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Unreleased Roxette demos to be streamed on official website

Written by Jud on October 26, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - The following message has just been published on Roxette’s official website,

You don’t like Mondays???

Well, Roxette certainly do!

Starting Monday October 30 (and continuing until Xmas) will give you the opportunity to listen to some extremely rare Roxette demos, straight from Señor Gessle’s hidden vaults.

Every Monday we will bring you a new special track, never before released. And yes, they’re all in stereo and no, you can’t download them, only listen to them.




Gessle greetz everybody who said he’s moneygrubbing :-)

Thumps up, Mr. G. !!!!

That’s really good news, although i wonder if the demos will be really “rare”

Nice!! Looks like the Rox shower is about to start :-)

I’m sure there’s gonna be some surprises with whats released. Especially that prior to the RoxBox release Per did mention demo’s of IMHBL and others that haven’t been heard before.

LOL nice one what a good idea :-))

Interesting idea. :-)

Let’s see how it goes. ;-)

Take care!

Carlos E., New York.

Wonder why they don’t let people download them as digital “record what you hear” software is widely available so people can just record them anyway!

The Big L. demo, please?!



does someone have the technical ability to download the songs ;-)

view from a hill, soul deep, please...

Thanx P&M Monday 30 its my birthday what a gift!!!

Expested tracklist? The Look, Dressed, Sleeping Single, Dance Away, Cry, Dangerous... everyone knows the rest. Or am I wrong? And even not for download, hmm, cool. Maybe we will buy them in The Rox Box 86 - 16. Wow! Never mind...

Looks like sort of Bad Hair Day are coming back. Great idea P & M.

And look on hitlistan. OW stays on No. 4 in it´s 3rd week in the single chart and today Hits and Box entered the album chart at No. 2 and No. 20.

Looks like big comeback for Rox in Sweden.

Celebration continue. Rox on!!!

Even if it’s The Look demos or others that we already have, it’s free, so Thanks Mr Gee

Cool move Mr G.! *thumbsup*

You can use a simple audiosoftware, press “record” and chose as input “monitoring” or something like this (depending on your soundcard).
And then their are some programmes that can record the stream, that is without quality-loss, I think.
I use “Magix Music Studio 7” for things like this, but there is also lot of freeware in the net.

If this does not work the simplest way is to put a good old cassette-recorder on your PC-Line Out (or a mini-disc, or an MP3-Player with record-function).

But I could imagine that this songs might also appear earlier or later in CD-Quality.

Cool cool cool cool! Mondays don’t suck anymore! (-:

WOW! Such good news! For the first time in my life I’m looking forward to Monday. Thank you so Per and Marie!!!

I’ll start loving mondays now!!!
P&M You’re great Love You!!!

Yes, finaly the chance to hear Run To You (demo) I’m Sorry (demo) Wish I Could Fly (demo) :)


Wonderful news!!

They have proved me i’m still the fan i used to be... but older

Perhaps they might release a seperate Demos cd with these songs on them or something if they are not available to download like the BHD material.

Anyway I’m really excited - hopefully IMHBL and The Big L are included. Or any other nice song !

Nice move, but why didn’t they just include those ’rare’ songs in the Roxbox? This kind of material would have been perfect for this box, don’t you think?
Without being able to download the ’new’ tracks we still don’t really have the songs and isn’t that what we actually want? Once again, it beats me why they don’t release the upcoming ’rare’ tracks.

Per already said in the interview. They made people fall asleep. :)

Yess...but the real thing that make me fall asleep is to listen The Look, ITMBL and the majority of songs that Roxette included in their albums, all within of ROX-BOX. I have recorded the real rare songs of the RoxBox and I don´t need to listen to the same songs over and over again. If I feel like listening to them, I just put Room Service or Hand.

What a nice lovely little charming popduo we have around here!!
Thanx a lot!

And the complaining goes on and on and on LOL:

No one can download the demos, so I am looking forwards to listening to these new songs and seeing fans going angry with Gessle, for not being able to get the songs themselves. He he he ...:)

@ PolicarpoAroca : Well we don’t all fall asleep with the same things, do we? Some fall asleep with the hits and gh compilations, other fall asleep with the demos... life is life and it goes on! :)

It’s a good news!!!
I love Mondays!!!!!!

Thanx a bunch! That will brighten up some gloomy Mondays then!

@Lennon 10/26/2006 14:15

If this does not work the simplest way is to put a good old cassette-recorder on your PC-Line Out (or a mini-disc, or an MP3-Player with record-function).

i was just thinking about doing this, but i hope some of this stuf will apears on the box, wich i‘m going to buy. i hope...

Thanks mr. G! It’s a shame my sound card has no full-duplex!

Now this is good news.

WOW WOW WOW!!! :))))) Per and Marie, you are sooo nice!!!
It’s like a reward for the fans: we are voting and mailing everywere and they give us some new “pearls” of Roxette. Thanks!!!

Thank you so much P&M!

Great that Per and Marie have this personal and active relationship with their fans.

Olli is jumping ! thanks M&P ! I will love mondays !

we will only get 4 denmos until xmas...
but “you can’t download it?” Does he really think it is not possible?

4? I count 8 Mondays till X-mas.

That sounds great! Thanx a lot!

WOOOOOOOOW!!!! I had a lousy day at work, and I read this... I feel like shouting I love Mondays! Gessle will never stop impressing me!

Thanks a bunch, hopefully we’re not expecting too much now, just as with rox box thingie

... nice present to my birthday on october 30! cool! :-))

Good News!!!

Now I´ll love mondays for the rest of the year!!!!

so now everyone can simply stop griping FREEE demos..fee guys nothing attached to a hits compilation at all..and btw the box ROX!!!

It’s good news if .... the demos are worth listening and prove to be really good songs that deserved to be respectful album tracks. If Per says that he falls asleep with his own work on demos, jesus ... LOL that must ring some kind of bell along the way.

Why not Per???? Just a little bit. C’mon..... :D
Love you Marie and Per!!!!!
Fernanda - Brazil

Thank you very much, Mr. Gessle.

This is great news, one every monday seems to be a little, but it is still great


I am a bit tired of listening to the old stuff over and over


they may have planned to release these anyway seeing they dropped the demos cd from the RoxBox, though seems the whinging about the RoxBox was worth it! We want demos! :D

Very nice, even GREAT !

Yeah, we won‘t be able to download the songs, is‘t bad :(, but my sound blaster :) will be able to record a audio stream, wherever it goes, it‘s very nice :) It has been checked on The rox medley :)

Thamx Marie and Per!! I will like Mondays much better from next week on :D

Stars Demo please...!!!!

I hope they substitute one of the demos for the crush on you remix!!!!!

I’m counting hours til Monday!

And yes, I love Mondays!

A great gesture from P&M! Let’s hope these 8 demos are going to be new and interesting. Remember, though, they’re probably just going to be substandard versions of songs we already know and love :)

Hope some of the songs will be mysterious tracks such as Ghost in the House & etc, I’ve always been curious...

Thanx Per and Marie!! Id love to hear “Stars” demo!! ;)

nice, but nothing so far...

But today monday I can’t get in to, nor OR Am I the only one who can’t? What’s wrong, it’s so ennoying >.<

Too much interest in unreleased stuff, perhaps ? ;) Site is not responding

Hope the site will be back on soon. Can’t wait to hear those demos :)


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