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“One Wish” shown in UK as part of Roxette video timeline

Written by rox-kuryliw on October 16, 2006 to .

Magic TV UK played the first showing of the new Roxette single “One Wish” today. Magic TV is a British music television station owned by EMAP who also owns Magic radio station. The video was played as part of a program called “Roxette - 10 steps through time.” The following videos were shown.

1 The Look

2 It Must Have Been Love

3 Listen to Your Heart

4 Dressed for Success

5 Joyride

6 Fading Like a Flower

7 Crash!Boom!Bang!

8 Almost Unreal

9 Wish I Could Fly

10 One Wish

  They also had facts and general comments running at the bottom of the screen. Examples: “Listen to Your Heart” has been played three million times in the US; if played back to back it would play for 27 years! They also mention that “It Must Have Been Love” is Roxette’s most successful single and was released twice in the UK; “Wish I Could Fly” was the most played song on radio in 1999 in Europe and that Roxette hasn’t entered the UK chart so far this century, and finally that “One Wish” may change that for them.


Is that a big and well known tv-channel?? The ” facts” were not completely true, was it? WICF THE most played?? Roxette hasent entered the UK chart during this decade?? ( The Ballad Hits#11 and FLAF remix #18)....

*Mourns lack of Magic TV and absenteeism...*

Magic is not known for it’s fact knowledge :-p

But at least OW got shown in the UK!!

Never heard of the station if i am honest, and had a bit of a chuckle at the comment that ’that “One Wish” may change that for them.’
....not much chance if it actually isnt getting a release!
Still I’m happy with any play of roxette stuff in the UK

EMI has gotta be aware of the success in Europe. Maybe they’ll wake up and see what’s going on???

“Wish I Could Fly” was the most played song on radio in 1999 in Europe”.
Sorry not true.

FLAF remix wasnt a roxette single completly i think we can say, i think it was on about singles , as it was showing singles.
MMMM wasnt it said on the WICF roxette promo in america for saying it was the most played song in europe in 1999 aswell ?

I also was listering to the radio station aswell while making dinner and it was on, so good news?

@ThePopHits: No, but it was #7. Pretty good either way.

roxtexanet was that on single sales or radio plays, cos i thought figure was combined radio / sales. ( just to confuse things sorry )

Huh? what is Magic TV?

Claire its a music channel like VH1 and MTV ! ! you not heard of the radio station either lol ?

Well, at least Roxette got some play in the UK. And after all, people, it was 10 songs!!!

Regarding Wish I Could Fly, let’s put it that way: it was one of the most played songs in Europe in 1999.

AURYTE nicely put.

So when is one wish being released in the UK then?

Been on again tonight and those OW 3D effects on the big screen wow (hic). Good to see the exposure though - now someone at EMI is doing something what with this and the TV ads.


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