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Sites say live DVD to be released in Germany next summer; Label says it’s a mistake

Written by alchemiste on October 27, 2006 to .

HAMBURG - An Internet site based in Austria, along with a German online retailer, have listed a “Roxette - Live in Concert” DVD (German version) reportedly due to be released in June 2007 by Black Hill Pictures GmbH.

  Reached at his office in Hamburg, Andreas Dautzenberg, the managing director of Black Hill Pictures, tells The Daily Roxette that “this must be a mistake. This is not on our release schedule and we are not in negotiations with Roxette.”

  Black Hill releases about 80 titles a year, of which 25 percent are music videos.

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I remember sometime last year that a German site also announced the release of a live DVD (that never came).

It will never been released! I remember that someone ask and they said that they wanted to release a new concert but that is not possible like we all know!

Well, the Barcelona showase has been broadcasted on different tv stations so that could be released?

It’s pity,would be great a DVD Live release!

Idea: Per and Marie make another acoustic concert...this time: Globen, Stockholm.
Marie can sit and relax, we are having a great time and later we all get a nice DVD ;)

German version? Does the concert have German dubbing? Who will dub Per and who Marie? :)

What a pity... Would´ve been a nice surprise!

Haha..yes..Eduard..german version dubbed or with subtitles....ROFL...

I like CRIZ’s idea about the accoustic concert in Globen.

Regarding this German release, I seriously doubt there’s gonna be something.

@CRIZ: This was what I thought about when I watched the MTV unplugged for the first time a week ago.

This is really no news, this release of “Black Hill Pictures GmbH” is listed there (at the comupteruniverse website) for a very long time (at least 1,5 years), they delayed it a few times when the current release date was reached.
Last release date was june 2006 and in june they delayed it up to june 2007 - so I think there is nothing to come besides a new delay ;-) Even Black Hill now denies a release, in 2005 they claimed to plan a release as someone ask whether this can be true.

Here’s a thread in german about this topic (started on april 2005), where you can read the whole story or at least the development since april 2005:


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