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Written by tevensso on October 18, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - According to’s recent vote Roxette’s Best Video Ever is “Listen to Your Heart.” After a week of selecting finalists, 586 voters selected “Listen to Your Heart” as the final winner with more than 30% of the votes.

  The video for “Listen to Your Heart” was recorded at Borgholm castle ruin and directed by Doug Freel (“Dangerous,” “It Must Have Been Love,” “Joyride,” “Fading Like a Flower”). When released in the US Americans thought Roxette had had the castle ruin built just for the video’s sake…

  Roxette paid for the video themselves and it was recorded at the same time as the video for “Dangerous.” Marie was barefoot in the video, which resulted in her getting tons of shoes sent to her. And finally; the segment when the audience is holding sparklers in the video was recorded during “It Must Have Been Love.”


I was disappointed that only the biggest hits got voted but the LTYH video is really a great choice!

I agree, not nearly close to all videos were shown. LTYH is OK though.

LTYH is my fave one. I love it!

Wow, great. :-) At least my second choice after ATAY failed.

great choice
so t must have been love was recorded aswell then it exist a borgholm-concert in full?

How very boring.

It’s just a performance/concert video, nothing really amazing, but it is a nice clip.

Interesting about the sparklers though.

This is definitely one of my favourite videos. Shame I think Almost Unreal should have been in the top 6 - such a good video IMO ! Shame it was put against LTYH !

doesnt Doug Freel direct vids no more, he hasnt done one it near 10 years.

Yeah this is strange. There are a lot better videos than LTYH. IMHBL is pretty good.

Great choice. Very 80s (understable of course) but still very appealing.

I think this video shows roxette at their best.. a band who can perform really well.. an the song itself is a classic... im glad it won :)

Did Marie really get tons of shoes, I read somewhere (long time ago) that it was just a rumour.

Well, Roxette have better videos than this one. But I’m still glad that Listen To Your Heart won. After all, the most important thing is that TV4 ran a competition!!!

By the way, it seems I haven’t known a lot of facts about this video.

no one voted for the video they most liked, it was more about the video or song that was most seen.

How on Earth can a Video made up of live footage be directed? What a Croc. Jonas should have won this.

Where on can I see/find the final result?

Nowhere yet.

I just realized the 18 videos are from the bonus-DVD...

Although each time I voted for one of the less known videos” the final time I went for LTYH, too. And good for Roxette! Cool to know the self-financede video got so much popularity. :)

LTYH is Roxette’s best song ever, but definitely not the best video favourite is “A Thing About You”!!! Love it...

Listen to your heart is my favourite Roxette song. The best one. There’s no doubt :)

It was the little black dress that did it... wow o_O°

It seems that TV4 is runnning another contest now :)

Listen to your heart is a great song! And I love the video because it was shot on Öland (my fav place in the world) and because I was there at the concert.....

LTYH is a great video,but not the best 4 me.
I think ATAY is the best video ever made!

For me both, the song and the video, are beautiful. My al times favourite.

Definitely not their best video, but kind of predictable that one of the old favourites would win, as a lot of people would be voting for the song rather than the video. I still think TCOTH is roxettes best video...Still, out of all the old ones I am glad that LTYH won

this has always been one of my favourite videos of theirs. maybe not as innovative as the others, but sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective.

The US remix of the songs with additional audience sounds is perfect. The opening with the tourbus is haunting. The section from bridge (when Marie walks to the top of the back of the stage) to the end is flawless. I still get chills after the last chorus and everything gets quiet: “ tell him good by-y-e...) with her walking back down to the front holding the back of her neck- sparklers waving in the air.


agree! i like that video and also i think this version of LTYH is incredible... i cry the first time i saw it one hehe

borgholm full concert on DVD now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i agree with this but the listen to your heart video is the best fot the ballads, as a best roxette video i think is Sleeping in my car!!!! think what would u enjoy to see in the bar when u r having fun? sleeping in my car was a great video to watch and to sing in a happy company.. and it still is..
Ivan Fara

i like LTYH however i think that the best video , from the final selection is FLAF. consider the edition , the images, the hole scenes, and the cool weather they had when they shoot it!


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