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“Being Per Gessle”

Written by Mari on April 28, 2007 to . Source: TT.

(Updated) - "Att vara Per Gessle – den auktoriserade biografin" ("Being Per Gessle - the Authorized Biography") is the title of a new book that tells all about Gyllene Tider, Roxette and the man himself. The book is being written by reporter Sven Lindström and follows Gessle from his youth in Halmstad to the Big Break and further on to international success.

Besides interviews with the man himself, the book also contains a lot of impressions by school mates, colleagues, relatives and friends. Of course the book also contains quite a few pictures from Per Gessle's almost 30 year long career.

The book is released at the end of September in Sweden.

Per informs The Daily Roxette that they are working on a few different sleeves.

Update May 8th: According to the publisher's website, the book will be out on September 4th and will officially cost 445 SEK (about 45 Euro), but will surely be available a lot cheaper in different online stores.
you can also find a list of all (online) stores where you can order the book.

Update II: According to Per the book has been delayed until the end of October due to a change of art directors.



Will intimate details about his relationship with Marie be revealed?


Great! Hope so that there will be also an english version from it!

And a spanish version too, but this one only in my dreams....
Never lossing faith, by the way

english version would be nice :) but i don’t think it will happen...

English version plz!!

Can anyone confirm whether or not this will be strictly a Swedish book or will there also be an English version?

Can anyone clarify?

No one has mentioned a book in any other language than Swedish. I really doubt there is a market for a translation anywhere.

That´s ” Shit” for all not Swedes. Per is a national (solo) and a International (Roxette) Artist , why not in english?

Because Roxette fans are generally rather cheap and wouldn’t pay for a book about Per. Also, the Rox following in the world isn’t what you guys think it really is anymore. Sorry to say.

OK. Hope of a translation.

joyride1: ...what about learning swedish?? For me as a fan it was a mustdo...cause I really want understand what’s going on! I started with the book about GT back in the book and a God..that took long. But I succeeded!

Really expensive book, for some reason. 48€!! But so what, I’m sure its worth it.


Buy “Per Gessle’s Biography” and get “Teach Yourself Swedish” with a 50% off RRP.

I agree with Criz: learn Swedish! It’s not the most difficult language in the world, at least not grammar anyway!!!

The moon is alright

Mari, you can also get if from the Finnish AdLibris, a lot cheaper (27,60€) than Akateeminen:

Thanx God I had the patience to learn swedish. I have other problem: I checked the websides where you can buy the book but any of them ship outside Sweden or Scandinavia. Does anybody of you know how to buy the book when you live outside Scandinavia???


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