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“Ordet är farväl”

Written by tevensso on November 18, 2007 to and .

LJUSDAL - The lead single off Marie's new album has been sent out to radio stations and it's of course "Ordet är farväl." It seems to be a promotional release only (CDPRO4415). The song itself is written by Micke Bolyos and Py Bäckman with Micke on programming, Jokke Pettersson (Marie's nephew) on guitars and Bengan Jansson on the accordion.

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Im so impatience to hear Order at farval!!!!

I dunno why, most people have already heard it on your flash not working?

And who made the picture/cover design? Micke as well? Dear me, it’s getting worse and worse.

I absolutely love the fact that Marie is recording music, posing for photosessions and the rest of it... But I was a little disappointed to read that Micke has written the new song. I love songs that come from the heart of the artist and although you can’t get much closer than a husband and wife team, Micke’s songwriting skills don’t quite match that of ABBA’s...

The sleeve doesn’t mention who designed it. Kjell Andersson?

Kjell Andersson? I thought (wished) he retiered after the One Wish-sleeve design desaster.

The cover looks easy. Did they made it with Photo Shop?

I miss Marie´s old songs!

I like the cover, simply, bright and Marie looks great on it.
I dislike this radio only promo idea, music bussines goes to ....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

@ Zelda: They probably made it with Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

I hope she´s going to promote the song!
@Joyrider: I could do a better sleeve. I´m pretty sure :)

@ Zelda: I’ll wager you could ;-)

i don’t like this song,its not as it shoul be.i expected something spetiall...and album cover is not so important.besids i’m glad that Marie still singing and i hear her voice,thats all

mmm, the song seems so sad to me, of course with the very few words i know in swedish, anyone knows how to get the lyrics??
about the graphics... yeah it’s like power point-word-excel but it’s great to have somethin’ new from marie

This is what Marie can do best. Sad songs. I love them and I love this new one. Would be great to get brand new SAD album from Marie. But...

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News is great! I fell so very glad!
Don’t be nasty about the cover! It’s very bright and shiny! Everything is nice, come on...


Here’s the text to this song:

Marie looks great in white, mayby there is too much white in the cover, but it’s no problem for me absolutely. I just can’t believe that some people are so worried about covers. People don’t worry be happy!!! THANK YOU MARIE AND MICKE FOR A GREAT SONG!!!

Anyone heard it yet ? or links or anything lol ? Seems a very low key release so far. Supose its to be expected really.

It’s out, radio stations have it.

New song is best single since Det som var nu or I en tid som var, Marie looks great on the picture, cover is very nice, elegant. Perfect.
Only promo single. Just like Jag skulle vilja tänka en underbar tanke. Why oh why? God damn EMI.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

@ first girl on the moon

Hi first girl on the moon ... I’m not worried about covers, I’m kind of worried about the fact, that everybody thinks he/she is a designer or photographer because he/she can open Adobe programs and he/she can make pictures with his/her cell phone. ;-)

Of course there’s no accounting for taste. But sometimes it’s not about personal preferences or taste!

See, if the picture had been taken in front of a white wall instead of cutting Marie’s body out (in that semi professional way > look at her face!), it would look better – probably. But then there are still no colour-corrections and that low quality font (without optical/manual kerning) left.

You know, there is ’bad design’ because it is not your kinda taste (e.g. the controversial HAND-Cover) and there is ’bad design’ because it’s full of fault due to unprofessional workmanship and UNknowingly breaking rules of good (graphic-/typographc) design/composing (e.g. Marie’s new sleeve design or ... better expample: the TDR-website).

Hope you know, what I mean. Cheers.

thanks tomos85

Will there be no digital-download single as it happened with ’Ingen kommer undan politiken’?


2 joyrider: Hi, thanks for clarification. I am not an expert, so maybe you are right. I just know that I really like what I see, but it’s all a matter of taste of course. All the best!!!

Great post, joyrider, and I agree with what you’ve said.

I’d be interested to see your ideas for a refreshed TDR :)

I really like Ordet Är Farväl cover, I like it more than cover of Sommaräng.

I’m not afraid, a trembling flower

If I were PER, I would NEVER EVER do another interview with the daily roxette. This as all the comments below are totally disrespectful and totally painfull. Marie is and ARTIST! a BIG artist with her own creativity. She never JUDGED any of us at all! and what do you all do??? Tear her DOWN!! If PER has any respect for her, he would never do another interview with TDR!!!

Yeah, you kow guys, I’m actually pretty sure the picture was taken in front of a highly lighted white screen. And the subtle choice of font is probably due to the fact that EVERYBODY can produce a fancy cover nowadays and Marie ( being a swede) has always had good taste and probably kept it puristic.

I like the cover very much as I like the TDR-design (though I liked the one from 1997 best :-))

Go and practice saying nice things instead of showing off with your semi-knowledge.

@ Roxeanne: I wouldn’t call a Master-degree (in communication design) ’semi professional’. ;-)

BTW: This is still a forum to discuss.

I don’t think anyone here has spoken badly about Marie. It’s just that this cover photo looks terrible unprofessional. You can still like it or not. Don’t forget it’s just a promo single, which often tend to be designed rather poorly (see older rox promos for that).

For me it just seems Marie lately prefers to work with friends instead of technically better professionals. I respect her decisions but don’t have to applaud everything.

professional graphic designer without master degree ;-)

guys... it’s just a cover of a promo! We might like it or not...but we are talking about this!


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