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Europe’s VH1 album chart has Roxette at #4

Written by Rox_Nox2003 on November 10, 2006 to and .

LISBON - This week's VH1 Top 10 album chart shows Roxette's "Hits" as the highest new entry at #4. VH1 uses sales and airplay charts from throughout the European territories they serve, and puts Roxette just behind Justin Timberlake, the Scissor Sisters and Evanescence.

As if to confirm the lack of promotion for the single "One Wish," VH1 is playing "Listen To Your Heart" on the Album Chart show, which seems to indicate "One Wish" is being ignored by VH1 (part of the MTV networks). However, a footnote ticker was shown during the video broadcast refering to the new album being the first Roxette release since Marie's recovery from her brain tumor. Furthermore, it was mentioned that this release contains two new tracks, whose titles were given.


Tha-Tha-That’s great folks ! :)

This kind of news can only serve as encouragement to Roxette to continue with their career and release a brand new album.

If that is something that you too would like to see happen, I’d say that NOW is the time for Roxette fans to be doing what they can to help convince radio and music video television channels that there is still a lot of interest in having them play Roxette!

As I write this, RIX-FM is playing “Listen to Your Heart” as part of the Rox Weekend. Surely stations in countries other than Sweden could be encouraged to play Roxette? Get on the phone! Write an email request!

it’s really great news lars but it’s another thing when the vital networks show no interest in broadcasting any of the new material, even from rs or hand, it gives me pause as to whats gonna happen here in december/janurary

We’ll cross that bridge when you come to it, I guess.

GREAT! And yea..Roxette should not for a second think that they are not hot anymote...they still sell a HUGE amount of records!

It’s really great! I just wonder charts from what countries are included?

And yea, I’ve always done the best I could to get Roxette on Lithuanian radio :)

well Polish division of VH1, shows some intrest in Roxette,in the news section there is a competition to win “roxette hits” followed by short story (we all know) about their career
here is link (in Polish)

That’s great news. Just goes to show how popular Roxette still are.

Edit: Thanx... typo fixed.

i just saw it....very nice....i was aspecting for some news about roxette on vh1, to bad that they are not playing One Wish, but i don’t mind watching to Joyride, Listen to your heart or The look :)

Today in a Spanish FM station they made jokes and fun about the “new release” of Roxette. The man said that he couldn´t remember how many greatest hits compilation Roxette has released over the years. He even named “Baladas en Español” as another compilation. And finally he stated that it is not serious to release 3 or 4 hits compilations with less of 10 original studio albums released. I think he is completly right.

I think this is the main reason for the silence around the present Roxette releases. They would deserve attetion with new material. Yes, I know One Wish and Reveal are new material. So Rox and Emi know how to do it...(a little word beginning for Pr...).



@Lars-Erik Olson: a lot of german radiostations play Roxette 24/7, but mostly old stuff, sometimes even HAND and RS songs. But they are ignorant to the last 3 compilations. Recently SALVATION was played, after it had finnished the moderator said “what a great band, such a pitty they split in silence”. The day before, OW was released...

Will they reach Top 3?...

I’m doing my little private Rox-attaq for weeks results sux!

thats fabulous!! Roxette is rolling back!

I’ve send mails and mails to radios stations, at least I’ve got Rox on air in local radios and TV.
Since I saw Marie at Bingolotto show I want to thank her for being so strong and powerful, so I will not tire to keep on writing more and more mails.
Marie rules, Per rules and Rox rules!!!

Last week on Monday VH1 showed in Album Chart ’Joyride’ video with the comments during it as well.

Moved up one space to #3 last nite!!! This time they showed DFS (eeeeeek!!!!!)

They showed One Wish a couple of times on VH1 as well during the day according to a friend.

Cheers cheers

I wouldn’t be so sure that OW has been shown on Vh1e!

It’s great that the album is selling well around Europe according to Vh1, but seriously this lack of singles promo from EMI ... is seriously concerning.

To what extend does this mean that a possible rox album could be on the works and be fairly promoted?

In fact I ask myself: What is the problem with radios playing OW and TV presenting the video more often?? Why is this happening?

Is it because it’s only “another Roxette” best of compilation intead of a new studio album?

I hate to say it but those silly comment from spanish radio about this being their zillionth best of album end up making sence somehow! It’s their 20th anniversary alright but with the Ballads and Pop Hits prior to this... saddly this Hits loses credibiliy and it’s so unfair especially for the 20th anniversary thing and also for the 2 new songs.

Only have one thing to say; They could have better released an ep for their 20th anniverarsary... something like what GT did with Ga och fiska in 1996.

It might be easy to see this negatively and although our views have a large amount of thruth in them one would also ask oneself this: with the release of TBH and TPH how could one predict that Marie would have gone through what she went through and recovered up to this 20th anniversary? What other obvious way would one use to celebrate a 20 year carrear? How could Roxette record a brand new album and be ready for this celebration? How could this all happen now, hadn’t Marie asked Per to do it so?

Looking now one can either say that releasing TBH and TPH was something totally unlogical to do back then ... or if one prefers having this same thought about the Hits album now. But for me two things are reasonable: it would have been a mistake to overlook this anniversary (I am sure Marie would not even dare to think so) and it would have been very very hard to focus on recording a new album ready for this year (with Marie needing a to do it more patiently and slowlier than before, we all know why by now). So what is left: having this Hits compilation and risking it being written off considering being their 4th compilation in 10 years (incld. Baladas of 96) and furthemore, having been released after their prior TPH (another hits compilation).

It’s just sad that as a consequence One Wish is not being considered a seriously taken single by either TV or Radio ... and I fear Reveal will suffer the same if ever released as a single. Unless some brazilean soup opera decides to have as main theme for one and then it becomes huge there (and also in Portugal) ... but why having to go through the same process to achieve sucess and once again: why always a ballad to outcharm an audience? Making people keep thinking that Roxette is a ballad band is an idea I got sick and tired of over the years. :(

I feel a bit of bittersweat mood for this compilation: but somehow I kind of expected this.
In the end it’s the music that matters right? So grab ur headphones and enjoy..even if the world ignores it completely...

It’s odd how everyone is so pre-occupied about single sales on TDR.

“Radio is ignoring OW”, “Shops are ignoring OW”, “MTV/VH1 is ignoring OW”, etc.....

After all this - Roxette’s FIFTH HITS COLLECTION was the 3rd biggest selling album in Europe last week - breaking the 1million mark.

And let me remind you, Xmas is around the corner as well.

Now, as far as I’m concerned, if I was in a band, I’d be speechless and terribly excited that my single went to #1 around the world....

.... but hell, a single that does that well will only sell about half a million copies anyways. I’d rather have my album do better and sell a million. No?

An album means more to an artist than a single. In that way an artist and record company can really see how popular the artist is. A single’s popularity is just that.

Just something for you to think about.

Cheers cheers

Where did you get that “1 million mark”?

1million mark or not... he’s actually right somewhere down the line The difference is that this is a best of compilation not a new studio album. If this sold more than a single then I would take that views more seriously... But how knows

@Sascha - From the VH1 Album Chart this week. Rox @ #3, Meat Loaf at #2 and Robbie @ #1.


are u sure rox climbed on 3?? did you see it with your own eyes??

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