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“En händig man” tour videos on YouTube

Written by roxeteer on July 15, 2007 to , and .

Per is publishing official "En händig man" tour videos on YouTube. So far, two videos have been released: first one from the Halmstad premiere and the second one from the Linköping concert. The videos are 1-2 minutes long and consist of clips from backstage, soundcheck and live concert.


Don’t you think Mazarin is back??? It’s seems the same tour!! But, it’s great and i want a dvd, with subtitles pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

What a great idea! Not only does Per get promotion for his tour and any subsequent DVD, but the fans and public gets nice memories about the concerts they attended. Nice one! Just goes to show that we can all be winners in the digital age ;-) All the best, Rich

Great idea! So us who don’t travel to Sweden can join a bit of the tour as well! :-)

Nice videos ;)
Helena is very sweet

ddare i say it...fakenback..he’s far too tan! Why oh why can’t they do this for a making of the next roxette album ..that would be a real treat

Had anybody the URL´s for Download???

Go to google and type in download you tube and you will find some programmes for download from you tube!

Great videos!!!

2 sille-rox
Use FireFox and instal Video Downloader from here , than go for example here and from this site you can download videos.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

yeah,cool videos,and what a pity that i can’t understand any word in swedish,i just looked as a moviend pictures at everything.

WOW I’m impressed. Thank you very much Per and TDR. It’s been a great pleasure

I agree, it’s a fantastic idea :)

The moon is alright

I just wanted to know if anyone else is having the same problem with a few videos on site, cos a few videos are silent, i.e. I can only see the image without the sound!

The moon is alright

I have that problem with Malmö

there is something wrong with Malmö video

Today I could watch and hear Malmö video, but I still have the problem with Strömstad video :(

Jag ska bygga mej en båt och segla tills det blir Per Gessle konsert :)

YAY! Thank you! Subtitles would be a very nice idea anyway, yes. :D


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