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Per and family featured in calendar against street violence

Written by robban on November 14, 2007 to .

STOCKHOLM - Per Gessle with family Åsa and Gabriel are in Caroline Roosmark's 2008 calendar "The Women and Men of the Year 2008." This year's edition is dedicated to 16 year old Riccardo Campogiani who was meaninglessly killed on the streets October 7, 2007. "Per usually doesn't do things like these," Caroline says, "but this time he's been very into it. He spent days picking out a good wig!"

As you can see Per, "pop legend," is dressed in a Mozartesque style, with a "guitar" of course (It's called a lute.) He is in May's picture.

You can order the calendar at Caroline's site, 15 SEK of every calendar will go to the foundation of Riccardo Campogiani's memory. The Daily Roxette does not know if Caroline ships outside of Sweden.

Photo is used with kind permission.


Cool concept and nice picture (except for the too light parts in the sky) and a kinda »familar« style for me, because the »Mozart City«, Salzburg, is the neck of my woods so to say. Thumbs up.

The boy looks like Gabriel. What do you think?

Because it it Gabriel ;)

I’ve found more photos of Per on this website:

It even says in the article it’s Gabriel so I think is safe to say.

Really cool picture!!!OMG!!!Thank you for making me laugh!!!

Great Picture! LOL!
Have Fun!!!

Thank you for the link to the porfolio! Very inspiring.

It even says in the article it’s Gabriel so I think is safe to say.

Haha, sorry. Sometimes we read so fast that we miss certain things. By the way, the guy looks like Per Gessle, doesn´t he? :P

Nice pic...I’m not sure it’s Mozart he’s going for, maybe Louis the 16th pre-beheading?

Looks vaguely like that guy in Roxette doesn’t he?

Maybe Per should display Mozart’s father (Leopold) and Gab is the wunderkind Mozart. But who cares anyway ... ;-)

If Per ever covers Falco’s “Rock Me Amadeus”, he should consider these clothes for the video, hehe. :P

Great picture indeed. All the family looks very good.

its simply great! the guitar! just perfect. First pg feat. the plumber, now this. Fantaaastic :P
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Funny picture. Can be used for the single sleeve. Check this one. :-D

But better fits to title I Never Quite Gor Over The Fact That Beatles Broke Up.

(Nothing extra, I did it during production meeting, just for fun)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Wow! Wonderful picture! I just love it. They’re perfect.

Judith: :-)


Åsa looks hot!


I recognized only Åsa first to be honest! ^^LOL^^

fanny picture,Gabriel looks so nice.

Yesss, the pic is amazing. I wish Per did such kind of photo sessions more often :D

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