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Rox on Rix: This weekend, we take over!

Written by tevensso on November 9, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - There’s going to be a special “Roxette Weekend” on Swedish radio station Rix FM this weekend. All of Roxette’s biggest hits will be aired, and Per will even announce the songs with personal anecdotes.

  A photo of Per and Marie on the station’s website promoting the event has them saying “This weekend, we take over!”

  Rix FM streams their broadcast over the internet, so readers of this newspaper will be able to “tune in.”

  Per will be doing something very similar to this on Sirius satellite/internet radio in late December, to help promote the U.S. release.


aww thats so cool - wish i lived in sweden - still will listen on the web - cept i dont understand swedish - but i can still sing lol!!

I live in Sweden but I wont have tne oppurtunity to listn hmm

I’ll have aq busy weekend too, but hope to listen to itr as much as I can :)

Can someone record it? it sounds fancy!

Cool! I’m not going to be able to listen from here, so let us know if anything good happens!

Rix webcasts you know?

@ tev - so what ? swedish language is hard to understand for most of people :)

True, but all I hear here is that they won’t be able to listen. There’s nothing about understanding.

nothing, except for my post :)

Could it be that the people saying they won’t be able to listen, mean that they just won’t have time to spend their time by the radio or internet all weekend? Or that they live in a country that have totally diffrent time zone from us here in Sweden, so that they would be forced to sit up all night if they’d want to hear it? That’s how I interpreted it anyway.

Cool headline on Rix FM...”I helgen tar vi över”...Do that!!!

What does it mean?

We just edited this story a bit so as to answer that question. ;-)

I see, thank you!

Oh, I think it’s gonna be a fantastic weekend. I hope to get to listen a bit of it. I’d spend the whole weekend by the pc, but I think my roomfriend, who is a very good friend of mine, won’t let me do it...

As for the language, what’s so difficult about the Swedish language? I’ve always assumed that all Roxette fans learned a bit of Swedish.

Anyway, are there any times when this weekend will precisely begin and end?

Someone should record it for those that can’t tune in. ;)

The point is everyone who is reading this newspaper CAN tune in... that’s great news this time around.

And who would have the time to record an entire weekend of programming anyway?? And then edit out the commercials and non-Rox songs?? Anybody with THAT much time on their hands... please let me know. I’ve got work for you.

Hi all! Based on what I have heard sofar this is not taking over! I am dissapointed! :( What do you others think who have listened?

I think it was OK, I wasn’t expecting anything superspecial; this way mostly weekends with artists are here, sometimes even less than this; LOL! So I was satisfied with it as it was.
I recorded all Per’s statements about songs with the songs following them; watch this space for the link later.

Oh, they really took over? Pers voice was on air every ten minute! ....

Here are the links; in the end I split it into two parts.

Part 1 - 1-10

Part 2 - 11-19

The tracks are in the order of their first appearance; and OW is there twice; LOL: first it was as the very first song talked about and then when it was repeated again after some time Per said something more after that so it’s more special; so I kept both as the earlier shorter version was the very first so it would fit to the beginning.

Thanx so much for the links! But I have a little problem with one of them. I can download the first file but the second link doesn’t work. am I the only one with that problem? What should/can I do?

@mary: thank you!!!

@Lurirox: i had no problems downloading the files... just try it once more.


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