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The first Roxette demo hits the air

Written by tevensso on October 30, 2006 to .

SÖDERHAMN - As you may and may not know, and sister sites have been down since Saturday. TDR has spoken with the site administrator David J. Elfström Lilja who rips his hair in frustration. The sites are down due to technical issues that seem to be hard to solve.

  David lets TDR know that the demo, “One Wish,” promised to be online early this morning is now up on Per Gessle’s myspace account. This is temporary, but Roxette wants to show the fans that they won’t go back on the promise. The demo is from May 20.


The demo is great, I love it! Hope the site will be back soon, though.

Well, the demo on the space doesn’t work for me. The other songs do, exept for the “One Wish” demo.

Even though we still can’t hear it, I want to say a very big thank you to Roxette and their entourage. Seems they’re working hard to get the problems fixed.

Thank you Roxette!!!

And what is the address to Gessle’s myspace?

Gosh, there’s something crazy going on with TDR today... there was like 10 minutes ago a different sotry about the demo and i even left a comment. Now it’s dissapeared and this one appeared...

I’m lost!

Carlos E., New York.

Sorry for all the trouble. We moved to a new server and it didn’t work quite as well as it should’ve.

Thank U Roxette!! but I cant hear the song either...

Doesn’t work for me,i can’t hear the demo!

Nothing happens when I push Play?

I really hope this one’s good, after all this chaos it’s causing! ;) ..

can anyone hear the song?

Same here - doesn’t work at all.

1422 tries to listen to One Wish demo in 1 hour, beat that other Myspace artists ;) Hope come up again soon, to ease the listening to the new demo :)

i can’t here it either

The same here. I guess we shouldn’t try all at the same time or goes down as well...

More of the same... I can’t hear the song :(

Suddenly none of the other songs work for me?


Now all songs are down!

Crazy day today. TDR has server issues and Demo refuses to work on myspace and on cause it’s been down for 3 days now.

Carlos E., New York.

Was someone able to download it and could release it somewhere please (or per eMail)???

I can not open it! I´m sooooo interested in that demo.

[email protected] (hope I see the mail because of 100 spams per day)

No one can download it. Read the original message from P&M, it looks like no one can even listen to it, let alone download it!!

If you click on ’lyrics’ for the one wish demo, you’ll see there are guitars and tambourines mentioned. Sounds interesting, whenever we can hear it!

crap i still can’t hear it why didn’t they just hijack bad hair days site and make it downloadable?

not the only one coyboy. It’s not working here either. God it’s frustrating!

I could listen to it! It’s great. In fact, One Wish sounds better in this acoustic version.

Oh no!!! Not working for me either...

at least “i have a party in my head” works by now

Really? I wonder why it works fine for me. I just playing that again, and it works fine.

not working for me...

How did you listen to it?

You are the onlye one who somehow managed to listen to it.

I wish I could help :P.

I just click “One Wish Demo”, then it goes perfectly. I start to think that maybe it’s still work for me, because I haven’t closed the page, since the first time I view it? Let me try to close it and open it again.

I just closed it then open it again, and yes, I can still play the song.

Ok! Let me know!

The demo of one wish didn’t play. I see, more people have the same problem.

I closed the page and then open it again, and I can still play the song, and it still works fine for me. I hope everyone will be able to hear it soon.

Well.. I can’t play it either. Annoying, especially since the number of plays have gone up from 2600 to 3002 while I’ve been trying to play the song.
The other songs seem to work fine though.

3263 plays now!! GRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@pwbbounce: huh? Here it still says 3002 plays for One Wish Demo. How come we get diffrent numbers?

mine defo says 3263.

nothing happens

but most of those are definetaly falied attempts.

Mine is 3263 too.

Yea mine to now.. I deleated my cookies and all that but it’s not like it matters.. I still can’t hear the song.


You shouldn´t erase your internet temporary archives...

This is crazy! I guess the guy who put the song on myspace messed really big!

i just think that there are too many people trying to get onto it at the same time

I can’t play it either, closing and start again, refresh. Nothing works for me. Plays 3263. Nothing happens.
GRR, we have to wait until it will works again.

3465 plays now!!!

Doesn’t work here.

Oh well, “maybe one day”...

Why don´t you all stand calm, stop pushing the buttons and wait for a response from any guy involved in this problem?

Just a suggestion.

Or, you can just relax with “Joanna Says”.

I won’t.

EDIT : lol, I said I won’t to response to what you said about not erasing the temporary internet archieves, not about not to stay calm :)

You must have it somewhere in your hard disk. You are a lucky guy/girl.

Those plays are mostly all failed attempts. I don’t think all those people listened to the demo when all of us have the same issue except for on luck girl, Majdy.

Work only once so i can record it... please....

Yeah, I’m pretty lucky today. I bet soon the problem will fix, and somehow everyone will get to play it.

Not working here...

cheers from germany.

nuffin...really frustrating taking into account that I have to get up at 3:40 tomorrow...

acoustic version sounds SO promising, oh just let us hear it tonight!

Well, it looks like I’m not going to hear it tonight...3753 plays/attempts now...lucky you Majdy!


4114 now...whos hearing this? Oh God, my nightmares being made real!

Majdy...fingers crossed!

Maybe only Majdy heard it. All others are likes us... failed attempts ... just silence....

I bet nobody is hearing it, only pushing the button. A bit sad. Except for Majdy.

You should wait until tevensso or any guy/girl involved tell us some fresh news.

It doesn’t allowed to be add. Sorry...

It’s ok! Thanks for the attempt!

Ha ha, looks that Mondays will stay sad, maybe Friday will bring us joy.
It´s vexatious, but what can we do? Only wait. But as I said before, I´m happy for One Wish demo. Acoustic version? Sounds promising.

It’s only has guitars and probably tambourine (I could be wrong, though).

Oh ok. That’s why the lyrics says: guitars and tambourine.

So there’s no vocals ?

With Per’s voice, of course :). Sorry, forgot to mention :)

I don’t play this demo....

The Song playing not.

I’m giving up now. Good night everybody and have more luck than I had.

OK, I’ll join your company by saying that I can’t play it too.

Well, is still down, doesn’t let us listen to One Wish demo and even The Daily Roxette had some troubles today. If you have one nightmare, what would it be???

This sucks it doesn’t work for me either, every other song works but this one does not!!!!!!

This really stinks!!!!

I’m just laughing. What more can you do? I don’t think I’ll get to hear it faster if I’ll bruise up. ;9

It works fine for me.
I´ve recorded it with my mp3 player in front of the audio boxes - it´s poor quality, but better than nothing for now.
The problem is that the file is not playing outside the mp3 player... it´s a wav file but WMP do not recognise it... any ideas?
I can upload the file, but don´t know if it will work... in the mp3 player it does, but not in my pc.

I can’t listen to the song. I’m a myspace member but it doesn’t work for me :(

I´ve just discovered that the problem is the format of the file... it´s WAV ADPCM... trying to convert it to mp3.
Anyway, will need someone that can upload it cause rapidshare is full right now.

Edit: He he hey... convertion worked fine. Just made a mp3 file out of it. Anyone that can upload it please ?

Edit: The file is with the user Mary... she will upload it for you. Enjoy ! See ya.

I never knew that the file format would prevent people from listening to the song being streamed online.

For some reason i think it’s something else because only you and Majdy have listend to the demo.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Thank you! Sounds, eeh, good! No, serious.. Sounds really cool! He really goes in to it! :D

I LOVE IT!!! My one wish? To have this and all the upcoming unreleased songs in high quality on my ipod. ;P Thanks Per!

Heard the song and I must say that I think that Per took the whole criticism about the demos story very seriously - otherwise he wouldn’t feed us with such a “personal” material. Thank you!

brilliant to hear such a basic rough version and realize it got turned into something with such more sophisticated production, and especially the really good vocals marie did :P

Sounds very like demo. Like demo from 60´s.
It´s almost same as the final version. But those guitars remind me old ages. If you add this LP sound. Very nostalgic.
I´m exciting about next Monday (or Tuesday).

I heard the song and I love it!!!

Did you guys hear through myspace or the link ?

Carlos E., New York.

Still can’t play it too... well maybe tomorrow!

it worked on 8th try...impossible... is anybody able to download it? cos its terrible to try & try & maybe one day it will work...
pls at roxette

Sounds like a normal acoustic version of the track. I still think its an old track from a few years back.

I fell asleep listening to it...

do you wanna talk about that demo or other Roxette thing with me?? add me! [email protected] to msn messenger!

Played fine for me... pleasant enough demo, nothing to get overexcited about though.

So here are the guitars :)))

I’m missing Marie but besides that I like it.

Some comments above seem to be gone...

So here’s a demo recorded all fashion way: live in the studio with an acoustic guitar and a sort of tambourine I guess... simple and easy. Why make it complicated? But the when I heard that guitar part in it i went “Ohhhhh my god here it comes again ... the complaning!!!” LOL Unless there’s a miracle preventing it from happinening, I think that fans, as tradition wants, will complaning against not having a guitar solo on the original version like it happens in the demo. However, when i heard and re-heard it again I said “Ummm it’s out of tune, it totally unfits the rest of the arrengements and the melody... what the hell is this?”

Heard it and like it! Great to get inside Per’s core ideas. Thanx Per!

I like it. Someone mentioned that it was an old demo from ages ago. May 20th 2006?? Well, that is 5 months ago!! It’s not an old song

But the demo is pretty cool. I listened to it through the Myspace link this morning

Finally the myspace link worked for me too (so 3h ago).
I like the demo. :-) I have a sweet tooth for acoustic versions anyway, and it’s no coincidence that “Tourism” is among my favorite albums. ;-)

The demo has a lil’ bit of heart. It leads you in a whole different direction that the final song. I like it much better than what it’s on cd.

Hello everybody!

I don´t know, if it was already mentioned here on TDR, but a remix of “I Never Quite Got Over The Fact That The Beatles Broke Up” by Jimmy Monell (it was only released on the “Dancing Plumber” E.P.) is available @ Jimmy´s myspace account!

But again you can only listen to it, not download it.

Greetings from Dresden, Germany!

Why is this always the same? Everyone or almost everyone seems to enjoy demos better than original in a more recent times!

Why? Is is the mini-moog that bugs our heads off? Is the guitar that is in the back and that should be more upfront and more hearable? Is the synth sounds that make you “vomit”? (LOL) ...Is that the guitar and the tambourine and that strange guitar solo (too dark tone for a happy go lucky sort of tune) that make you fall in love with it? I thought we were fans for the music and not specifically for guitars! LOL

To be very honest either the demo and the original versions have the same vibe and they breathe the same feel to me in the melody and that for me has always an important issue. Very nice stripped version to be played on acoustic sets... but if you wanted a more radio friendly and especially more energetic version (which is what OW trully is) then the original is what you should be able to appreciate. And therefore both versions make equal sence in each respective context to be used...

Jeez RoxNox did you have to post that comment everywhere? Lighten up - someone will read it, you don’t have to shove in our faces :)

I prefer the demo actually :D This “acoustic sound” is how I expected the new song to sound. It sounds more maure and with Marie could have been an even better sng ! The nice acoustic numbers such as “Run To You”, “First Girl On Th Moon”, “Queen Of Rain” are always the songs that everyone I know like. Even “7Twenty7 (Demo)” has been described as “catchy” by someone I know that HATES Roxette. Anyone seeing a theme? It is those synth keyboards that out off “casual” fans and nonfans IMO.

Still, I do like the normal version cause Marie is singing in it :D

It’s nice, but i think the final version is better. Marie’s in it for one, and it’s just more polished.

But it is a demo after all, so you can’t expect to much from it.

better than the final version imho

well that’s the way i want to hear gessle.

this demo is alive, you can feel what he wants to express with that song

the final version is just a roxette song

“Jeez RoxNox did you have to post that comment everywhere? Lighten up - someone will read it, you don’t have to shove in our faces :)”

NOT my intention, so don’t need to see things under that perspective... I just posted here initially and later pasted my same opinion on someelse’s post..that’s all! Whether people will read this or not i care no less serioulsy... after all this is just a debating idea and views forum...

Plus: Gessle and Fredriksoon, have never been a pure acoustic group, there have always been syth sounds along the way ... the difference is that the acoustic sounds including electric guitars (hardcore fans dramatic outcry - cause they still think Roxette should be a solely rock band) have been put a bit in the back for some reason, that Gessle himself feels to do... Who am I to judge the direction in which he takes Roxette songs? He’s the songwriter so he’s the only one entitled to do whatever he wants ... For as long as they sound cool as a whole it’s fine with me... now using my hears to detect specific instruments to later judge or missjudge the song nahhh not my thing. I am still young ... LOL :)

Great demo, as most have said. What’s interesting to me is that the melody (as heard in the demo) is almost indentical to the final, released version - All the ah’s and oh’s are there, which often aren’t added until the production stages.

So, perhaps this is less a ’demo’ (a way for Per to express his ideas and get a feel for the song), and more a guide for Marie to listen to before the recording session commenced. After all, Per’s often said, lately, that he doesn’t record demos.

@Chris: After reading this statement you wrote quote: “The nice acoustic numbers such as “Run To You”, “First Girl On Th Moon”, “Queen Of Rain” are always the songs that everyone I know like.” I kind of asked myself... Shouldn’t it be the songs YOU like the most and the ones that inspire YOU mostly instead of being apparently concerned with what other people like or dislike? Just a thought... don’t take this in the mean way, please!

In the end I agree with you.. the acoustic number are great but we can’t always expect songs to sound exactly like their previous ones. Otherwise the band itself ended up repeting itself and not being bold in trying something new, whether it sucks or not but at least they dared to try something new somehow. And that attempt for creativity is what I love the most on this band. They never try to repeat themselves in terms of sound and production ... maybe a few ballads sound too much like IMHBL but at the end of the day I say to myself “This is great!” ...

I think that we haven’t given ourselves the opportunity to flow along with Roxette’s music with all its changes and all its ups and down cause not all is great of course but still fun somehow.

The main problem amongs us is that we became to extremely-critical towards what’s being done cause each and any one of us would like (or dare i say: WANTS) to songs to sound like in the past as if you could bring the past again to the present. The idea behind this for me is to go along the way and see how things sound and let loose of those contrictions and try to enjoy the music as it is.

If you can, fine ... then you are a true fan that enjoys it at its upmost regardless little details and differences... if not probably you shall always be more related to a period of time in which their music meant the most to you. So you might not be a fan after all to some extend but at least the music crossed your life at one point positively... it’s just that we can’t recreate those moment all over again ... and therefore the music can’t be recreated on the same level as well. That’s the essence of everything.

Going back to the demo: yeah, its a very simple and cool demo that whose vibe and simplicity are still kept in its studio version we all know. But just to have a song with a guitar and a tambourine does not work for a radio promo especially as a single to promote an album. So therefore the energetic sound of it’s original version is a lot more enthusiatic and apropriate for this context. But heyy having the demo played on a acoustic set ... I would love it tremendously cause that’s how i feel the song should sound at that moment.

And please, don’t be so mean with syth sounds, not all of it it’s crap and in OW it’s just a funny armless mini-moog ... how hard that can that be? LOL

It still has some problems and I don’t see anyone uploading it, probably because it isn’t very legal:)) I would love to hear it


Yeah I get what you mean - but I adore One Wish, and now I have a acoustic demo version so it’s a bonus the way I see it, not really so much “why couldn’t they make it like this, boo hoo etc etc” and I agree with the context statement too. A ’silly’ Pop song with energy and flare is kind they needed to grab attention - and it surely has ! I remember “A Thing About You” being slated as too obvious and melo.

A Thing about you - being too obvious and melow, probably in the back of some people’s minds it should have sounded like a LTYH or SMT sort of ballad ... once again the same issue the same “past drama” ... I feel wonderful with the essence and simplicity of ATAY cause in a very simple less powerful way you can deliever the same emotion. And why should that be a mistake? For instance, ATAY was one of the most requested Rox songs back in 2002/2003 in Portugal and why? Because people didn’t bother comparing songs but just enjoying listening to them ... which is something that is blocking some fans’ minds. Listening and enjoying the essence of the songs instead of expecting and comparing with the past... and this doesn’t work that well.

The same thing goes for OW is some cases ... once it doesn’t sound like The Look or Sleeping In My Car ... then it will never get the deserved feedback cause people are still locked to the old sounds ... and it shouldn’t be like that! Not even SIMY sounds like The Look ... so what is problem here?

Funny to observe that OW demo follows the same sounding process of Better Off On Her Own and looking to how it was reworked in the studio, makes me believe firmly that BOOHO could have been also a great power pop number. And please re-read this... LOL i am just expressing a simple opinion and not regretting or being dissapointed with whatsoever... LOL

the other songs are working there for me except the one wish demo. 20-30 times trying, I give up. Its like it only plays to one person on the internet at a time :/ I hate myspace.

there is a energy in demos that is hardly possible to recreate in later recording atemnts. therefore demos are always special, just like this one. But i wouldn t say that it s better than the single version, it s impossible to compare the two.

I found it here:


edited: please do not post links to illegal downloads here

I still can’t hear it. It won’t play.

I managed to hear it! It’s nice to hear it stripped down.

Nice to finally hear it. Kinda reminds me of “Fingertips”

It´s working fine now. Try again!
Nice demo.

Yes. It’s OK now. Enjoy:)

Reminding of the acoutic version of Fingertips? See ... Roxette still sound roxette? Synth or guitars are just a detail. The vibe is still there ...

I so prefer the demo to the final version! :D


Can hear the other songs on there but not One Wish Demo. It’s driving me mad :-(

Anyone help me out?!?!

OW demo is horrible! Plssssssssssss! Where is the marie voiceeeeeeee???????? Sorry but this demo issssss puaj! VERY HORRIBLE!!!!
So......... NOTHING NEWS????????:-(((((

And the complaining began! LOL Join the complanining ride everybody get all the tickets here... LOL Some hate for not having guitars and now others hate for not having Marie singing ... Jesus ... what a caroussel of haters...

It’s just an opinion... no need to exaggerate. Some people just like Marie’s voice very much and miss it. I, personally, like the demo a lot... yes, because of the guitar:))

Tststs... expectations... *shakes head*

Somehow I now imagine...
... going to a winetasting, then ordering a beer, only to complain afterwards, that the beer tastes horrible...

Might be a bit farfetched, but that’s what came into my mind, when I read the last complaint. *shakes head again*

Btw. in my opinion a combination of the acoustic (demo) version with Marie’s voice could sound absolutely fantastic! :-)

marie is hardly ever on a demo. As per writes the songs he records the demos, wouldn t make sense any other way

Great...just great!!! Someone has broken the speakers, so I can’t it looks like I’m off to an internet cafe then!!!

EDIT...OK, so it took me a while to get them out from the back of my PC... but I can hear, and it’s great!!!!

EDIT 2...It worked!!! *dances round*

quote “marie is hardly ever on a demos. As per writes the songs he records the demos, wouldn t make sense any other way”
That’s what I meant. ;-) ^^

@whateveriam: Good luck! :-)

cool version! the final one is really better though ;)

Yea.. add Maries beautiful voice to the demo and do some minor adjustments, then you’ll had the perfect final version of One Wish. In my opinion.

I like the demo a lot. You really know a song is good when it keeps its strength being stripped down, and this one sure does.

Thank you Roxette for being back!

I heard it, we have to wait until today but it’s fantastic. Demo’s song by Per are very special to me, I found his voice beautiful. But I like the version too, because that’s for me Roxette. Per and Marie together at one song.
The two voices together, GREAT.

Damn that you cant download it...I want it in my collection.....

It’s alright, nothing special. The final version is much better, as it should be. Still nice of per to make these demos available though

@Galadriel: “... going to a winetasting, then ordering a beer, only to complain afterwards, that the beer tastes horrible...” This is the coolest comment I have ever read here, really appropriate not only for this complaint but for all the other over the years. Cheers... lol:)

I really like the demo. Great sound. *smiles*

It’s a classic Gessle-demo: Per has horrible voice and terrible pronunciation. But I miss more instruments... The final version is 1000 times better

See why Per does not always like to release demos? Mainly because he feels he sings terribly in them and because they are very simple produced to give a guide and structure to the song ... basically it and nothing more!

Now I could play the song. It’s simply fantastic :D
I love Per’s voice. He’s Perfect!
Love you Per!!!!

Please, let us download this song. C’mon :D

Fernanda - São Paulo - Brazil

Very good demo!!
I love it!
I like the way Per sings, he almost screams!

by the way roxette hits entered swiss charts at 7 this week

today no problem listening to it..
great demo, raw as, like it alot.

its official i love the studio version alot more, its written out of pers vocal range

it´s just great! i love this demo and now i know why. you know, the original doesn´t have a clear shape, per starts the song, then marie, then the chorus but there´s no instrumental gap in between. this one does have one and,most of all, it has guitars! that´s what the original lacks, or at least they´re non-audible to my ears. but anyway, i love this demo.

And once again..the guitars!!! What an obcession my god! LOL

I won’t say nothing original by stating that the demo IS better than the real song? It’s more personal and so much guitar oriented. While I gave the original =W 3,5 out of 5 this demo gets a strong 4!!

Thanks Per SOOOO much for sharing!!! Even if you fall asleep listening to your own demos I’m very much awake - and I long for more. Roll on Monday! Give us the pearls!

anyway, has someone recorded the song?

I recorded the song as a mp3-format.
Keep on roxetting!


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