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Per on SVT

Written by tevensso on May 16, 2007 to . Source: d&d management.

STOCKHOLM - Per will guest the show Sverige on SVT2 this Sunday May 20 at 18.15-19.00 CET. Reruns on May 23 & 24.





Hehe, our comments really say much ;)

How wonderful! We’ll see his lovely face on the screen so soon.

How cool! *yes*

Dear Per Gessle:

I really hope to see you with a NEW haircut. Please! Please! Please!

You look so cute!!!!!!

So what. Did he said something new? And what about his haircut? ;-)

It hasn’t been yet.

Do we expect a performance of the new single or is it more likely that there is an interview only? Best wishes, Rich ;-)

This show is unknown to me (and Per) so we’ll know afterwards. :)

That’s just great news :)

As for the show, I doubt that Per will perform the new single, cos the world premiere is on Monday :) Though, I’ll be a lot happier if I’m wrong :D

The moon is alright

I have a working weekend so I have a mismatch in dates. Of course, it’ s today.

I think, it was an interesting interview. Per talked a bit about song writing and a book as well. There were clips shown from Gyllene Tider early performances, clips from Listen To Your Heart first video (on the beach), The Look, Kix and One Wish videos and clips from Per’s 2003 tour. Aaah it’s always cool to see Per :)

The moon is alright

Yep I agree and I’m sure it wasn’t a boring interview for him too cause he could talk about music! :)
I got touched as he mentioned that some people near to him got sick in the past (not only Marie)...hmm...hope they all got well again!!!!
PS: I can’t get these 30 sec snippet out of my head...aaarrgh..typical Gessle...and I even don’t like it soo much yet..but it’s stucking there....HJÄLP

For anyone who wants to keep the interview a bit longer. Just taken from the site, the quality is not so good, but...

In the meantime, is there a kind soul out here to help me understand what Per says when he gets his make up in the beginning of the interview?

se upp för min skjorta is most logical, but i can’t really make it out... anyone who cares? Tev? Thanks anyway :)

He says: “Blir jag snygg nu? Ska jag pudra din näsa oxå?”

oj,oj, vilka skarpa öron du har! Thanks for helping me out, now i can sleep in peace, thanx again! :o)

Oh yeah..thanx..I didn’t get that too...!!! Thanx for the link gyllene_mouse

Download Per interview “070520sverige”


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