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Record collections donated to Rotary for auctioning off

Written by tevensso on March 6, 2007 to and .

HELSINGBORG - A reminder: The Rotary club of Helsingborg Landborgen has received a generous gift consisting of the following Gyllene Tider and Roxette album collections:

Gyllene Tider
Moderna Tider
The Heartland Café
Återtåget '96
Finn 5 fel!
GT25 - Samtliga hits!
GT Live.

Pearls of Passion
Look Sharp!
Crash! Boom! Bang!
Have a Nice Day
Room Service
Roxette Hits!
The Rox Box

All records have been signed by Per, and in Roxette's case, also by Marie.
These two collections will be auctioned off by Helsingborgs auktionsverk March 11, 2007 on behalf of Rotary's doctors bank. The doctors bank ships out Nordic doctors and dentists for one to two months' unpaid work in Africa - so far more than 160 people! The organization is totally non-profit and the money needed is raised by sponsorships and different kinds of fund-raisers, this being one of them.

Bids can be made via telephone (+46-42-244 344), fax (+46-42-128 633) or the Internet.


What is the framed text in the back? Does it have to do with Roxette, with the Rotary or the Auktionsverk?

It’s a certificate of authenticity signed by Per and Marie.

It will be great to purchase for the items, but im havnt got money enought to win those “”gifts”“, i hate purchases, because isnt for me, hahaha!!!...wawawa...snifff, luck for everyone who can!

I would love to be able to have something from that auction, but my question is if you do it by telephone or cell phone in my case, do you enter the phone number as is or do you have to dial an additional set of numbers if calling from the USA.
The cost is not an issue for me its just being able to figure out the easiest way of putting up my bid. I’m willing to spend all my paycheck if necessary.
Which option is the best do you think?

You dial it as shown, with the addition 011 first.

lucky me I’m living in Helsingborg then :D

Funny, my dad used to be head chairman at a Rotary Club.

I hope Rotary raise enough money.

Det bor en ande i en flaske hos mej :)


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