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Roxette to perform at Bingolotto tonight

Written by Jud on November 4, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Swedish channel TV4 Bingolotto celebrates its 15th anniversary with a special program tonight, and Roxette joins the party with two performances: “The Look” and “One Wish.” Roxette’s performances are pre-recorded.

  The program starts at 21:00 CET and Roxette is expected, according to Expressen, at 21:02 (“The Look”) and 23:51 (“One Wish”).



another playback performance for sure!!!!

i.ll be there hope its good even if its pre recorded

Hope you guys enjoy it, whoever goes to it. :-)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York

Great! two songs!

Another pre-recorded show, grrrrrr, i´m waiting for a live show!

Cool hope we can watch online :)

Seems like combination of ’Världens barn Gala’ (performing One wish) and 50-years of Bravo show (The Look) :)

Great, though it’ll be the bl**dy playback again :(

“One Wish” was first.

I think it is sad that they performed both their songs playback. But they are good looking as always! But even though, the performance felt a bit dull and boring. Come on Roxette! Give us a livetour or at least a live performance!

I think it was extremely nice, they smiled a lot at each other and it seems they had lots of fun during the recording. Cool to see some fans with quotations from Roxette songs too. I just wish so much I could be there :(...

I want to see the performance!!!!

ow someone put them you your tube ;-D D D D

“One Wish”
(for viewing)

(downloadable stream link)

“The Look”
(for viewing)

(downloadable stream link)

Thank you, Sandra you’re the best!

Perfect!!! I feel so happy to see Marie back again :)
They are fantastic!

Fernanda - São Paulo - Brazil

Gracias Vane & Sergio

I’m jumpin on my chair because of the excitement , thank you!!! . marie is so beautiful and very well. I also think she‘s maybe singing on the microfono for real, or maybe it‘s just my imagination..!!
Work ‘s done good for her , I’m very happy for her. I just can‘t get enogh!!!

And per ..he is happy for life itself , he has a great smile that makes me smile too!!!. Goo!!! Goood!!!!. Great bivres!!!

I say the same for the look video , how many energy they put there!!!!

Can ANYONE make it available to download? I can’t get the clips to play when I go into the links.

I wonder if I am the only on who finds the miming annoying. Of course I dont really know the format of the show and what other performers do and I’m sure live performance is difficult but to me hearing The Look mimed, when it is nearly 20 years old sounds kind of funny - just my opinion so don’t knock me down lol - I did think they looked great!!

shannyn: I know exactly what you mean. For a moment I thought that Marie’s voice of the 80’s doesn’t fit her appearance in 2006. Anyway: GREAT to see them back. Wonderful outfit, they’re smiling, what else do we want? I love it..

Oh I love it... it’s the first video I get to see with Marie since she “came back”.
I love her smile so much... I have the feeling that she is very happy and I think she never smiled like this before. Don’t care about playback.
The same goes for Per. I love you my sweeties!!!!

wow now the performances on that show was like they have never been away since RS , wonderful, ps both per and marie are looking on top form again. Thanks for the links.

i dont think her 80’s voice is far off now voice at all, looks perfect. as for playback, if thats how there wanna do it then fine. i can understand why.
(22 MB)

Here’s the link that I’ve found on R2R forum that was posted by Vinterangel. Those two perfromance are zipped :)

Edit: I’ve downloaded it and it’s just 15 photos :) Sorry guys :)

The performances was quite boring, I think.

To get more “power” on stage, I think Roxette should add one or two more musicians on stage. It doesn’t look “real” now. Anders and/or Jonas, now!

photos, not performances.

I wonder what some people expect....
Marie and Per weren’t on stage together like this since you know when. Do you really expect they can get from 0 to 100 like as if nothing happened?

Remembering the fact what Marie went through and that they didn’t perform together in the last 4 years or so, I have to say that this was very very well done.
Give Marie the time to regain the power, if *she* wants to. Give them the time to find back to Roxette if *they* want to. Besides, I think they - at the moment / in this situation - couldn’t have found any better back to Roxette than what they have showed us.
Roxette is back, at least for now, and if *they* want and can, let them the time to come back even more. I would be happy.
Even more so if the stuff was as good as SOAP/CBB/Mazarin :)

Is there someone who recorded it in a proper quality? And I don’t mean the streams since I already tried it and downloaded it and think it’s a bad quality... I really would like to enjoy the performance in a proper quality.

what’s the hype with the playbacking stuff can’t they sing anymore i heard marie sing live some months ago and it sounds great why not live at these big events don’t get it .

just sing live that’s better couse i hate playbacking performances and it’s pre-recorded so more reason to do that live no one around to bother them .

Since they pre record their perfomances they can do it over and over again till it gets perfect. So I think they could perform live, not playback. But Roxette has always performed playback on tv shows, at least from Have a nice day and forward.

@roxingdoctor & co:
There were times when we were happy that Marie is still alive. Then we got used to this state.
Then there came times when we were happy to see Marie writing music. Then we got used to that state.
Then there were times when we were happy to see Marie and Per performing solo stuff on stages. Yes, we got used to it.
The next wish was to have at least one song of Roxette. We got two but people keep moaning.
The next demand was to see Roxette on a stage again. They are on a stage... and what? The “fans” don’t feel satisfied.

What’s next? Shall they do an acrobatic performance with spins and stuff? Just to make a fan happy whose only goal in life is to post silly comments in a forum? Use your brain and use your heart, man! I feel annoyed by kiddies like you.

i agree mit thenicekai!!

Roxette was great!!! Marie looks beautiful.

We will see was pass in the next time. it´s not the End!!! i´m sure.

I agree - but that’s how life goes. People are never satisfied with anything. And maybe that’s what keeps us going. But I am completely on your side.

I can only say that I am still highly euphoric seeing P and M on the stage together and even having fun performing. I never would have thought this could happen again four years ago..

Well.. I don’t care if it’s live or not.. I just wish the perfomance’s was not pre-recorded most of the times.

Let Marie come back in her tempo.
You have no idea how much stress and pressure it means to perform live in such a big show.

Professionals can do that, yeah, but when you are / have been sick, then who cares about professionality?

Well I saw OW video and I must say, that this is their best performance this year. It looks that both Per even Marie enjoy their performance, they are happy, Per smiles to Marie, Marie smiles to Per. It also looks that Marie sings, not only opening mouth. Like back in the 80´s or 90´s.
After moments like this I could believe that we get something more someday.

pls not rapidshare... it doesnt work for me megaupload would be better thanx :)
[email protected]

@ thenicekai

“Shall they do an acrobatic performance with spins and stuff? ”

Hahaha. Well... Who’s the dumb kiddie, really? did he/she say Roxette should go on jumping around like in the old days? I don’t think so. I don’t see anything wrong with a little critisism towards playback performances! After all, it’s Roxette themselves who have said that one of the few bad memories from their career is that they “HAD” to perform playback while promoting when they were more or less used to play “live”. But it seems they do it playback nowadays always... :S

I don’t complain, it’s great to see them onstage but what is somewhat weird is that they play “The Look” playback. Hehe...the song was done 18 years ago, the sound world is completely different, it just looks a little silly for the band to pretend playing along.

It was fantastic!!!!

Marie looks great!!!! And looks...maybe more secure...she´s better day by day on stage.

Similing to each other...i haven´t got words to say the feeling that i have every time i see them now, after all darks years.

Guys, we wanted Roxette again, we have Roxette again. Nothing else matter.

@baby_c yes its a shame but hey we made it on tv didnt we
(its me with the old Look Sharp scarf 239-243 in OW ansd 4,01 in The look)

@animalkingdom: Sorry, you either didn’t get my point or you just refuse to see the reality. Things have changed and Roxette is not a wishing fairy.

@ thenicekai

Things have changed? And you mean what by that? Marie’s illness? If so...Did my eyes play a trick when it was reported she performed with Pugh R?

Great to see them back on stage again!

Can somebody tell me the name of the guitar player who is behind Marie, the man with the blue shirt and long hair...? He also appeared on the Jo-Anna says video! Thanks!

@animalkindom: You see things the easy way: You never fully read my posts and you live in your own world. If you wish that two guys act exactly the way you want then buy 2 puppets on a string. ;-)

@ Robrox:
Christoffer Lundquist


my only goal in life is not to “post silly comments on the forum” i hardly ever do that - i was just pointing out that the pre recorded performance of the look was just a bit strange after 20 years - of course I am happy for all the things you mentioned and more - but this is a forum after all - so expressing an opinion is ok so i thought :)

shannyn77, I did not at all talk about you. ;-)

oh i did not take it personally - i had made a comment about the miming so i was just clarifying lol :)

PEr and Marie’re great on stage.....

rox-kuryliw you’re welcome ;)

unreal and regn it’s a pleasure to share :D

I think the miming was a silly idea - they mimend a 20 yer old song - which just made them look silly (yes yes they looked great, healthy happy whatever)
I’d have rathered they sat on stools and tapped their feet to the look - then mime it and pretended to play along...
although there was a few parts that seemed as though they were singing...

other then that it was great to see them! yay

YAY! So great to see them back on stage together! :-D

Here we go again. Why do people just not accept others opinions!?!?!? Grr!!! It is a little annoying when you read through the nice comments, and then someone says something that another person disagrees with and then it all goes tits-up again!! WHY????

We got what we wanted didn’t we? New music, performances (be it playback but SO WHAT??), pretty good chart positions for the GH, a chance of something more next year. This time last year, we had no idea if there would be anything. This year we’ve got loads!! I for one am very happy at the moment!

Me too... I haven’t been a happier fan since the CBB days :)))

I think, performance was OK. But I got really excited when I saw those banners and the Look Sharp! scarf. It was the best evidence that Roxette still has a strong and loyal fanbase. I really hope that Per and Marie watched BingoLotto at home and saw their fans who still follow them whatever happens.


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