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Written by ncurran on July 5, 2007 to , , and .

Mikael Bolyos - A Family Affair (EMI MBM 3971032)

Mikael has (somewhat unfairly) come in for quite a bit of criticism from Roxette fans over the years, especially since he started collaborating musically with Marie, as some fans felt that he had moved Marie's music into a direction they didn't like.

The surprising thing is that many of the same fans who criticised Micke's influence on albums such as “The Change” have been very positive about his latest project “A Family Affair”. I actually have really liked the work that Marie has done with her husband, and he was indeed responsible for my favourite song from “The Change”….”Mother”.

Personally, although this album is not going to make as one of my all time favourites of Roxette related material, I like the album a lot. It is a very eclectic mix of styles and sounds incorporating old sixties pop, jazz, eighties pop, and even more modern sounds. I think that this diversity is both the key to the record's success, and its downfall. At times I think it doesn't work very well because it jumps between too many different sounds and lacks cohesion, but then I also think that this is one of the attractions of the album: because it is a very personal collection, almost a story of Micke himself and his family, hence the title “A Family Affair”. Indeed, I can almost imagine Micke, Marie and their friends jamming away in their basement to the songs, as we saw in the Marie's “A Second Chance” documentary a few years ago.

Here are my thoughts on the individual tracks .

Merry Go Round:
A mid-tempo, very Beatles-esque kind of track. A very catchy little number, and one of my favourites. My only slight criticism would be Micke's voice. It's obvious he is not a natural singer. He sings in tune, but it is quite monotone and lacks emotion. However, it doesn't really detract anything from this song, as it is the kind of number that just plods along nicely anyway.

A slower, bluesier number. Another song with a great hook. Marie is on backing vocals sounding great as usual!

Me & My Guitar:
“Yeah-eah-eah-yeah-yeah”….the song starts with Marie in her best rocky voice that we've come to know and love! This is a faster track, and I don't really think Micke's voice is strong enough to pull it off, but still a nice track.

When the Lord is About to Come:
One of my favourites on the album. A very different sound, with interesting lyrics. A duet with Mats Ronander, though I can't work out who is singing what!

The Corner of Your Eye:
The first track with Marie on lead vocals, and it seems to be the fan favourite of Marie's tracks on the album. While it still has the “Micke sound”, it is by far the poppiest of the tracks so far on the album. It's got a catchy chorus, and I could almost imagine it on a Roxette album. It does sound a little dated though, made worse by the sax solo, which kind of spoils it for me actually.

This was probably my least favourite track on my first listen of the album. I am still not too keen, but it is growing on me. The main problem here is probably the tracklisting though. It felt like the album was progressing into a different sound, and with this one it sounds like we've jumped back to track 1!

Tell It to My Heart:
The second track with Marie on vocals….and it's another poppy track. I really like the arrangement of this song. In some parts it sounds a bit retro, but there are also modern sounds such as the vocoder vocals in the chorus which sound like they were lifted from a Madonna album. The beat is kind of strange as well. At first you aren't sure if Marie is singing in line with the beat, but that is just how the song is arranged and it actually really works. I get the feeling this is the kind of song that you are either going to love or hate. Fortunately, I love it! And contrary to the popular opinion so far on The Daily Roxette, this is my favourite of the Marie tracks on the album!

You're On My Mind:
This one has Mats on lead vocals. The song itself is nothing special, although it does have a nice hook and Mats probably does actually have a better voice than Mikael. It just sounds a bit uninspired though. I can imagine a £50 a night singer performing this in a wine bar.

What Am I Supposed to Do:
The intro to this one sounds like Tina Arena's “Chains”. I quite like the tune to this one, and it has a nice arrangement.

Na na na na na na….not much to say about this one. It's nice, but not really a song in itself.

For Marie fans, probably the most anticipated song of her career, mainly because she had previously said she did not intend to release it. I'm glad she changed her mind! It's a really beautiful melody, carrying on in the Roxette tradition of closing the album with a beautiful ballad sung by Marie!


I love In the corner of your eye more than i expected for Hometown...
I only have this 2 songs, but im so nervous to take in my hands the other ones...

Buy it then.

rox-kuryliw, I’m affraid your comment is totally out of place here. No need to start another argument here.

I’d like to add my 2 cents too. I am not enough inspired to write a track-by-track review, but here I go:

It’s a nice record, in my opinion much more interesting than Per’s latest effort. The sound is very fresh and different. It’s not “usual stuff”.

Regarding the three songs sung by Marie, they all are quite pleasant. My favourite is “In The Corner Of Your Eye”. The intro reminds me of “All I Ever Wanted”, but it suddenly changes. It’s not such a small and ethereal song after all, but it is very “adult” song, to label it somehow. Marie sounds so relaxed, gentle and elegant...
It’s the kind of song we could find easily in a movie soundtrack. It’s a song Barbra Streisand would like to record if she were not retired.

“Tell It To My Heart” has an impressive and original (almost epic) intro, that is certainly the best on this track. But as nothing is perfect in life, Marie’s voice is too much hidden in the heavy arrangement. That’s something I’d change if I were the producer of the record.

I have mixed feelings regarding “Hometown”. It’s not bad, but not my favourite either. This one is closer to Marie’s “classical” stuff. It’s impossible to deny this song was written around 1996, as it would fit perfectly on “I en tid som vår”. Indeed, the melody is similar to “Herren ber för dig”! Not the chorus, but the verse.

The 4th is the “Outro”, a short instrumental piece with Marie humming on it. Very similar to the intro/outro we can find on “Den ständiga resan”.

The other tracks are very nice too. I believe the 1st “single” was not the best option, because “When The Lord Is About To Come” doesn’t reflect the real spirit and sound of the album at all. My favourite songs on the voice of Mikael are “Merry Go Round” and “Lilly”. The opening track ,being the stronger, should have been the single instead.

It’s a shame this album won’t be as promoted and well-received as Per’s album, as it really deserves it. If you are ready to enjoy a different record, this is the chance. Leave all your prejudices out (I know there are some Micke haters out there), and give it a try. I was also a bit skeptical when this debut album was announced but now I’ve changed my mind in a 100%!

Do you remember?

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

Roxvet and your point would be...?

Gachy the next time you try write a review, try not to discredit your opinion before you even start reviewing. First you knock a fellow fan, you then claim you are not inspired and, to round it off, you knock Per’s latest offerings; you don’t want anybody reading your review, do you?

This album has been a great surprise for me, i didn’t spect it as good as it is. It has some great tracks in it.
I like Micke’s voice, it sounds great, and Marie like allways she has something special that makes any song become great.
I hope they continue making albums together in the future, this one is a litle jewel for our record collections.

Nice review, Neil.

I’m still not sure whether i’ll get this album, although the review seems quite good. Maybe later on.

Still no winners announced from the Mikael Bolyos contest?


It’s a review, so 100% subjective (like any other review in the world). That’s what I feel/think, we don’t have to agree about this matter. Maybe you think reviews are the absolute truth...

And by the way, I am tired of the “buy it then” psalm. It was totally out of place here, if you read carefully. Sorry for my reaction.

Yes, you said “buy it then” when nobody asked for anything. You should get a life instead, because the suit of the Inspector Gadget doesn’t fit you, really.

This sounds Great,will it be released in Germany?
Have Fun!!!

This kind of rethoric and insulting is just deplorable.

Since TDR didn’t think my suggestion to create a separate section to report on unrelated artists, maybe TDR then, should create a separate section for those TDR users that feel like throwing punches on each other and being condensending.

I didn’t even read the review because it doesn’t interest me, but i wanted to read the comments from other fans, and suddenly what i read are insults and rudeness.

TDR prohibits song sharing and postage of links that lead to songs here, but for me, TDR should prohibit insulting and condensending comments. I don’t think TDR persues those two valide and real issues with the same intensity, and therefore, i come to think of it as a sad deed.

Being a member of TDR gives no one here the right to insult and verbaly punch others for no reason at all. If people have problems with each other, find another way to solve them and another place to be rude.

Exemples of rudeness and insults:

“Buy it then”
“’YOU’ Gachy get a bloody life mate”
“I dont want Idiots sending me crap”
“You should get a life instead”
“a cheap-arse”

It’s just a huge turn off to come to TDR looking to read intelligent, thoughtful and polite comments when many times what we find are nothing more than rude trashy groups of letters that i, myself, can’t call words.

Good night, ladies and gentlemen.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

I agree, Roxrider_USA.
I spend time on this page to get little informations about Roxette and Roxette-related artists. Not to read comments like the ones above.
I will never understand, why some of the people here (and sometimes on other boards) don´t see that Mikael himself has always been a musician - so why shouldn´t he do an album? And why shouldn´t his wife participate in it? Don´t you think that they WANT to do these things together? And by the way: I really love his music. I am sure that Marie also does, that´s why they are working together. They fit together really well. They speak the same language, she always says that. And you can hear it in their songs.
That´s what I think.
Yes, Roxette are Per and Marie. But that does not include, that Per and Marie are nothing else than Roxette. They are!

Oi...apologies Gachy!

Thomas, please remove my posts.

@purplemedusa: Oi.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

Listen to yourself please... :-(

To say that one of the best track on the album lacks emotion is really sad... :-( and to say this album is a good one but only 3-4 songs are really nice it’s really really sad too... [email protected]
it’s a shame for a musician... ;-)

..and please stop saying this kind of bull****: “It’s a really beautiful melody, carrying on in the Roxette tradition of closing the album with a beautiful ballad sung by Marie!” We are not talking of Roxette, are we?

Micke, are you really disappointed? What’s so unclear to you?
I think is a very normal reaction that some Roxette fans dislike the contribution of Marie on your’re leading her into mediocrity.

I just don’t understand why some of you dislike Mike so much. Every musician has the right to express himself, and if Marie decided to take part that means she really likes his music, noone forced her to sing his songs, this music has also the right to exist. They don’t have to ask your permission to do so, and like Per said , if you don’t like it don’t buy it. Yes, his music differs from Roxette, but why should it be. Even Per’s and Marie’s solo songs mostly don’t sound Roxette. Don’t you understand if you slam Mike, you slam Marie too. And yes, for me he is part of Roxette too, as he is part of Marie’s life, and I’m sure he is clever enough not to pay attention to negative comments.
Mike if you read this I just want you to know that I respect your courage to record an album, and I support you and wish you success. And just let me say, Marie is lucky, every woman would dream to have such a husband like you. Good luck.
Svetlana from Uralsk, Kazakhstan

Me again!!
This is The Daily ROXETTE. Roxette are Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle.
This isn’t The daily Bolyos.
So I understand people get bored or annoyed.
I think the review must be about songs sung by Marie and not about entire album.
Helena Josefsson’s album was not reviewed here for example, and She’s part of the Roxworld.
This is my point of view but there isn’t any problem with the review. All the people is free to say what they want but I think the review must be on

Do what you want, but harm no one!!!!

No way Roxvet, you can’t compare with Helena she is different because Roxette are not involved with her album. She’s just a backup singer for Per. Marie IS on Micke’s album and he is her husband. It’s nice to have some kind of Marie news when usualy only Per is doing something.

Video: Mikael Bolyos feat. Marie Fredriksson - The corner of your eye

I’m waiting for the review of Asa’s shopping-list..she is a part of Roxette too...she is Per’s wife... O_o

That’s completely non-sense.... :@

BadMoon, you come to the point of uttering an absurdity.
As it have been said, if you don’t like it - nobody inforces you to buy.
As for me, i like it!
The style is different from previous Marie style, but why should it be the same, and Marie a long time ago said that she wishes to try jazz & blues and it is very deep in her.
And it is necessary to notice Mikael can write really good songs and doesn’t need the permission to relise them from anyone.
What was the meaning of the album, he said definitely. and it is clear that is not because of commercial profit.
It is very unpleasant that some “fans” (?) are very egoistical and, may be, very deep in their childhood and dreams.
And i am just happy to hear Marie always and wish to thank Mikael and Marie both for i have got from their music.

lol!!!See how crazy it would get ? That’s why i wish there would be a different section only for those unrelated stories...

By the way, great to see the insults have stopped so far.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

@majsan: You say that the “commercial” release of the album has no profit oriented intentions.

So how come it was commercially released and also, how come you have to pay to get it ? If there was no commercial profit intention behind it, you could pick the album up for free. Once an object is priced and placed for sale, the intellectual owners of that object clearly state that they are after some kind of commercial profit. It shows that the owners are actually intending to make money. Therefore, “A Family Affair” clearly is intended to rake in the dollars to Micke’s bank account.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

@ Roxrider USA.: uncommercial release differ from commercial release by an aim.
The aim of uncommercial release is to express the personal feelings. This is not necessarily free. For example, The Change.
The aim of commercial release is to collect money, and all the actions are done for that: advertisement, promo, clips, autograph sessions and other brain washing. If Mikael wanted this aim, he shoud do this all and, besides, to start earlier than now and continue do it every year, in double version even.

@majsan: Well, i get your point, however, the “uncommercial” release still rakes in financial rewards and fattens his bank account. Therefore, the artist is pretty much enjoying the fact he is making money on this “uncommercial” release. If he wanted it to be totally uncommercial, he should give away to charity all the proceeds from the sale of the album. That, in the end, would really actually be a totally uncommercial release.

Therefore, in the end, Micke did aim to make money off the album. Which implies, that he intented to rip finacial rewards from the release of the album when he fisrt started recording it. Otherwise, he would be giving away all the money he has made on the release to charities and important and beneficial projects intended to better people’s lives. If you can prove to me that he has been donating all the money from the album to those noble causes mentioned above, then i will agree with you. Otherwise, i stand by my point.


Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key” the “uncommercial” Bolyos handed Marie this album as birthday present...

M.B.- Marie...this album is for you..with all my love...
M.F.- Oh dear...thank you...I never expected a present like listening to my own voice instead of your inconsistent’re so sweet...
*kissing and hugging*
M.B.- have to go keep this album and go on listening, I’ve to check out our bank takes only few minutes...ehm..

...and they lived forever happy and long as the mediocrity ruled the world and gaves him money..ehm..LOL.. :-D

What a fantastic childhood dream! Even better than an uncommercial fairytale! ;-)

I’m so embarassed that Micke might come here and read this site

There’s no reason to be embarassed. If one is mature enough, then one can clearly read texts and opinions of others without feeling diminished or personally attacked. It’s all about being mature and knowing how to accept different opinions and points of view.

What would be embarassing would be to silience the voice of those who are polite and legitimately articulate concerning their opinions and stances.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

I am totaly happy about the album release of Micke together with Marie! I know them very well and I would never say something bad about him! He is sooo lovely! I can talk to him very well! You can not compare it with Per and his wife!

I didn’t know the word “uncommercial” can work as the red rag for the bull. And i wonder why someones are so interested in other’s bank account. Don’t like - don’t buy. In any case, this is not the issue of Mikael’s album, but somebodies have some problems in their mind with human attitudes and respect.
I like this album very much, it is, indeed, very personal and original, and i am sure it will reveal to me for times, so i will love it much more even.
Thanx Mikael and Marie and all the best.

Dear BadMoon
There is a huge difference between an album review and shopping-list review, haven’t you noticed. Yea, that’s completely non-sense. And just to clear it up. Roxette is certainly Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle. But Mikael is not only Marie’s husband, he’s been making music with her for many years. So he is Rox-related, otherwise this review wouldn’t have appeared on the front page. If Per can make records with GT and there was a lot of information about them, why Marie can’t make records with Mikael and why can’t we get some more information about him. My God, that’s the same thing. And by the way, it’s impossible for TDR to please all of us at once. If you are not interested in this article, others may be. So don’t read it, if you don’t like it. That’s all. So I don’t see any reasons to be furious about it. Marie and Mikael, once again let me say, you are great, good luck to you. Have a nice day everyone.

please, don’t misunderstand my words.
For me it’s not a problem reviewing a Rox-related material album.
My first comment was about the review, who can buy an album that contains only 3 nice tracks, notice nice and not very good, and the best track lacks emotion? C’mon, music gives emotions, how can a track lacking of emotions be good?
For a musician, as you said is Bolyos, it’s a shame a review like this.
A real musician, talented and very creative..doesn’t release his *first* debut album at the age of 50...c’mon...stop being so hypocrital...only because Bolyos is Marie’s husband that doesn’t mean that his music is so Goddish...
Yes, he is a musician and it’s a matter of taste to buy or not buy it but please stop being so fanatic, a good fan, as Roxrider said, has to be mature and be able to give some suggestions or honest opinion to his/her favourite artist. No one has the right to be furious, I’m not furios...I was just trying to see the fact in a funny way...but someone has been so much hurted.. O_o
IMHO, Marie saying she’s not able to record a few more tracks with Per for Roxette but then go and record tracks with another man or collegue it’s clearly a lie, an hypocritical lie. I don’t mind if he is her husband, we are talking professionally, are we?
These are that kind of words that can be used to keep fans interested in future Roxette releases when it’s clear that one of the two are no more interested in the Roxette project, and I feel fooled by these words.
So, if Marie wants to go on with her husband she can go and do what she wants, but she has no right to fool us with hypocritical words, she has to respect us as fans as much as we respect her decisions, but please take this decision and not take advantage of the situation trusting in fans patience.
She’s losing her credibility.

@BadMoon. You distort people’s opinions and facts in every paragraph, and you are trying to do it in a funny way, indeed. I didn’t understand what about luck emotions and what did Marie promise to you? “May be” & “doors are not closed” (by Per) doesn’t mean they are rushing into the studio together. She is free and if you think somebody has to do something for you (you even feel fooled) you should go to psychotherapy. So i have a doubt who is more fanatic. Are you a good fan? Having such fans, one needs no enemies. And what about Mikael’s age? Very good age, the person has an sufficient experience and a lot of to express, much more than you, but even you sit here and try to express yourself in this doubtful manner.

Ok Majsan, while I go to psychotherapy you have all the time to read past articles and interviews with more concentration and can understand a lot...
This is my last post on this topic, I’ve said all what I thought about I’m going to express myself in a way that you don’t know.

People, relax!

The moon is alright

And people wonder why TDR is getting quieter and quieter.........

People were moaning that there was no review of Micke’s album, and when someone does one, people still moan!!!

Isn’t it lovely??


An album that contains only 3 nice tracks? That’s only YOUR opinion. If you think only the 3 songs by Marie are nice (just because they are sung by her), that’s because you are very narrow-minded, dear. The fact is I don’t like him “because he is Marie’s husband”. Indeed, I like more the tracks sung by him, istead of typical Marie stuff like “Hometown” (that sounds really odd to my ears).

Do you really think he’s looking for money? Sure, that’s why he made so much promotion, appeared on every TV show available at the moment and toured all over Sweden. C’mon, you just see the things you wanna see. And yes, maybe she’s able to record with Gessle, but have you ever thought that she might not want? I am sure she feels more comfortable recording at home along his husband. That’s natural after all. I bet Per prefer to spend time with Åsa at home too.

It’s clear you see Bolyos as a potential thread to Roxette. You can even label him as the Roxette’s Yoko Ono, but that’s only your view and doesn’t have anything to do with the reality. Roxette went downhill for many other reasons, let Bolyos out of this.


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