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Roxette wishes the fans a Merry Xmas 2007!

Written by tevensso on December 15, 2007 to and . Source: Roxette.

STOCKHOLM (Updated) -

Ring them bells… Ring them bells….
Hola out there in Roxette County!
Just a quickie to wish you the merriest christmas of them all!!! Thanks, as always, for your endless support.
See ya next year (one way or another…)

P&M, Stockholm

Update: Per also wishes the fans a Merry Christmas at with a nice message and a new old demo called "Lycklig jul" ("Happy Christmas") from 1985.


Thank you!!!

We wish you a happy Merry Christmas too!! For you and your Family!!!

What P&M mean with

See ya next year (one way or another)????

Marie, Per, have a great xmas times too, i wish all my best to these days.
Maybe those words SEE YA NEXT YEAR (ONE WAY OR ANOTHR) is this christmas Roxettes gift!!! a hope to a one opened door...
PD:Or maybe the fans were alwys looking for a thread in a haystack....


Merry X’mas and Happy New Year and Have A Nice Day for everyone and everybody here and out there!!

All the very best,


P.S.: Always keeping the mistery one way or another :)
like magic and love lots of forgotten words
formerly known as Roxryder then Roxryder-V2002

Hey P&M and everyone!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS and everything!!! Eat good food and make great music!
Have a roxy christmas everybody!
Best wishes from Götene(!)

As soon as I read it, I *knew* fans would start looking into the “see ya next year (one way or another...)” comment TOO deeply!

if anything, I think that comment means there are no plans for Roxette.

Merry merry Christmas!!!!! and have a nice new year!! jeje

What they want to say with “see ya next year”????? Per’s mistery, jejejeje!!!

@ChrisWilliams - ’one way or another’...yet more solo(ish) stuff? ;-)

Well, call me a cynic, but that’s what I read into it. *hears the door slamming shut in the background. But what door is she refering to?*

*maniacal laughter*

claudia soul deep
per and marie you are great !!!
this christmas i will cheer for you too!!
best wishes for next year.!!!!
kisses from uruguay.
claudia curbelo

Merry Roxmas to you too, P&M!

Merry Christmas Per and Marie and to all the roxers all over the world!!!

“See ya next year (one way or another…)” mmmm.......... I Hope so!!!!!

Love from Madrid!

Thanks a lot, and all the best to Marie, Per & everyone else! Have a nice time.

thanks,marie and per

i wish you a happy merry christmas too

see you ya next year roxette
love forever

Tack så mycket, Marie och Per!!!

Have the merriest christmas of them all, too ;-) I wish you and your families happy holidays, enjoy the Christmas time! And of course, also a happy new year! Yeah, hope to see you next year! I count on you ;-)
Love you

Another year comes to its end...

Thank you very much for this X-mas message!! Merry Christmas and a wondeful New Year for you both and your families.

All the best for Marie and Per.

Much love.

Hej hej P&M! (I see it’s not just I who use only one letter for a name, haha)
God jul and a happy new year of course! I really hope to see you next year, no matter in what way. Kramar från supersnöiga Kiruna!

Oh, they are early this year! Probably already on the way to christmas holydays... ;-) I think it’s a nice touch that Per’s still talking “Roxette Country”, not “Gessle Country”, and signing with “P&M”. Maybe we’ll even get a tiny bit of Rox activity next year, who knows. Not many hints this time. At least it’s not forgotten that we’ve come here for Roxette after all. Thank you! :-)


Hope to see you next year, both of you, on way or another!

Xmas? It’s only 6th December!

Maybe “one way” is as Roxette and “or another” is solo projects!

Or maybe they were in a rush and wrote “see you next year” then realised there would be speculation of a Rox return in 2008 so added the extra bit.

Who knows? It;s just nice to see “P&M” !

P&M thanks for your greetings
Thanks for your solo albums this year, as well as for your coming proyects in 2008, any way you show up, we love you...


Hello Marie & Per..Merry Christmas to you both and families!! NEXT YEAR....!!!!!!!
Does it means there will be a ROXETTE come back??
XX Ivan

Hi Roxette!!!!!!!!!!! well merry xmas for you too, you are the best, who said “one way or another??P? or M? you made me remember to a song called one way or another of Blondie jejejeje, and it also made me think that you are maybe planning something for 2008, maybe, maybe you could make us happy with a brand new album, we will be waiting forver roxette, anyway, happy xmas and H new year!

It’s yet another, vague, non commital phrase that shouldn’t be read too deep into. It ain’t a new album until they say ’hey guys, we’re back in the studio’. In the meantime, keep dreaming :-)

“See ya next year (one way or another…)”

Even if it’s in demo form, that’s good enough for me :)

Merry Christmas Per and Marie!!!Thank you for your words!!!Really hope to see you next year, it’s the biggest dream of mine!!!Hi to all wonderfull Rox fans all over the world, Merry Christmas to you too, thanks for your support!!! Thank you TDR for keeping us informed, wish you all the best, Merry Christmas!!!THANK YOU ROXETTE!!!I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BECAUSE YOU SHINE YOUR LIGHT, SHINE ON ME!!!MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Svetlana, Uralsk, Kazakhstan

Merry cristmas M&P, my best wishes from you,i wish you have happiest new year,i will support you forever, love you.
greetings from little country,from georgia from your biggest fan

I knew people would start analyzing that last sentence, heheh. Probably means another greatest hits album. Well, no time to be nasty. Merry Christmas Roxette and Roxette-fans.

Merry Christmas Marie and Per and all who read TDR :) See you in the next year :)

Just one wish, could it be about me?

The same to you P&M!!!!

Nice to see that “Hola”, we don’t forget you!

MXmas to everybody.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Roxette and to everybody!!

You are the best! Thanks for your music!!!

happy xmas, Per and Marie!!! and i wish you all the best!!!
maybe in the 2008 a new rox album!!! why not?
Roxette forever the best.

Merry Christmas dear Per and Marie!! and for all Roxfans all around the world!! Best wishes from Costa Rica.

Merry Xmas everyone! Only a week and a half til i get 2 weeks off for xmas. yay!

....and no, the message does not mean a return of roxette....if anything it means the opposite. The “one way or another” is a kind of disclaimer

Hello Per And Marie..salutes from santiago de chile...
In this christmas..a One Wish..Roxette..comeback..ha ha
Have a very nice christmas and a greatest 2008...
God bless you Per Gessle And Marie fredriksson

Thanks for all this years of all this greatest music that comes happiness

Viva Roxette..!!...Viva Per Y Marie!!

Tack så mycket, Per and Marie!
Merriest Christmas for you too!!!! (And for all the good people in the world)
Thanks for all the work and gifts you have given us (one way or another...)
Pleased to follow you!!

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

Merry Christmas to Marie and Per!
I hope you are having Fun on Christmas Eve and on Silvester(that’s the German word for New Years Eve!)!
I also wish you both and your Families the Best for 2008!
Have Fun!!!

Merry roXmas, God Jul and a Happy New Year!

Yep..of course I hope to see you next year in some the last 10 years too....
Keep on writing songs and books and touring and filming and photographing and blogging and drawing and painting and whatever! WE NEED THAT!

thank you Marie and Per,

We also wish you a mery Christmas provided it’s in 3 weeks, at least ...
I also hope to hearing from you very soon.
May be such a good album as Joyride ? or any other one ????

oups, sorry i do think i made a mistake, Joyride1.

very very sorry

ah, no mistake at all, i couldn’t see my comment... and i thought i answered to Joyride1 and didn’t add any comment !!!
so i suppose i’ll go to sleep (and wish you the best there is)
:-) :-)
wish anyway a very merry Christmas to every one.

Hey, dear Per and Marie!
Merry Christmas and a great 2008 to you.
Love from Brazil

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU !!! I am wishing you and your families a wonderful and calm time surounded with candles and many gifts! :-)

A great 2008 to you both especially to MARIE! (miss you!)

All the best and all my love goes out to ROXETTE from me here in Leipzig/Germany.

Super Roxmas, Per & Marie. Have a great time. Enjoy the holidays.

To all Roxette fans: have fun, be fan!

Du borde sett hur underbart jag mår

Dear Marie & Per & Roxette Fans,

I wish you all a merry x-mas and a happy new year from the bototm of my heart.
Roxette is the very best! Hopefully there is much more to come from the best band in the world!

Heaps of Love,




Thanks and Merry Christmas for you too!!


Hold On! Why was this old message moved to the 15th December if it was originally put here on the 6th?

So people will see it of course.

Merry Christmas to you too!!!

It’s so nice with all these Christmas decorations here at The Daily Roxette :)

Du borde sett hur underbart jag mår

Lycklig jul!!

like magic and love lots of forgotten words
formerly known as Roxryder then Roxryder-V2002

Very cool demo. Per’s 1980’s demos are so cool. Immediately thought od Sweet Thing.

Thanks once again Per.

Merry Christmas!!

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

God jul Per och Marie!

And thanks a lot for the demo! Kinda based on Genius gone wrong textwise. Really cool rocky one, thanks! Keep the treats flowing Per, I appreciate them!

Gessle: Det spelar ingen roll vad som skrivs, bara bilden är bra :D

oh! Great Demo!!! Just fantastic!
where did the good old times go?!

Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Thanks for the demo, it’s already on my iPod and Merry Crimble to you and Marie too!

Hej Alla!

Jag önskar till alla God Jul och Gott Nytt År!

Hej då!
Zoli (från Budapest, Ungern) Demo!! THANX Per!...let’s rox around the Xmas tree...the good old 80s vibe in that demo..I sort of missed that!
Thanx! Nice present!!

Lycklig jul ,Per och Marie !!

What a great present! Thank you, Santa Per :)

Du borde sett hur underbart jag mår

thanks for the gift mr per gessle...Have a very nice christmas and a sucessfull year 2008
i wish you a merry christmas to you and Marie...have a nice day...salutes!!

Thx for the wishes P&M... and P, thanx for the demo!
Have a great bash yourselves yoo!!

Marcus | |

I love the demo. It’s very catchy and I love the distortion of his voice when he sings: jag spellar in a rock ’ roll band. Very good demo, indeed.

Merry Xmas Per and Marie!All the best for you and your families!Have a great 2008!Maybe a new Roxette album the year to come,why not

per & marie i wish you a merry chrismas and a happy new year
hope to see you one day maybe in 2008

love you

Merry xmas and happy new year!
God jul och gott nytt år!
Feliz navidad y próspero año nuevo!

Ezequiel PiR_GeSSLe
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

PS: Is it only me or “Lycklig jul” feels like a mix between the beats of “Galgning” and the lyrics of “Genius gone wrong”?

Yeah, a fan has already noted that Lycklig Jul reminds of Genius Gone Wrong lyrix-wise. I personally noticed that towards the end of the song.

Du borde sett hur underbart jag mår

Merry Christmas!

Per and Marie i wish all your dreams come true merry xmas and a great new year thanx for making me happy,Rox from Argentina

Dear Per and Marie Merry Christmas too i hope you have a great time, my best wishes for you and your family!

lots of love, from Argentina. and THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC!!

Am I the 1st to post on Xmas day? (GMT)

@rossyrox: Yes, I think, you are the first one. Merry Christmas to you :D

Du borde sett hur underbart jag mår

Hmm, I’ve tried loads of times to listen to this song, but I haven’t been able to :-(

@pwbbounce: I’ve just tried to listen to the song and it plays fine. Maybe something is wrong with your Windows Media Player?

I’m gonna get dressed for success

Ana Carolina - Brazil

Per & Marie...
Thank you for everything these years!
I wish you much success. You deserves!
I wait their return anxiously.
I love you...

Happy xmas , Per And Marie, wish for you , Marie the best for you, maybe one day ì like know personality,
besos, for Marie

for all people xmas and happy new year,
muchas felicidades para todos

[email protected]


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