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Roxette keeps fighting the IRS

Written by tevensso on November 22, 2006 to and . Source:

STOCKHOLM - According to Roxette has, as expected, appealed the tax evasion case since the German tour 1995 once more. This time to Regeringsrätten, the highest administrative court in Sweden. Mats Nilemar, Roxette's financial advisor says in the documents filed that this case should be tried once more as the previous court's ruling is based on "apparently serious disregard or a serious mistake."



Good god what a picture! They look like two elderly trollies! :P

You would think they would just pay it, it’s hardly like they are broke!

I really hope that Per and Marie will have more luck this time.

PS Isn’t it the first article, I mean, the one on, which shows both Marie’s surnames?

hehe compare this article pic to the one on the right... before and after going in to make-up.

It’s more about the right lighting: hard vs. soft. And some Photoshop... ;-)

Somehow... I followed this story... and still don’t get it.

No Matter Where you Go, There You Are.

What does the Word IRS mean?

internal revenue service...the TAX MAN


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