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No Rockbjörnen for Roxette this year

Written by roxeteer on January 11, 2007 to , and .

STOCKHOLM (Updated) - Roxette was once again nominated for a Rockbjörnen award in Aftonbladet's annual ceremony, in the Swedish Group of the Year category. Unfortunately, Bodies Without Organs (BWO) took the award this year. During the previous years, Roxette has already received six Rock Bears.


Not very surprising I think. Anyways.. I think it was good that Roxette managed to get nominated at all. Means they still are one of the 5 best swedish groups there is. *smile*

That’s very sad!!!!

Does anybody know if Marie and Per joined the show?


I don’t think they are a better or worse band because of not getting a prize. Better luck next time :)
“A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal” (Oscar Wilde)

What is BWO about, what do they sound like?

I don’t think P&M were there. BWO are not that good if you ask me... and Alexander Bard’s got an ugly mustache. Roxette are much better :-). Sad that the swedish people got that a bad taste sometimes... I mean, if they had a good taste they would have chosen Roxette as a winner! :-)

You seriously don’t wanna know ... Synth and some kind of pop with absolutely no heart in it what so ever. Catchy, for sure, but they focus hard on their so-called handsome singer, Martin Rolinski. Compared to Roxette they’re NOTHING. And I don’t say so just because I’m a Roxette fan. I’ve seen them perform. Here’s a video:

The guy from Army of Lovers, Alexander Bard, is behind BWO :)
Marie Fredriksson Online

Aaaaah, Bodies without organs...I got it finally...

Heaven’s got an open door tonight...
Sixteen tons of hardware..

What a summer 2005! I remember them now. Thanks for clearing that up.


@veneziano: Shit. Utter and complete shit.

Well, I think it’s fair if they don’t win every time they get nominated. They haven’t released a new album, after all. In that case, I would be totally angry!

Regarding Bodies Without Organs (aka BWO), I tried their stuff some time ago. I don’t like them. I totally agree with Cicci: “synth and some kind of pop with absolutely no heart in it what so ever”. I got the same feeling when I played their music, the sound is pretty cold.

PS: They took part in Melodifestivalen 2006 with the song “Temple of Love”.

I can not see on Quick Time or Windows Media Player.

I think that it´s strange that Roxette do not win the Rockbjörnen 2006 price. Bodies Without Organs (BWO) really isn´t better than Roxette . Many Swedish people have a very bad Music taste, mostly on the Swedish Charts.

It would be strange if Roxette won. They recorded and released two new songs 2006. You should not win a price for that.

Sure, BWO is not good, but anyway.

Hope for Roxette 07!

I´m in love with BWO.

na na na na na

Alexander Bard is a good musician. Army of lovers were great (oh my how much fun did I have when I saw them live!) and he is successful again with BWO, you might like it or not, but the success is there ;)
Marie Fredriksson Online

Even the name of the group is crappy...

It feels sad that Roxette hasn’t won an award. But at the same time I must admit that it was a good sign that Roxette even got nominated. I mean, Roxette wasn’t very active in 2006.

Let’s hope for a Grammy :)

Det bor en ande i en flaske hos mej :)

Let’s hope for a Bravo Otto!


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