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No Grammis for RoxBox

Written by roxeteer on January 31, 2007 to and .

STOCKHOLM - "The RoxBox/Roxette 86-06" didn't get a Grammis in the awards ceremony yesterday evening. Roxette's 20th anniversary release was nominated in the open category with five other compilations. The winner was "Samtliga grammofoninspelningar 1921-1970," a compilation of old Evert Taube-recordings.


Well it would have been crazy to win fo only two new songs..

The Roxbox consists of 78 songs, two dvd’s and a book. It’s a revision of Roxette’s career, not only two songs ;)

eBay, I don’t think the Taube’s compilation includes any new track at all, LOL. So that’s not the point.

abit of a kick in the teeth if u ask me !

Roxette should have won. And Im not saying this as a Roxettefan... Roxette is ,after ABBA, the biggest selling swedish group ever, and Per and Marie should have been awarded because of that.

Well that bites.
Tattooed White Trash

It’s really sad. I had hopes that Roxette could win.

I close my eyes and dream away...

As nice as it would have been for Rox to win, the collection that did win was a compilation spanning almost 50 years, it must have been pretty special.

See ya in 30 years! :-|
Tattooed White Trash

Hi everybody!

I think we love those songs without Grammis so much too!!!!!

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