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Written by tevensso on March 7, 2008 to and .

GOTHENBURG - Swedish singer Caroline Larsson, hailing from Gothenburg, has gotten not one, but two songs from Per Gessle for her new album "In the Moment" which is due for release in May. "Per likes my voice, it has something special" Caroline says and continues, "Roxette was my biggest idol when I was a kid [Caroline is 21] and I have an incredible respect for Per." The first single "Hold on My Heart (Hey, It's Alright)" is already out to radio stations in Sweden. The song is at the moment a contender for the Svensktoppen chart. Hardcore fans may recognize the title and yes, the song was released by Dutch reality TV-band K-otic a few years back.

The other song Per has given Caroline is "Rainclouds," released in France by Popstar winners What For, then named "Depuis La Nuit des Temps." "In the Moment" is produced by Peter Samuelsson, bass player and singer in Barbados. Listen to a snippet of "Hold on My Heart" by clicking on the link.

Caroline will stay in touch with Per. "We'll see what happens in the future."


The song is frequently played here at my local station Radio Halland , a really nice song catchy pop tune.
but where can I heear the “old” version by K-otic?

Great song that sounds tired, and I keep hearing that “M&P duet” that just wants to happen...

Sounds like it could’ve been a very Catchy Rox tune. I like it, but would’ve been better and suited P&M well I think!

Nice Bubble Gum Song!
But Don’t like her voice for this kind of songs. It’s too low. I think a sharper voice would sound better.
See you!

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

Oh..yes..that sounds like 200% Gessle ...*LOL*
Nice! I think she has a good voice!!!

Per listen to me good:
you must work whith marie, for a new roxette album, not with this Caroline!! ok?
roxette only roxette!!!

This song is old dated, nothing new. I believe that Per spends his new ideas and new songs for the future Roxette album. I belive there will be one at least.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sounds really old and cheap. sorry.

well I’m nor fascinated with these songs,nice girl,but not a singer in my eye.easy to recognise Gessle’s simple stile..but i can’t stand it (I love gessle,I love Roxette but not that kind waste of time doing)

Song recycling, cool! You can do it again and again with a several-years-break and noone will recognize it (only hardcore fans will..).


Marie and Per would have made it work (-: But I agree with others here - this version is really dull. The k-otic version is a little odd, but at least it doesn’t sound like they’re yawning through the whole thing...

I really like Caroline’s version of the song. It’s very roxettish.

sounds good! simple catchy tune, hey hey in chorus... so easy to enter your mind for a day

sounds more as if these songs are in some kind of “pool of songs to sell to other artists” to buy them and perform them..Let’s see how often they will be used in the future ;D
Cool business.

Reminds me of a case that happened to Tobias Regner, winner of the German Popstars, he released his first single and a couple of days later some people found out that song was not at all new and that another band had recorded it some time before (2 years?). Simple, the song was in a pool of songs for artists and they just picked it up ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

The song is great. Yes its very Roxettish, I like it, but I can’t say the same about the voice unfortunately. It doesn’t fit the song at all. P&M could have done it better I’m sure. OK maybe Per has better songs for Roxette or solo album, I hope so

@ Judith: Tobias Regner was on Deutschland sucht den Superstar and not on Popstars!

I like this Song but I think that Marie sounds better than Caroline.
Have Fun!!!

I know, he was a winner of DSDS, it was a way to describe it as not many people know what DSDS is ;)
Call it “popstars” with “. Or German’s American Idol or whatever ;)

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

That´s how the bizz works, you can cover w h a t e v e r you want, and when I think of all the poor covers of songs which have been a hit just two or three years ago, I think it´s much better and interesting to release a song which is not already played to death. And if this warmed up tune fits the new singer or band, it´s ok! I like the song and the way it´s performed, no big piece of art, but catchy and fresh.

She’s got a great voice. Deeper than what I was actually expecting vocal-wise but, glad she’s having fun and hopefully many success’s.

PS: cool voice.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

I didn’t know that Per had written so many songs for Popstars winners/his songs were picked for the winners!

The night is so pretty and so young


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