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A Per update

Written by tevensso on June 11, 2007 to .

STOCKHOLM (Updated) - More tidbits about Per and his doings: tomorrow at 11:00 CET Per will chat with the readers of Aftonbladet. Expressen on the other hand reveals today that Per will start blogging on their site tomorrow and continue until Saturday. Apparently Per was so impressed with Plura Jonsson's (Eldkvarn) blogging that he decided to do it himself. "Everybody talked about Plura's blog so I had to check it out and the blog was fun!" Per says in Expressen.

"En händig man" was released today, at least online. CDON has a bonus track named "Ett perfekt ägg," another instrumental, while iTunes has both "Ett perfekt ägg" and "En händig man (demo)." But wait, that's not all! Telia has yet another bonus track named "En händig man (blåser)." CDON's and Telia's tracks are copy protected.

On Wednesday the physical CD of "En händig man" hits the stores. The vinyl edition will be out in about three weeks from now.

Check out TDR on Wednesday for a thorough review.

Update: This morning, Per's new video was presented on SVT in all secrecy… Here it is, view it in the correct widescreen format!


Will Per write 2 blogs than? Maybe he is more a very busy man than than a handy one :)

I got the chance to listen the album and personally it sounds extremely 70´s and powerfull, I think. we get another really good album today. Surely it will sell very vell. thanxs Per for the music! PER RULES ALL OVER THE WORLD :-D

Are there any known stores that will sell the vinyl?

“Ett perfekt ägg” [A perfect egg, if my memory doesn’t fail]
“En händig man” (demo)
“En händig man” (horns), apparently a horn section was added to the song.

Having so many songs and different versions, I think it’s about time for a Bad Hair Day revival.

What do you think Per?

Not “added,” this is the first and not liked recording.

I just don’t understand WHY can’t those extra songs be included on the EP? It’s not that there isn’t space!

Hey Per,

why is that chat done at 11h? Don´t you think that many fans have to work at that time (to earn some money to spend it at the EHM tour this summer is sweden =;))

Bad time... would like to participate, but chats are blocked at work ...

Next time in the afternoon, please =:X


normally these promo events are not done ONLY for fans ;)

and then again, in Sweden most people have access to internet from work without being punished by their employers :P
Marie Fredriksson Online

I was sceptic, but this is probably the best Gessle album in years. He perfectly connect the best from Mazarin and SOAP. This is really retro, very 60´s and 70´s with this power and atmosphere, but very very Gessleish album. I like that there are more arangies, more driving songs, more guitar riffs and everything is full of old Gessle melodies.
But Helena should gave more space. Her voice sounds great with songs like these, very sexy and sweet. Especialy in Samma gamla vanliga visa, great.
My favs are Samma gamla vanliga visa, Fru Nordin, Trött, När Karolina kom and Pratar med min musli (hur det än verkar).

BTW, here you can vote for your favourite song from En handig man. You´re welcome.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I love the album its great Ingen sommar utan Per :)

I look forward to the album... So far I didn’t search for the songs nor listened to the snippets... I was just too busy. As soon as I settle down I will though ;-)

I wanna have a handy man ;-)

The video with new format doesen’t open on Firefox, IE works fine and older version version works also Firefox.

Did any lucky soul record the secret launch of the video on SVT?

Take care!
Carlos E., New York
“Communication is key”

Video works fine with FF

what a nice video,Per is looking so cool,and song is amzing... he’s really handy man.

I’ve got as well. Works.

animalkingdom said: I just don’t understand WHY can’t those extra songs be included on the EP? It’s not that there isn’t space!

Most likely because the songs on the EP are full-version songs, and these are extras/demos/alternative versions?

Great video! Looks very nice.

Do you think there will be a DVD of the tour? Let’s hope!

Oh yes, I think, DVD time will come :)

The moon is alright


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