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Next single decided already?

Written by tevensso on June 20, 2007 to and . Source:

According to the German site the next single off "En händig man" will indeed be "Jag skulle vilja tänka en underbar tanke." The site even has the sleeve posted! Digital release date is July 9.

Oh and yes, "En händig man" shoots straight into #1 on the Swedish album chart. 

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Great news!! “Jag skulle vilja tänka en underbar tanke” is one of the best tracks on the album! I like the sleeve too, although it’s too small to judge yet.

I know almost everybody don’t agree, but in my opinion the supposed 2nd single is one of the most boring songs on the album.

Great!!! Jag skulle vilja tänka en underbar tanke is my favourite song. Actually, it think its the best song Per ever wrote.

The BEST song on the album (one of the best ones in PeGes career anyway) and the obvious single choice. Thank you!
Really cool sleeve, too ;) Hope to get a good Bside, not just an instrumental track...

The sleeve is Great!

The song is Great! ;-)

Cool - It’s so beautiful this song *S* ... Fru Nordin or Trött is soooooooo cool to ... !

I think it is the best song on the album! And I agree, nice sleeve!

The cover is nice.

My favourite tracks from EHM are:

1. Dixy
2. TomTom
3. Pratar med min musli
4. Om jag vetat da (...)
5. Samma gamla vanliga visa

In my opinion it si too early to release second single. It seems that EMI is not very satisfied with chart positions of En händig man single. Probably they think now that it was not the best choise for first single. I like the the new cd very much and I also think that it includes better stuffs than En händig man. Jag skulle vilja tänka en underbar tanke is the best song on the album in my opininon. I love it so much that I decided to includ it on my weddings dvd:)

@ kilasir

“It seems that EMI is not very satisfied with chart positions of En händig man single”
Whaat? The single was #1 on the sales chart!

But it’s all ballads again! EHM is a ballad & Jag skulle vilja too. And didn’t Per once say ballads don’t really work in the summer?

And imo, the song isn’t that great...

En händig man was first but in fourth week is “only” on 10th position. For example “one wish” was in fourth week at 4 th position. I have only feeling that EMI expected something more from this single. If the single was very succesfull EMI would have released second single in august, or september.

According hitlistan new album has two platinas. How many albums must an artist sell in Sweeden now to obtain platinum prize? Is it still 60.000 or 40.000 pieces? Thanks

40000. And it’s really strange that they list it with 2 platina.

Great News! EHM (the song) is quite boring in my opinion!

I hope that Per will release Hon Vill Sväva Över Ängarna as the next single, this song is absolutely kicking ass and would be a GREAT SUMMER HIT! I don’t understand why this song isn’t on the regular album! I hope I can listen to it live this summer!!!

See you in 2 weeks!

More instrumentals!!!!!

I’m amazed that it’s even put on a German Download Website! ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
Have Fun!!!

The album sold 120.000 when it come out... Not sure if I read it here or an Hä ... Someone help ? ... Per said it, so I guess it’s true.

EDIT .: I found it on ... *L*
“En händig man” som släpptes idag, skeppades ut i 120.000 exemplar, dvs. redan trippelplatina!
Vi var på signeringen på Åhlens och fotade idag. Mycket folk och god stämning. Det enda som fattades Per var lite kaffe.
Håll utkik efter bilder endera dagen!

So where did you get your 40.000 from ?

He asked how many copies one platina was, and I answered 40000. Per did get 3 platina for his 120000.

But it didn’t sell 120000 the first day, it was shipped in 120000 the first day.

This will be a digital single only, by the way.

Why only a digital single? That doesn’t make much sense seeing as the album and current single seem to be doing quite well :-S

@Daniel Alv ... Upps *G* ... Digital only ? :-S ... Why then buy it ? ... Doenst make sence if there isnt any goddies on it :-P

So this single is only for the following people:

1) The casual radio listener who hears it on the radio and wants just that song and not the whole album (which the casual radio listener - who isn’t particularly a Gessle fan - doesn’t have yet).

2) Extreme collectors who buy each and every release even if it’s just for the artwork or catalogue number - this time for the artwork (even if it’s just a digital file and not a real physical sleeve) or maybe at least the song is slightly edited (maybe faded a few seconds earlier or so).

I include myself in category 2, but probably not many people are in that group. Most fans on this site probably don’t belong to any of these categories, but I would think category 1 is quite large in Sweden as a whole.

i don’t want to sound like an - but this site should change its name into The Daily Per. bad or good, single or non-single, i start to get a bit fed up with so much per and no roxette. does anyone know how marie is doing ?

Is it the TDR’s crews fault that Roxette are on a break? They can’t write news about Roxette if there is no news to write, can they?.

yeap, exactly my point. no roxette news, but plenty on the mighty one. some will say thank god, and listen. some will listen and than write things down...

Paying for a song you already have because it fades out a few seconds earlier is one of the silliest ideas I ever heard!

Only digital? :(
I think this song deserves more than that.. and I want the physical sleeve...

I need to say one thing.
Per should get rid of Chris Lundquist. That guy is only making the same crap over and over again. He ruined the sound of Brainpool and now he is ruining Per’s Career.
He - up the song ” One wish” The mixing was so bad it was even unlistenable on my reference speakers. The song is fun but man, he really crapped it up.
I am tired of his influence on Gessle’s music to be honest.

I don’t think this is really the second single - I think that will come out in the Fall. This feels more like the “Spegelboll” release back in ’03, something to bridge the long gap between “HKAK” and “På Promenad Genom Stan.” I don’t think this song is good enough for a single, personally, but people here seem to like it, so... who knows?

marsupiu23 - I asked Christoffer last week the same question re Marie and he said that she is doing well.

I think, it’s gonna be a real single, cos you can hear the extract from both En Händig Man and Jag Skulle Vilja Tänka En Undebar Tanke in the album ads on the radio.

The moon is alright

nigel - thanks a lot. it’s really nice to know that. while thinking of how it would feel to listen to an entirely new roxette album,if ever..., i got hooked to om jag vetat da (vad jag vet nu). besides being annoyed with not being swedish, all’s good. otherwise, listening to this or to bird songs makes as much sense to me...


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