
Love me forever or baby, just let it go, oh oh
I’m begging you please to ease
Allow your feelings to show, oh oh
You’re bringing me down to my knees cos I love you so.


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