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Marie Fredriksson to release a ballad album

Written by Jud on October 5, 2007 to and . Source: d&d management.

STOCKHOLM - Marie Fredriksson will release a compilation at the end of November. The new greatest ballad hits will feature her most well-known ballads as well as two newly recorded songs, one of them being a Swedish version of "A Table in the Sun" (from the album "The Change".)

The Daily Roxette is happy to see that Marie surprises us yet again with new material. The sleeve and release date are TBA.

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Let’s start moaning again ;)

no, not at all - I like it! :)

LOL - I think Marie and Per should enter the Guiness Book of World Records for the most amount of compilation/ greatest hits albums released. Sorry, but this does not excite me too much. Nice to get something *new* from Marie - but reading the front page news, it was not like how it used to be when you would read (for example in 2001) Roxette Serve Up Room Service...

ho hum.

I’m happy to hear that MF is still working, but I’m agree with other members.... this doesn’t excited me much.......

Either it has been the old news, in the pagina or published it for several days

................Yes, I am glad.....:(
We knows this kind of compilations. Old songs, old pictures and “rien” new. Yes, sorry... “A table in the sun” the first version from 2000.

Are most of Marie’s hits not ballads anyway? and there’s not exactly been much between her last GH and this one, so what exactly is the point of this release? I’ll still buy it though probably....but only cos its marie. And I’m looking forward to the new songs

Where is the point with this album?
Still sad!

The main point is probably to get in on the Christmas sales. But so what? We get new songs from Marie, and that is great!!


The so called “fans” are ALWAYS UNSATISFIED.
Go out and enjoy the life.Let Marie does what she want,and don’t buy the compilation if you don’t like it.
Marie: Many fans who DOESN’T post here and me love all your courage and all your INVALUABLE solo work!!!.You can do what you want!!!

It’s a fantastic news! A small step is a big step! The comeback must be big and later to join to Per and will released new Roxette album. I’m pleasure...

Nobody should complain, the fact that Marie is releasing new songs is good! Imagine what she’s been through! Every “small step” is great! This album will probably generate loads of publicity for Marie (and thus: Roxette) so that is great in any case!
I won’t be the first to buy the album, but I am happy to see that she is still active with regards to her musical career!
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

The fact that she still wants to make music ,can only make us happy!
Small steps but in the good direction.
Thank you Marie!

Nice surprise!! i now know what my christmas present will look like.

It’s great to know she’s at least recording two songs. In my case, as I only have got an album by Marie, that’s OK.

I think thats nice. At least something “new” from Marie. As I understand it, there won’t be new a new song but two old songs newly recorded. But thats fine, what about It must have been love in swedish ;)

I don’t know how is the phrase in English but this is the idea: you can see the half empty glass or the half full glass. For me nowing that Marie is doing at least a new song is good news. And that’s enough.

Great! Marie is back! I´m so happy!

I hope the new song sounds like DSR!!!!!!!

“This album will probably generate loads of publicity for Marie (and thus: Roxette) so that is great in any case!”

C’mon, there was no loads of publicity when she released “Min bäste vän” (which was a whole new album). Then, it will be even less publicity about a compilation of old songs. I don’t know why the people talk about the ’little steps’ in her life. She has released 2 full albums since she recovered from cancer. Where have you all been?

Nothing new under the sun......................... ;)

———————————————————————————– +

“She has released 2 full albums since she recovered from cancer. Where have you all been?”

The Change - 50% part of it was written by Micke, and not Marie... and probably a few songs from her were written even befroe the illness (i.e. Bad Moon)

Min Bästa Vän - All songs are covers, songs from other artists.

So, MAYBE the point is that she isn´t ready to write/produce a whole new total album. I´m not 100% happy with a new compilation, but probably this was the best way the record company found to release a few new songs from her. And I´m very glad she will bring us at least one fully new song!! That´s the greatest Christimas gift!!

If the songs were composed by herself or not, it doesn’t count at all. She was able to record and release 2 albums (1,5 if you like it more) since she was ill. The point is I don’t know why people is so surprised by 2 “new” songs being recorded now... 2 new songs that I will download from somewhere. There’s no point in investing more money on songs that I already have (on the albums and “Äntligen”). Let the new compilation for the casual customers.

Im a little bit happy about this one. There has only been 1 complilation of Maries solo-career so its ok. If this would have been the fourth Marie-compilation I would yawn a little bit too ( like some people are doing here). Off course...nothing will ever compare to reading news about a whole new Roxette album. Not for me anyway.

I’m looking forward to hearing something from Marie again :)
Actually it’s not so long ago we got some new tracks sung by her, in Micke’s album :D
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

the more this keeps happening the less of as fan I feel myself it’s just a pathetic cash grab be it on emis part or per and amries. Don’t get me wrong new matieral is great, but you know what, instead of shoveling another hits package at us why now just a 5 song ep...not only is this insulting it’s infuriating, especially considering how much they bellyache that the musci business is in trouble, well this is a prime example as to why

Mmm.... it would be interesting if we get rare old songs as well as the hits ones:

- Så skimrande var aldrig havet
- For free
- Innan du går, kom tillbaka
- Änglamark
- Violett

There’s a lot they can put in not to make the cd monotonous!

Would be great to get a video for the new single. The last one was Det som var nu. It´s more than 7 years.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Oh, come on.... if Marie does realy work, she can record something new, as the studio is RIGHT in HER OWN home!!!
If she does nothing and releases just one another “greatest hits”, because she has to pay for her credit..... :(((( Well..... that’s not any fun at all.... (((((((

So... a re-release of “Äntligen - Marie Fredrikssons Bästa 1984 - 2000” without “Antligen” ?

Seriously, though - I have no issue with MF releasing a compilation, record companies demand them of artists all the time and they’re good for casual listeners (if not for fans), but isn’t the concept here kind of silly? I mean, this is like releasing a compilation of Roxette’s best English-language songs... I hope some of the rarities Roxlad mentions are included (but I doubt it).

The swedish version of A table in the Sun, is the original song written firstly by Marie, she had the fellings of change for recording a new album that time, but the word Change in Swedish is “Förändring”, it was so bored and rare for a tittle for her, she decided to translate the first lyrics into english. I thing that all of us preffer a last and new released of Always the last to know vs Det som bar nu hit, it will be another gif from her.

These complaints are really stupid. Just one new song. So what, it will be available on the single anyway, so you don’t have to buy the whole compilation. What do you think singles are for? This release is not for fans I agree, but who said that releases are just for fans. I have CDs of many artists, and I am not their fan and if you seriously think that artist’s sales depend just on fans you should make friends with you brain. Sorry for being honest

And btw Junkie Marie’s been working hard for many years, and be sure she is wealthy enough to pay for her credit. With all my respect but your comment is just offensive

I think I’m going to buy just cd-single, supposing it will be possible and it won’t be just another promotion-only-thing.

I will definitely be buying it, mainly because I want to keep my collection complete and up to date.

But, I cannot help and think what’s next? Per’s Pop Hits??? :))

man, I’m glad I put some distance between me and all this crap.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

so fans being screwed over by record execs is crap?

I’d like a shred of honesty out of artists that ” milk the cow” the way roxette has in the past 5 years. There are lesser known bands who have prodouced twice as many full albums as roxette have in the same 20 years of time and have only 1 compilation to me judith the crap is the factthey think they can continually recycle the same material and think fans are ignorant to continue to pay for it. Maybe it was their way of working out the end of roxette contract with emi...but i somehow doubt it.

no, most of the negativity here is crap. Moaning moaning moanig, I don’t like this, I don’t like that, this sucks, and that as well.

If we would make some kind of statistics, I’m sure 80% (and here I’m being positive) of the comments contain some insult or some negative words against anybody. Somebody from outside get surely the impression you are a bunch of losers with no life at all.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

I think they can release as many compilations as they want. But there’s no need to add any new tracks on it. That’s a strategy to push the people that already have the old songs, to buy it all again. It’s not fair, and wicked somehow. Look at those budget compilations of Per and GT that were released in the late 90’s: “Hjärtats trakt/En sämling” had no new tracks on it, so the fans didn’t have to buy it if they didn’t want to. That’s the way compilations should be released all the time.

The fact of “keeping-my-collection-complete” is not that important now, it’s not the way it used to be any more. Through the years I’ve realised that is a total waste of time, money and effort. For example, do you know how many ABBA compilations have been released since the 80’s? Under different labels and in different countries and such they are more than 100. I doubt the ABBA fans got all those CD’s in order to keep themselves happy... Then, having the new Marie compilation or not doesn’t make much of a difference for me.

For me it is a surprise that Marie is still thinking about releasing music at all after that Bolyos flop... or Min Baste Van...

She knows that her voice is not the same as it was before... EMI thinks the same and tries to milk the cow until the very end... its so obvious and sad.

Remember these moments, cherish them, because now we can witness the decline and fall of Roxette. After Per will release a new plumber failure, he too will have to quit his english career... and then thats truly the end.

Do you really think that A Family Affair was a flop!? I think just by releasing the album Mikael is more than happy i don’t think he was chasing fame with it. The same with Marie’s albums she’s not looking for success she just wants to make music and music she likes. And what about SOAP!? Per is aware that kind of music is not the one that sells nowadays but he just don’t give... They are at that state to do whatever they want to is success comes with it Great if it does not well so what? I did the record i wanted and that’s more than enough. it’s not a matter of HAVE TO it’s WANT TO.

like magic and love lots of forgotten words
formerly known as Roxryder then Roxryder-V2002


For me is Roxette a closed Chapter. Sorry.

I think the Future is:
Per makes his Solocarrier and Marie? She live a normaly Family-Life. Makes someday Music with her Husband in her Home or she paint Pictures. Not more.

The New Single is nice from Marie hope it sounds good. I wish Marie good luck with her Greatest Hits.

venomthefat, your post is 100% non-sence. By the way, I don’t think it will be a physical single off the compilation. If they release the new song as a single, it will be digital.

If I remember right, there were a few fans who wondered if Marie released the hits compilation, what would happen? If fans reaction would be the same as to Per’s latest CDs (Aftonbladet CD and book CD)? Well, it seems that the reaction is the same. Nothing new under the sun...
As for myself, I’ll buy the compilation, even it contains just two new songs! For me hearing Marie’s voice is something like a therapy. And her new songs would bring even more happy feelings to me. The songs from A Family Affair CD I like the most, are namely those that have Marie on vocals/backing vocals. Marie’s voice can save any song!
Besides, nowadays I’ve been watching a few Roxette live performances on Man, I miss Marie’s voice so much!!!

Jag ska bygga mej en båt och segla tills det blir Per Gessle konsert :)

Thanks Marie for the effort, for your strength to release something. I think it’s great to get something old or new.

And to all complainers, Marie doesn’t need so much negativity, what’s the point of breaking off every attempt of Marie to do something with music? I can imagine she’s disappointed in the fans as nothing she or Micke do is good enough. Normally I don’t post much here, but Marie deserves some support now. I’ve seen her and nothing is the same anymore. When do you realise that? We should be glad she didn’t retire just yet! Go sweetie, you rock!!!

Love Nienke

Nienke, we already talked about that sometimes, it’s not even worth reading such comments nor reacting on them ;)

I’m glad I read not even 1/10 of the shit written in the comments and forum here and everywhere else :D You can’t imagine how much energy this steals off you!! Unfortunately I had to get ill myself to realise that.

As for Marie... I can only thank her again and again for her music and for the big inspiration she is to many of us :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

i have to agree with everyone
i think this album is a waste of time and effort
sounds like marie has given up on roxette she keeps stalling and making stupid career moves.
ok so she cant tour or do heaps of promotion but clearly she can still sing and still has an amazing voice
there no clear reason why a new roxette album couldnt happen. Marie and Per need to start talking to the fans and tell us if there’s any chance of an reunion, i feel they have fallen out somewhere maybe Per pushed Marie too far or Marie’s tired of Roxette’s declined in sales or bad decision making aka “favourite from CrashBoomBang” and losing their american record contract at EMI
i think promotion was never there strong point, Marie Dimberg did a crap job.

Just logged in after months to let everyone know that Judith is perfectly right... ;-)

Judith, is it really so incomprehensible that people are moaning? When message about possible new album comes, probably everyone was excited that there will be some new songs from Marie, in swedish, on new studio album, first time since 1996 I en tid som var. Than was said that it will be another hits album with only one new song. There are no new songs in swedish between Antligen and the present. So why is another hits album needed. It has no meaning for me and as you can see for many fans too.

I remember how was people happy and enjoyed when A Familly Affair with Marie vocals in some songs was released. Everybody enjoyed that Marie is singing new songs, not her own, but from her husband, not on whole album, but only some, but it was on brand new album.

So this moaning is not against Marie or her work, it´s against very strange and in last years very popular practice releasing same old songs again and again. You have to see the difference. Poeple loves Marie´s music, for this reason they are moaning, because they will get no new music, only songs they already have. Twice, on studio albums and on Antligen.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I´m so excited about Marie to release this new album. I´m a Roxette fan since 1992 and I don´t follow their solo career, except getting some tracks or the TWATG album.
As I love Marie and her wonderful voice, I can´t wait for buying the compilation. It will be a nice way of joining her great ballad songs, including a new one.
Judith, I totally agree with you.

i’m glad that Marie is able to work again,thats all,not such good news as it should be,i agree with the other fans.

Normally couldn’t bother replying to such silly, offensive and simply ridiculous threads like these, however just wanted to note how much I agree with both Nienke and Judith. Those negative comments are in my opinion too more than inappropriate. If not interested in a release, don’t buy it but stop moaning. Personally, I’m full of joy to hear just about any new song sung by Marie, let it be 1, 2, or whatever number. And as for the ’A Family Affair’ album, obviously it’s different music than what Marie sings with Roxette, but no wonder considering the production, musicians, etc... are different ones than are being used in Roxette. Would be thrilled to actually hear more material recorded by Marie and Micke together. So, M&M, thanks a million times for spoiling us with your music like you’ve done especially in the last 3 years.

Marcus | |

People, if you wanna read something that was genuinely negative you should try the review of “The Change” that we got from the TDR staff, back in October, 2004. If that’s not negative, you should tell what it is then. It’s not all about the fans, people.

There you can find funny comments like “Den ständiga resan was her worst album ever”, and such. The staff (Judith, whoever) loves to show the fans as childish and “the-ones-that-moan-on-everything”, but Marie didn’t get much support from this site when “The Change” was released. Now, we can complain as much as we want about the new compilation...

Its so sad... really, not only this is a compilation album, but its also a swedish one, and the same one released in 2000. What is the difference?

Marie should learn from Annie Lennox or Dolores O’Riordnan.... If you don’t have anything smart to say (sing, in this case).... then you better quit for a couple of years!

I´m incredibly happy for Marie. It´s great to see that Marie surprises us with new stuff (including 2 new songs!). Fans should be glad for this new and stop moaning as always.. I won´t buy it but i´m really happy cos it´s a big positive step for her.


Big positive step?
After The Change, after Rox Hits and great One Wish, after Min baste van, after A Familly Affair? One new song plus couple same old songs is big positive step?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Its no problem for me if Marie releases an updated GH compilation. Its her songs after all and she can do whatever she wants with them. I’d love to hear her new song and Table in the sun in Swedish, that’s one of my fave songs. I’ve never been disappointed in Marie NEVER. But I can understand the disappointment some of you feel. I’m really sorry for you. Can you just once think about people, not your collections? Of course you are free to express your feelings, but for God’s sake don’t blame Marie for laziness and money hunting, you know its not true. And its really offensive for me personally and for many others who sincerely love Marie. I really hope Marie doesn’t read this site.

We don’t blame her, but the stupid label (aka EMI) that is putting compilations out all the time. Compilations should be 100% previously released material, that way fans don’t have to buy it if they already have the songs. But seems that’s not totally profitable for the label...

Yes, no new singles (only radio promos or digital downloads only) but still the same greatest hits albums. Music bussiness turned into its own parody.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Great news! Amazing talent, looking forward to the two new recordings. My latest love is A Family Affair, fantastic!

Has anyone considered the possibility that Marie can no longer compose new songs, without the help of Micke, because of the brain surgery? Cut her some slack, people.

“Où sont mes pantalons?”

This happens because there is always somebody who buys these re-released albums........

Somebody from outside get surely the impression you are a bunch of losers with no life at all.

is a comment like this necessary judith I mean seriously. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and alot of us are frustrated. I take a real offense to your generalization that were alll losers with no lives, if thats the case do me a favor and pull the site down so us losers need to find somewhere lese to complain

Judith didn´t say you (or we) are all losers.
She just said that somebody from outside would get the impression.

I perfectly agree with her.
And by the way, since you insist on your right of having a (negative, moaning, destructive) opinion, why is it so difficult for you to grant the same right to Judith? It´s her opinion, and she has the same right to write it down as you have.

So stop being aggressive, please.

i‘m with judith on this - well said and honestly put.

for some time now this site has been negative towards marie and sometimes the comments have been incredibly hurtful and unnecessary. it‘s almost as if marie is being blamed for the lack of solo and/or roxette material - what people seem to forget is that marie (and per) are first and last human beings and have never forced us to buy anything to do with them.

why can‘t we just support them and not criticise everything they do.

Nobody criticise all Marie do or did. The Change, my full respect for this album because we all know in what time it was made. Min baste van, personal album of her favourites songs, yes, great idea, something like a tribute to her favourite artists. New songs for Roxette, great to hear her again as a part of Rox. A Family Affair, very nice and very good surprise. So where is the negotiation of everything what she do?

If I like something I will say that. If I don’ t like something I will say it too. And in this case I am saying that I don’t like this idea with Ballad Hits compilation and for this reason I can’ t support this idea. I am not a fan of this best of boom lately, my opinion is that less is more, for what have five best of albums if you have some 15 hits.

I respect Marie / EMI if they want to release this album, but I am not happy with it, because I thought that there is brand new album on the way and releasing many best of albums is wasting time, money and new songs for me. But of course I’m looking forward to every new song from Marie. So at least that new one.

On the other hand there has no details been published about an album or what’s behind it, so for this time I can’t judge anything. Let’s wait for the result.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Abysmo, you put into the words exactly what I feel about this new compilation. I wrote down almost the same opinion as yours on R2R forum. Yep, those latest albums (TC, MBV or even TFA) were quite nice (not the best, though), but I do not really like idea behind another gh-type-cd with one or two new songs. That’s all. Is it that what you call moaning? It’s just my point of view and there is nothing offensive to Marie and her work.

Just calm down and let everyone to have their own opinion ;)

This is how I feel it. ;-) Hits compilations are usually released by artist which don’ t have nothing more to say. The less they have to say, the more compilations they are releasing. And I think that Marie still has to say something. (Or sing something :-)) Just look on her great performance on A Family Affair. Releasing another compilation is wasting her talent.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ok, i’m glad to hear that
i wish roxette would release a full new album

That’s Gr8 News!!!
Have Fun!!!

go coyboyusa go :) This release is such waste.
na na na na na

abysmo said “Hits compilations are usually released by artist which don’ t have nothing more to say.”

I don’t think that is true at all. I’m pretty sure i’ve seen a few times GH albums from bands that have only released two albums.

If i’m not mistaken Greatest Hits packages are almost written into the contracts that artists sign. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marie didn’t even want to release another hits album at this stage, rather it was EMI pushing for it.

If you already have all the old songs, don´t buy it, I think, there will be a way to get the new songs, maybe on a single CD (With more already unreleased Demo Tracks or something like that). That´s what it´s all songs!!!! Maybe it´s time to say thanks to Per and Marie for giving us a great time with all the beautiful Roxette stuff in the past.But now this chapter can be closed and let´s see, what the future will bring. I think they will never quit making music, especially Per, whith his gigantic output of songs. You can´t turn back the clock( remember the so called “Come back”?) this can´t work. Enjoy the future (with Per and Marie)!!!
Rock on ...

I’m just sooooo happy that Marie is doing something, even though it’s a compilation we are going to get one new song (not counting ATITS in swedish), if she is happy i am happy, who knows maybe she is also recording a whole new album and writing it, it’s a start: “triyng to make it little by little, trying to make bit by bit on her own” and she will success!!!! Besides, if they have a contract with the record company they should make records and if they don’t have material, well a compilation it is then!

If i’m not mistaken Greatest Hits packages are almost written into the contracts that artists sign. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marie didn’t even want to release another hits album at this stage, rather it was EMI pushing for it

Or perhaps, with the release of such GH albums, Marie and Per perhaps to bring an end to their current recording contracts with EMI?!... assume that under their current recording contracts they’ve obliged to release a certain number of albums and would imagine that GH count as full albums towards this?!

Mmmmm ... Perhaps this site would be better known as “The Daily Complainers” ...

This site can only be as good as the (majority of) people that use it............

I support the idea that EMI is behind it!

För ännu doftar kärlek och hoppet blir till tro

Hi to everybody!! this is my 2^ post on TDR, i’m a fan from Italy, my song favourite is Wish i coluld fly.
I hope in a new album!!..... roxette miss me so much.
PS sorry for my english;-)

hi Per & Marie


Hi’s a good news but as some people says it has’t excited me much..
We all need new material with roxette or at least tell us what on plan.
Thanks Ivan

I have been watching lots of Roxette live performances on these days. And I realized one thing: I miss Marie’s voice a lot. So bring on those two new songs. It will be like Christmas for me!

PS Ettexor, welcome to the forum :)

För ännu doftar kärlek och hoppet blir till tro

I wonder when the cover art is going to be released? And the tracklisting?

What’s the bet the cover is one of Marie’s artworks?? :-)

It’ve very possible that one of Marie’s drawings will be used in the booklet. We’ve heard several times that Marie continues to draw!

I know your bussiness but I don´t know your name...

Still no news about Marie’ s new album or new single, either Pratar med min müsli (hur det än verkar)?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

@abysmo: tevensso wrote on forum that Per’s single is *a bit* delayed...

I know your bussiness but I don´t know your name...

@AURYTE: Thanks for the info. It´s probably because of editing new version.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It seems that Marie will release her compilation the same day as Per releases his DVD, that is the 5th of December :)

I’m not afraid, a trembling flower


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