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“En händig man” album sleeve

Written by tevensso on May 11, 2007 to .

After some delay we can now present to you a larger version of the sleeve.



Single cover, album cover, only snippet remains now. Hurry yea!

En Handig Man: a.k.a. Mazarin 2!

Looks the same style as Mazarin to me, only the pictures were taken in Lisbon instead of Rome... Hope the music will be the same style as Mazarin too!

Guess the tracklist will come before snippets.

Call it what you want, i call it YUMMY!

nippets would be nice yeah... appetite whetter.

Mazarin II - hehe :-)

Well...same studio, same musicians, same photographer...
I love Mazarin but I hope Per has had also some NEW ideas! :)

If we ever get a Roxette album again one day I hope it won’t get born at Christoffers place...I’m getting sort of fed up with his influence and arrangements....but no panic..I don’t wanna sound negative. I’m really looking forward to the album and I’m really curious.
Nice cover indeed!!!

it should be named:

“Mazarin of a plumber” or...
...”Son of a Mazarin”...
or maybe “En plumber älskling?”


very nice cover!!!!!!

Or maybe “Son of a handy plumber man eating a yummy mazarin cake” :)

Cool cover! And I feel exactly the same as CRIZ. :-)

@Chriz -> I Don’t like Christopher too... Mostly because I want his job *LOL* *ROFL*
Anyway... Per is the Man that makes the music, and the good old Clarence is also there
I think *G* ... But Christophers Brainpool is crap and the name is stolen *L*

I doubt that this album is going to be the same as Mazarin. Per has never done a follow up making it sound like the previous one.

I love the covers. In my eyes the best covers of his careers are from his recent years solo career.

I hope the new album will be as good as Mazarin, not meaning that I want it to sound the same. Per is not a boring artist, so I doubt the album will be very similar.

great, i love this EHM design.

I dont rate the cover, i think its bland and very safe sorry. i prefer Jonas doing the cover shots, he is very creative.

There is still no way to prebook the LP is there?

Not that I’ve seen. maybe?

Does anyone know where I can order the CD from outside Europe? I live in Australia :)

Try as well, or or All good, fast and trustworthy sites.

I liked the Mazarin Cover more. Allthough I think this cover is only alright. The graphic designer in this case responsible for the HAND and MAZARIN sleeve is actually a very creative guy... for his standards this is just an average cover I have to say

A snippet would be a “musical teaser trailer” to my summer :D

i don not want to argue in vain. But i remember once i read somewhere (sorry i can’t remember where to put the link an check it) that Christofer was the one who suggested the use of slides guitars in mazarin, like the intro of gungar and the one who made the beauty guitar intro of smakar pa ett regn. Personally i think Christoffer is the most tallented music who worked with per, just listen to “junk” and judge. Finally i think that the trio per/clearence/christoffer is the best music team today. I really love their work

Wonderful cover. I loved :D

Fernanda - Brazil

I’m also terribly in love with the cover :)

The moon is alright

Tracklist on CDON

they may have removed it since I don’t see it everytime I check it so here it is:

01: En Händig Man

02: Pratar Med Min Musli (hur Det Än V (Talking to my Musli) the last part is missig and the last three words is hard to translate without knowing the rest

03: Jag Skulle Vilja Tänka En Underbar (I would like to think a wonderful) this title seems to miss a word in the end, should probably be Tanke (thought)

04: Fru Nordin (Mrs Nordin)

05: Dixy

06: När Karolina Kom (When Carolina came)

07: Hannas Kärlekspil (Hanna’s lovearrow)

08: Om Du Kommer Ihåg (If you remember)

09: Om Jag Vetat Då (vad Jag Vet Nu) (If I had known then (What I know now))

10: Tomtom (emptyempty) sound strange, probably a name or something.

11: Våldsamt Stillsamt (Violently calm) could not came up with a better word for stillsamt

12: Trött (Tired)

13: Samma Gamla Vanliga Visa (The same old story)

14: Min Hälsning (My hello)

15: Hon Vill Sväva Över Ängarna (She wants to hover over the meadows)

16: Signal (Signal)

17: Solen Kom Från Ingenstans (The sun came from nowhere)

18: Du Kommer Så Nära (du Blir Alldele (You come so close) Hard to translate the rest without the complete sentence, but it means you become ....

Cool, good titles, can’t wait to hear them!


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